The 20-Week Ultrasound.

We have had such a fun morning!  I’ve been looking forward to our 20 week ultrasound since the day I found out I was pregnant

IMG_9867 (425x640)

Since we are seeing a midwife group, they don’t do the ultrasounds directly in their office.  Instead, we went to an imaging center in the same hospital and had a nice ultrasound tech guide us through what we were seeing.

IMG_9868 (640x427)

I know I am clearly biased, but tell me – is this not the cutest little face you’ve ever seen?  :)  I am amazed at how much he has grown and truly become a little person since we last saw him 7 weeks ago

MALONEEMILY20110527091056545 (640x480)

I love him so much already!  I know he needs a lot more time to grow and get strong, but I wish so badly that I could hold him and smell him and cover him in kisses.

MALONEEMILY20110527091108396 (640x480)

One of the first questions the tech asked us was whether or not we wanted to find out the sex.  I told her we’d already been given the early word that we should be expecting a boy, but we were very anxious to confirm that news.  Within seconds of bringing his image up on the screen, she was able to tell – “yep, that is definitely a boy!”

MALONEEMILY20110527095956786 (640x480)

Check out the arrow – definitely no question!  At one point she was trying to get a picture of his open hand, and was laughing because he wouldn’t take his hands off of his little man parts.  Typical.  We will work to break that habit quickly!

IMG_9870 (640x428)

To some of you this probably just looks like a big black and white mess, but it’s actually a picture of his precious little face!  Eyes, lips, and nose – all there!

MALONEEMILY20110527091635327 (640x480)

While the ultrasound is of course VERY fun for the parents-to-be, it’s also the point where the doctors check to make sure all parts are there and growing as they should be.  We were able to see 10 little fingers and toes, facial features, 4 chambers of the heart, hemispheres of the brain, kidneys, bladder, and so much more!  Truly incredible.

Little legs and feet!  Looks like a runner if you ask me…

MALONEEMILY20110527092513783 (640x480)

I was also able to confirm that since my initial scare with a low placenta – just as you all told me it would – it has moved up and out of the way where it need to be.  Hugh sigh of relief!  She also confirmed that my placenta is forward facing, which is why I haven’t felt him moving around too much yet. 

MALONEEMILY20110527095054731 (640x480)

In this profile shot you can see the backbone with all the vertebrae.  I can’t believe something so incredible is actually inside of ME!  Pregnancy is by far the coolest experience of my life.

MALONEEMILY20110527095700035 (640x480)

Check out the dark spot on his chest in this picture – that’s his little beating heart.  When you see it live you can actually see the beating and watch it flicker.  Incredible.

MALONEEMILY20110527095716835 (640x480)

I am on cloud nine after seeing our healthy little guy and hearing how big and strong he is.  As of now he’s actually measuring about a week ahead, and the ultrasound estimated my due date to be October 11th (original date is October 15th).  We’ll see when he decides to get here!

In the meantime I am anxiously awaiting the “I’m in labor” phone call or text from my big sister, who is due this weekend!  So many exciting changes for our family this year, and I can’t wait to meet all the new members.  This was probably the last time I will see Baby Malone until he joins us in October!

Now that we have his boy-ness officially confirmed, I am excited to really dig into shopping for nursery things this weekend.  Next on my list – figuring out what we need on our registry!