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    A Look Back.

Essentially Seattle.

Since this was Sarah’s last weekend in town with us, we did our best to make sure we did as many quintessential Seattle activities as possible.  Starting with – what else? – Pike Place Market…

IMG_1042 (640x425)

Sarah had been before earlier in the summer, but we had arrived just as it was closing so she’d never seen the market in a full swing of activity. 

IMG_1044 (640x427)

My favorite part of the market is always the flowers.  I just can’t get enough.

IMG_1045 (640x427)

IMG_1046 (427x640)

IMG_1048 (640x427)

Sarah, please don’t leave us!

IMG_1049 (640x427)

IMG_1050 (640x427)

IMG_1052 (427x640)

The market is also a great place to see farmer’s market basics mixed in with exotic fruits and vegetables that might be hard to find elsewhere.  Garlic spears?

IMG_1053 (640x427)

IMG_1054 (640x427)

IMG_1055 (640x427)

Gorgeous fresh lavender that smelled so amazing I wanted to buy up every stalk.

IMG_1056 (640x427)

IMG_1057 (427x640)

We had a few other errands to run after the market, so I didn’t grab any flowers this time.  I’ll have to get my fix this week from all the beautiful peony pictures.

IMG_1058 (640x419)

IMG_1060 (640x427)

IMG_1061 (640x427)

The market was PACKED since it was a Saturday afternoon, and we were all starving by the time we finished walking through the whole thing.  Quick stop at a local bagel shop for pesto bagels with tofu and veggies.  Yum.

IMG_1062 (640x427)

We hung out downtown for a bit and did some shopping, including a stop into Verizon where I ended up getting a new phone!  Casey really wanted me to give him my phone (because it is the only one compatible with his work email system), which meant that I could upgrade early for a new one.

I went back and forth and back and forth a million times, trying to decide if I should stick with the Droid (which I have LOVED) and get a newer model (Incredible, Charge, etc.), or switch gears completely and get an iPhone.  The major deciding factor for me was that I don’t have an iPod, and so I figured that if I switched to an iPhone I could essentially get both with one device. 

I went against my gut instinct and got the iPhone, and then as soon as we got home I promptly freaked out that it wasn’t working with any of my mail or calendar programs.  I am an obsessive Gmail and Google user, and my things are not working quite like I want them to on this new phone system.  I’m trying to get used to it and am giving myself a week to adjust.  But if I’m still not loving it by this weekend, I’m going back for a trade!

After my mini phone tantrum, we headed back out for a glorious Seattle evening at our first Mariners game!

IMG_1066 (640x427)

Sarah and I waited while Casey bought tickets, expecting to just sit wherever was available for our last minute purchase.  Imagine my surprise when we walked to our seats and I discovered that he bought us tickets 13 rows behind home plate!

IMG_1065 (640x417)

It was a fun treat to have such great seats, and I guess it was a special evening at the ballpark because the 2001 Mariners team was all there.  Apparently this is a big deal, but it was kind of lost on me. 

IMG_1067 (640x428)

The sun was shining and the weather was perfect – the stadium roof was wide open!

IMG_1068 (640x427)

IMG_1071 (640x424)

I was terrified of being hit by a fly ball, even though we had netting in front of our seats since we were close to the action.

IMG_1073 (640x427)

Back in Cincinnati we used to go to a lot of Reds games, and this was my first major league game elsewhere.  The Mariners played horribly, but it was still really fun.

IMG_1077 (640x400)

IMG_1079 (640x428)

Before we even got there, I did my research to see what our dinner options might be, since I was slightly scared we might be having cotton candy for dinner.  Imagine my surprise to find this gem hidden in section 132…

IMG_1080 (640x427)

Healthy, organic, vegan, gluten-free food at the ballpark.  Seriously, is this a dream?  Compared to the prices of traditional ballpark food, it wasn’t even more expensive!

IMG_1084 (640x427)

Glorious Field Roast frankfurter veggie dog topped with relish, ketchup, and mustard. 

IMG_1085 (640x427)

Truly does not get better than that.

IMG_1086 (640x427)

A great day spent in downtown Seattle, followed by a great night out at the ballpark.

IMG_1087 (640x427)

IMG_1088 (640x427)

IMG_1090 (640x420)

I’d say Sarah’s last weekend here was very well spent!

IMG_1092 (427x640)

Lots to do this week before we head out of town for vacation on Friday.  Back soon with a fun nursery update!

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Laine     at 11:56 am

Have you set up your gmail account in the “Mail” feature yet? I use gmail, a .mac account and my work email and have them all feed into the “Mail” app. They work perfectly.

I love love love my iPhone, especially the camera & videos. They come out so clear.


chloe @ 321delish     at 11:58 am

WOW! Those artichokes are humongo! they look so good.


Alayna @ Thyme Bombe     at 11:59 am

I would empty my wallet in that market! Those are the most gorgeous flowers I’ve ever seen. Man, Seattle rocks. Where else can you get a veggie dog at a stadium? Love it.


Lisa Fine     at 11:59 am

I feel like in so many of your posts I want to say, “Only in Seattle.” Veggie and gluten-free options at a ballpark, and an amazing farmers’ market that’s packed? It sounds like an amazing city.


Ash @ Good Taste Healthy Me     at 12:03 pm

Looks like you guys had a great last weekend together! I know it must be hard to say goodbye!


Lauren J     at 12:03 pm

Makes you wonder how much better people would eat if they only had options!


Brooke @ Veggie Table     at 12:09 pm

The market looks awesome! I can’t believe all the fresh flowers – so colorful! I’m a vegetarian too and always get frustrated at the food options at football / baseball parks – can’t believe that stadium has The Natural…perhaps my husband and I should visit Seattle soon.


Jessica @ Sushi and Sit-Ups     at 12:20 pm

Looks like a great time! I love the “no grazing” sign in the cherries…that would have probably been specifically for me. Everything looked so delicious!


Shannon @ My Place In The Race     at 12:24 pm

Oh I’d love to have some of those artichokes! The pickens here are pretty slim when it comes to them. Those flowers are pretty amazing!


Mary Harling     at 12:24 pm

This post took me down memory lane as I flew to Seattle every week for a year starting in April 2001 for work. I had an apartment right by Pike Place Market and loved to stroll through there. Also went to lots of Mariners games and was at their 100th win of the season (I’m guessing that’s what they were commemorating at your game.) Safeco field is one of my favorite ballparks. The garlic fries there are amazing too!


Elena Reply:

The 100th win was part of it, but it was actually commemorating the fact that they went on to win 16 more that season. No team has ever won more than 116 games in the regular season (there are only 162 played each season), and the only other team to ever do it was the 1906 Chicago Cubs.

The 100th win was a critical part, though. Because the Mariners had won so many that season, they were able to clinch the division title with several weeks left in the season (i.e., even if they had lost every game from there on out, and the second place team won every single one, they still would be in first place). It was also one of the first games back after 9/11, and they did this whole cool thing with the flag. EPIC game. You are so lucky to have been at that game! I wasn’t, though I was at the 116th win, so I shouldn’t gripe… =)


Mary Reply:

Both great games! 100th win was September 5; I always remember it as the Wednesday before 9/11. How lucky we were to see any games that season; let alone a historic one!


Reading (and chickens)     at 12:26 pm

We just got back from visiting relatives in MD and DC and I forget just how wonderful Seattle can be compared to everywhere else, food-wise, until I step foot into a Weis or a Giant or go to a restaurant and gasp at the horrors of what’s in stock. I love Seattle’s healthy options!


Fran@ Broken Cookies Don't Count     at 12:27 pm

The Pike Place Market looks like such a cool place. I was in Seattle years ago but didn’t have the opportunity to see it. Have you ever read the book “Fish” about the market?? Very interesting. I read it for work, but I think it can apply to life in general. It’s very short, give it a try. Think you’ll enjoy it!


Emily Malone Reply:

I will check it out!


Gina @ Running to the Kitchen     at 12:27 pm

I can’t imagine you not growing to love the iPhone, it’s amazing!
Looks like a great weekend. I would’ve had trouble not buying everything at the market, it’s all so beautiful from the flowers to the food!


Callie     at 12:29 pm

Can I come visit soon? Please???? :)


Emily Malone Reply:

Yes please!! We even have a nursery! :)


Erica     at 12:29 pm

Don’t give up on the iphone, you can sync the email program with your gmail account, and you can also download a google mobile app @ http://www.google.com/mobile/google-mobile-app/ and it should let you do what you want.


Emily Malone Reply:

I’m trying not to give up! I just dont like the way it works with Gmail, but I’m trying to be patient. :)


K     at 12:31 pm

Those spears are known around here as garlic “scapes” and are magnificent in pesto, soups and so much more!


Lynn     at 12:32 pm

It’s so sweet how much you love your sister! I have a sister like that too. Hopefully, she can come back next summer and spend some time with you and Baby C!


Jena     at 12:35 pm

I hope you got your iphone issues figured out. I also have an iphone and a gmail acct w/ calender & I have no problems. You can download an app called g-toolkit that links all your google stuff (reader, calendar, mail) and you can access it through the app. Or you should be able to set up your gmail account to be your main mail acct on your phone. You might have to go into your calendar and set it up to sync w/ your phone.

Good Luck. I love my iphone


Emily Malone Reply:

I am trying not to give up on it since there are a lot of other things I really like about it. I just dont like the way the mail program works with Gmail – I can’t see my labels!!


Katie @ Shared Bites Reply:

I LOVE my Droid Incredible – it changed my life. But when I see a) how good the photos are on others’ iPhones and b) how many photos the phone stores, I kind of wish I had an iPhone. In particular, my friend with a baby has literally thousands of photos of him on her iPhone that she can pull up for me at any moment, wherever we are. Hopefully it will work out for you!


Emily Malone Reply:

Yeah the camera was a selling point to me too. Ahhh I dont know what to doooooooooo.


Julie (A Case of the Runs)     at 12:35 pm

I’ve got SUPER envy that you have so many veg-friendly options out there!


Cassie @ Back to Her Roots     at 12:38 pm

Looks like SUCH an awesome day!
Finding that awesome stadium food reminded me of when I found an awesome locally-sourced and organic restaurant in the Baltimore airport. I was totally taken aback and super happy. :)


Kath     at 12:39 pm

Take that iphone BACK!! As a Gmail user, you will never be happy. I’m dying for the Incredible!! Just put some music on it – or get a Shuffle!


Emily Malone Reply:

Sigh. I know. And I knew that when I bought it, but I was hoping for the best. I can’t see labels, stars, or any of the other things you can see on the Droid. It’s driving me nuts.


Kath Reply:

Remember how impressed I was when I got my Droid!?!? iPhones are just hyped up!!


Meghan     at 12:40 pm

How sweet of Casey to surprise you guys with those seats! :) jealous of your weekend!!


rachelgab     at 12:41 pm

Safeco is known to be one of the best stadiums in the country for just the food alone! Glad you found something you could eat!


Gina (Yogattude)     at 12:52 pm

Ah…Cincinnati Reds…those were some of my favorite childhood memories! My cousin knew one of the players and always got us excellent seats when we came to visit! I remember watching Deion Sanders dance on second base:)


Emily Malone Reply:



Emily @ Comfortable Home Life     at 12:57 pm

I think the iPhone just takes some getting used to. Im reading your blog from my iPhone right now! Those flower pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I want to reach through the screen and take a big bunch of lavender.


Emily Malone Reply:

I never handle change very well. :)


RhodeyGirl     at 1:05 pm

You and your sister are absolutely stunning.


Christina     at 1:08 pm

Before you give up on the iPhone try googling whatever problem you are having. I’ve found amazingly easy to follow tutorials for syncing my Gmail calendar etc with the phone. Good luck!

Totally in love with all those FLOWERS! STUNNING!


Emily Malone Reply:

I’m going to try to make it work!


Sarah @ See Sarah Eat     at 1:20 pm

Wow, how great that they have all those options at the ballpark! I am jealous :) Hopefully that will be a trend!


Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn     at 1:32 pm

BANANA walnuts? Toffee peanuts? I’m in freaking heaven. Please do a giveaway of those.


Emily Malone Reply:

Haha I will have to go back and get some!


Lindsay Loves Veggies     at 1:34 pm

What an awesome day! I didn’t know that Safeco had veggie stuff!! Now I really need to go to an M’s game sometime this summer!

I totally agree about the flowers in Pike Place, they’re always incredible. The bouquets are always so huge and colorful!


Stephanie     at 1:34 pm

“The Mariners won 116 games in 2001, which set the American League record for most wins in a single season and tied the 1906 Chicago Cubs for the Major League record for most wins in a single season.”

=) That’s why the 2001 Mariners team was a pretty big deal. (And that season was amazing. They’d just lost A-Rod in free agency, and everyone thought they’d fall apart.)


Emily Malone Reply:

They played a few clips of their 116th win! The crowd went crazy! :)


Kristine @ Running On Hungry     at 1:45 pm

Ahh that Farmer’s Market looks AMAZING! Peonies are my favorite flowers!

So 2 things-

1- you look gorgeous! you really have that glow!


2- I’m not vegan (or even vegetarian) but I also don’t love eating all the crap in regular hot-dogs. What vegan/veggie hot-dogs are your favorite? I’d love to give them a try!


Emily Malone Reply:

Thank you so much! Field Roast are by far my favorite veggie dogs. A lot of the others ones have crap ingredients too, but the field roast are literally just vegetables. Sooo good.


Girl In The Pink     at 1:53 pm

Im dying – your posts make me miss Seattle sooo much! {I grew up there} I love Seattle in the summer, and those peonies at Pike Place – so gorgeous!


Emily Lauren     at 1:54 pm

I am a regular reader but I have never left a comment… until now. Emily Malone, you look stunning. I don’t know what it is, but you look FANTASTIC in all of your latest pics. You always do look fantastic, but lately your skin has been glowing out of this world. You look so happy and healthy that it makes me happy haha.


Emily Malone Reply:

You are so nice – THANK you!! :)


Brooke @ bittersweetBrooke     at 2:42 pm

I have always wanted to visti Pike Place Market in Seattle. Peonies are my favorite flowers too! They remind me of home, my parents have poeny bushes all along our driveway. And the ones from Pike Place look absolutely beautiful!


Clare     at 2:48 pm

I hate my iPhone! I would go back to my old phone, but my best friend gave it to me for my birthday and I know he would feel bad if I didn’t use it. So frustrating!


Emily Malone Reply:

That actually makes me feel a lot better. I hate to sound like a spoiled brat – I just don’t like it! It doesn’t work well with the Google programs, which I KNEW, and should have considered ahead of time. My mail is driving me insane. I know it’s a great phone, just maybe not the right one for me.


Clare Reply:

I have all sorts of other problems with mine — it often doesn’t ring when people call, doesn’t display missed call alerts, etc… the guy I’m interning for has the same problems with his too.


Jen     at 3:08 pm

I just got an Iphone a few weeks ago and still don’t like it. I want my old Blackberry back. The hype was seriously lost on me.


Jess @JessCantCook     at 3:48 pm

Does anyone know why type of flowers those are in the very first picture?? That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for for my wedding bouquet! :)


Emily Malone Reply:

They are sweet peas!


Jess @JessCantCook Reply:

Thank you!! They look just like the flowers that are on our invitations, love it :)


Emily Malone Reply:

They were SO pretty!! Would you believe those bouquets were $5? I wanted to buy ten of them!


Jess @JessCantCook Reply:

They’re adorable and EXACTLY the colors I want!! I wonder if I can get them in October? If I can get them cheap too I might die :P We don’t have the budget for crazy flowers!


Elizabeth @ RunWithSneakers     at 3:55 pm

They have Field Roast at the ball park??? I always bring my dinner into Petco Park (San Diego Padres) so I don’t have to eat their food. So happy they let me bring in my own food there. Now if they offered Field Roast “dogs” I would get that instead cause it’s part of the whole “experience” of going to a ball game.


Elizabeth @ RunWithSneakers     at 3:57 pm

I waited and waited and waited for Verizon to offer the iPhone. When they finally did, I promptly went in to purchase one… and left with a Droid Incredible. I LOVE my Droid. iPhone, schmiPhone.


Katherine     at 4:16 pm

That pesto bagel samich thingy looks AMAZING!!!!!


SaraRM     at 4:26 pm

What a fun day!!

I just went through the exact same thing with the iphone last week… I ended up taking it back and went back to the blackberry. I loved the internet fun part of the iphone but just couldnt get use to it like the blackberry. The guy at ATT thought I was CRAZY but I like what I like and knew I didnt want anything else!


bitt     at 4:46 pm

i have my gmail and my google calender in my iphone. it’s completely possible. glad you are enjoying seattle. i would have loved to have met up with you at some point but we are actually moving away.


Emily Malone Reply:

Oh sad! But happy for you!! Where are you headed?


erica     at 4:50 pm

ahhh! those peonies!!!! so pretty!!!


Lauren     at 4:58 pm

those flowers are amazing! love the peonies. love the veggie options at the ballpark, too!


Hayley @ Oat Couture     at 5:02 pm

Ah I loved my iphone, I’m sure you will find apps that allow you access to everything you need! :) Always love your Seattle days out btw! Looks like it offers such a lovely way of life! It’s definitely on my visit list :)


Alexa @ Simple Eats     at 5:08 pm

Love the flower pictures…and the cherries!


AJ     at 5:08 pm

I say return the iphone and get a droid!! I love my droid, so great with google apps (mine is Samsung) and I also love my ipod nano. It is much more convenient than lugging around a phone as an ipod. It has a clip, is tiny, easy to use and also has a pedometer. You can even get the nike footpod and use it like a heart rate monitor if you like.


Jackie @ That Deep Breath     at 5:10 pm

how awesome that they have a veggie stand! the farmers market looks beautiful. i’m still searching around to find my favorite farmers market, but by the looks of all those beautiful flowers, that could be the one!


Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen)     at 5:54 pm

Wow, what an exciting day! I’ve always wanted to go to the Market…I can’t wait to go to Seattle some day.


olivewineandfood     at 6:07 pm

are you kidding me?! veg food at a baseball game?! so jealous.


Alaina     at 6:50 pm

Oh man, you are making Seattle look more and more appealing! If I was Sarah, I wouldn’t want to leave! :-)


Kristin @ FoodFash     at 9:41 pm

The tofu and veggie bagel looks amazing! Was the tofu marinated in anything?


Peta     at 10:24 pm

Emily – can you please tell me – what are ‘banana walnuts’?! My family has an organic walnut farm in Australia and i’ve never heard of these delicacies!


Ashley     at 11:02 pm

What I wouldn’t give for a field roast sausage!! So sad I can’t eat them anymore. Your flower photos are gorgeous!! And I would love a tofu bagel! mmm


Kari @ bite-sized thoughts     at 5:28 am

Gorgeous weekend, gorgeous market photos, and seriously amazing vegan / vegetarian food at a sporting event! Wow.


Orla     at 6:22 am

I love your series of posts about discovering Seattle. My partner and I are headed to Seattle for 2 weeks in october. We will be there for my birthday and Sutra is already on the list of places to go for a celebration meal. I am using your posts to build a sort of itinerary! thanks!


Anna Crouch     at 2:12 am

What????? That Gluten free, vegan place at Safe Co HAS to be new!!! I’ve never ever EVER seen it there before!!!!! That’s awesome, though!!!


Zita     at 7:07 am

Hello Emily,

iPhone changed my life… in a good way! :) It is the best! Don’t give up, be patient and learn how to use it. All the photo apps are amazing for example. Do you know Instagram? You should check it out (download it – free) and you will know what I’m talking about. You will be addicted. :)

The iPhone knows everything you need, you just need to be able to learn how to use it!

Go to Settings / Mail, Contacts, Calendars and add YOUR Gmail account and when adding make sure you’ll authorize the use of Mail, Notes and Calendar. If you do, everything has to work fine, I have several gmail accounts being used on the iPhone without any problems.


Emily     at 12:03 am

Looks like you had a very Seattle weekend! Glad you enjoyed it!


Heather     at 11:37 am

Where is the bagel shop that makes pesto tofu bagels?! Looks delish!


Weekend. | Daily Garnish     at 10:20 am

[...] for me the whole point of going to the games is the fun of the crowd, and the stadium FOOD!  Last summer I discovered that Safeco Field is very vegetarian friendly.  We headed to an entire stand serving nothing [...]

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