West Coast Arrival.

We made it!  Life in the West Coast has officially begun.  I kicked off my travel day with a 6:30am cross-country flight, and landed in Seattle around 10am local time.  Our plan was for me to arrive in Seattle and head to our new house, while Casey, the dogs, and his mom continued their road-trip to the final destination. 

I hopped in a cab and began my Seattle adventures all by myself – it felt very surreal and strange to be here all alone in our new city.  One very expensive cab ride later, I made it to our NEW HOUSE!  I walked in the door and was greeted with this…

IMG_9399 (427x640)

I have never had a female landlord before, and she is so amazingly NICE!  What a wonderful way to be greeted into our new home. 

IMG_9400 (640x427)

One of my favorite thing about our new space is all the LIGHT pouring in all of the windows.  Can’t wait to take some lovely food photos on these countertops…

IMG_9401 (640x427)

Grabbed my camera and ran around snapping pictures before the space was taken over with boxes and moving madness. 

IMG_9402 (640x427)

IMG_9403 (640x427)

IMG_9406 (427x640)

IMG_9407 (640x427)

IMG_9408 (640x427)

IMG_9412 (640x427)

After only about 30 minutes of waiting by myself, there was a ring at the doorbell.  Guess who joined me here in Seattle?

IMG_9414 (640x427)

I think the dogs may have thought they would never see me again.  They were pretty excited to explore their new backyard and house – lots of rolling in the grass and racing the staircases ensued.

IMG_9415 (640x427)

Since we left Virginia, they spent 10 nights in 3 different kennels, over 44 hours of travel time in the car, and slept in 4 different hotels across the country.  They are amazing.

IMG_9417 (640x426)

Even more amazing was being reunited with Casey.  We had the world’s longest hug at the front door, and I never wanted to let go.  Eventually after we all got comfortable at the house, we headed out for some much needed lunch.  We ended up at Homegrown – a delicious local sandwich shop with all sorts of amazing vegetarian options.

IMG_9423 (640x417)

They had a GIANT chalkboard wall of selections.  Can’t wait to try them all!

IMG_9422 (640x427)

I opted for a cup of their vegan veggie lentil soup, which was fabulous.

IMG_9419 (640x427)

And “The Vegan” – which was a whole grain roll with pickled vegetables, frisee slaw, and an edamame wasabe hummus.

IMG_9420 (640x427)

Casey got some sort of broccoli paprika melt that I can’t wait to try next time.

IMG_9421 (427x640)

Even though we were all stuffed from lunch, we couldn’t resist walking over to The Flying Apron bakery.  Would you believe that these are all organic, vegan, and gluten-free?

IMG_9424 (640x427)

With zero food in the house, two boxes of baked goods felt necessary.  YUM.

IMG_9425 (640x427)

Shortly after our food excursion, we got a phone call from our movers that they would not be arriving on Tuesday as promised.  I was less than pleased, but what can you do?  Rather than get upset, we decided to roll with it and make it work.

We headed to Target where of course we inevitably spent hundreds of dollars getting all the things you need when you move.  And because our movers are stranding us in an empty house for a bit, we also bought sheets, towels, and extra air-mattress, etc.  We figured we’d rather spend the money on things we can keep instead of another night in a hotel!

After a very long day of traveling, a much needed shower made me feel brand new.  Tina was wonderful and offered to stay home with the pups last night so that Casey and I could leave the house and enjoy an anniversary date night out!  Moving to the West Coast has definitely made this an anniversary to remember. 

IMG_9428 (431x640)

New house!  Just the back door.  :)

IMG_9429 (427x640)

After the long day, we opted for easy comfort food in the neighborhood instead of a fancy night out.  We ended up at Blue Moon Burgers, which I had scoped out ahead of time online. 

We started with fried pickle spears.  Don’t judge.

IMG_9431 (640x427)

And we split the small fries, since we figured we already had an abundance of fried food.

IMG_9432 (640x427)

This was hands down the best veggie burger I’ve ever had.  And to make it better, they actually had two different veggie patty options – that never happens!  I did the build your own with a vegetable patty, white cheddar cheese, and pickles on a potato roll. 

IMG_9434 (640x427)

It was so nice of Tina to stay at the house so that Casey and I could have an anniversary date.  After the long day, it was lights out when we got back – the time change is killing me!  Thank god we packed our air mattress and sheets juuuuust in case something happened with the movers…

IMG_9444 (640x427)

This morning we were up early, since I am still on East Coast time for now.  The dogs are being precious angels.  There is NOwhere to sit in our new place, so we got them new beds so that they will have a comfy place to rest.

IMG_9436 (640x427)

I think they are going to survive.

IMG_9438 (640x427)

IMG_9441 (640x427)

Meanwhile the kitchen counter has become my home office.

IMG_9442 (640x411)

There is not a single place to sit or relax in our house, so I’m working from the counter top.  My lower back is aching!  Can’t wait for our couch to arrive (hopefully) tomorrow.

IMG_9443 (640x427)

Eeeeeeeeek I can’t believe this is our new home!!  Crossing every finger and toe that our truck arrives tomorrow, so that we can being to settle into the new place.  Time to go grocery shopping!