Nursery Progress: The Wall Decal Goes Up!

A while back I told you guys that we had ordered a wall decal for our nursery.  For the past month it’s been sitting in its tube staring at me, waiting for me to do something with it.  The whole point of a decal is that is supposed to be quick and easy to do right?  For some reason it scared me.

Sarah and I had planned to do it last weekend, but after looking at the instructions we enlisted Casey to help us at least get started. 

IMG_3033 (480x640)

Good thing we solicited some extra help – it was a little more involved than I had originally anticipated! 

IMG_3034 (480x640)

We started with the tree trunk base…

IMG_3038 (640x480)

While Sarah cut decal pieces apart and served as official photographer.

IMG_3039 (640x480)

The trunk goes up.  Decal excitement begins!

IMG_3041 (640x481)

Indy was a little nervous about the whole process.  He isn’t quite sure what to make of the nursery just yet.

IMG_3044 (640x475)

But apparently he did not find it to be as exciting as I did.

IMG_3048 (640x480)

Matching the delicate branches up to the tree base was the hardest part.  Ten million points to Casey for doing this flawlessly.

IMG_3049 (480x640)

Sarah and I watched and cheered from the nursery floor.

IMG_3054 (640x475)

Once the tree base was finished, little birdies were placed.  Ladies, I tell ya.  Nothing melts a heart more than watching your husband put birdie decals on the wall for his unborn baby boy.  Seriously, nothing

IMG_3055 (481x640)

While dad applied birds, mom cut out leaves.

IMG_3058 (640x474)

But we called it a day because it was late and we were all hungry.  Very good progress for day one!

IMG_3060 (467x640) (2)

A few days later, Sarah and I picked up where Casey left off.  He took care of the trees and birds, so we took charge of the leaves.

IMG_3075 (480x640)

It looks like it would be as simple as sticking on a sticker, but it didn’t quite work that way.  There were multiple layers that needed to be peeled away, and a mini squeegee was involved.  Fun stuff.

IMG_3078 (480x640)

Sarah and I spent waaaaay too much time deciding on letter placement, making sure we didn’t accidentally spell something weird.

IMG_3079 (480x640)

While we worked, we also danced and sang to a totally awesome 90s boy band Pandora playlist.  I assure you, two people have never had this much fun applying a wall decal.

IMG_3081 (640x480)

The big brothers supervised.  (Ugly car accident scar, boooo.)

IMG_3084 (640x481)

And with the final placement of a flying bird in the corner…

IMG_3085 (480x640)

It was DONE!  Doesn’t it look adorable?  I am so proud.  Twenty points to the first person who can spot the secret message in the trees…  There are two intentional hidden words (and a few unintentional ones – whoops!).

IMG_3087 (480x640)

We are one step closer to finishing our nursery, and with every project I get more and more excited!  You can see our other easy dresser drawer project over on Babble

IMG_3088 (479x640)

Now we just need the glider to arrive so that we can finally put the room together!  Thirteen weeks to go, and I have a feeling they are going to go quickly…