A Carolina Farewell.

How is it even possible that today is my last day at the beach?  Time truly flies when you’re with the ones you love.

IMG_3132 (640x480)

It has been a wonderful and relaxing week of reading and relaxing.  Just what I needed!

IMG_3129 (640x467)

IMG_3131 (640x480)

And despite all the 45 spf sunscreen and sitting under a shade umbrella, I’ve still got a pretty solid South Carolina tan. 

IMG_3133 (480x640)

It’s fun to think ahead to 10 or 20 years, when I can pull out these pictures and tell our little boy – “that was you in my belly!”  Even though I know that life will only get more exciting and joyful once our baby arrives, it has been fun to do a few “lasts” as just the two of us as well.

IMG_3136 (468x640)

And speaking of lasts, after two solid months of being literally side by side, today is the last day Sarah and I have together this summer.  I can’t even think about it – too sad.

IMG_3138 (479x640)

One more afternoon of sunshine, and I’ll be back in my cozy bed in Seattle tonight.


Happy weekend to you all!