Seattle’s Sutra.

Friday night was a very special occasion, which could only be celebrated with a very special meal!  LOOK WHO IS HERE!

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Sarah (my little sister) has officially landed in Seattle for summer!  We thought it only seemed fitting to go somewhere fun and different for dinner, so we made a reservation at Sutra, a prix fixe intimate vegetarian dining experience.

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Inside there were probably only ten tables, and the kitchen was totally open – I loved being able to watch the chef’s work and plate the food.  Definitely had more than a few culinary school flashbacks!

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The atmosphere was beautiful, and I could tell we were in for a special meal.

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All the food at Sutra is prix fixe, so you don’t get to choose any of your courses.  Instead, courses are served to the whole room at once (there are two seatings per evening) and everyone eats and experiences the food together.  Menus were printed on recycled grocery bags…

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They had both wine and non-alcoholic pairing options, but I opted for a vanilla bean dry soda.  These dry sodas are all over Seatte, so I assume they are a local company – I LOVE them!  And I felt fancy drinking mine from a pretty wine glass. 

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The Chef kicked off our evening with a few words and the offering of thanks to all the local farmers who made our dinner possible.  And then the first course was served…

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Asparagus-Leek-Preserved Black Lemon Bisque served with an Arugula-Watercress-Shaved Fennel Salad with a Date Water–Rhubarb-Thyme Dressing and Candied Sunflower Seeds

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This salad was off.the.hook.  Candied sunflower seeds need to become a regular part of my life.  The soup was incredible too – I’ve never even heard of preserved black lemons!

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Course number two…

House Smoked Green Lentil-Sundried Tomato and Wild Ramp Ragout with a Swiss Chard-Avocado- Pickled Burdock Roll finished with White Sesame Seeds

This one was Casey’s favorite.  I LOVED the crispy parsnip chips on top, and the swiss chard avocado rolls!

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Course number three…

Nettle-Roasted Cauliflower-Grilled Eggplant-Cashew Cheese Curry with Basmati Rice served with Sautéed Tamari Glazed Baby Bok Choy finished with a Cherry-Molasses-Caramelized Onion- Habenero Chutney

I was a little nervous when I read the description for this one, since curry has not been sitting well with my pregnant stomach.  But just like all the rest of the courses, this one did not disappoint. 

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And last but most certainly NOT least…

Pecan-Raw Cacao Fudge with a Lemon Balm-Coconut Cream

I wished this piece was about 50 times bigger than it was.

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The food was incredible and the service was unique.  To me, Sutra was about much more than the food.  It was one of those restaurants where you would never even have to know the food was vegetarian, because it was all so delicious that the taste was all that mattered. 

The Chef told us that they change the menu there every other week or so, and I’m already looking forward to it for future special occasions.  I have lived in a lot of places in the last few years, but so far I can say with full confidence that nowhere can compete with the food in Seattle.

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Until next time!