Settling In.

It has been one full week now since our moving truck arrived and deposited my life here in Seattle.  Some days I wake up and think it all still feels like a strange dream, and other days I wake up and think it already feels like home. 

Finally having fresh laundry and a fully stocked refrigerator is really helping.  The mountains are gorgeous, the sun hasn’t stopped shining, and the air feels different here.  But you know what my favorite thing about Seattle is so far?  Beecher’s Flagship white cheddar cheese.

IMG_9644 (640x427)

Just when I thought this whole “working at home by myself” gig might get a little lonely, I made myself a Beecher’s and avocado sandwich on a sourdough English muffin.  And then I didn’t feel lonely anymore. 

IMG_9645 (640x427)

Served it up with my favorite soup in the world – Trader Joe’s Creamy Tomato.  Sometimes people ask me to do more posts where I show what I eat all day long.  I always resist these because I assure you they would bore you to death.  If you want to know what I eat for lunch every day, this meal pretty much sums it up.  Tomato soup, avocado sandwich – nothing else needed.

IMG_9646 (640x427)

I’m loving my house a little more and more each day, as it continues to come together and get settled.  I’m still in the early phase where I’m kind of afraid to leave the house.  I find the streets here to be really confusing, and each time I have left so far I have gotten lost for no less than 30 minutes.  Even my Garmin doesn’t understand Seattle!

Yesterday I was feeling brave and ventured out to Target.  Many wrong turns later, and three hours of aimlessly wandering the aisles, I returned home much poorer, but with most of my list checked off.

IMG_9570 (427x640)

Someone please tell me how this cost $200…

IMG_9571 (427x640)

The main purpose for my trip was to get all those little things that you need when you move into a new place.  For me, these things are what I call “quality of life purchases.”  We have lived in a lot of houses, and I have learned through the years that it no matter how long you are staying somewhere, it is always worth it to spend the time to settle in and make each space work to its full potential.

Our kitchen in Alexandria had teeeeny tiny drawers, so I had to buy a teeeeny tiny flatware holder to fit the space.  But in our big spacious drawers here in Seattle, the little metal organizer was sliding all over the place and not looking very space-efficient.

So I measured things, I made lists, and I braved the confusing Seattle streets in order to find what works best in our new house.

IMG_9647 (640x427)

Tell me this drawer doesn’t make you smile.  Worth every penny of $15 to have a drawer organizer that fits for the next year.

IMG_9648 (640x427)

And this, THIS!  You guys, this is our JUNK drawer!  I kept thinking to myself as I sorted and organized, “Kath would be proud.”  Ignore the pepper spray.  That’s a story for another day.

IMG_9649 (640x427)

There is one drawer that remains a disaster, but no drawer organizer seemed like quite enough to battle this beast.

IMG_9651 (640x427)

Other parts of the house are looking clean and organized…

IMG_9652 (421x640)

And with all of the gorgeous natural light pouring into my windows, I seriously never want to leave my kitchen.

IMG_9653 (640x427)

Other exciting improvements – these breezy and magical curtains that make my bedroom feel like a beach house when I have the screen door slid to open. 

IMG_9654 (640x427)

A shower organizer so that I don’t have to stack all the bottles in the corners and feel like I’m at a hotel.

IMG_9655 (427x640)

And look!  I even repurposed my old skinny flatware organizer into a makeup organizer for our bathroom!

IMG_9656 (640x427)

The dogs are settling in quite well.  Huey finds the spot farthest away from us to curl up and sleep all day, while Indy follows me from room to room for no apparent reason.

IMG_9658 (640x427)

Has anyone seen Huey?  Anyone?  (Practicing for when I’m a mom.)

IMG_9659 (640x427)

With so much light pouring in from all the windows, I don’t really feel like I’m stuck inside all day.

IMG_9663 (640x422)

Although I think he might…

IMG_9664 (640x427)

And last but not least, something else I noticed while walking past the bathroom mirror this morning…

IMG_9665 (427x640)

Woah.  Thinking about leaving the house soon – wish me luck!