Week 17: My Pregnancy Journey.

This update is SO late in the week – whoops!  But I assure you I’ve been thinking about it all week long, and produce shopping for my weekly photo shoot was high on my list of priorities as soon as we got to Seattle!

How Big is the Baby?

Baby Garnish had a big week this week.  In addition to traveling from Ohio to Indiana, back to Ohio, and finally to Seattle (!) – he also grew to the size of a turnip!

IMG_9487 (640x426)

This comes as no surprise to me, as my bump is looking large and in charge.  I don’t think there is any question that I look pregnant anymore.  I am past the “kind of pudgy” phase and into the “baby bump” phase, and I am loving it!

IMG_9489 (427x640)

How I’m Changing

The only real physical change I’ve noticed this week is the growing belly.  It’s definitely popping out a lot more, and I notice it sort of pushing on things when I lean on a counter, pick up a box, etc.  I wouldn’t say it’s at the point where it’s getting in the way yet, but it’s definitely making it’s presence known. 

It has also grown to the point where I am no longer comfortable laying on my stomach at all.  Sleeping has become a challenge, although the Boppy Maternity Pillow that my big sister bought me as been a HUGE help!  Poor Casey keeps claiming I have a fortress on my side of the bed, but if it helps me sleep it has to happen!

How I’m Feeling

Generally feeling pretty good.  Had one more unfortunate vomit incident on our first morning here in Seattle, but other than the constant mild nausea, I feel okay. 

I had another series of horrific headaches this week, and if they continue I’m going to start using Tylenol instead of caffeine.  I have never been someone to get headaches, and they are literally leaving me incapacitated.  I can’t imagine what it is like to live with migraines. 

Side note:  These are the Joe’s maternity jeans that Casey got me for my birthday.  They were outrageously expensive, but 100% worth every penny.  I wear them almost every day because they are sooo comfortable, and still make me feel like I am wearing cute clothes.  They also have the full panel, so I hope I can wear them until the very end!

IMG_9492 (427x640)

What I’m Eating

Lots of take-out, since my kitchen is still in shambles!  My appetite is nowhere near what it used to be, but I’m branching out more and more each day.  I’ve been able to stomach tofu and lettuce wraps this week, which has even included some fresh greens and vegetables.  Feels so good to be eating healthy fresh food again!

I have to admit I have developed an alarming craving for something I never used to eat regularly before – baked potatoes.  Seriously, I want them morning, noon, and night.  I blame Sarena, who left a comment that when she was pregnant she loved baked potatoes with ranch dressing.  Ever since I literally read the word baked potato, it is the only thing I want to eat.  I keep suggesting we vegetarians go eat at steakhouses since I know they will have baked potato side items available!

I try to keep the potato consumption to the minimum, and eat them with healthy toppings like Greek yogurt!

IMG_9494 (407x640)

Odds and Ends

The other exciting bit of news this week is that we had our 17 week pre-natal appointment yesterday!  Moving while pregnant is tricky for a number of reasons, the main one being that I needed to find a new doctor and get an appointment scheduled from 3,000 miles away.  Luckily I got a great referral from a few of Casey’s co-workers, so finding a good fit wasn’t too tough.

For a number of reasons, I wasn’t very happy with the practice I was using in Virginia, so I was excited and hopeful to meet my new doctors.  We are actually going to be using a midwife group that is based within a large hospital.  From the minute we walked into the office, I knew it was a great fit.  The people were friendly and nice, the office was clean and modern, and I really liked the midwife I met with yesterday.

I think sometimes when people hear the word midwife they picture tapestries and lava lamps in someone’s basement, but could not have been further from that.  These midwives are modern, certified, educated, and wonderful – I am so excited to be under their care.  They are also based within a hospital, and also work directly with OB/GYNs, so in the event of an emergency or if I were to need a C-section, all of those resources are immediately available to me as well.

Our appointment was great, and we got to hear Baby G’s little heartbeat beating away at 161bpm (still not convinced he is a boy…)!  Even though my belly is growing, I still can’t feel him moving at all, and I am always a little nervous that maybe something is wrong.  That heartbeat is so reassuring and amazing to hear.  He’s had a bit of a stressful week with the move, so I am glad to know he’s still doing well and feeling relaxed in my belly.

Our next appointment will be the 20 week ultrasound coming up in just a few weeks!  I can’t wait to see him again!

IMG_9495 (411x640)

Random thoughts this week:

  • Weight gained: finally got back on the scale – up 3 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight!
  • Boxes unpacked: approximately 25
  • Boxes remaining:  approximately 100
  • Couches in my living room:  0
  • Couches in my garage:  1
  • Bowls of soup consumed this week:  4
  • Days in Seattle:  5

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