My Favorite Pregnancy Resources.

One of the best parts about sharing my pregnancy with the world has been the amazing support and encouragement I’ve been give from other readers who are pregnant now, hoping to be pregnant soon, or experienced moms already.  Prior to becoming pregnant myself, I knew as much about pregnancy as the next person.  Within a few hours of seeing those positive double lines, I was running to the computer to research everything I could get my hands on. 

Many of you have asked what books, websites, and blogs I have used for sources of pregnancy information, and I figured now half-way through my pregnancy, it’s probably time to share!  There are so many pregnancy resources available, and I’m sure I don’t even know about half of them.  But here are some of my favorite places to check when I am in need of some baby talk.


It probably comes as no surprise that blogs have actually been my favorite pregnancy resource.  I am lucky enough to have many pregnant blogging friends, some due before me, some due after, and some who just had babies!  Here are the blogs that I regularly check to hear first person accounts of babies and parenting!


In addition to blogs, there are a few other great parenting and pregnancy websites that I have used a lot for researching information – everything from “what should I be eating?” to “how big is the baby?”


With so much great information on the internet now, I haven’t actually really read many pregnancy or parenting books, but here are the few that I have bought and enjoyed!

   The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy    Baby Bargains: Secrets to Saving 20% to 50% on baby furniture, gear, clothes, toys, maternity wear and much, much more!    Feed the Belly: The Pregnant Mom's Healthy Eating Guide

So that is my (short) list of the most common references I use for figuring out this whole pregnancy thing.  What are some of your favorites that I might not know about?  I always love finding new pregnancy blogs!

Last but not least, I have a new post up over on Babble about Embracing Maternity Clothes, so if you’re interested head over and check it out!