Week 16: My Pregnancy Journey.

My first pregnancy update NOT photographed in my little backyard patio in Virginia – how strange!  I guess I’ll have to mix up the backgrounds from now on.  This has been a whirlwind week for me and Baby G – just this week we’ve been in Virginia, Connecticut, and now Ohio!  And all that time he’s been growing and growing away…

How Big is the Baby?

Last week’s apple is this week’s…avocado!

IMG_9324 (640x425)

Pre-pregnancy I would have listed avocado in my top five favorite foods, but now they don’t sound quite so good anymore.  I believe he is that big though, considering how BIG I feel!

IMG_9326 (640x425)

How I’m Changing

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – I feel gigantic.  Rediscovering a new body each day is a very strange thing to get used to, and I imagine it only intensifies as the weeks go on.  As you can see, my belly is most definitely showing, and my boobs are gigantic.  I am happy to report that bra shopping is on my agenda for this afternoon!

IMG_9329 (427x640)

I am also in my maternity jeans full time now, and didn’t even bother packing my pre-pregnancy Levis in my suitcase.  Right now I have two pairs of jeans, and one pair of maternity yoga pants that I am rotating through.  I need it to warm up so that I can start wearing my shorts and dresses again!  Don’t be fooled by the t-shirt in the photo – Ohio is freeeeeezing!

How I’m Feeling

Feeling good this week!  No more puking since the beginning of week 15, which is definitely a very good thing.  I have been reading a lot of pregnancy magazines and websites, and trying to soak up everything I can find about having a healthy pregnancy. 

One of the things I’m really trying to focus on is not letting too much stress affect me through all the craziness of our move.  I am doing my best to remain laid back and worry-free, because I know that extra stress hormones and worries aren’t helping either one of us.

Pregnancy headaches have continued this week, and I’ve been managing them with small doses of caffeine.  It usually just takes a few sips for me to feel a bit better.  I’ve woken up several times this week with a raging headache and pretty bad nausea – it feels like I am hungover!  I’m hoping the headaches let up soon.  They are actually affecting me more than the nausea these days. 

IMG_9330 (420x640)

What I’m Eating

Not much change in this department.  I’m definitely eating much much healthier and a more balanced diet than I was in the early weeks, but my food choices still remain rather limited.  I’m starting to wonder if I will ever eat a salad again – I really thought the food aversions would have passed by now!  Instead I’m getting my veggie intake through lots of soup, and cooked greens like broccoli and green beans.  Still nothing leafy – too soon.

The other thing I still can’t even think about eating is ethnic food.  So sad, since it has always been one of my favorites!  Indian, Thai, Chinese – way too much spice and flavor.  All I want is boring, bland food.

And cereal.  Can’t get enough cereal.

Before becoming pregnant I was already a self-proclaimed nutrition facts lover and obsessive label checker, but I’ve found this to only intensify in pregnancy.  I don’t buy much packaged food as it is, but everything I pick up must be scoured for ingredients to make sure none of the “do not eat” foods or ingredients appear on any labels!  I am a big cheese freak, so I make sure that any and all cheese I eat (even in restaurants!) is always pasteurized, including the large wedge of brie that I dominated at the baby shower

IMG_9332 (427x640)

Odds and Ends

Planning my sister’s baby shower and watching her open all her adorable gifts has me SO excited to get to Seattle so I can finally start shopping and picking things out for our baby!  I haven’t really started any of the stroller/car seat/nursery research yet, and since I  like to have as much information as possible, I know I have a lot of work ahead of me!

As soon as our boxes are unpacked in Seattle, I am going to get to work on planning our nursery – I can’t wait!  I’m not sure how “themed” I will go, or if I might try to just piece together my own look.  We’ll see.  I find myself very drawn to neutral colors – I love greens, oranges, and yellows!

A few days ago I thought I felt a flutter that might have been Baby Garnish moving around inside, but since I have never felt it before, I’m not totally sure what I’m looking for.  I am anxiously awaiting those first kicks or feelings of movement!

We have our first appointment with our new midwife group next Thursday, and I’m anxious to get back to the doctor for more updates.  I really hope the doctors we picked are a good fit.  I wasn’t a huge fan of my doctor’s office in Virginia, and I am really hoping that I like this next one!

Random thoughts this week:

  • Weight gained: no idea – scale has been packed since Wednesday
  • Bowls of cereal consumed:  infinite
  • Shirts packed for a 10-day trip: three – whoops!
  • Days until we get to Seattle: five
  • # of times I’ve threatened to check on our moving truck: two
  • # of times I’ve called to check on the dogs: one

And just for fun, how about a photo-collage of all the belly growth to date – from 9 to 16 weeks!  Something is definitely happening in there…

IMG_8463 (427x640)  IMG_8643 (427x640)IMG_8693 (427x640)  IMG_8825 (416x640)IMG_8907 (425x640)  IMG_9014 (426x640)IMG_9093 (425x640)  IMG_9332 (427x640)

I think the baby is definitely making an entrance – don’t you??  I’m also intrigued by how much my hair changes on a weekly basis…

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