We had no real plans for this weekend, which in my experience is usually when they turn out the best.  Casey has been asking to go out for brunch for weeks, so Sunday morning – we brunched!

Silence Heart Nest is a funky vegetarian breakfast spot in Fremont that we had been to once before and really enjoyed.  It is so nice to have a vegetarian spot within walking distance of our house!

IMG_0219 (640x427)

For our meal, the three of us got the sweet potato biscuits with vegan cashew gravy to share…

IMG_0221 (640x427)

Sarah went with the orange scented French toast, which looked amazing.

IMG_0222 (640x427)

Casey got scrambled eggs and soy bacon…

IMG_0223 (640x427)

Along with a giant pancake.

IMG_0224 (640x427)

And I got the breakfast special – waffles with baked red plum compote, cardamom wildflower honey, and freshly whipped cream.  It was decadent and delicious!

IMG_0226 (640x427)

After stuffing ourselves silly, Sarah and I headed down to the Fremont Market for the first time.  I am a huge fan of local markets, so it was definitely time to start checking out the Seattle market scene…

IMG_0227 (640x427)

Lots of pretty fresh flowers – wish I had remembered to take my wallet!

IMG_0228 (640x427)

The Fremont market was much more of an arts & crafts of antiques type of market than I had realized, but it was actually really cute and fun!

IMG_0229 (640x427)

I am also making sure that the next time I go I have an empty stomach – SO many delicious looking food vendors offering samples and lunches, and I was too full for even one bite.

IMG_0230 (640x427)

It was warm and sunny on Sunday morning, bringing out the best of Seattle…

IMG_0231 (426x640)

IMG_0232 (640x427)

Mini donut truck.  I will be back!

IMG_0233 (424x640)

IMG_0234 (640x427)

IMG_0235 (640x427)

I fell in love with this antique dresser with real birch wood handles and decided it would be perfect in our nursery.  The only problem was that I already bought a dresser.  You can never have too much storage though, right?

IMG_0237 (427x640)

I went home and thought about it, and ended up going back and getting the dresser a few hours later.  The price was too good to pass up, and now that it’s back at my house I think it looks perfect in the room.  Can’t wait to get the crib assembled and some decorations and things purchased so that the room finally feels like a real nursery.  Can’t wait to show you guys pictures!