Baby Garnish: The Nursery in Progress.

Here we are at almost 24 weeks pregnant, and this is the first time I’m actually showing you our nursery!  Don’t get too excited quite yet though – it’s still a pretty rough work in progress…

IMG_0453 (640x421)

My sister is living with us this summer and is actually using the nursery as her bedroom, which explains the large air mattress and other items scattered around the room.  Since we have the mattress in there right now, none of the furniture is actually in its final resting place, but it is all at least finally ordered, delivered, and assembled!

IMG_0454 (640x421)

It’s not a huge room, so we’re being creative and trying to maximize space as best as possible.  (Notice the huge crib box still hanging out in the hallway.)

IMG_0455 (640x421)

After we hit the 20-week mark, I starting feeling really antsy about getting our nursery items chosen and ordered, and I spent an absurd amount of time researching options and reading reviews.  I felt really strongly about buying a crib that was highly rated for safety and generally recommended by my top resources.

I ended up choosing the Natural Straight-Up Crib from Land of Nod, because I loved the clean simple lines and I really wanted to go with a natural wood look.  Even though this crib was more expensive than a few others I considered, it was also the highest rated for safety and made in the USA – two things that were important to me.

IMG_0458 (640x421)

We lucked out that Seattle happens to have one of only four Land of Nod stores in the country, and we were able to go see and feel the cribs in person.  Doubling our luck was a furniture sale and free delivery available over Memorial Day weekend, so I snatched it up while the sale price was still in effect!  We only had to wait one week for delivery, and I convinced Casey to assemble it for us last week.  I love it!

IMG_0459 (640x427)

During the furniture sale, I also ordered the coordinating Natural Simple 2 Over 2 Dresser that will double for us as a changing table.  Since space is a premium in our nursery, I knew I didn’t want a separate changing table, so I ordered the changer top to fit the top of this dresser perfectly.

IMG_0461 (427x640)

With the crib and dresser finally in place, I started focusing on accent pieces, storage, and other decorative elements for the nursery.  I had been planning to get one more furniture piece for the room – some sort of bookshelf or storage area for toys and books.  But those plans quickly dissolved when I fell in love with this antique dresser that I scored for $75 at the Fremont farmer’s market.

IMG_0456 (427x640)

I am always drawn to wooden decorative elements, particularly branches, birch, and anything rustic and natural looking.  When I saw the tree branch knobs on this dresser, also painted in the exact green color I planned to use in the nursery, I knew it was meant to be mine.

IMG_0447 (640x427)

So now that I essentially have an extra dresser, I’m scrapping the bookshelf idea since I don’t want to over-crowd our space.  I figure the dressers will be plenty of storage for all our tiny baby things, and I can make use of a few other baskets and other items for baby toys.  He doesn’t really have all that much right now!

I knew that in decorating I didn’t want to be overly “themed” and go crazy with one animal, pattern, or look.  We both agree that (god-willing) there will be more mini Malones in the future, so we also hoped to get things that can be used in future nurseries down the road.

We are also both big nerds and feel pretty passionately about providing a lot of educational tools, toys, and resources for our kids.  With me being a writer and Casey a mathematician, we figured numbers and letters were a fun way to enhance the nursery.  I found these woodsy number and alphabet prints at Land of Nod, and I don’t think there could be a more perfect fit for our nursery.

IMG_0445 (427x640)

Since I wanted to use a mixture of muted blues, greens, and yellows, the colors were perfect too!  I can’t wait to hang them up on the walls.

IMG_0452 (425x640)

I’m not a huge fan of baby things that are overly cartoonish or cutesy, and tend to go for more modern accents, but I couldn’t resist grabbing this woodsy rug for $19 at Babies R Us last weekend.  I’m not sure if I’ll use it or not, but since it was in the clearance bin I couldn’t pass it up.  Plus, foxes are cute.

IMG_0463 (640x427)

Two big breezy windows in the corner covered with green curtains that I already had on hand.  Eventually I’m hoping to put our rocking chair/glider in this corner.

IMG_0465 (427x640)

The other big decision we need to make in this room is what to do with the closet.  My original plan was to take the doors off and use the closet as extra space – it opens up the room a LOT to have it open!  I know with it open we will obviously lose some of the storage we have now, but I am considering putting our changing table/dresser in there and using it as a changing station and place to store the hamper, dirty diaper bag, etc.

IMG_0467 (427x640)

I think we’ll have to wait and decide on the closet once all the furniture is ready to put in place, and we can see how much space we really have to work with.  Right now the closet is serving as Sarah’s headboard.  :)

IMG_0468 (640x423)

This wall next to the window will eventually be home to our totally awesome wall decal.  (Mirror will be removed.)

IMG_0469 (427x640)

I ordered it last week and did a happy dance when I found it on my doorstep yesterday afternoon.  I wrote a piece this morning showcasing 10 Adorable Wall Decals to Transform a Nursery, including a link to the one we ordered for our nursery (the alphabet tree!). 


These decals are such a fun and inexpensive way to totally transform the nursery from simple to fabulous. 

IMG_0472 (640x427)

This weekend’s plan is to attempt to follow these directions and get our decal up on the wall!  Cross your fingers…

IMG_0471 (640x427)

Our nursery also has a bathroom attached, and am some point I’ll need to consider some sort of fun kid-friendly bathroom décor in there too.  Frogs?  Whales?  So many adorable options.

IMG_0470 (427x640)

I am a really indecisive person, and even though I know it’s just decorating, choosing all our nursery items has been a huge process.  Even so, I have had SO much fun doing it, and I can’t wait to see it all finally come together in the next few weeks.

The nursery is half-way there, Baby G is kicking all day long, and it all feels really really real now.  Is it October yet?