A Few Things.

Sorry to be so quiet today, guys.  It’s been a strangely emotional day.  We leave for the beach tomorrow evening, and I still haven’t packed a thing. 

IMG_1123 (640x427)

Luckily he bathing suits I ordered for our trip showed up just in time.  I ordered four hoping that ANY would fit my new round belly.  Luckily two seem like they will work, so I’m taking them with me to Charleston for some fun in the sun. 

IMG_1124 (640x427)

Tomorrow I’ll have to take the pups to the kennel for their long 7-day stay.  I absolutely hate saying goodbye to them.

IMG_1130 (640x427)

And even though sometimes they are very very strange…

IMG_1136 (640x427)

They are my babies.  I don’t like to be away. 

For the past few days I’ve been working non-stop on a freelance project that has involved making massive amounts of granola.  My kitchen looks like a granola laboratory!

IMG_1138 (640x427)

IMG_1139 (640x427)

We will be eating granola for weeks when I’m finally done…

IMG_1149 (640x426)

Not exactly a bad problem to have though.  I’m planning to pack some of it up into baggies and take it to the beach with us to share!

IMG_1148 (640x427)

Today is also the last day that Sarah is with us in Seattle.  She’s coming to the beach with us, but at the end of our trip she’ll return to Ohio when we head back home.  I don’t know where the time went, and I’ve found myself to be very teary all day long at the thought of her leaving.  Even though she spends 80% of her day watching me cook and playing on her phone…

IMG_1150 (640x427)

Having her here to help us make this transition to Seattle has been such a gift.  I know that for the rest of our lives we’ll reference “that summer in Seattle” when we got two interrupted months together.  All sisters should be so lucky.

Casey is actually out of town this week, and I am missing him a lot too.  In the meantime, Sarah and I are doing our best to eat our way through what is left of the fresh produce in the refrigerator…

IMG_1151 (640x427)

IMG_1152 (640x427)

We have our work cut out for us.

Last but not least, I got some not-totally-unexpected, but still somewhat upsetting news today.  I failed my first gestational diabetes screening test.  I promise to tell you all more about it tomorrow – when I took it, how I prepared, what this means, etc. 

The timing is less than ideal with my upcoming vacation, so I will be back at the hospital early tomorrow morning for the second test that lasts three hours.  I am very worried that the result will be the same.  While I know that it can happen to anyone and that the results are still very inconclusive, I’ve been pretty emotional about it all day long.

I promise to be back tomorrow with an update either way, and hopefully good news about test number two.  I am definitely read for vacation!