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    A Look Back.


We are back in Seattle after a week away in the South Carolina sunshine!  We made it home safe and sound very early Saturday morning, and it felt very strange to be returning here just the two of us.  My little sister, Sarah, has been living with us for the summer, but it’s time for her to head back to school soon, so she flew home to Ohio at the end of our trip.  The house feels very different without her, and I’ve found myself to be really weepy all weekend.  I’ve been spending a lot of time in here…

IMG_1344 (640x410)

And because I felt really down and sad about her being gone, I did what anyone would do.  I went to Target and bought things I didn’t need.  A crib mattress cover (okay, I did need this)…

IMG_1346 (640x427)

Baby boy’s very first stuffed animal.  We decided a dog seemed fitting. 

IMG_1347 (427x640)

Accessories for the bathroom nursery.

IMG_1348 (421x640)

And an adorable hooded shark towel for after bath time.  TOO cute, right?  Just in time for shark week, too! 

IMG_1349 (427x640)

The nursery was Sarah’s room all summer long, so other than the wall decal, I haven’t really done much arranging or decorating in here yet.  I decided that instead of being sad that she’s not here anymore, I’d see it as a fun opportunity to start really pulling the nursery together.

IMG_1351 (427x640)

This week’s project will be to turn this closet into a cute and functional changing table space. 

IMG_1352 (427x640)

Assembling and organizing baby stuff makes me happy.

IMG_1355 (640x427)

With shopping crossed off the list, there was only one other way to cure the post-vacation-missing-my-sister blues… Comfort food.

IMG_1337 (427x640)

I saw Jenna’s recipe for dairy-free spinach stuffed shells, and immediately knew that I had to have them for dinner.  I had all the ingredients already in my kitchen other than the shells, and I was able to score a box of manicotti during my therapeutic trip to Target.  Ignore the giant blob on my baby bump – it’s hard not to spill things on a stomach that protrudes 10 inches from your body.

IMG_1338 (425x640)

So I spent my Saturday night piping vegan ricotta into manicotti shells using a Ziploc bag.  Didn’t you?

IMG_1340 (640x427)

And after 30 minutes of patient baking, dinner was finally served.

IMG_1342 (427x640)

I made zero changes to her recipe, as none were needed – it is perfection.  I can assure you these will be making a frequent appearance in our kitchen from here on out.  Truly delicious, and just the right thing to bring back a much needed smile.

IMG_1343 (427x640)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  To read about a few of my favorite vegan recipes, check out my guest post over on Oh She Glows today!

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chelsey @ clean eating chelsey     at 9:40 pm

I absolutely love the nursery – I’m not a fan of “cartoon’y” nurseries or baby things. It is perfect!!!


Emily Malone Reply:

Me either – thanks!!


Amy*     at 9:45 pm

Comfort food and keeping busy sound like good ways to fight the blues now that your sister is gone. The nursery looks great so far! I can’t wait to see it when it’s done!*


Madeline @ Food, Fitness & Family     at 9:45 pm

It’s always hard when family leaves!

The pregnancy hormones don’t help I am sure. I know I am a hot mess (I am 29 weeks along). Haha.

Those shells look great!


Emily Malone Reply:

What is it about week 29 and the hormones? Seriously, I have been a weepy embarrassment. Glad to know it’s not just me! Congrats to you! :)


Britton     at 9:46 pm

I hope you enjoyed your vacation in SC!! Charleston is such a beautiful place!!


Sarah K. @ The Pajama Chef     at 9:53 pm

i love the nursery so far–it’s precious!


erica     at 10:00 pm

that is about the cutest nursery ever! i love the wall decals!


Lauren @ Lawfully Wedded Wife     at 10:01 pm

I’m so close to my younger sister so I can imagine what you must feel like now that she’s gone. But the nursery is coming together so nicely, it looks so cozy in there!


Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga     at 10:04 pm

Your nursery is looking adorable, and so are you!

I love your pink/purple dress.

I used to live in Myrtle Beach for a few years and can only imagine how HOT it was down there for you, preggie lady and all :)

Just saw your guestie on Angela’s site. I actually guest posted for her yesterday. It was such an honor.

And I loved your post!

And your spinach and artichoke dip WILL be getting made! :)


Callie     at 10:04 pm

Your nursery is looking great!! Welcome home, mama!


Jessica @ Sushi and Sit-Ups     at 10:16 pm

The nursery is looking great! That’s fun that you and your sister are so close and you were able to spend the summer with her!


Lisa @ Fit in the Midwest     at 10:24 pm

What a beautiful nursery Emily!

My nephews have those blankets with stuffed animals attached on top and love them.


Kim @ vegan mama-to-be     at 10:24 pm

I love what you guys are doing with the closet space! Did you have to remove doors, or was it like that when you moved in? Was your landlord cool w/ it, or do you own your home?


Alyssa     at 10:31 pm

We have that towel too. Don’t wash it with anything else!!!! You will get blue fuzz all over anything it touches the first few times. Wish I would I have known :) Your nursery is adorable!


Ash @ Good Taste Healthy Me     at 10:33 pm

Good for you staying positive! The room will come out awesome, I know it!


Lauren     at 10:35 pm

I was so confused when I opened up Oh She Glows and there you were! :)

I love those towels!! I got my nieces similar ones ’cause they’re just too cute.


Gina @ Running to the Kitchen     at 10:36 pm

The nursery is really adorable, I love how you guys stayed away from the very sex specific themes. I think that recipe could cure many things not just sister sadness, I’m keeping it in my back pocket!


Alayna @ Thyme Bombe     at 10:37 pm

The nursery looks so nice, it’s going to be a wonderful place to take baby C home to!


Katherina @ Zephyr Runs     at 10:40 pm

Aha that shark towel is the cutest thing ever!!! <3


Lyn @ Life Lyn Style     at 10:44 pm

One of the best pieces of advice for the crib (from my sister) was to buy 2 mattress covers and sheets. When one get soiled unexpectedly (think middle of the night in the dark), you just take off the top sheet and pad and the bed is already made for the rest of the night. I knew someone that used 3 sets instead of 2, but we always have been good with two.


Lindsey     at 10:47 pm

The nursery looks great! I love that decal :)


Baking N Books     at 10:55 pm

You are so beautiful!

I’d love to hear more about your job as a Writer and how you got involved in it, found opportunities? I am seeking that myself but tired (and majorly burnt out) on writing for “content mill” types like Livestrong…


Michelle (The Runner's Plate)     at 11:01 pm

My sister and I are really close too, so it is always hard saying good-bye!! I hope her and I are able to live closer to one another some day.


Maria@La_Piattini     at 11:06 pm

The nursery looks AMAZING! You guys did such an incredible job on the wall decal. Oh, and I luvvv that shark towel!


Cynthia (It All Changes)     at 11:11 pm

The shark towel looks like Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. I’m sure your little one will look adorable and a dog stuffed toy is perfect.


Robyn @ Blueberries and Oats     at 11:54 pm

I love that you did absolutely everything I would do to cheer myself up. ^^ I hope it worked a little! The nursery looks fantastic!


Krystina     at 11:56 pm

These nursery pictures make me happy. :)


Allie     at 12:16 am

Sorry you’re feeling bummed! I agree that a great meal always makes me feel better. My sister is due in January and I can’t wait to buy her things that she doesn’t “need” :)


Nicky     at 12:44 am

It sounds like you need a bit of a laugh. Since you’re having a boy, you may want to get some of these:
Pee-pee teepees are a must-have (prevents wet socks).


Emily Malone Reply:

Ahhh the joy of boys, right?


Marina     at 1:01 am

Just came over from OSG! I’m excited…

1) …to add your blog to my list of daily “must-reads.”
2) …to make those stuffed shells for my husband. He’ll go crazy for them.
3) …that you live so close to me! I’m in Federal Way.
4) …to come back and explore your recipe archive when I have more time!


Emily Malone Reply:

Welcome to Daily Garnish! :) So glad you found it and are enjoying so far.


Deborah     at 2:41 am

I have the same shark towel and it fell apart on the second washing because the fins on top have stuffing in them and the stitching, at least on the one I got, didn’t keep it in. You might want to return it if you still have the receipt and get a cute towel that’ll stand up better.


Emily Malone Reply:

Oh boooo, really??


Deborah Reply:

Yeah. :( Twas a bummer.


Lauren     at 7:04 am

It’s beautiful!!! I love the nursery so much. :)


Cheryl     at 7:54 am

Baby’s room is adorable, he will be here before you know it… Glad you had a wonderful vacation, I know you just got home, but I was hoping to see a post about your weight training, You said you had something planned to post last week, but I am glad you just relaxed with the family for the vacation and didn’t. I hope you still put something together, because it is a subject that really interest’s me… i can’t read enough on it. I am so into weights right now, and love to get ideas from other women on what they are doing and how it is changing their bodies and the they feel… thanks emily.. you have a great blog….


Emily Malone Reply:

Weight training post really IS coming this week. Sorry for the delay!! Didn’t get to it before vacation – ran out of time. Thanks for your patience – I’m sorry!


Shari     at 7:59 am

The nursery is just precious! What fun it must be to decorate it for your little guy :)


Analiese     at 8:10 am

It’s so fun to see how the nursery is coming together! I can already tell you two will be such wonderful parents. That is going to be one loved baby boy!


Kelly     at 8:30 am

I laughed out loud at your Target comment! I’ve lost track how many times I went there to buy things I didn’t need to cheer myself up!

So happy that you got a change to re-charge with your family at the beach! Have fun getting the nursery ready!


Sarah@The Flying ONION     at 8:54 am

I absolutely *love* the nursery! It should be featured in Real Simple. Love the colors, accessories and overall design. Too cute! :D


Brittany (A Healthy Slice of Life)     at 8:56 am

I had to change my shirt TWICE yesterday because I kept spilling stuff on my bump in the kitchen. It’s so nice to know I’m not alone :)


Kat     at 9:42 am

target for comfort and stuff you don’t need – story of my life! I love making a new recipe and having it come out perfectly! the shells look awesome!


faith     at 9:59 am

I make a similar tofu filling for lasagna and it works like a charm! It’s cheaper than ricotta too!


Amy C.     at 10:18 am

My sister just moved far away after having lived around the block from me for years so I can relate to how you must miss Sarah terribly! Focusing your energies on the nursery and trying new recipes is an excellent plan. And the stuffed shells look delicious!


Kelly     at 10:19 am

Loving your nursery! Oh and I’m 27 weeks and spill things on my belly pretty much every day now. I’ve actually put the nice napkins at restaurants over it so I don’t walk out w/a big stain on my stomach!! :)


Lauren J     at 11:48 am

Ahh can’t wait to try this recipe! Stuffed shells are a regular at our house, but my husband demands more protein, and I demand no meat so this is a great solution :)

Love love love the nursery colors!


Rachael     at 11:48 am

What a beautiful nursery!! Love the wall decals! So cute! I see some target stuff there, love the shark towel! I need to locate one for someone I know who is expecting and lives on the ocean.


Julie (A Case of the Runs)     at 11:48 am

As much as you miss your sister, think of it as the both of you going on new adventures! You with nursery action and her with a new school year!


Amber K     at 12:09 pm

Wow, Angela has been having some awesome guest bloggers! And now you? I have to hop over there and see the deliciousness unfold :)


Jackie @ That Deep Breath     at 12:35 pm

That shark towel is way too cute. The nursery looks awesome…I bet you can’t wait to add a baby to it!


[New Balance] Nicole     at 2:57 pm

This is the most beautiful baby room, I love how you decorated it! You look so beautiful too, every picture I see of you, your glowing! So excited for yall!


KaraHadley     at 2:58 pm

Those hooded towels are the absolutely most freaking adorable things ever! My sister had a duck and the pictures of her running around in it are still some of my favorites.


Kristin @ eat healthy. be happy. live well     at 3:02 pm

I love manicotti, but it is so difficult and time consuming to pipe the filling in!!!! It is definitely worth it in the end though :)

The nursery looks great!


fittingbackin     at 3:07 pm

That looks wonderful! (the nursery AND the pasta) i love the idea of the changing area in the closet – what a fun nook – can’t wait to see what you do!


Bitt     at 3:29 pm

Seattle has a plethora of baby consignment and boutiques. Check out bootyland, sugarlump, birth and beyond. I Love them and some great finds. Great to support local businesses too.


Emily Malone Reply:

I have heard of Birth and Beyond, but will definitely check out the others! Thanks for the tips!


Therese     at 3:44 pm

I am so in love with your nursery! It’s perfect!!!

And yes, yes I do stuff my manicotti using a ziplock bag! Glad I’m not the only one!!!


Shayla @ The Good Life     at 3:51 pm

Love the look of your nursery…it’s so organic, clean, and natural looking…and I love how it’s baby looking without it being cartoon-ish…I would love ours (someday!) to have that kind of look to it :)

And I love how you made the closet into a functional area, so creative!


Zestful Lou     at 6:56 pm

I just made this and used it in a gluten-free, vegan lasagna using zucchini in place of the noodles! It tastes awesome!


Faith A.     at 9:41 pm

The nursery is looking adorable – I am really loving what you are doing with it. It looks so serene. Also, those manicotti look delicious and I am definitely inspired to try them myself – thanks!


Kristen, Sweetly     at 9:58 pm

I’m sorry you had to say goodbye to your sis. It’s nice you had a big relaxing vacation to end your summer together! And now you can get Baby C’s room all set. :-)


Megan     at 11:42 am

Hi Emily – I am a frequent reader, but infrequent commenter. Congrats on your baby to be! I have a six month old boy and have been having a blast. Boys are the best! I thought it would be helpful to tell you one item in our nursery that we couldn’t live without. It’s called the Ultimate Crib Sheet (can be found on Amazon or Babies R Us). It’s a super absorbent mattress pad that goes on top of the sheet and it snaps to the crib rails which makes it super easy to get on and off. And it also means you don’t have to worry about removing the bumper and changing the sheets in the middle of the night if there is spit up or a blow out. You just unsnap the crib sheet and either put a new one on (I have two) or just put baby on the regular sheet. The best part it you can still see the cute sheets because the Ultimate Crib Sheet is just a thin top layer. I highly recommend it!
And I love your nursery!


claire     at 3:26 pm

That is SERIOUSLY the cutest wall decal I’ve ever seen.


Sarah     at 4:32 pm

Emily! Your nursery looks great!


Week 29: My Pregnancy Journey. | Daily Garnish     at 4:32 pm

[...] urges to do things like clean the windows in the car or wash all the sheets in the house.  I worked a little bit more on the nursery this weekend, and am hoping to finish a few more projects this [...]

Alice     at 8:53 pm

Shockingly I could not find any sort of stuffable shell at Whole Foods so I thought Lasgna might work with this stuffing—and it did!

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


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