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    A Look Back.

Week 20: My Pregnancy Journey.

We have officially reached the half-way mark, folks.  Or if the little man decides to come early, I guess we are past half-way by now!  You guys already heard about our 20-week ultrasound, so let’s get to the rest of it…

How Big is the Baby?

This week we’re back to talking about length instead of size, and Baby Garnish has grown as long as a BANANA!  Hard to believe!

IMG_9892 (640x427)

How I’m Changing

This belly just keeps on growing!  Last week I got on the bus to head downtown, and someone asked me if I needed a seat.  At first I was confused, and then I realized that this was the first official public acknowledgement from a stranger that I looked pregnant

IMG_9894 (427x640)

After writing last week about how I’ve struggled to embrace my new belly and larger size, many of you suggested that maybe I simply needed some better fitting maternity clothes.  I grabbed my wallet and headed to Target, where I picked up a few Liz Lange t-shirts and tank tops.  You guys were totally right!

IMG_9896 (426x640)

Having actual maternity shirts has done wonders for my self-esteem.  I’ve found that the only tops I like are the ones with the gathered sides – designed to actually show off the bump rather than hide it under ten layers of fabric.  The big billowy shirts make me feel like I’m in a tent, so I’m not buying any of those unless I find that I need them as I continue to get bigger.

IMG_9897 (426x640)

How I’m Feeling

I’m grossed out just telling you guys this story, but I promised to tell you the whole truth – the good, the bad, and the stinky.  This morning, now five months into my pregnancy I let my dogs out into the backyard just as I do every morning.  For some reason this particular morning, the lovely aroma of dog poo was too much for my pregnant nose, and I ended up throwing up all over the backyard while attempting doggie poop clean-up duty.

I promptly called Casey and told him he is on poo removal for the next 20 weeks.  Not a great start to the day!  But other than a few weird lingering bouts of nausea, I’m feeling back to my old self again. 

IMG_9901 (421x640)

This week has also marked my return to the gym!  After two weeks of unpacking and settling in, I joined a gym last Friday and went for my first workout there today.  I have definitely lost some fitness since I took a few weeks off for moving, but I still felt strong and it felt great to be back lifting weights and doing the elliptical. 

Now that I have a fitness routine going again, I’m hoping to also add some weekly yoga in once I narrow down a studio that seems like a good fit.  It’s hard when everything in this city is still all new to me!

Odds and Ends

This weekend we hit up several of the major baby stores in search of nursery furniture.  I am the most indecisive person in the world, and I think I drove Sarah and Casey crazy with my constant back and forth about what I liked, what seemed safe, etc.  I downloaded the book Baby Bargains to my Nook and poured through the furniture chapter on Friday night, so I was armed with research for our shopping expedition.

I DID finally end up choosing a crib and a dresser that I loved!  We are lucky enough to have one of the (only four!) Land of Nod stores here in Seattle, and seeing their furniture in person made a huge difference from just the tiny pictures available online.  Since I ordered it in store, there was NO delivery charge (huge), and they were also having a Memorial Day sale – score!

I’ll wait to show pictures until it arrives next weekend (!), but I am already so excited for it to get here so we can start decorating.  In the meantime I am still trying to decide between two adorable bedding options…

IMG_9904 (426x640)

Random Facts for the Week:

  • Ultrasounds I had: one
  • Ultrasounds I want: infinite
  • Total pounds gained: ~5-6lbs up from my starting weight
  • Favorite food this week:  corn on the cob
  • Number of watermelons consumed:  one, extra-large
  • Trips made to Pottery Barn Kids:  three
  • Minutes lasted in Babies R Us:  thirty

For previous weekly updates and other pregnancy-related posts, check out my new Pregnancy Page!

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chelsey @ clean eating chelsey     at 8:24 pm

Okay, I’m not going to lie, I totally cracked up at that throw up story. Not that I think it’s funny that you puked, but can you imagine telling that story to your son someday? So hilarious.

I love that top on you! I think the best part of being pregnant would be showing off the bump!!


Jackie @ Baking Charms     at 8:25 pm

that color looks beautiful on you! i’m not even pregnant but i think liz lange for target makes some really cute pieces :)


Gina @ Running to the Kitchen     at 8:26 pm

Love this! You’re looking awesome with your cute bump!


Liv @ The Salty n' Sweet     at 8:26 pm

You really look pregnant now! And so pretty and glow-y in your pictures :)


Hannah     at 8:26 pm



Lauren     at 8:27 pm

Wow, I have to tell you that you look SO beautiful! You have that amazing pregnant glow!!! So awesome. Your baby bump has really come along, and so exciting that you’re picking things for the nursery! :)


Kaitlin     at 8:27 pm

You are SO CUTE. I can’t stand it. And you’re glowing! I’m so happy for you and excited to follow along for the next steps!

And yay for crossing nursery furniture off of the to-do list!


Emily     at 8:27 pm

I LOVE that color on you! It fits great, too. :)


Christine     at 8:28 pm

You look great! It seems like overnight pregnant women go from “Umm, is she pregnant?” to “Yup, that’s a baby in there!”


Callie     at 8:28 pm

Only 30 minutes in Babies r Us? Impressive! :)


kelli     at 8:28 pm

Can I just say you look more gorgeous than ever now :)! Woo I love land of nod I am sure it will be gorgeous furniture!


Renee     at 8:29 pm

You look gorgeous! I hope I’m half as beautiful as you are while pregnant!!


lindsay     at 8:30 pm

You have popped and you look amazing! And your eyes look incredible in these photos. That color shirt looks great on you…


Chelsea @ Strawberry Sweat     at 8:30 pm

Good call on the new maternity clothes–you look gorgeous in them! I like that you also like the the more form-fitting clothes; it’s not worth hiding that baby bump under ill-fitting clothes. Show it off!!

P.S. Now I really want corn-on-the-cob :)


Brittany @ a healthy slice of life     at 8:31 pm

I feel like this is the first week that San see your baby bump and it’s adorable!! I agree- maternity clothes make all the difference. I hit up kohls today and found a few good items :)

I feel like your pregnancy is flying by and I can’t wait to see your furniture!!


Sara @BakingandWine     at 8:31 pm

Being overweight before getting pregnant made me very self conscience of how I looked and what I wore. I found though that as soon as I started showing and got some good fitting, cute maternity clothes (pants, tank tops, ruched t-shirts that show the bump) I felt so much better about myself and how I looked.

It’s amazing what clothes than fit can do!


Leanne (Bride to Mrs.)     at 8:34 pm

I love these posts! You’re such a beautiful mama!!


Robyn     at 8:34 pm

You look so great! Glad you are feeling better :) I’m about 6 wks ahead of you, and also having a boy! Its been so fun reading your thoughts on pregnancy and your body as it changes! Hope you continue to feel great and deliver a healthy little man :)


Yi     at 8:36 pm

You look so gorgeous, Emily! And you have the cutest baby belly :)

I’m looking forward to see the furniture!


Tori (Fresh Fruition)     at 8:38 pm

I love this series comparing the size of your baby to something you can see outside your belly! That’s so awesome. You look beautiful!


Mara @ What's For Dinner?     at 8:40 pm

Yup, just as excited for this update as all the others :)
So, I had a thought. You should make a Blurb book with all these weekly pregnancy posts for when the Garnishini arrives! They do a blog-to-book thing thats AWESOME.


Alaina     at 8:41 pm

You are just the cutest. :-)

And I agree that that color looks great on you!


Annie@stronghealthyfit     at 8:42 pm

OMG seeing your bump once a week, it seems like it showed up out of the blue! You are adorable and glowing :-)


Nicole     at 8:42 pm

Emily, You look SO amazing and like many others have said–you are truly glowing. I am so happy for you!


Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen)     at 8:43 pm

Oh the smells! Coffee was horrible! I can’t even imagine how bad poo was. I’m glad you’re feeling better and the clothes look perfect!


Marci     at 8:45 pm

you and your banana are so cute. i really like the t-shirt!


Abbie     at 8:45 pm

You are absolutely GLOWING this week, ma’am! You look great!


Averie (LoveVeggiesandYoga)     at 8:46 pm

glowing doesnt even begin to describe you…I think smashing, beautiful goddess, divine beauty…that’s more like it.


you are one of the prettiest pregnant women i think ive ever seen.

and never take that shirt off. with your eyes, skin, and hair..THAT is your color!!!


Katherina @ Zephyr Runs     at 8:49 pm

Ah you look so pregnant!!! I love it!! My best friend just got married this weekend and I can’t believe how much you two look alike – http://goo.gl/ra4IW it’s crazy! I look forward to hear how you adjust to Seattle. Some friends of mine just moved there and my boyfriend and I toy around with the idea of moving, might be interesting to see in advance what’s around!


laurie @ the corner slice     at 8:49 pm

You look so beautiful! You have the glow down!


Lauren     at 8:51 pm

Ahh, Emily!!!!! You look incredible! I feel like I always say that but now its becoming so real. :) You rock the baby bump like no other girl. :)


Kimberly @ Healthy Strides     at 8:52 pm

I like the new tops – and Liz Lange at Target. At 34 weeks, I still like the more form-fitting shirts as they make me feel more pregnant and less plump. I only wear the more flowy tops if I’m wearing leggings.


Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama}     at 8:54 pm

You’ve got the beautiful pregnant hair going!! Love it. Here’s to an easy 20 more weeks! :-)


Lauren     at 8:55 pm

You are THE MOST ADORABLE pregnant little lady ever!!! :)


Brittany     at 8:58 pm

I just have to say that you look absolutely beautiful! And I love your new shirt! Such a pretty color. You are definitely “glowing!” : )


Jess (In My Healthy Opinion)     at 9:05 pm

You’re absolutely glowing!! So sorry to hear about the poo incident – doesn’t sound very fun. :( Love your updates!


Erin     at 9:11 pm

I had to comment and agree with previous posters — you are absolutely glowing! You make pregnancy look so beautiful.


Jessica S     at 9:12 pm

Seattle Holistic Center has fantastic prenatal yoga classes! Definitely take one with Colleen! If it wasn’t for her and their classes, I wouldn’t have made it through my natural labor – it’s the best!


Jessica     at 9:16 pm

You are positively glowing!!! You look so amazing in that color, and that style of shirt is perfect for your body- you look tiny every except for your belly where you look pregnant and not like you only gain weight there! Yay for being halfway :)


SaraRM     at 9:22 pm

Its funny to think that one shirt can make it a difference but it most definitely does!

You look absolutely stunning and beautiful! Love the smile on your face, so happy looking.


Colleen     at 9:31 pm

You look fabulous!


Lee     at 9:36 pm

I agree with all the other comments that you look great! And you get out of pooper scooper duty for the next 20 weeks. That’s pretty awesome!


Shari     at 9:36 pm

You truly epitomize the idea of glowing during pregnancy – the joy and wonder are bouncing off you and leaping right through the computer screen :)

Aww, and nursery shopping? That must be such fun!


Allie (Live Laugh Eat)     at 9:44 pm

Look at your cute belly! I must admit it’s the first time I’ve considered your belly a preggo belly. Prior to this post, I’ve thought “um my belly looks like that too…” haha


Meagan     at 9:46 pm

You look amazing. I like that color on you. This was the first few pictures that I think you really look pregnant, too :)


Clare     at 9:48 pm

You look radiant!


Kath     at 9:54 pm

You look amazing and I LOVE the new shirt!!


Courtney Leigh     at 9:56 pm

Can’t be said enough: You look STUNNING!


Gabrielle     at 9:57 pm

Okay, my belly looks like that after dinner every night. ;)


Gabrielle Reply:

And I’m NOT pregnant!!


Michelle (The Runner's Plate)     at 9:57 pm

You are so cute!! Love the clothes and the bump!!

I am SO indecisive as well! I don’t know how I am ever going to pick out furniture, decorations, etc. for any future children we may have–let alone a name!! eek!


Stephanie     at 9:58 pm

Cuuute shirt, Emily :)
Thank you for reminding me that I have a whole bunch of yummy corn in the fridge. It will be making its way into my lunch tomorrow.


jen @ taste life     at 9:59 pm

You poor thing! About the poo, I mean. Hey, at least you don’t have to do that again until October!


Nancy     at 10:02 pm

I was looking at your pictures thinking, “Wow! She looks so pretty. That’s a total baby glow!” I click to leave a comment and see that many other readers are seeing what I see, you look beautiful! It’s so funny, because you always look pretty, but there’s something about this week’s pictures that are glow-y!! And congrats on your banana! ;-)


Sarah K. @ The Pajama Chef     at 10:04 pm

you look so adorable in that shirt! it really fits you well and the color is great. :)


Colleen     at 10:06 pm

you look beautiful, Emily; you’re just glowing – seriously :)


Jess@atasteofconfidence     at 10:12 pm

SO exciting, you are looking great!


Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn     at 10:14 pm

You are so beautiful!!! I can’t wait to be preggers one day..okay I probably can wait…but actually you look so gorgeous. I would kill for pregnancy skin!!


Eunice     at 10:17 pm

You look great!

I’m actually reading another blog by someone who’s pregnant and I just realized that you both are 20 weeks along. Only she is having twins. http://www.girlsgonechild.net. I clearly read too many pregnant people blogs. :)


Danielle     at 10:21 pm

Your new maternity clothes look fab. Have a great week and good luck decorating!


Madison @ Espresso and Cream     at 10:22 pm

So fun! You look great and I can’t believe how big the baby is getting. My soon-to-be sister-in-law is due the same week you are with her first baby so it has made reading your weekly updates that much more fun. I told her this weekend that I feel like I know all about what she’s going through after reading your posts. :)


Emily     at 10:31 pm

These are definitely your “I’m preggo and glowing” pics!!! I think the real maternity clothes were a great idea…you’re a beautiful pregnant woman, show off that bump girl! :)


Marie     at 10:38 pm

Oh my gosh, you look so beautiful!!! I love the new shirt!


Laura (Blogging Over Thyme)     at 10:39 pm

Wow! Either the baby had a HUGE growth spurt this week or the maternity clothes make a huge difference in showcasing the belly. No wonder someone moved aside to let you have a seat! You look great Emily, can’t wait to see the nursery as it comes along :)


Mama Pea     at 10:56 pm

You. Look. GORGEOUS.


Katy (The Singing Runner)     at 11:06 pm

You are so pretty! And you glow! :D


Jenna (Hello, I Love You)     at 11:12 pm

I have to agree with other commenters…you definitely have that pregnancy glow! :)

Also, too funny about only lasting 30 minutes in Babies R Us. I was the same way. I left in a hurry and went home to create my registry online. Best decision ever!


Erica     at 11:15 pm

You look great!

I definitely don’t feel as huge when I’m wearing real maternity clothes, also!

I have found that dresses from Forever 21 have been my best friend. Most of them I’ve gone up a size but they’re cute and I should be able to wear them after the baby is born :)


Rachel @ Healthy Teacher     at 11:29 pm

Even though I’m not currently pregnant, nor have I ever been pregnant, these posts are the most interesting ones I read all week! I’ll be sad (but happy for you) when they end.


Michelle @ Turning Over a New Leaf     at 11:35 pm

AHH! You’re absolutely radiant! :)


Babs     at 11:38 pm

You’re rocking the new shirts ;) Good-fitting clothes always helps.

Can’t wait to see the completed nursery!


Avery     at 11:44 pm

You are seriously the cutest pregnant mommy ever. I can definitely tell a big difference with the maternity shirts!

Can’t wait to see the new baby furniture. So exciting!


Amy     at 11:56 pm

Totally agreeing with everyone who’s commenting on the glow…you SO have it. And your hair looks full-on luscious!


Ashley     at 12:22 am

Stunning!!! That color is gorgeous on you. So glad the maternity clothes helped make you feel a better. I may have laughed about the dog poop. ;)


Kate (What Kate is Cooking)     at 12:32 am

You look beautiful! Pregnancy definitely suits you :)


Laura @ Backstage Pass     at 12:47 am

You look great! Thanks for sharing your pregnancy journey with us. I feel like I’ve learned more about being pregnant through your blog – the good, the bad, and the dog poo sickly – than I have from any friend or family member, in my life!


Hillary [Nutrition Nut on the Run]     at 1:54 am

You look GREAT! You’re rocking that teal tee :)


lena     at 2:14 am

Time is flying by, he’ll be here before you know it!


Joanna     at 7:01 am

Okay, I just can’t wait for crib photos and info!!! We are shopping right now for nursery furniture for our first child too and I need help. Just a little peak . . . . pretty please?


Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine     at 7:10 am

I have to say, being off poop pickup duty for awhile sounds pretty awesome :) That blue color is so pretty on you- it really looks great with your dark hair!


katelyn     at 7:13 am

You are glowing!!!!


Courtney     at 7:38 am

You look great! Like a very happy and healthy mama-to-be!


Jen     at 8:06 am

You look way too cute :) The color of your shirt looks amazing on you!


Brooke @ Bittersweetb     at 8:23 am

You look great! Sometimes new clothes is all it takes to revamp your self esteem.


R @ Learning As I Chop     at 8:39 am

Glad you’re feeling better. Good call with the new clothes. I’ve also heard good things about the Land of Nod


Laura @ Starting Out Fit     at 8:47 am

You’re just glowing!!! :) it’s crazy how fast he’s growing — I just love your comparisons with the fruit


Tameika     at 9:15 am

You are looking so cute! Glad you found some clothes to complement your beautiful new physique. Can’t wait to see the nursery!


Amanda     at 9:17 am

Emily, you look so beautiful! It’s incredible to watch you through your journey. I’m so fascinated / jealous. ;) Baby Garnish is making headway!


Danielle Sparavalo     at 9:35 am

You look amazing!!! You definitely have the “glow.” Working out does wonders for a pregnant body. It just makes you feel good! :) Happy nursery decorating!


Gwen     at 9:38 am

Emily, you look so beautiful and HAPPY! Glad you found your self esteem in Target. That place really is a miracle itself! ;)


Lisa     at 9:45 am

Your belly looks amazing!! I love those shirts too–I live in those and the long ribbed tank tops. Very proud to show my belly :-) I can’t believe you’re halfway there, time is flying!!!


Katie     at 9:46 am

You look great! Love the new shirt, it is a great color for you!

I have eaten TWO full size watermelons (by myself) in the past week and I don’t even have being pregnant as an excuse :)


Rachel @ The Avid Appetite     at 10:13 am

Love reading these updates! You look amazing and that shirt is adorable :)


Rachel @ Fit Fun and Fabulous     at 10:35 am

Yay!! You are looking so beautiful!!!!


Julie (A Case of the Runs)     at 10:39 am

Wow, you’re really showing now!

I’ve heard that you shouldn’t be dealing with pet waste during pregnancy, so good that Casey has the duty now.


whit     at 10:40 am

you are the cutest little pregnant lady ever!!!


Kelly     at 10:49 am

You look fantastic! A tip for cheap maternity clothes: Check out ebay! I bought a big lot of brand new clothes for just over $100. I got 9 tops, 2 pairs of capris and a pair of bermuda shorts and they all fit great and are liz lange, gap and motherhood maternity brand :)


Red Deception     at 10:56 am

That top is perfect! Get one in every colour!

Hey, at least you don’t have to clean up dog doo for a few months!!


becca (bellebottoms)     at 10:59 am

sooooo cute! I look forward to these posts each week! OH, and the dog poo thing is too funny! you should use that excuse for other things too…”honey, the dirty dishes are making me nauseous…could you do them??” haha LOVE IT!


Samantha     at 11:00 am

I laughed at the dog poo story, my husband always does then dog poo clean up. I always end up gagging and I guess I don’t scoop right because I end up flinging poop across the yard! : )lol
You look amazing by the way! Gotta love target!


Michaela     at 11:33 am

you look fab! hahaha, u better get used to people offering u a seat ;)
enjoy ur last months of pregnancy!


Joanna     at 11:36 am

You look stunning!!!!


Lindsey     at 11:51 am

You look awesome! Can’t wait to see our baby furniture purchases! I love any type of baby shopping!


Kristina     at 12:09 pm

Cute pictures! I don’t blame you one bit about Babies-R-Us…yikes.


Amber K     at 12:10 pm

You always look so glowing and happy :)

And hey, while it stinks that you had to feel nausea, at least you’re off poop duty!


Shayla     at 12:26 pm

Emily you look absolutely gorgeous and are just glowing!! You’re such a beautiful pregnant lady and I know you’ve had some body struggles (which I can totally understand!), but I just wanted to let you know how gorgeous you are pregnant and you’re embracing pregnancy beautifully. I hope to look just as good when the time comes for me! ;)
Btw, your eyes are absolutely amazing in these pics! And love the new maternity tops, I’ll have to remember those for when it’s my turn.

Speaking of tops with gathered sides, have you seen these?
So cute and perfect for working out in, thought you might like and I’m already planning on getting the “spinning for two” tank :)


Emily Malone Reply:

I love those shirts!!


Emily @ One Sweet Vegan     at 1:20 pm

Your baby belly is adorable. I love your new shirt! I practically lived in Liz Lange maternity clothes during my last pregnancy.


Gina     at 1:29 pm

Such a cute shirt! I can’t wait to see the new nursery furniture! Let me know if you’d like to try out a yoga studio soon:)


Jo @ Jo In the Kitchen     at 1:40 pm

You look fantastic! Glad you’re rocking the bump :)


Heather     at 1:43 pm

You really look fabulous! I agree that Liz Lange tanks and tees are wonderful. I wish I could get some of your motivation for heading to the gym, though. Unfortunately, I always choose sleeping over working out. :(


lindsay     at 2:14 pm

i looooove these pictures! you look so utterly happy and peaceful and beautiful. I think there is this pivotal moment where you change from “feeling pregnant” to “looking pregnant” and in a way it’s a sigh of relief. You’ve definitely crossed that bridge this week and you are glowing from the inside out. Love it! :)


Shannon @ My Place In The Race     at 2:45 pm

Beautiful! You look marvelous darling! The color looks great on you too. :)


Katherine     at 3:07 pm

Ahh I am so excited for you!

O, and BTW I am leaving for Guatemala in 13 hours, so I won’t be commenting on your blog for a good 10 days. Sorry to leave you, but I will have a massive post when I get back :)


Emily Malone Reply:

Have a great trip! :)


Katie @ Healthy Heddleston     at 3:13 pm

You look so cute pregnant!!!


faith     at 4:36 pm

20 weeks suits you, you look gorgeous! Have fun getting back into your workouts!


Reading (and chickens)     at 4:43 pm

Chiming in with everyone else to say I think you look GORGEOUS. Your skin is especially glowy and you look really happy!


Carrie     at 5:59 pm

That is definitely your color – you look really pretty in all of these posts! You’ve got the pregnant glow ;)


emily @ sustenancespace     at 6:22 pm

if you are feeling up to it, urban yoga spa downtown is my favorite hot yoga studio ever. and i have been eating a lot of watermelon also, although i am just eating for one, haha.


Tanica     at 6:37 pm

What?!? You look adorable!! I need to go get some of those shirts, and you’re totally right: most maternity clothing is all about covering the bump up! We’re cute pregnant ladies, we have a right to show off our latest and greatest accessory. ;)


jenna k     at 6:37 pm

you look gorgeous, and i love that outfit! i’m so glad i started visiting your blog regularly in time to read about your journey from the beginning. :)


Kristy@RunTheLongRoad     at 6:50 pm

I love these updates! You look adorable!


RhodeyGirl     at 8:36 am

I went to Old Navy over the weekend and bought a few of their normal ribbed tanks, a couple of other tanks, and a maternity skirt. I can’t tell you how much better I feel now that I have shirts that fit, are long enough, and don’t cut off my circulation ha! I finally feel pretty again (even though these circles under my eyes won’t go away…)

I’m happy to hear you went shopping too!!!


Jen     at 9:33 am

Awww! You look so pretty and totally have that pregnancy glow. :-)



Katie KS     at 10:33 am

I totally thought of this post last night because we are potty training our daughter and the smell from having to empty the baby potty into the big potty about makes me want to heave :) No getting out of that “doo”ty unfortunately!

Also, I am getting sad that many of the cute “fitted” prego shirts are getting too small for me. I have a ton of maternity clothes this go round – my own plus three sets of loaners so I refuse to buy any more as long as something still fits. (And since I hit 27 weeks at the END of summer last time, the summer stuff is smaller.) I am going to rock the tent shirts mostly now :) Hey it’s hot here and I need air flow right? Yesterday I was wearing a size M dress a friend loaned me and kept thinking “this is the closest to muumuu I’ve ever worn.” But man, was it comfy. :)


Norah     at 3:37 pm

Hey Emily, Just wanted to give you a heads up… it looks like your getting a “sway” back… its from stick out you belly and not standing straight. This may lead to some awful back labor. Just may want to work on that!


Emily Malone Reply:

Hi Norah! Thanks for the tip. I think it might actually just be the angle of the photo, but I’ll pay extra attention to my posture from now on.


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