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    A Look Back.

Our Living Space: A Photo Tour.

We have been in Seattle for three weeks now, which is sort of hard to believe.  The last of the boxes have all been unpacked, the drawers are (mostly) organized, and I am starting to finally feel settled.  I know I’ve shown you guys some rough in-progress pics of our place already, but I still owe you the finished tour I promised last week!

The setup of our townhouse is funky, since the main living area is big and open, and all on the second floor.  Other than our original couch not fitting up the staircase, the second floor living has been no big deal.  I am totally in love with having a big open floor plan!

IMG_9915 (640x427)

Here’s a view from a different angle.  My only small gripe about the openness is that when one room is messy, they ALL look messy!  Just more incentive for me to keep it clean.

IMG_9917 (640x424)

Let’s start our tour in the most fun part of all – the kitchen!

IMG_9942 (640x423)

I picked up this giant basil plant yesterday at Trader Joe’s, and it is making the kitchen smell sooo delicious and fresh.  Fresh herbs might be my favorite part of summer.

IMG_9905 (427x640)

Long time readers may recall our tiny, yet adorable kitchen in Old Town Alexandria.  We worked very hard to make a small space feel big, and I loved some of the things we did there so much that I decided to bring them with us all the way to Seattle!

IMG_9906 (640x421)

We actually left our Ikea Grundtal shelves behind in our old kitchen, but re-buying them here in Seattle was high on the list of priorities once we arrived.  We used two of the long shelves to store our grains and most-used pantry items.  Hanging below are two of the Grundtal spice racks, along with coordinating mini IKEA jars full of spice.

IMG_9921 (640x424)

Essentially being able to hang our pantry on the wall gives us so much more space in our limited cabinets!  Plus, aren’t the ball jars just so pretty?

IMG_9907 (640x427)

On the far side of the kitchen, my diploma hangs proudly to remind me that I should never feel intimidated to try something new – both in cooking and in life.

IMG_9908 (640x428)

I love having the big raised island that looks out into the rest of our space, so when I am cooking I don’t feel like I am separated from what’s happening in the house.

IMG_9920 (640x423)

In just three shorts weeks of living here I have already decided that I will never go back to an electric stove.  It will be one of my house hunting deal breakers when we look to buy something next year!

IMG_9922 (640x427)

Natural light in the kitchen makes me happy.  And while I thought I would hate those double sinks, I actually really like it.  Much better to have my pots and pans dry IN the sink, rather than on the counters.

IMG_9925 (640x427)

I don’t spend much time sitting at this counter, but it’s nice for Casey and Sarah to have a spot to keep me company while I’m getting lunch or dinner ready.  We picked up these two stools at Ikea this weekend, and they have been a really nice addition to the space.

IMG_9926 (427x640)

So that’s our kitchen!

IMG_9943 (640x424)

Moving right along – literally – into the dining room.  Our last house in Virginia was so tiny there was no dining space, so our big beautiful table was repurposed into a giant double desk that Casey and I shared in the office.  I am so happy to finally have it back for dining again!

IMG_9927 (640x395)

This dining room set is my favorite piece of furniture in the house.  Ironically, it is Casey’s most hated, mostly because it is HUGE and absurdly heavy.  Our table and bench were a very generous wedding gift from my aunt who worked at C&B, and I have loved and adored them since the day they arrived.

IMG_9929 (424x640)

The set is from Crate and Barrel, and we have the Big Sur large dining table, along with the coordinating large bench.  We currently have the super simple Stefan dining chairs from IKEA, but we’d like to upgrade these eventually to something that fits the feel of the table a bit better. 

IMG_9928 (640x417)

Next to the table we have a little alcove nook that has been begging for a buffet or console of some sort.  I have desperately needed a spot for extra serving dishes and cookbooks, and picked out the perfect piece that I love and adore from Crate and Barrel.  But then I decided that nursery furniture was more of a priority at this point, and so in the meantime we decided to use this IKEA Hemnes sofa table.

IMG_9937 (422x640)

It’s nice to have my cookbooks handy and close-by, and I’m glad we found something that fits the space so well.

IMG_9941 (640x421)

Finally – onto the living room area!

IMG_9930 (640x427)

When we moved into our place in Old Town, we had NO furniture for our living room other than the TV.  We sold all of all our old things when we left Charlotte, and eventually piece by piece built a really cute living space

One of my favorite things that we have is this refurbished trunk from the 1800’s that we picked up at the King Street farmers market.

IMG_9932 (427x640)

The only real purchase we needed to make when we got to Seattle was a new living room rug, since our original one ended up under the dining table.  I told you a few weeks ago that we went and got the Pottery Barn Malika rug, which was a perfect match to the space!  You can see how the original rug looked below…

IMG_9557 (640x427)

We initially bought the 5×8 size, and I had a feeling right from the start that it was too small.  After a week of test driving the rug, we ended up returning it and exchanging it for the monster 8×10 size, which fills the space up so much better!

IMG_9933 (640x427)

Can you see the difference?  Now the rug goes all the way to the back of the couch, which is totally unnecessary in this house, but I think a bigger rug will have more potential in our next space too. 

Last but not least is our little chair nook in the corner.  I’m the first to admit that this is kind of the leftover “I didn’t fit anywhere else” spot, but I’ve ended up sitting in this chair far more often than I had imagined.

IMG_9934 (427x640)

During last weekend’s shopping expeditions, we picked up this awesome local Seattle piece – a map of Seattle broken into neighborhoods by name.  I think it is so cool, and it’s helping us learn the areas very quickly!  Can you find Fremont?

IMG_9910 (425x640)

Just off the doors by the chair is a little balcony that overlooks our yard.  This space is predominantly occupied by the dogs’ water dish, and not much else.  I considered putting a small table and chairs out there, but with so much seating inside and only two of us living here, it seemed unnecessary. 

IMG_9913 (640x427)

Are you still with me?  If so, high five!  There you have it – the very long-winded tour of our second floor living space.  There are still a few small things to do, but for the most part it’s finally finished.

IMG_9944 (640x427)

Once the rest of our house is complete, I’ll make sure to share that as well.  Hopefully the nursery will be next!

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Cait @ A Bicycle Built for Two     at 7:46 pm

So adorable :) I’m jealous of the openness! And I love the trunk as a TV stand. Hope you are enjoying life out there!


Holly     at 7:49 pm

I love seeing inside other people’s homes, and yours is looking great! I love that Seattle print. I got one for my brother for Christmas. He’s in Queen Anne and I’m scrunched into little Eastlake :)


Heather     at 7:52 pm

Love, love, love, your style! You have done an amazing job with your space. My favorite thing of yours is that trunk. Old trunks like that always call to me as well.


Chelsea @ Go Chelsea Go!     at 7:52 pm

Wow, I’m amazed at how cohesive the house looks so soon after the move!! Good work! I’m in the process of moving soon, and hopefully I can achieve as open of a feel in the new place as you have in your new place!


Felicia (a taste of health with balance)     at 7:52 pm

i love your new home and entire set up, i love open floor plans! soon it will be filled with baby toys and you won’t know what to do with yourself ;)


Felicia (Natural + Balanced)     at 7:53 pm

love your new home and entire set up, i love open floor plans! soon it will be filled with baby toys and you won’t know what to do with yourself ;)


Gina @ Running to the Kitchen     at 7:53 pm

love the openness of the space and what you’ve done with it!
I had a gas stove for 1 yr in an apartment and I keep saying “next place MUST have gas” still hasn’t happened.


Kori     at 7:55 pm

Everything looks fantastic!! One question, if you don’t mind me asking, why would you, the little one, and Casey be moving again next year after getting this space all decorated? Anyways, great job on all of the organizing!!


Emily Malone Reply:

We will probably look to buy a house next year once we have a better feel for Seattle neighborhoods. I don’t really mind in-town moves, but I do NOT want to move to a new city again any time soon!


Cait @ Beyond Bananas     at 7:56 pm

Everything looks FABULOUS, Emily. I’ve been so excited to see how everything finally looks.. thank you for giving us a lil tour!


Tina     at 7:56 pm

You guys have really turned it into a “home”!


Brittany (A Healthy Slice of Life)     at 8:02 pm

Love all the jars in the kitchen… once nesting kicks in, I want to do that to our pantry.

Oh! And I agree- I’ll never go back to electric stoves.


katie     at 8:03 pm

Your place is amazing! Love the table! What a sweet wedding gift!! I also love the kitchen!!!!! Congrats on your new place!!


Victoria (District Chocoholic)     at 8:04 pm

Um, can you decorate my place for me? It’s only one bedroom. I’ll pay you in chocolate. Or money. Or both. Or I’ll teach Baby Garnish how to swim someday.


Michelle     at 8:07 pm

Your amount of space makes me wish I DIDN’T still live in Washington, DC, haha. Your home is beautiful!


erica     at 8:08 pm

i’ve been living in my new place for almost a year, and it doesn’t look anywhere near as put together as your place does. can i hire you?! ;p


Angie @ Musings of a Violet Monkey     at 8:14 pm

I adore what you’ve done to the space! It looks fantastic. I’m envious of all the natural light you get! My Tristan would prefer to live in a cave, if possible, so I’m always fighting to keep the blinds and curtains open in our house! ha,ha.



Melanie @ Trial By Trail     at 8:15 pm

We went to Ikea this weekend too! I saw those Grundtal shelves and thought “I’ve seen these somewhere….” I would have bought them but the only bare wall in our kitchen is 25″ and those shelves are around 31″ so I bought some wood shelves instead. :) Your place looks so nice! Glad you and Casey are starting to feel settled in Seattle now!


Marissa     at 8:17 pm

I’m loving the layout and your decorating style. Nice work getting it all put together so quickly! I might need you to come over and help me brainstorm ideas to put my house together :)


Reading (and chickens)     at 8:25 pm

We totally have that Seattle neighborhoods art, in green. Only problem is our just-reading six year old, saying our neighborhood: WALL-FORD-ing, Mommy? Yes, something like that.


Lauren     at 8:30 pm

I absolutely LOVE your bar stools!! Where did you get them?


Gabrielle Reply:

Emily noted that they came from Ikea. :)


Emily Malone Reply:

Yep, IKEA! Sorry for the late reply!


Michelle @ From Seed To Tree     at 8:40 pm

It all looks gorgeous – you have a great idea for interior decor. I bet it feels nice to have everything in its place. Good job!


Katie     at 8:42 pm

I am laughing thinking about how you will soon be child proofing everything in that house very soon, especially the sofa table with the breakables and cookbooks. You guys have done an awesome job, can’t wait to see the nursery.


Red Deception     at 8:43 pm

I love love LOVE your kitchen table! It’s so rustic and I love the bench! I can’t see why Casey would hate it – it looks great.

I love the open concept – the house looks lovely.


Liv @ The Salty n' Sweet     at 8:55 pm

My favorite thing in this post is the trunk for the TV! It’s so beautiful, and seems straight out of another age.

And I love cooking on gas stoves!


chelsey @ clean eating chelsey     at 9:10 pm

I absolutely adore your living area – everything is so homey!


sarah     at 9:22 pm

Darling! Don’t let an electric stove get you down or be a deal breaker! Just sell it or give it away, and get a gas one. (Wait – we’re in rural Vermont, where having a propane tank on the side of the house is no big deal. How’s that work in Seattle? Is there a municipal gas utility? Hm.) Anyway, the space looks great. Nesting is such fun!


Emily Malone Reply:

I think converting from electric to gas might be a major hassle with gas lines and such, but of course of everything else in the house is perfect, it might be worth the labor. :)


Meagan     at 9:24 pm

The big table is my most favorite part.


Gabrielle     at 9:28 pm

Woweee, I can’t believe all you’ve done in only three weeks! It’s been so fun following along with you on this big adventure. I remember when I first discovered your blog you had just moved to Alexandria, and now Seattle. You have great taste, and I love how you’ve decorated. Every room is so thoughtful and calm and clean and appears so comfortable. Love.

One suggestion, though: have you considered unplugging your kitchen appliances when not in use? They actually use a good bit of energy just being plugged in, surprisingly. Once you get in the habit of unplugging after you toast or blend, you’ll always do it. :)

Thanks for sharing so much with us!


Tanya @ Vegan Faith     at 9:35 pm

It looks beautiful Emily! You have done a wonderful job in such a small amount of time!


Sarah K. @ The Pajama Chef     at 9:38 pm

i love it!


Kelly @foodiefresh     at 9:39 pm

I love the jars and am hoping I have room for some in my new kitchen in which I insisted on having a gas stove, double sink, and big island! :)


Amanda @ The Beauty Notebooks     at 9:50 pm

LOVE your spice rack and jars! And the chest for the TV.

Thanks for the tour, Emily!


Betty     at 9:56 pm

Every time I see the dining table, it seems like the space was made for that thing – i love the size of it, and yes, I can imagine how heavy it is.
nice work all.


Colleen     at 10:03 pm

I love that C&B buffet too! I currently have it pinned to one of my ‘pinterest’ boards. In the meantime, we purchased a less expensive one from IKEA to hold us over. Your sofa table seems to work well in that spot.


Jamie     at 10:07 pm

I just discovered your blog and I love it! Can’t wait to try out your recipes. I’m slightly envious that you’ve just moved to Seattle …what a fantastic city! When I was there a year ago, I took a great yoga class at Shakti Vinyasa Yoga in Ballard. Not sure if you’re practicing during your pregnancy, but it’s a nice studio to check out when you’re up for taking a class. I always like to try out local studios when I travel and I have fond memories of my class there.

What great progress you’ve made on your place in so little time. It looks fantastic! Enjoy your wonderful new home, and thank you for sharing your journey.


Emily Malone Reply:

That is the studio I’m planning to check out! Glad to hear it’s a good one.


Kayla @ SproutyBuns     at 10:16 pm

I LOVE how open and bright your kitchen is!


Trisha     at 10:18 pm

I love the kitchen open to the living area. It makes it seem so homey and welcome…and you can socialize easily! Your house looks great!


Allison     at 10:34 pm

I can’t believe you’ve been there for three weeks already! The place looks great!


kris (everyday oats)     at 10:36 pm

Your house is so adorable and homey! My favorite room is definitely the kitchen :)


Johanna     at 10:49 pm

I love, love, love your dining room table!! I was lucky enough to be given my in-laws old set but I’d love something more modern like that!


Dee     at 11:05 pm

Your living space is gorgeous! I love how you’ve decorated it!

ps. I love your dining room set!


Christine     at 11:37 pm

That open floor plan is great! Lots of light.


Kiran @ KiranTarun.com     at 11:42 pm

Beautifully decorated. Would definitely drop by for ideas if and when we move to the UK!


Elisabeth     at 12:38 am

Thanks for sharing, Em! Your place is so adorable (and so put together already!). Hope you guys will be happy in Seattle for a long time :)


jenna k     at 12:40 am

i love your kitchen shelves! and i completely agree about the double sink- i’ve always had one, but my current apartment doesn’t. there’s just one massive sink that’s kind of awkward to work with.


Gina (Yogattude)     at 12:45 am

I love that map of Seattle, so cool!


Adam Deane     at 2:09 am

Your place looks fantastic! I am jealous. I am also going to have to find that Seattle print when I arrive in a little over a week! :)


Kari @ bite-sized thoughts     at 2:42 am

I’m really so impressed with how quickly you got everything set up – and how great it looks. Fantastic!

Also, we have the same Ikea Stefan dining chairs :)


Candy (Healthy In Candy Land)     at 2:43 am

Nice job–everything looks great! I just bought that same basil plant at Trader Joe’s today, and am loving it so much!


Sami     at 8:39 am

i love that table, emily! it’s kinda rusticish. you have excellent taste ;) haven’t commented in awhile, due to business, but wanted to let you know i’m thinking of you and the baby! xox.


Ashley O. @ The Vegetable Life     at 9:16 am

I am seriously in love with your dining room set.


SaraRM     at 9:19 am

Definitely still with you! I didnt comment on the last post but I absolutely love the your posts about all of your changes. I hope you havent lost readers over such a silly thing but I guess if they are just here for reciepes that might have an effect! Keep it up, im lovin it…

And im also LOVING those white bar chairs. Very very cute!


Clare at A Girl's Gotta Eat     at 9:53 am

Wow! Your place is magazine-worthy. I’m dying over the spice rack and Seattle map!


Jenny @ Love Eat Run     at 10:28 am

Everything came together so nicely and looks awesome!!! :)


Amber K     at 10:56 am

Wow it’s so beautiful! Definitely nicer than my apartment filled with the practically centuries old furniture I’ve inherited, lol.


Gwen     at 10:57 am

It’s perfect, Emily! Beautiful, bright and open, and also VERY cozy and comfortable. Such a great combination! I have a map of DC like yours of Seattle!


amy     at 11:10 am

Beautiful! Wish I had your touch for decorating and finishing a place.


Alana     at 11:25 am

I love your new home – It looks so homey and comfy already. Love the vintage chest that your TV is on. :)



Leanne (Bride to Mrs.)     at 11:32 am

It looks awesome! I love your decorating style :)


Julie (A Case of the Runs)     at 11:50 am

Can’t wait to see what you do with the nursery!


destiny     at 11:59 am

cuuute living space: ) thanks for sharing!!

that Seattle picture is amazing… where did you get it ? i live in Chicago IL and that would be an amazing addition to our space also!!
Thanks so much,
(just a lil devoted follower)


Emily Malone Reply:

Got the picture at a little art store in U Village!


Jen     at 12:10 pm

emily – i love, love, love! everything looks great – i love how clean and uncluttered your living space is and how much natural light you have.

we are in the process of revamping our house/updating furniture room by room so i love seeing what friends are doing! :)


Susan     at 12:25 pm

Love it! Our dining room table always ends up as a dumping ground for things and it drives me crazy. I think I should deocrate it like yours to prevent that from happening.


Michaela     at 1:13 pm

I really love your style! It looks so cosy! The dining table is totally awesome!!!


Ali @ Around the VeggieTable     at 3:08 pm

Lovely! Great work :) I really really want an open kitchen design so I can feel like I’m not cut off from the planet while I’m hard at work cooking. My current kitchen honestly could NOT be more isolating. Maybe I’ll put that on my want list for the next place…


Marty     at 3:12 pm

Don’t you just LOVE IKEA! They have the greatest ideas and affordable furniture and well just everything, a fun place to go!

Your new space looks just like you’ve always lived there – Seattle is the best! Food, well you can just never get enough!

Cafe Flora is a place I’d suggest to go – I’ve actually not been yet myself, but a friend suggested it and I’ve drooled over their cookbook (Amazon). I look forward to the next photog installment!


Emily Malone Reply:

We have been to Cafe Flora at least five times now. Hands down one of my FAVORITE places here! Amazing food!


Mari     at 3:26 pm

Your house looks great so far! :) What exactly are in all the bell jars? (I’m curious because I’d like to try more than just quinoa and wheatberries!)


Shannon     at 3:37 pm

Love your new house! My aunt and uncle live in Seattle and their main room is on the second floor as well. It is so beautiful there!


Pixie     at 4:28 pm

I totally agree with you about gas verses electric. My old apartment had a gas stove; now I have electric. Once our stove goes (which it has to right) I plan on trying to convince the hubby to do whatever we have to do to convert it. I also agree with you that having a good size dining room table is a must. Right now we have a two seater and I cannot wait to buy a proper one.
Good luck with the nursery I can’t wait to see it!


Ashley     at 4:42 pm

So super jealous of your finished place. It looks SPECtacular!!! I love the Hemmnes line from IKEA. We have at least 4 pieces from the collection. Still ooo’ing and awe’ing over your kitchen table. MY FAV!!


Alexa @ Simple Eats     at 4:44 pm

I love the openness of the house, it’s so pretty and airy!


Jill     at 5:23 pm

Love it!


Katherina @ Zephyr Runs     at 5:30 pm

I love what you have done with your place, and have no idea how you keep your home so spotless! It’s a pretty rare occurance for me to be home and not be either sleeping, resting on the couch, or cooking. For some reason cleaning never makes it on that list :P


Katherina @ Zephyr Runs     at 5:32 pm

Oh and Fremont is where I was looking at moving when Seattle was an option for us! The naked bike ride was the selling point ;) My close friends just moved to Ballard so we got to visit the area, I love it!


Emily Malone Reply:

Haha I am scared of the naked bikers!


Laura (Blogging Over Thyme)     at 5:45 pm

I’m so excited because my (first) apartment I’m moving to in July has a GAS stove!! I’ve never used gas before, besides when I’ve been cooking at someone else’s house, so I’m incredibly excited.

I love your striped cutting board behind the stove! I know this might not be possible at this point, but where did you get it? Thanks, Emily!


Angela     at 9:42 pm

Everything looks great! I am in love with your trunk and sofa table…so my style. They are very unique pieces and add so much to the rooms. :)


Lauren @ Sassy Molassy     at 1:20 am

I absolutely love your new kitchen. Such a great, open space. We have gas burners too and they are so great. I love how quickly it heats up and how exact you can get with the temp you want your food or pan to be.


Pure2raw twins     at 8:17 am

love your new place…the kitchen is perfect! I just moved into a new place, so glad to see you like the Ikea shelves, as that is what I am thinking about doing.


Emily Malone Reply:

I love those shelves!


Mila @ loftyappetite     at 10:51 am

Thanks for sharing your home with us. I have big crush on your kitchen!!


suki     at 1:38 am

Such a cute new place! :) We currently use a dining room table that belongs to RV’s mom since she can’t fit it into her new place, but I’ve always wanted a bench at the dinner table. You can fit more people, and there’d be less time scrounging up chairs from all over the house when we have more people over. :p


Marie     at 3:45 pm

Oh, I LOVE the trunk and actually love the chair in the corner as well! :) I’ve seen people use trunks as a coffee table and have always wanted to find a cool one. No luck yet, though. Beautiful space!


Ciera @ Rose & Thistle     at 6:11 pm

I love those Grundtal shelves for all your dried goods – if I end up staying in San Francisco for another year I will have to invest in some :) They would be the perfect way to maximize storage space in my tiny studio kitchen! Plus I think it looks really pretty to have all the ingredients visible.


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Jen     at 1:19 pm

Are your Ball jars the 64 oz wide mouth canning jars, the 32 oz regular mouth canning jars, or the 1 gallon decorative jars for dry storage? I’m in love with your spice rack/dry storage and want to recreate it in my kitchen!


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