Week 24: My Pregnancy Journey.

I have been excited about this week for a while!  Mostly because my favorite number is 24, and so I knew this week would feel extra special.  But also because I am now officially six months pregnant.  Does anyone else find that hard to believe?

How Big is the Baby?

We’re back to talking about length this week, and by week 24 Baby Garnish is as LONG as an ear of corn!

IMG_0606 (640x426)

Here’s a little more about how he’s changing this week…

Your baby’s growing steadily, having gained about 4 ounces since last week. That puts him at just over a pound. Since he’s almost a foot long, he cuts a pretty lean figure at this point, but his body is filling out proportionally and he’ll soon start to plump up. His brain is also growing quickly now, and his taste buds are continuing to develop.  His skin is still thin and translucent, but that will start to change soon.  (source)

IMG_0609 (425x640)

Even though I feel really big, I can’t imagine how something as long as an ear of corn is fitting in there!  He must be curled up in a ball.

IMG_0608 (431x640)

How I’m Changing

I thought I’d mix it up this week and wear some of my workout clothes for my weekly photos.  Also, I’m heading to the gym soon and didn’t want to get dressed twice!  My stomach is B-I-G, and even though I find it sort of amazing each day, I definitely don’t mind it.  I have embraced the belly whole-heartedly. 

IMG_0610 (427x640)

I will admit though that it has been hard the past week or two to also feel like everything else is getting bigger.  I know that’s to be expected, but seeing my legs and arms expanding feels a little more challenging than simply watching my round belly grow. 

As of this week, I’ve gained ten solid pounds, and I can definitely feel them.  I can’t believe I will more than double that by the time he’s ready to come out!  I’m still walking 3 miles every day and doing weights 2-3 times a week to stay strong and active.  Crossing my fingers that I can keep it up until the end, even if I have to walk very sloooooooowly. 

IMG_0611 (426x640)

How I’m Feeling

Feeling lots of KICKS!  Kicks are an everyday all-day occurrence now, and I love every single one of them.  It absolutely never gets old, and I catch myself staring down at my stomach all the time watching it jump around and bounce when he is super active. 

The only thing better than feeling the kicking myself, is seeing Casey’s reaction every time he gets to feel it too.  Sometimes I feel guilty that I get to experience all the pregnancy fun first-hand, and he can’t totally know what that feels like.  Every time he puts his hands on my belly I smile.  :)

IMG_0614 (426x640)

We are currently counting down the days until our babymoon to LAS VEGAS this weekend!  Casey and I have both been several times before, and even as non-drinkers and non-gamblers, we just love it there.  I am planning to do a lot of relaxing on a lounge chair, floating in the pool, reading baby books, eating at amazing restaurants, and more. 

I’m a little scared of how HOT it is there right now, but I’m hoping to find a nice shady corner of the pool to relax in.  I did quite a bit of shopping for babymoon essentials this weekend, and am excited to have a few new things that fit well (including some bathing suits – eeeeek!).

IMG_0616 (427x640)

We had our second visit with the midwives last Wednesday, and everything seems to be progressing normally.  I had my blood re-tested at my appointment and was also happy to hear that my thyroid levels are back down to normal now that I’m taking a low dose of medication.  Good news, indeed!

I have had a few days this week where I have felt excessively thirsty, and I am worried that this might be a warning sign of possible gestational diabetes.  I know that increased thirst is normal in pregnancy, but there have been a few days and nights where I’ve experienced thirst that almost seems unquenchable.  I have my diabetes test coming up in about three weeks, but if the strange thirst symptoms continue, I might consider calling and moving it up sooner.  I am very nervous about both the testing and the results!

Thoughts This Week

  • Total weight gained: 10 pounds
  • New dresses for babymoon:  Four
  • Bathing suits purchased:  Two tankinis
  • Maternity sweatpants purchased: One, sent from heaven
  • Days until we leave for vacation:  Three too many
  • Current temperature in Las Vegas:  109 degrees
  • Panicked calls to midwife group:  One, my first and hopefully last!

As far as food goes, anything goes these days.  All aversions are finally gone!  I shared a few of my favorite vegetarian sources of protein and DHA (important for expecting moms!) over on Babble today

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