Essentially Seattle.

Since this was Sarah’s last weekend in town with us, we did our best to make sure we did as many quintessential Seattle activities as possible.  Starting with – what else? – Pike Place Market…

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Sarah had been before earlier in the summer, but we had arrived just as it was closing so she’d never seen the market in a full swing of activity. 

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My favorite part of the market is always the flowers.  I just can’t get enough.

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Sarah, please don’t leave us!

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The market is also a great place to see farmer’s market basics mixed in with exotic fruits and vegetables that might be hard to find elsewhere.  Garlic spears?

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Gorgeous fresh lavender that smelled so amazing I wanted to buy up every stalk.

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We had a few other errands to run after the market, so I didn’t grab any flowers this time.  I’ll have to get my fix this week from all the beautiful peony pictures.

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The market was PACKED since it was a Saturday afternoon, and we were all starving by the time we finished walking through the whole thing.  Quick stop at a local bagel shop for pesto bagels with tofu and veggies.  Yum.

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We hung out downtown for a bit and did some shopping, including a stop into Verizon where I ended up getting a new phone!  Casey really wanted me to give him my phone (because it is the only one compatible with his work email system), which meant that I could upgrade early for a new one.

I went back and forth and back and forth a million times, trying to decide if I should stick with the Droid (which I have LOVED) and get a newer model (Incredible, Charge, etc.), or switch gears completely and get an iPhone.  The major deciding factor for me was that I don’t have an iPod, and so I figured that if I switched to an iPhone I could essentially get both with one device. 

I went against my gut instinct and got the iPhone, and then as soon as we got home I promptly freaked out that it wasn’t working with any of my mail or calendar programs.  I am an obsessive Gmail and Google user, and my things are not working quite like I want them to on this new phone system.  I’m trying to get used to it and am giving myself a week to adjust.  But if I’m still not loving it by this weekend, I’m going back for a trade!

After my mini phone tantrum, we headed back out for a glorious Seattle evening at our first Mariners game!

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Sarah and I waited while Casey bought tickets, expecting to just sit wherever was available for our last minute purchase.  Imagine my surprise when we walked to our seats and I discovered that he bought us tickets 13 rows behind home plate!

IMG_1065 (640x417)

It was a fun treat to have such great seats, and I guess it was a special evening at the ballpark because the 2001 Mariners team was all there.  Apparently this is a big deal, but it was kind of lost on me. 

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The sun was shining and the weather was perfect – the stadium roof was wide open!

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IMG_1071 (640x424)

I was terrified of being hit by a fly ball, even though we had netting in front of our seats since we were close to the action.

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Back in Cincinnati we used to go to a lot of Reds games, and this was my first major league game elsewhere.  The Mariners played horribly, but it was still really fun.

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Before we even got there, I did my research to see what our dinner options might be, since I was slightly scared we might be having cotton candy for dinner.  Imagine my surprise to find this gem hidden in section 132…

IMG_1080 (640x427)

Healthy, organic, vegan, gluten-free food at the ballpark.  Seriously, is this a dream?  Compared to the prices of traditional ballpark food, it wasn’t even more expensive!

IMG_1084 (640x427)

Glorious Field Roast frankfurter veggie dog topped with relish, ketchup, and mustard. 

IMG_1085 (640x427)

Truly does not get better than that.

IMG_1086 (640x427)

A great day spent in downtown Seattle, followed by a great night out at the ballpark.

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IMG_1090 (640x420)

I’d say Sarah’s last weekend here was very well spent!

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Lots to do this week before we head out of town for vacation on Friday.  Back soon with a fun nursery update!