We are back in Seattle after a week away in the South Carolina sunshine!  We made it home safe and sound very early Saturday morning, and it felt very strange to be returning here just the two of us.  My little sister, Sarah, has been living with us for the summer, but it’s time for her to head back to school soon, so she flew home to Ohio at the end of our trip.  The house feels very different without her, and I’ve found myself to be really weepy all weekend.  I’ve been spending a lot of time in here…

IMG_1344 (640x410)

And because I felt really down and sad about her being gone, I did what anyone would do.  I went to Target and bought things I didn’t need.  A crib mattress cover (okay, I did need this)…

IMG_1346 (640x427)

Baby boy’s very first stuffed animal.  We decided a dog seemed fitting. 

IMG_1347 (427x640)

Accessories for the bathroom nursery.

IMG_1348 (421x640)

And an adorable hooded shark towel for after bath time.  TOO cute, right?  Just in time for shark week, too! 

IMG_1349 (427x640)

The nursery was Sarah’s room all summer long, so other than the wall decal, I haven’t really done much arranging or decorating in here yet.  I decided that instead of being sad that she’s not here anymore, I’d see it as a fun opportunity to start really pulling the nursery together.

IMG_1351 (427x640)

This week’s project will be to turn this closet into a cute and functional changing table space. 

IMG_1352 (427x640)

Assembling and organizing baby stuff makes me happy.

IMG_1355 (640x427)

With shopping crossed off the list, there was only one other way to cure the post-vacation-missing-my-sister blues… Comfort food.

IMG_1337 (427x640)

I saw Jenna’s recipe for dairy-free spinach stuffed shells, and immediately knew that I had to have them for dinner.  I had all the ingredients already in my kitchen other than the shells, and I was able to score a box of manicotti during my therapeutic trip to Target.  Ignore the giant blob on my baby bump – it’s hard not to spill things on a stomach that protrudes 10 inches from your body.

IMG_1338 (425x640)

So I spent my Saturday night piping vegan ricotta into manicotti shells using a Ziploc bag.  Didn’t you?

IMG_1340 (640x427)

And after 30 minutes of patient baking, dinner was finally served.

IMG_1342 (427x640)

I made zero changes to her recipe, as none were needed – it is perfection.  I can assure you these will be making a frequent appearance in our kitchen from here on out.  Truly delicious, and just the right thing to bring back a much needed smile.

IMG_1343 (427x640)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  To read about a few of my favorite vegan recipes, check out my guest post over on Oh She Glows today!