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    A Look Back.

A Few Things.

Sorry to be so quiet today, guys.  It’s been a strangely emotional day.  We leave for the beach tomorrow evening, and I still haven’t packed a thing. 

IMG_1123 (640x427)

Luckily he bathing suits I ordered for our trip showed up just in time.  I ordered four hoping that ANY would fit my new round belly.  Luckily two seem like they will work, so I’m taking them with me to Charleston for some fun in the sun. 

IMG_1124 (640x427)

Tomorrow I’ll have to take the pups to the kennel for their long 7-day stay.  I absolutely hate saying goodbye to them.

IMG_1130 (640x427)

And even though sometimes they are very very strange…

IMG_1136 (640x427)

They are my babies.  I don’t like to be away. 

For the past few days I’ve been working non-stop on a freelance project that has involved making massive amounts of granola.  My kitchen looks like a granola laboratory!

IMG_1138 (640x427)

IMG_1139 (640x427)

We will be eating granola for weeks when I’m finally done…

IMG_1149 (640x426)

Not exactly a bad problem to have though.  I’m planning to pack some of it up into baggies and take it to the beach with us to share!

IMG_1148 (640x427)

Today is also the last day that Sarah is with us in Seattle.  She’s coming to the beach with us, but at the end of our trip she’ll return to Ohio when we head back home.  I don’t know where the time went, and I’ve found myself to be very teary all day long at the thought of her leaving.  Even though she spends 80% of her day watching me cook and playing on her phone…

IMG_1150 (640x427)

Having her here to help us make this transition to Seattle has been such a gift.  I know that for the rest of our lives we’ll reference “that summer in Seattle” when we got two interrupted months together.  All sisters should be so lucky.

Casey is actually out of town this week, and I am missing him a lot too.  In the meantime, Sarah and I are doing our best to eat our way through what is left of the fresh produce in the refrigerator…

IMG_1151 (640x427)

IMG_1152 (640x427)

We have our work cut out for us.

Last but not least, I got some not-totally-unexpected, but still somewhat upsetting news today.  I failed my first gestational diabetes screening test.  I promise to tell you all more about it tomorrow – when I took it, how I prepared, what this means, etc. 

The timing is less than ideal with my upcoming vacation, so I will be back at the hospital early tomorrow morning for the second test that lasts three hours.  I am very worried that the result will be the same.  While I know that it can happen to anyone and that the results are still very inconclusive, I’ve been pretty emotional about it all day long.

I promise to be back tomorrow with an update either way, and hopefully good news about test number two.  I am definitely read for vacation!

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Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga     at 11:46 pm

Sorry for such an emotional day. I remember having LOTS like that when I was pregnant. And even not pregnant, when friends and relatives leave after a wonderful time together..it’s always hard.

Enjoy Charleston! We lived in Myrtle Beach for a few yrs and this is a great time of year to be at the beach down there.

And love your granola project :)


Bonnie     at 11:46 pm

Wow…you’ve been busy! Sorry to hear about the teary times – although I’m not pregnant, I am a female and know how you feel… ;) Take care, enjoy the time with your sister and happy (relaxing!) vacationing.


TanyaS     at 11:51 pm

I failed my first one too, but the second one turned out just fine. Make sure you take a book, its a LONG time to sit there. They were very strict about me not leaving the office between blood work sessions.


Jackie Smith     at 11:53 pm

Enjoy your vacation and sister time.

Take care of yourself–I’ve had several friends “fail” the test & they’ve just needed to be more careful about what they eat while pregnant. You probably know this, but I’m just reminding you. :)

On another note, I made the sweet cherry chocolate chip cake yesterday & we all LOVED it.


Kendall (On An Inhale)     at 11:56 pm

I’m so sorry today has been difficult for you. Change is hard no matter what and you are dealing with so much of it. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow!


Anna     at 12:07 am

I’m sorry you’ve had such an emotional day. I’m sending lots of positive vibes your way. Hopefully you have an incredibly relaxing vacation and discover that you passed your second test with flying colors.


Emma     at 12:10 am

Every journey has its bumps. You are blessed with a loving husband, a supportive family, a good mind, and a strong constitution. Stay focused on them, your goals, and the bright future ahead.


Erin     at 12:13 am

They can’t all be fabulous days but from your blog I’d say you have lots of fabulous days to balance out this one. Just go to bed so you can wake up and start tomorrow, you’ll do great tomorrow! :)


Sana     at 12:18 am

I know that failing the gestational diabetes test is not a good feeling, but it is more common for mom’s carrying baby boy’s.

However, you can still pass test #2!


Anna @ Acquainted With The Night     at 12:18 am

I hope that tomorrow morning goes really well and that you have a nice and relaxing time at the beach, and aren’t you meeting your nephew? You’re going to cherish this summer you had and so many more times to come! Maybe just focus on the future? And make plans and lists! Maybe that could help!
Hang In There!


eileen jenks     at 12:29 am

I failed my first glucose test with my first baby, and passed the 2nd LONG 3 hr test…I am sure you and baby C will be just fine…mine was just after Easter…too much candy;) Good luck and we are sending good thoughts you way!!

ps my guess is Caleb;)


Lauren @ Sassy Molassy     at 12:43 am

Ah, hang in there! You definitely have reason to feel a bit emotional. I hope the test goes well and the beach vaca is relaxing.


Jaye     at 12:49 am

Keep your chin up, Emily. I completely know the disappointed feelings about failing the GD screening though. In March I failed both the screening and the 3hour GTT. My GD diagnosis hit me really hard. I felt like I was in such a gutter because I ate healthy/balanced and was exercising throughout my pregnancy. It was a rough few months, but my baby girl is here now, and none of those hard days matter to me anymore. In fact, I’m healthier, more in shape and feel much stronger emotionally because of it.
Just remember, many many many women fail the screening, and pass the test – and even IF you fail the test, GD is manageable.
Good luck tomorrow – take a book and keep your iPhone handy! You’ll do awesome!


Tricia Reply:

I agree with Jaye. I had GD with both pregnancies and it was very unexpected the first time. I had NO risk factors at all and still had it for some random reason. If you do end up having it (and the likelihood that you will is SO slim), it will all be okay. Especially for someone like you who already eats SO well. Hang in there! I was an emotional WRECK the day I got that phone call so I know just how your day must have been. Have fun on your vacay!!!!


Maggie @ A Bitchin' Kitchen     at 12:51 am

Good luck with your test. I literally know NOTHING about pregnancy, but I have been following your blog religiously for almost a year, and can’t imagine gestational diabetes happening to someone so health conscious. I always thought it was something that affective people who ate crap throughout their pregnancy.

Your sister’s departure almost made me tear up a bit. I’m the oldest of 3 sisters, and even when one of them visits for a weekend and leaves I’m so sad!


Maggie @ A Bitchin' Kitchen Reply:

affected* not affective…I wish I could edit my comment :)

Either way, best of luck!


Katie KS Reply:

The eating crap thing is a big myth that should go away!! I have had several friends with GD and most were thin, active, healthy and ate balanced meals. A lot has to do with heredity and just how your body works. While GD may predispose you to diabetes later in life, the reasons for it happening originally can be many.


ashley     at 12:52 am

Im sorry to hear about your test results! Hopefully you’ll pass the next test. If you don’t, I’m sure you’ll be able to control it with your diet anyhow….just being a bit more cautious about sweets. You’re such a healthy eater already maybe your body wasn’t prepared for the massive sugar overload you gave it when you drank your screening drink! Just consider this a tiny snag!


Molly     at 1:05 am

I failed the first test and ended up passing the three hour just fine. Good luck!


Reading (and chickens)     at 1:10 am

Oh no! I failed all the gestational diabetes tests I took (both pregnancies), and you know what? I really, really didn’t have diabetes, no matter what my tests said (I failed ONE of the four blood draws by one point! And that “counted” as diabetes, argh!). My boys were just fine (7.5 lbs, about), and I was healthy the whole time. It might just mean some extra monitoring toward the last few weeks of your pregnancy, but since you’re already so fit and eat well, I bet it’s nothing! Sometimes tests are dumb. :(


Jules     at 2:04 am

Don’t worry about your screening…I ended up coming up clean after false positives. Also, two friends who did end up with a positive diagnosis didn’t have to change much; they just had to limit carbs and sugars. The only time there is usually a problem is if you are Type I diabetic BEFORE you get pregnant.

So don’t sweat it, just have fun and enjoy the beach and your sister’s company!


Elena     at 3:34 am

I’m sorry your day has been such a bummer! I’m the product of a gestational diabetes pregnancy, and aside from completely missing out on my youthful metabolism, both mother and daughter turned out just fine. In fact, I was a bizarrely large and healthy baby. So here’s hoping that even if news tomorrow isn’t quite what you hope, it will be just a momentary blip and everyone stays healthy and safe.


Elisabeth     at 4:04 am

Good luck with tomorrow’s 3 hour test! You can definitely fail the 1 hour & still pass the 3 hour (I’m a medical laboratory scientist for a living :) ) – we see it in the lab all the time. Hopefully it will all turn out normal, but if it doesn’t, I’m sure you’ll be able to handle it, Emily! I am the product of a GD pregnancy and we both ended up just fine – My mother did not continue with diabetes after the pregnancy & I had/have no problems of any kind related to that (other than being born rather large, although I was also 3 weeks late!).


Susan     at 5:29 am

Will be praying for you sweet girl!


Silvia @ skinny jeans food     at 5:39 am

oh these hormones, acting like an emotional amplifier, but then it comes with the territory.

Hope it is all good with the tests, and if not, remember you have all the support to do whatever is necessary.


Jumanah @ Healthy Living in the Middle East     at 6:12 am

I also failed my first test but passed my second. I was devastated so I know how you feel! I hope everything goes well with the second test!


Heidi     at 6:46 am

With both of my daughters I failed the 1 hour glucose test. After several days of stress and tears (I was disappointed because I had been eating healthy and exercising. I even tried to argue with my doctor that in “real life” I would NEVER drink anything like that orange drink anyway!) I passed the 3 hour test both times with flying colors. My doc explained to me that lots of women “fail” the 1 hour test because it’s really just a screening. The 3 hour glucose challenge is the real test. She thought that I had some degree of glucose sensitivity which is why I failed the first test. But…it turned out fine in the end, no GD, and both of my babies are happy and healthy-yours will be too. Hang in there! And a suggestion-when you go for the 3 hour test, bring some mindless things with you to do-a favorite book or magazine that you don’t really need to concentrate on or a laptop (not to work, but to just use as a distraction!). That really helped the time fly by for me!


rachael     at 6:55 am

With my son I failed the 1 hour test and passed the 3 hour. Don’t stress about it. Taking the 3 hour test was not fun but it wasn’t horrible either, I read a good book.


Emily     at 7:02 am

I have a friend whose mother had gestational diabetes. She had two healthy, happy children.


kelly     at 7:04 am

Aww don’t feel bad. Most people fail the 1st glucose test from what I’ve heard. My pharmacy friends tell me that they lowered the level that you are supposed to be at to pass or something, which makes it very difficult to pass the first time.


Kristin     at 7:05 am

I know that can be stressful! But like all the comments above, I know you will do just fine. It’s a very emotional process though so I’m sensing prayers and good vibes your way!

On the bright side, you’re coming to my town for vacation :) I live in Mt Pleasant and know all the good places to eat if you want recs! I would love to meet up at some point if you want a break from the beach! :) Safe travels!


Kristin Reply:

*Sending prayers, rather :)


Ash @ Good Taste Healthy Me     at 7:06 am

I’m sorry to hear that this has been a rough week for you. Glad to hear you’re going on vacation. Charleston is absolutely beautiful! My mom and I did a mother/daughter trip last summer to there and it was really a great time.


Gina     at 7:41 am

Add me to the list of “failed the screening test, passed the 3 hour test”. I was so upset about failing the screening test too, but it turned out to be nothing to worry about in the end. I hope the same thing happens with you!

Even if you do end up having GD, you will manage it. You have already done so much for that little boy, and I can tell from reading your blog all these years that you’ll do what you have to do to keep yourself and your baby healthy.


Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun     at 7:50 am

Sorry about the news. I hope today’s test goes well and everything is okay. I’ll be thinking of you! And have fun on your vacation, regardless. You deserve it!


Jessica @ Sushi and Sit-Ups     at 7:58 am

So sorry about everything going on! Take the time off to just have fun and enjoy your family.


Lee     at 8:05 am

Hope the second test goes well and that you enjoy your vacation at the beach!


sabrina     at 8:10 am

I’ve been reading your blog for awhile and thought I would offer some words of encouragement.

My sister failed her tests with her first child (she now has 3.) With the first, she had GD (hardly any risk factors) and was insulin dependent until the day of the birth. The good news is that minutes after the baby was born, they checked her blood sugar levels, and she was completely back to normal. And the baby was/is healthy (no problems at all.) During her second and third pregnancies she did not have GD.

Just do your best to take care of yourself (and the baby) and the rest will work itself out. Good luck on your second test! :)


Shari     at 8:12 am

Sending good wishes for the second test!


Molly     at 8:23 am

Try not to worry too much (I was in a panic when I failed the 1-hr). Almost everyone I know failed at first and then they all passed the 3-hr. My doctor suggested that the 1-hr. test is not very reliable but they offer it as a way to hopefully avoid the longer and more inconvenient 3-hr (but more reliable) GD test. Good luck!


Kim @ girlevolving     at 8:41 am

Emily, the same thing happened to me, too. I passed the second test without any problem at all. When I wrote about it on my blog, so many readers said the same thing happened to them. I think you’ll be fine, but I totally understand your worry and sadness about it!


Katherina @ Zephyr Runs     at 8:44 am

Having someone with you all the time is probably a great way to go through pregnancy, I hope I’m so lucky!! Have fun at the beach :)


Sarah     at 8:53 am

Oh, Emily. I’m sorry you had to receive such discouraging news today. I just had an appointment with one of my midwives yesterday. She told me that a lot of vegetarians don’t do well on the glucose test because our bodies aren’t used to processing the simple sugars. She actually set up something different for me: I’m coming in, in the morning, to have my blood taken. Then I go home, eat a regular breakfast, and 2 hours after my last bite, I return to have my blood checked again. Maybe your doctor could do something similar for you?


Rachel @ My Naturally Frugal Family     at 9:00 am

I have known many of my friends to fail their first glucose test. Once they took the second it was fine…however it does suck big time to have to be there 3 hours.
You will pull through just fine and you can sit back and relax in Charleston.
Like Bobby McFarrin “Don’t Worry Be Happy.”


Meg     at 9:02 am

You’re coming to Charleston? I live there!!! Where are you staying? I love reading your blog and keeping up with your pregnancy. It would be so cool to meet you (you can e-mail me if you want). I can give you tips on where to eat while you’re here, too.


jane     at 9:08 am

sorry that you had a rough day. my sister is pregnant with her first (due sept. 2) and she failed her first diabetes test as well. luckily she passes the second round of tests beautifully, although i dont think the second test is that pleasant due to the long duration. good luck to you-dont be too down…youve got a baby boy coming :-)


liz     at 9:31 am

don’t worry about the test — i failed the first too! make sure your sister is with you to take you home after the 3 hour — you’ll be starving! and maybe dizzy. it might help if you ask the nurses if you can lie down — that helped me! you’ll do great!


Kristina     at 9:34 am

I’m so sorry to hear that! I know a while back you mentioned being worried about GD, and I had wondered how that was going. I guess there are some things you just have no control over – you are eating healthy, staying fit, and I’m sure everything will turn out just fine.


Lauren     at 9:45 am

Hi there!
Never commented on your blog before because I can be kind of shy, but I thought this was an important one to say something. I also failed my first GD test and went through the three hour test at the hospital. In the end it turned out fine and I didn’t have GD. Keep your head up high and remember that just because you failed the first it doesn’t mean you HAVE GD.
Best of luck


Gina @ Running to the Kitchen     at 9:54 am

good luck today with the second test. Hope it all turns out ok and you can go into your vacation with some peace of mind.


R @ Learning As I Chop     at 10:04 am

Don’t worry about failing the 1 hour. Lots of people fail those and then pass the 3 hour. Can you share where you got the bathing suits?


Kim     at 10:05 am

I felt the same way last week as I was preparing for vacation – I didn’t pack until 4 hours before we left, meaning I hardly slept. I hope everything is okay w/ GD – maybe a re-take?


Lindsay     at 10:08 am

I am currently 36.5 weeks pregnant and have gestational diabetes. I eat really healthy, was a runner before pregnancy, still lift and workout during, weighed 111 at 5’3.5″ pre-pregnancy and have only put on 19 lbs so far. Essentially the most unlikely person to have it but it happens. So rest assured its nothing you did.


Nikki T     at 10:28 am

I hope your 2nd test today goes better…fingers crossed for ya!
Your fur-babies are way too cute! Love them!
I think it’s awesome that they hang out in the bathtub! LOL


martha     at 10:37 am

you did not fail, it is just your bodies response to the changes going on in your body. i had gestational diabetes when pregnant with my first daughter, it was a matter of changing my diet, fail, and having the doctor monitor, success, but all in all i was not a good patient. daughter now 30 and me much older, so all is good.
have a wonderful time on your vacation at the beach, i will keep you in my prayers.


Brooke @ bittersweetBrooke     at 10:40 am

I’m so sorry to hear about your new Emily. Keep your chin up, you’ve done everything you can to prevent it so you are not to blame. Hopefully your 2nd test tomorrow will go better!


Luna     at 11:16 am

Emily, you’re so beautiful and so sweet. Don’t be worried about the test results, it can be wrong, and even if it’s right, it is so incredibly common. All my friends had gestational diabetes, no matter what they ate or did, exercise-wise.In fact, it is not even triggered by food in the first place, but you already know how it works for sure!It’s just a “normal” bodily response, and you’re so healthy overall that everything will be fine.
Enjoy your vacation and the time with your family! :)


Jill     at 11:20 am

I failed my first test with my first child 11 years ago. Just didn’t pick the right foods for breakfast that day. My three hour test turned out fine. I’ll be thinking of you and I’m sure everything will be fine.


Danielle     at 11:30 am

The 3-hour test really isn’t so bad. I’ll be crossing my fingers for you. Just try not to stress (easier said than done), because stress elevates your blood sugar. :)


Jen Williamson     at 11:39 am

Aww good luck. I failed my first one as well and remember those feelings. It sucked. But I passed the second one with flying colors. Will keep you in my thoughts. :)


Jo @ Jo In the Kitchen     at 12:01 pm

I hope your tests go well! Will be sending good thoughts your way.


Kristin @ eat healthy. be happy. live well.     at 12:05 pm

Praying for you and the baby!! I hope everything goes well.


Cyndi     at 12:09 pm

That test is very hard on the body, at least for me it was. Give yourself time to recoup. Even so, it is very important to do what is best for baby in the long run. Pray that the outcome will be no problem, but if not then, that you can make necessary changes to diet to make this pregnancy the best it can be!


Ann @ Day By Day     at 12:12 pm

I love what you said about “that summer in Seattle” that you and your sister will always be able to look back on. That was so sweet!

And as a Type 1 diabetic, I know a LOT about diabetes but not much about gestational diabetes. I hope the second appointment goes well and that everything turns out fine! Hopefully you’ll get good news and you can enjoy a great trip in your 2 new swimsuits to one of my favorite cities.


Beth     at 12:16 pm

I am sure things will be fine with baby. It could be something much worse. I will be praying for you and baby boy. Enjoy your vacation!


Amber K     at 12:19 pm

I’m sorry you’re having some emotional days, no fun. But hopefully you can get some time to relax and I pray that your testing goes well and isn’t too boring.


Abby @ Abz 'n' Oats     at 12:44 pm

Emotional days are tough! :( I hope today is better for you!


Erin @ Naturally Addicted     at 12:51 pm

Geez… sounds like you’ve been running around non-stop! At least vacay is right around the corner. I love Charleston. Definitely one of my favorite cities… y’all are going to have a great time. I’m jealous! Delicious looking granola though. You’re family will be excited for all the healthy snacks, especially on vacation you can never have enough. Good luck with your second test!


Alexa @ Simple Eats     at 12:55 pm

I hope things get better for you…you definitely need a vacation! Hope you can get some relaxation in!


Jennie @ Designed to be Fit     at 1:03 pm

I know the feeling with your sister! Every time I leave my big sister (who is actually pregnant and is due the same time as you) we always cry our eyes out, even if we’re going to see each other in a few weeks. It’s so nice to see that you guys got to spend so much time together, and she got to be with you during one of the most exciting times of your life!


Meagan     at 1:33 pm

It just me, or does it seem like GD tests are inconclusive?


Kerr     at 7:20 pm

I hope the test went well this morning and you are safely on your way to chucktown (or already here!) enjoy vacay, cant wait to hear all about it!


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