Week 19: My Pregnancy Journey.

In comparison to our last few weeks of moving, traveling, and unpacking – this week has actually been pretty low key.  I think once all the chaos calmed down, Baby Garnish decided he would kick it up a notch and have a growth spurt.

How Big is the Baby?

This week our little man is the size of a MANGO!  I am so proud.

IMG_9754 (640x427)

I believe it too – my stomach has gotten noticeably bigger this week.  I know I say it every week (and will probably continue to do so), but I really feel like this week I went from being pudgy to most definitely pregnant.

IMG_9756 (431x640)

How I’m Changing

The bump is much bigger, and so are my boobs.  Lots of growing seems to have happened this week!  I’m feeling a bit bigger all over, which is honestly a little tough to deal with.  Of course growing and weight gain is normal and natural, but I can’t imagine it is ever easy.  So far I’ve only actually gained about 3 pounds total, but it feels like a lot more when I look in the mirror.  I still feel healthy and strong though, so I’m trying my best to focus on that instead of my love handles.

IMG_9758 (426x640)

How I’m Feeling

Morning sickness and nausea are now a distant memory, and I feel like a totally different person.  For the most part, I feel completely normal, which is why I think I’m sometimes surprised when I walk by a mirror and see my giant stomach.  I have noticed that when walking or exercising, my stamina is nothing close to what it used to be, and I find myself out of breath very quickly.  The HILLS in Seattle are insaaane, and my daily walks have become a roller-coaster of hill climbing and descending!

The most FUN change I have experienced is that I *think* I am finally feeling little baby flutterings.  There is a sensation I have felt on more than one occasion that feels a bit like bubbles or butterflies in my stomach, and the more it happens the more I realize I am finally feeling our little guy move!  It is still not often and not very pronounced, but it feels incredible and I can’t wait for more!

IMG_9762 (429x640)

What I’m Eating

Food is finally starting to be my friend again, and I’m finding myself to be much hungrier this week than usual.  I’ve started eating salads and greens again, and have greatly expanded the number of vegetables and other foods I can eat now.  The only thing I really can’t stomach is Indian food or heavy spices.  I’m also still filling up much more quickly than normal, so meals are much smaller and more frequent.  I announce almost every night about 30 minutes after dinner, “I’m hungry!”

IMG_9767 (415x640)

Odds and Ends

We have our first group prenatal appointment tomorrow (more on that to come), and I’m really excited to meet our group and see the doctors again!  I’m also counting the minutes until Friday’s ultrasound when we can finally get another visual of baby boy

In other exciting news, we did have one HUGE accomplishment this week!  We picked a NAME!  We have been talking names and bouncing ideas around from the very beginning, but up until now we’ve been pretty divided on our favorites and our preferences. 

I played around with a fun website called Nymbler this weekend, which generates name ideas for you based on a few that you list as “inspirations.”  Ultimately, that’s not where our final name selection came from, but it was fun to get more ideas and narrow our search a bit while the discussion continued. 

Since we have already shared so much of this pregnancy journey with both our families and the world, we decided to keep the name a secret so that we have one more fun surprise waiting until the end!  I can’t wait to share it with you all in October.

Just for Fun

Week 9 vs. Week 19 (same shirt!)

IMG_8463 (427x640) IMG_9762 (429x640)

My stomach (and butt!) have definitely grown quite a bit in ten weeks, but I also look a lot happier and healthier now.  Week 9 was my worst week of sickness, and it definitely shows.  Here’s hoping I look even better in 10 more weeks!

Next week I will make sure my fruit props are out of reach of doggie teeth before I continue taking photos…

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