Week 22: My Pregnancy Journey.

It has been a big week here with a lot of fun new developments!  First things first, Baby G officially has his first cousin – hurrah!  Baby Jonah was finally born this morning after a very long pregnancy, and painfully long labor for his mama.  I will share more details and pictures as I get them, but for now we are all just celebrating the newest arrival in our family. 

As for our own little baby, you are not going to believe how big he is this week.  Are you ready for this?

How Big is the Baby?

He is the length and weight of a SPAGHETTI SQUASH!  Holy cow.

IMG_0275 (1024x669)

Does anyone else think that just seems totally gigantic?  I do realize that he will continue to get bigger and bigger, but I still find each week’s growth to be totally baffling for some reason.

IMG_0286 (1024x683)

How I’m Changing

I’m excited to report that the major piece of news from this week is that I am finally feeling all sorts of thumping and KICKING!  I have thought that I was possibly feeling little bubbles and flutters here and there, but this is something entirely different.  These are big kicks that you can even see from the outside if you are watching closely enough.

IMG_0288 (681x1024)

Casey has even been able to feel a few himself, which has been really special and fun for both of us.  The kicks make me feel so much more connected to the baby, and I love knowing that he is having fun and playing around in there. 

IMG_0279 (680x1024)

How I’m Feeling

Still feeling great, and for the most part I still have a lot of energy.  Although I have noticed a few times this week I’ll get a sudden afternoon crash that I wasn’t really experiencing before.  While I did discover last weekend that pregnant running is out of the question for me, I have been consistently doing weight lifting three times a week, and making sure to get in plenty of daily walking.  It feels good to stay active and move a little each day.

IMG_0281 (683x1024)

My total weight gain to date is 8 pounds, which actually sounds a little low for how far along I am at this point.  But I also have to consider that I lost 5 pounds in the first trimester due to sickness, so I have actually gained back 13 to net the 8 pound total gain.  I have a feeling that the majority of pregnancy weight gain starts now, and that this number will start to climb more quickly now that Baby G is rapidly expanding!

IMG_0284 (681x1024)

My favorite purchase of this week is a onesie that I happened to spot in a maternity shop.  I was going to buy it and surprise Casey with it, but he ended up seeing it himself before I could hide it from him.

IMG_0289 (684x1024)

Typically I’m not a fan of any of the slogan shirts that say things like Daddy’s Little All-Star or other such gender-specific items, but this one was too perfect to pass up.  People ask me all the time what Casey does for a living, and no one ever quite understands it (including me at times).  But the short answer is that he is an actuary, and does lots of high level math all day long.  He is insanely smart and passionate about math, so when I saw the onesie with a giant math equation that spelled “I love dad” down the diagonal, I had to get it. 

It is also organic and ridiculously soft.  I’m considering looking up the brand and seeing if I can order a few more plain ones of the same fabric.  So cute!

IMG_0291 (1024x682)

Other than the nursery dresser I picked up this weekend at the farmer’s market, we haven’t bought too much else quite yet.  I am working on getting my registry together, which is an entire process (and post) in itself.

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