Showered With Love.

What a fun afternoon!  My mom and I spent all day yesterday shopping and planning for my sister’s baby shower today, and I think all our hard work really paid off.  I bounced out of bed bright and early and immediately headed downstairs to the kitchen to start cutting up fruit.  In between kitchen prep, mom and I worked on setting out all the party decorations.  Instead of the traditional baby stuff, we went with more of a spring party feel with bright flowers…

IMG_9186 (427x640)

And adorable woodland creatures.  Rebecca’s nursery theme is adorable owls, and other forest animals.

IMG_9188 (427x640)

A few months ago I had cute woodland animal party invitations created from a designer I found on Etsy, and my little sister and I actually made the paper owls when she was in town back in March!

IMG_9191 (427x640)

Rebecca and Sam have one of the world’s cutest dogs.  I couldn’t resist having a little photo shoot with him when I found him all snuggled up in bed this morning.

IMG_9201 (640x427)

IMG_9202 (640x427)

Back in the kitchen, I was in full party prep mode.  For as much as I love to cook, I get really overwhelmed when making food for large quantities of people.  I tried to do as much ahead of time as possible!

IMG_9206 (640x427)

Placing berries on my pretty fruit tarts…

IMG_9208 (640x427)

While the mama-to-be hung out with us on the kitchen stool.

IMG_9210 (640x428)

I found the recipe for these tarts from Real Simple, and I was really nervous about them because I don’t have too much experience using puff pastry.

IMG_9222 (640x427)

I opted for blackberries and raspberries, and they turned out delicious!  Not a single piece left at the end of the party.

IMG_9225 (640x427)

We set the drinks out in big glass jugs – lemonade and iced tea with lemon slices.

IMG_9229 (640x401)

IMG_9231 (421x640)

And just in time for the guests to arrive, we placed the rest of the food on the pretty table!  Check out the adorable woodland creatures tablecloth we made…

IMG_9233 (640x427)

I scooped out half a watermelon, and then cubed up the insides and served them straight from the fruit – a good way to conserve serving dishes!

IMG_9235 (427x640)

My mom made deviled eggs from eggs that came straight out of the chicken coop on my sister’s farm.  Always a hit at any party!

IMG_9240 (427x640)

Pretty table.

IMG_9241 (640x427)

Yummy fruit tray.

IMG_9242 (640x427)

Carrot tea cakes with cream cheese frosting – I hadn’t made these before and they turned out really well!

IMG_9244 (640x427)

IMG_9258 (640x427)

Fruit tarts all cut up and ready for serving.  Berries make everything look so much prettier!

IMG_9245 (640x427)

IMG_9246 (640x427)

Every party needs a cheese platter.  I am fairly certain I ate the entire wedge of brie myself.

IMG_9247 (640x427)

And last but certainly not least, lemon cheesecake squares.  Mmmm.

IMG_9275 (640x427)

I realized once I was making everything that each one of my baked goods was cream cheese based.  I must have thought it sounded really good when I was menu planning – whoops!  I don’t think anyone minded.

IMG_9276 (640x427)

The whole spread – all set out and ready for guests!  Considering I planned the shower from long distance, and had one day to arrive, shop, cook, and prep – I think everything turned out really well!

IMG_9251 (640x427)

Guests arrived and showered Rebecca with gifts…

IMG_9252 (640x427)

I sent her gift ahead of time since I was flying into town, and I was totally bummed when I got here to see that the gift was printed on the box!  Thanks a lot Graco!  She still loved it – I guess that’s all that matters.

IMG_9253 (427x640)

Thanks to all of you for your many baby shower game suggestions.  I am not a big fan of games myself, I didn’t think my sister really was either, so I opted for one of my favorite suggestions that you guys gave me as a craft instead – decorated onesies!  We bought a bunch of fabric markers…

IMG_9254 (640x421)

And strung all the blank onesies up in the screened-in-porch.

IMG_9255 (640x427)

Between socializing and eating, guests could go out and decorate a onesie for the baby boy.  Some of them turned out really cute!

IMG_9256 (427x640)

Just as the action got started, I grabbed the parents-to-be for a little family photoshoot out in the backyard, complete with Milo the wonder-dog.

IMG_9262 (427x640)

Love them.

IMG_9263 (427x640)

Too cute.

IMG_9267 (426x640)

Rebecca looks so wonderful!  I hope I look like that at 36 weeks…

IMG_9274 (427x640)

Back inside she opened gifts…

IMG_9281 (427x640)

And I skyped our other sister Sarah in, live from the sorority house at Butler.  She has finals this week and couldn’t come, but she had fun being part of the action and watching all the gifts get opened.

IMG_9285 (640x420)

IMG_9286 (640x427)

Also fun to see my fabulous cousin Sarah, who is a fellow blogger!  We had fun catching up and talking about dorky blog-related things. 

IMG_9289 (640x427)

And when the party was over, we ventured back into the backyard for the obligatory family photo shoot.  Mom and two daughters (missing Sarah!).

IMG_9291 (640x428)

So happy I could be here this weekend and help make it special for Rebecca.  As crazy as it was to do directly following our move, it has turned out to be a wonderful distraction so that I don’t feel sad about moving anymore!

IMG_9296 (427x640)

Time spent with family is way too short, and always precious.

IMG_9302 (640x427)

And just because I couldn’t resist – how often are sisters pregnant together?  Sixteen weeks and thirty six weeks.  :)

IMG_9313 (421x640)

Tomorrow my cross-country journey continues…to Ohio!