Week 21: My Pregnancy Journey.

Hard to believe another week has gone by and it’s already time for another update!

How Big is the Baby?

Still focusing on length these days, and now our little boy is as long as a CARROT!

IMG_0161 (640x425)

My online sources tell me that he is now around 10.5 inches long, and weights 3/4 of a pound!  That sounds so big to me, even though I know he still has a looooong way to go.

IMG_0153 (425x640)

By now the baby is fully developed, and he pretty much just needs to hang out and grow!

IMG_0156 (426x640)

How I’m Changing

As expected, my stomach continues to get bigger!

IMG_0159 (426x640)

It’s crazy to me that I wrote about struggling with pregnancy body changes just a few short weeks ago.  Now at week 21, I’m loving the changes more and more each day.  My arms and legs are still strong, and being back in the gym has made me feel confident and healthy again. 

IMG_0157 (425x640)

How I’m Feeling

Honestly?  I feel amazing!  Of course I have my moments where I am cranky or emotional, but who doesn’t?  There are days where I feel so normal and active now that I honestly forget I am pregnant from time to time. 

Not that it’s not something I think about all.the.time, but I’m much less focused on how different my body feels now than I was a few months ago.   Funny that when I still looked like my old self and was barely showing, I felt like a totally different person.  Now, despite this bigger-every-day belly, I feel like my old self again. 

IMG_0160 (427x640)

One change I have noticed this week more than others is that I feel like I literally cannot drink enough water.  I am guzzling it all day long, and yet still feel thirsty all the time!  I’m wondering if this might be tied to the thyroid medication that I am taking now, and I’m planning to ask about this at my next doctor’s appointment.  The increase in thirst probably also explains the other gross side effect I have noticed this week!

Odds and Ends

I bought a bunch of maternity clothes at Target, Gap, and Old Navy this weekend and now I finally feel like I have a nice selection to choose from so that I can comfortably get dressed these days.  Embracing maternity clothes has made a HUGE difference in how I feel both emotionally and physically.  Now instead of trying to cram my bump into all my old clothes, I can celebrate it with clothes that are meant to do just that!

Also this past weekend, our nursery furniture arrived!  It is really just sitting unassembled in the space for now, so there’s nothing really to show you yet.  I am still trying to decide how I want to decorate the nursery, and am getting so antsy to get it all set up and looking cute. 

IMG_0164 (427x640)

You can read more about what I’m eating and craving this week over on Babble, or visit the pregnancy page for previous updates and links!