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    A Look Back.

Week 21: My Pregnancy Journey.

Hard to believe another week has gone by and it’s already time for another update!

How Big is the Baby?

Still focusing on length these days, and now our little boy is as long as a CARROT!

IMG_0161 (640x425)

My online sources tell me that he is now around 10.5 inches long, and weights 3/4 of a pound!  That sounds so big to me, even though I know he still has a looooong way to go.

IMG_0153 (425x640)

By now the baby is fully developed, and he pretty much just needs to hang out and grow!

IMG_0156 (426x640)

How I’m Changing

As expected, my stomach continues to get bigger!

IMG_0159 (426x640)

It’s crazy to me that I wrote about struggling with pregnancy body changes just a few short weeks ago.  Now at week 21, I’m loving the changes more and more each day.  My arms and legs are still strong, and being back in the gym has made me feel confident and healthy again. 

IMG_0157 (425x640)

How I’m Feeling

Honestly?  I feel amazing!  Of course I have my moments where I am cranky or emotional, but who doesn’t?  There are days where I feel so normal and active now that I honestly forget I am pregnant from time to time. 

Not that it’s not something I think about all.the.time, but I’m much less focused on how different my body feels now than I was a few months ago.   Funny that when I still looked like my old self and was barely showing, I felt like a totally different person.  Now, despite this bigger-every-day belly, I feel like my old self again. 

IMG_0160 (427x640)

One change I have noticed this week more than others is that I feel like I literally cannot drink enough water.  I am guzzling it all day long, and yet still feel thirsty all the time!  I’m wondering if this might be tied to the thyroid medication that I am taking now, and I’m planning to ask about this at my next doctor’s appointment.  The increase in thirst probably also explains the other gross side effect I have noticed this week!

Odds and Ends

I bought a bunch of maternity clothes at Target, Gap, and Old Navy this weekend and now I finally feel like I have a nice selection to choose from so that I can comfortably get dressed these days.  Embracing maternity clothes has made a HUGE difference in how I feel both emotionally and physically.  Now instead of trying to cram my bump into all my old clothes, I can celebrate it with clothes that are meant to do just that!

Also this past weekend, our nursery furniture arrived!  It is really just sitting unassembled in the space for now, so there’s nothing really to show you yet.  I am still trying to decide how I want to decorate the nursery, and am getting so antsy to get it all set up and looking cute. 

IMG_0164 (427x640)

You can read more about what I’m eating and craving this week over on Babble, or visit the pregnancy page for previous updates and links!

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Suzanne @ continuing my education     at 3:48 pm

You look so beautiful! Glad things are going so smoothly!


Liv @ The Salty n' Sweet     at 3:50 pm

Looking cuter than ever :)

I’m so glad that you’re fitting into pregnancy, and I hope that you continue feeling your best until the very end!


Jordan P @ food, sweat, and beers     at 3:50 pm

You look absolutely beautiful in every picture!!

I know that many of my friends who were pregnant held off on maternity clothes for a while, but felt the same way when they finally got some: like a million bucks!! Glad you took the leap, I’m sure you’ll feel much more comfy throughout the rest!!


Andrea @ Run, Eat, Date, Sleep     at 3:50 pm

You look absolutely wonderful, Emily! I’m glad to hear you’re feeling back to your old self :)


Mara @ What's For Dinner?     at 3:52 pm

You look adorable! So glad that you’re feeling well :)


Jenny     at 3:53 pm

I’m would bet good money that you’re feeling better because you’re back in the gym, and not feeling the “morning” sickness anymore. :)

So happy to read things are going well for you! I’ve been a reader of yours for about a year, and while you’ve inspired me to make some personal changes of my own, I’m sure you’re glad to be settling into a Seattle routine.

Good luck with everything!


KaraHadley     at 3:53 pm

O’m'gosh, it looks like you got so much bigger since last week. I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling great and that you’re enjoying this time. And I’m extra glad to hear you talk so happily about maternity clothes, because I feel like so few women want to wear them these days. Instead they cram and lament their growing stomachs and eventually resort to track suits. So it’s great to hear a woman be so enthusiastic about embracing and flattering the BEAUTIFUL pregnant body.


Brittany @ a healthy slice of life     at 3:54 pm

I love your growing baby bump! I finally embraced maternity dresses in this 95 degree heat and wonder what took me long :)
Are you feeling baby garnish kick?


Emily Malone Reply:

Not really! SO frustrating!


Kim @ girlevolving     at 3:54 pm

Hooray! So glad you’re feeling great. You look awesome!


Graze With Me     at 3:54 pm

Doesn’t having proper fitting clothing make ALL the difference?! I love my maternity camisoles so much, I wear one almost every day.

Looking good and I totally know what you mean about forgetting that you’re pregnant. Makes the miserable first trimester feel so far away….


Angie @ Musings of a Violet Monkey     at 3:56 pm

You are beautiful!! :)



Ashley     at 3:56 pm

I would imagine that I’d feel the exact same way. It’s probably so awkward in the beginning, especially waiting to actually look preggo and not just like you’ve put on some weight. I’m so glad that you’re feeling much better and have your appetite back. You sound so happy and look radiant!!


betty@runbetty     at 3:57 pm

Hey there! You look great, I can’t believe you are already past the 1/2 way mark!

I was just wondering…do you remember about which week you started feeling the nausea/morning sickness…?


Emily Malone Reply:

Somewhere around week 7-8. Not fun!


mrianda @working mom works out     at 3:57 pm

You look amazing! 2nd Trimester ROCKS!


Gina (Yogattude)     at 3:58 pm

I can’t wait for you to set up the nursery too! I love baby stuff!


Alayna @ Thyme Bombe     at 3:59 pm

I bet it feels great to finally look unmistakably glowingly pregnant. You look fantastic and healthy!


Jessica @ Sushi and Sit-Ups     at 3:59 pm

Love how you’re embracing your changing body! And you look great!


Lisa Fine     at 4:04 pm

You look so beautiful and confident!

Glad that everything is going well. I would bet it’s funny to go back and read your older pregnancy posts, when you were dealing with feeling gross and unwell so often. Now it sounds like it’s great. :)


R @ Learning As I Chop     at 4:07 pm

I think being extra thirsty during pregnancy is normal and no need to worry.


chelsey @ clean eating chelsey     at 4:10 pm

I feel like week 20-21 is like the turning point for a lot of pregnant women. It’s when you actually “look” pregnant (but not tooo pregnant) and start fitting into cute maternity clothes. You look amazing!


Lisa     at 4:10 pm

Your belly is so freakin’ cute!! Can you believe you’re over halfway? Keep growing, Baby G!


Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga     at 4:13 pm

Awww, Emily, you look beautiful and are glowing! So happy you’re feeling so well!


RhodeyGirl     at 4:17 pm

You look great! I finally see a little bump woohooo!

Oh, and you are SOOOOO glowing!!!!!

Emily I can’t believe we are having babies!!!!!!! Will you be at the HLS? If so you, Gina and I can take HLS baby shots together!


Emily Malone Reply:

BABIES!!!! I know!! Not sure on HLS – going to have to play it by ear.


Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen)     at 4:17 pm

There’s a baby in there! You look great. It’s funny how your mindset changes about your body once you start looking pregnant instead of just being uncomfortable in your clothes!

I hope your sister is doing well too!


Sally Mae     at 4:22 pm

Where did you get your tank top? I want!


Emily Malone Reply:

Gap Body Maternity!


SaraRM     at 4:27 pm

You seriously look absolutey beautiful!! Youre hair seems to be growing and looks so healthy!


Chelsea @ Go Chelsea Go!     at 4:28 pm

You look GORGEOUS! If/when I get pregnant, I want to handle the changes as well as you have because you seriously glow!!


Katy @ MonsterProof     at 4:31 pm

I’m glad you’ve moved into embracing maternity clothes! SOOO much more comfortable! You look great.


Namaste Gurl     at 4:36 pm

YAY- you look and sound great! So glad baby garnish is moving along and you’re starting to feel like your old self again. Such wonderful news :)


Kathi     at 4:38 pm

I have to admit I look forward to your updates each week. Since I am “middle-aged” and my baby days are over it is wonderful to watch you progress.


Meagan     at 4:38 pm

Those jeans are seriously so cute.


Anne     at 4:42 pm

Beautiful !


Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn     at 4:43 pm

Oh my gosh — isn’t it so crazy how big your little guy is?! It’s amazing to imagine him inside you sleeping, like an x-ray! Wait that sounds so weird..but that is exactly what I would do if I were preggo!


Amber K     at 4:48 pm

Aw, you look so beautiful and happy :)

I was really confused by the carrot until you mentioned that’s how LONG the baby is. I was very worried about what website you were using there for a second… ;)


Alexa @ Simple Eats     at 5:14 pm

You seriously look more gorgeous than ever. I’m so glad things are going well!


Kaci     at 5:15 pm

You look AMAZING!!


Leanne (Bride to Mrs.)     at 5:29 pm

You look so amazing as a pregnant lady! :) It’s really becoming quite the cute bump!

I’d love for you to write a post about how Casey is finding the pregnancy, I’d love to know from a man’s perspective how he feels seeing a little bump develop, knowing that his little baby is right there.

So happy for you and your family!


Emily Malone Reply:

I will suggest it to him!


Hillary [Nutrition Nut on the Run]     at 5:34 pm

I hope to look as strong, healthy & fit as you when I’m pregnant — so glad to hear you’re feeling GREAT! :)


Jen     at 5:41 pm

You are the cutest pregnant person ever! Just wanted to tell you that. Makes me want to be pregnant too :-)


meredith     at 5:48 pm

super cute pregnancy pics. :]


sarah     at 5:51 pm

Damn, you’re a hottie! And I love how freely you talk about your boobs. Yay, boobs!


Felicia (Natural + Balanced)     at 5:56 pm

you look gorgeous, might i even say, more than you were? and thats hard to beat! :) you are glowing and look amazing emily!


Emily Malone Reply:

Thanks! :)


Cait @ Beyond Bananas     at 7:22 pm

You look absolutely amazing, Emily! Its crazy to think.. that at 10.5 inches long.. he will only double in size.. but will do way more then double in weight!


Kristy@RunTheLongRoad     at 7:36 pm

You look amazing!


Jacqueline     at 8:00 pm

You look wonderful!


Brooke @ Bittersweetb     at 8:09 pm

You are truly glowing Emily!


Sarah     at 9:01 pm

You look fantastic, Emily! I’m glad to read you’re feeling fantastic, too:-).


Megan     at 9:15 pm

beautiful emily!!! Are you an Aunt yet??


Emily Malone Reply:

NO! My sister is TEN days overdue. Can you believe it?


RhodeyGirl Reply:

Is she doing stairs, etc?

Poor thing- she must feel sooo ready!!!! I can’t wait for the big news!


Emily Malone Reply:

She got acupuncture this morning, and she feels SO giant and miserable! Why won’t he come OUT?


Sarah K. @ The Pajama Chef     at 9:25 pm

you look great! glad this week is treating you well. :)


Kath     at 9:36 pm

I am in love with your belly!!!


Allison     at 9:56 pm

So glad to hear you’ve been feeling better lately. You look great!


Ash @ Good Taste Healthy Me     at 10:46 pm

You look so great! Love these posts!


Gina @ running to the kitchen     at 2:00 am

You look great! It’s amazing how much you’ve “popped” in the past 2 posts. Maybe it’s just the maternity shirts now (which look great!)though.


Amanda     at 4:05 am

You’ve come such a long way and you look so happy, too. I love this black top on you.

You make me want to have a baby!


Elisabeth     at 4:58 am

You look beautiful, Emily! So glad the pregnany is going well these days with a good appetite again :)


Jen     at 8:12 am

I cannot get over how gorgeous you look! Pregnancy really suits you :)


Jamie     at 8:21 am

You look so strong, healthy, happy and beautiful! Sounds like you feel that way too :) So glad you’re at peace with where you’re at, and rolling with the changes like a pro. What an inspiration you are!


Katherina @ Zephyr Runs     at 11:29 am

Aw you are such a beautiful future momma!! The maternity clothes suit you :)


Caroline C.     at 11:49 am

Emily, you look fantastic!

I made the Mexican quinoa with black beans & avocado and loved it!! Thanks for sharing the recipe.


Ginger     at 1:06 pm

I really enjoy hearing about your pregnancy journey, even though I don’t have any children. I initially started reading this blog for recipes, but I really look forward to the baby updates.
I stumbled across another blog you might like, http://www.selfrighteousparent.com/
The woman who writes in also lives in the Pacific Northwest, so I thought you might find it interesting. Keep the updates coming!


Emily Malone Reply:

Awesome – thanks!


Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday     at 1:32 pm

It’s nice to hear that you’re feeling good. A happy pregnancy is a good pregnancy.


Kate @ NaturaStride     at 1:59 pm

Looking great! Your hair looks fabulous too – have you noticed a change at all? (I remember my sister said her hair became very full/thick when she was pregnant) :)


Emily Malone Reply:

It’s actually much drier now, although definitely longer too.


Jennifer (The Gourmetour)     at 2:32 pm

eek!! Look at that belly! You look fantastic!


samantha     at 5:08 pm

I’m so glad you’re feeling so great! You look so happy and so lovely!


Cheryl     at 10:53 pm

Hey Emily! I’m sure you are not looking for pregnancy advice but I had a thought about the dry hair. Just wondering if you’ve thought about increasing your fat intake? Fat is an very important component in brain development. It’s possible you are not getting enough so the baby is getting it wherever it can. Just a thought. It’s worth a try! Congrats and best wishes!


Rachelle     at 11:09 pm

You look amazing! You should do some pregnancy modeling.
I didn’t know that about the dry hair, thanks for the info.
Hopefully I will join the preggo club again in August or September :-)
Love your posts….


Jen     at 11:23 pm

emily – you look phenomenal. the belly is perfect and your arms are looking so toned and strong. glad to hear you are feeling good!


Michele     at 1:04 am

You have such a cute pregnant belly!


Teri [a foodie stays fit]     at 1:52 pm

ummmm you are freaking adorable pregnant. that’s all.


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