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    A Look Back.

Week 25: My Pregnancy Journey.

Week 25 has been a fun one, mostly because we took the bump on vacation to Las Vegas!  Prior to our trip, I was really worried about how I would do with the traveling and heat at 25 weeks pregnant, but I ended up feeling great the whole time.

How Big is the Baby?

Growing and growing as usual!  This week he’s as big as an…eggplant!  One of my personal favorites

IMG_0825 (640x427)

More about him this week…

Head to heels, your baby now measures about 13 1/2 inches. His weight is about a pound and a half, and he’s beginning to exchange his long, lean look for some baby fat. As he does, his wrinkled skin will begin to smooth out and he’ll start to look more and more like a newborn. He’s also growing more hair — and if you could see it, you’d now be able to discern its color and texture. (source)

I can definitely believe the size too, judging from how big my belly is and how I am feeling this week. 

IMG_0828 (426x640)

I noticed last night that I could actually feel him moving on both sides of my stomach, which made me realize just how big he is in there!  Until now it’s been little pokes and jabs in certain sections, but recently I can feel him all over.  He’s taking up a lot more space than he used to!

How I’m Changing

Only one real noticeable change this week, other than the obviously growing stomach.  I told you before that my stomach has gotten disturbingly hairy (ew), and now there is something new to add to it.  I am so ITCHY!  Seriously, my stomach itches.  I find myself scratching my belly like an old man far more often than I am proud of. 

IMG_0831 (419x640)

Most women also get something called a linea nigra, which is the dark line that appears on your stomach under your belly button.  So far I don’t seem to have this, and I’m crossing my fingers that it stays away, even though I know if it does appear it will fade eventually.  We have another trip to the beach planned in a few weeks, and I’d love to feel comfortable wearing a two-piece again.   

How I’m Feeling

I’m feeling a little slower and more exhausted this week.  Simple tasks are becoming less simple, and I’m learning to ask for help more and more.  Traveling this weekend, I found that reaching over into my bag from my airplane seat was nearly impossible, and flying for even 2-hours was pretty uncomfortable.  Makes me a little nervous for the 2 cross-country flights I still have booked during this pregnancy!

I’m having more back pain this week, and I find sitting for long stretches of time to be really hard on my tailbone and lower back.  To be honest, not many positions or ways of sitting are very comfortable anymore, but I think that’s probably to be expected by this late into pregnancy. 

But other than a few discomforts and trouble sleeping, I’m still feeling great, eating well, and staying active.  There is so much KICKING now, and it makes me happy all day long. 

IMG_0834 (425x640)

Odds and Ends

My baby shower invitations went into the mail this week, and it’s just one more thing to make it feel very real and very special.  Could these invitations be any cuter?

IMG_0837 (640x427)

Since we aren’t sharing the name until October, the tree is etched with Baby Garnish – TOO CUTE!  I haven’t actually been home since we first told our families that I was pregnant back in February, and it will be fun to go home looking much different this time.

A lot of you asked about the dresses I wore on our Vegas babymoon, so here is the rundown on where I’ve been finding my clothes that fit my new shape…

IMG_0731 (427x640)

Purple and white dress worn at the VenetianLiz Lange Maternity from Target.  It’s a little big, as most maternity gear seems to be, but I figured it would grow with me for the rest of my pregnancy.

IMG_0702 (423x640)

Long print dress from the Bellagio – not a maternity dress, and from Forever 21!  I found a million cheap and nice looking maxi dresses there, and was able to find a few that hit me in the right spot to not affect the bump.  I was able to get this one in my normal size too, so I should be able to wear it for quite a while.  (And for those who asked, Sarah’s dress is from Target!)

IMG_0669 (426x640)

Yellow and blue strapless dress at the Red Rocks – this one I got on sale at A Pea in the Pod (maternity store).  A Pea in the Pod is mostly designer maternity wear, but I have found some really nice pieces on sale there, and it’s worth having a few nice things for special occasions.  Fore more maternity talk, check out a few more of my favorite maternity essentials over on Babble today!

IMG_0836 (426x640)

For previous weekly updates or other pregnancy-related posts, make sure to check out the pregnancy page!

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Julia     at 6:00 pm

You’re darling! I did get the line, and it went away within a couple months after she was born. But if you don’t have it by now, I bet you won’t get it. But shoot, I don’t remember when mine appeared either… Oh my gosh, just wait until the baby is almost full term, and when they move, holy cow, you KNOW they move. And then when they come out and do those same movements you felt inside. Motherhood is such a trip, in a good way!!!


Chloe (South Beach Girl)     at 6:00 pm

I love that you bring the produce in to show off alongside your belly, it really makes the baby seem that much more real to your readers!
How late can you fly when pregnant? Hopefully you’ll be able to get another first class ticket, or at least an exit row :)


Sarah     at 6:03 pm

ZOMG- you have the CUTEST baby belly EVER!


Summer     at 6:04 pm

You and your little eggplant are too cute! I love the F21 dress. I’ve been following you for a long time now, and it’s so hard to believe you’re this far in your pregnancy. I’ve enjoyed being part of the journey via blog!


Mandi     at 6:09 pm

Love the invites! They are soo cute!


Brittany @ a healthy slice of life     at 6:10 pm

Wow your hair is so long and your bump is so cute on you!

I joke (but am totally serious) that my butt falls asleep when I sit for too long :)


Lindsey     at 6:16 pm

That is the cutest shower invite ever! Did you design it?


Cate     at 6:16 pm

Awww man I’ve had that line for at least a month now… and the itchy stomach is no fun at all.
I totally agree with maxi dresses being the ideal pregnancy outfit!


Gina @ running to the kitchen     at 6:17 pm

I love your long hair and all those dresses.


sallymae     at 6:20 pm

Your belly is nice and tan!!


Hayley @ Oat Couture     at 6:21 pm

Ahh those invites are seriously cute! Also you could be a little itchy due to your skin stretching a little, moisturiser should help?! Thats just a wild guess though, i’m no pregnacy expert! :)


Katherina @ Zephyr Runs     at 6:28 pm

Wow! You’ve “popped” so much! You seem to be loving every minute of your pregnancy which is so wonderful :) And those invitations are too cute for words, love ‘em.


Ashley     at 6:29 pm

Looking cute as ever! xo


katie     at 6:31 pm

You are a beautiful and glowing mom to be!!! I ma so excited for you and your husband!!!

The invitations are adorable!

You look great!


Abby @ Abz 'n' Oats     at 6:42 pm

I love those invites! So cute! :)


Heidi @ Food Doodles     at 6:46 pm

Ahh, I love the eggplant. Such a cute comparison. I love your strapless dress, you look gorgeous in it :)


chelsey @ clean eating chelsey     at 6:48 pm

You are just too much. I love your bump – you get more of a glow with each week! You’re beautiful!


Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn     at 6:51 pm



Gina (Yogattude)     at 7:02 pm

I Love all the cute maxi dresses! I finally bought my first one a few weekes ago on sale at Banana and am absolutely in love with it. Can’t wait to wear it this weekend!


Graze With Me     at 7:07 pm

Aw man! I had the linea nigra before I even GOT pregnant! (In middle school I always secretly thought I had some crazy surgery that my parents never told me about…) But now that I am preggo, it’s darker and longer, plus it even goes about 4 inches up above my belly button. Boo.

The itchiness is annoying isn’t it?! I use so much lotion it’s ridiculous but I seem to find that whenever I wear shorts/capris with a belly panel it aggravates it more.

You’re looking fabulous!


Robyn @ Blueberries and Oats     at 7:18 pm

Those may be the cutest baby invitations ever.


Kristen @ Change of Pace     at 7:24 pm

Have you started browsing websites like babyhalfoff.com, kidsteals.com, and babysteals.com? TROUBLE!!!


Lindsay     at 7:43 pm

Those invitations are adorable!!7


stevie     at 7:47 pm

All the itching can mean your skin is stretching.


Sara     at 8:11 pm

Yes i agree with stevie…The itchiness is due to your belly stretching. I used the cvs version of Bio Oil (it’s sold right next to it) or the belly to babe oil by Otopia (it’s organic too!) and that helped a lot and I didn’t get one stretch mark on my belly which was a pleasant surprise since I did have them and did get them else where where I didn’t rub the oil and gained weight from my pregnant (thighs). I think it definetely worked for my belly!


Emily @ One Sweet Vegan     at 8:17 pm

Oh my gosh–I had completely forgotten about my pregnant itchy belly until you mentioned yours! All of your dresses are beautiful and so are you! :-)


Lauren     at 8:20 pm

YAY for Baby Shower time!!!!


Kath     at 8:23 pm

You are beautiful, your stomach is beautiful!


Jessica Sinclair     at 8:41 pm

Love the dresses from your trip…I lived in dresses when I was pregnant too, so comfortable. The itchiness is from the stretching skin….start moisturizing with an oil with vitamin E in it, BIO Oil, even Baby oil… my friend used olive oil (low grade) and she has a scar free tummy, but that could just be good genetics.


Jessica @ The Process of Healing     at 8:43 pm

You are so cute!! I can’t believe I’ve been following the pregnancy for so long.. even more, I can’t believe that you’ve been pregnant for so long!! I can’t wait for the baby!!!


Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama}     at 8:56 pm

No, those invitations could not be any cuter. Adorable!

You are looking fabulous! :-)


Cary     at 8:57 pm

I added a cup of olive oil to my warm baths to help with the itching & moisturizing. I’d just soak in it and rub it all over that big belly. It felt so good!


Annie@stronghealthyfit     at 8:58 pm

You look amazing! Thanks for sharing so much :-)


Dana     at 9:14 pm

I’ve been following your blog for several months now and have loved seeing your pregnancy journey! My niece was actually BORN at 25 weeks – and she was about the size of that eggplant :) She’s 2 months old now and doing VERY well! Praying for a continued healthy pregnancy for you.


Heidi - Apples Under My Bed     at 9:15 pm

Great update! An eggplant, wow :) love to read about all the kicks, how sweet.
Heidi xo


Colleen     at 9:20 pm

You’re looking fabulous! Definitely get some lotion on that belly and other parts. It will help with the itching.


Dana     at 9:25 pm

I’ve been following your blog for several months now and I love seeing your pregnancy journey. My niece was born AT 25 weeks…and she was about the size of that eggplant! She’s 2 months old now and doing really well. Praying for a continued healthy pregnancy for you!


Lauren J     at 9:26 pm

This is such a weird comment, but hairy or not I can’t get over how incredibly smooth and pretty your belly looks. It’s like the perfect preggo belly :)

Love love love the F21 dress…well all of them actually!


Katherine     at 9:43 pm

Wow….2 cross country flights to go! I flew from CA to SC once when I was about as far along as you are now (maybe it was 23 or 24 weeks) and I had a hard time because I was so uncomfortable. I am 38 weeks now and couldn’t imagine flying again after I returned home. I wish you luck, comfort, and upgrades to first class!


Paige     at 9:48 pm

You look great! And I looove your baby shower invitations.


Sana     at 10:37 pm

I am learning sooo much about pregnancy through your recaps and I still have to get engaged and married before I even think about babiess!


Em @ A life to Bragg about     at 10:50 pm

Omg those shower invites are ADORABLE! And I was one of the ones who asked about your dresses, I desperately need some maternity clothes as mine are starting to get uncomfortable. I kept checking back to see if you responded so I’m glad you wrote a post on it instead haha!


Krissy @ Make It Naked     at 10:56 pm

I just read this with my mom and she said “shes so cute” like a kazillion times. I agree. You look so happy! Love the invites.


Sara@BakingandWine     at 11:15 pm

I’ve heard the linea nigra is sometimes more common if you have a darker complexion. I’m very pale and at 34 weeks I still don’t have it.


Julie @ Wearing Mascara     at 11:57 pm

I’ve been really enjoying your pregnancy journey! You look great and I love all the dresses from your trip! I’m looking forward to your future posts!


Julie (A Case of the Runs)     at 12:25 am

I think I have a very, very faint line on my belly, pretty much since I was a teen. Hope that doesn’t mean I’ll get a really dark one later on… but as you say, it fades.


Lauren @ Hungry Child in the City     at 8:22 am

Is it weird that I don’t know you in real life, but am totally excited for you, your husband and Baby Garnish? I love reading about how the baby is growing, how you’re feeling and how you are managing life pregnant! Very exciting, I wish you guys the best!


Kim @ girlevolving     at 8:33 am

YAY! I love the kicks on both sides of the belly – they’re the best. Love the invitations – super cute!


Katie KS     at 8:41 am

This is somewhat unrelated but I can’t remember if it was you or another commenter who was talking about whale decor. Anyway, I was at Target last night and saw the CUTEST whale bathroom stuff. I almost bought it all but restrained myself til I could check it against the paint we have already bought. http://www.target.com/Tiddliwinks-Whale-Bath-Coordinates/dp/B0037V0WUM/ref=sc_qi_detail

Also I never dealt with the belly button line. I just have no belly button — well what’s left of it kinda sticks out. Interested to see at the OB today how much I’ve gained with all the ankle swelling and belly stretching.

Good luck on your flight back to OH next month. A few of my girlfriends are having a brunch in my/Labor Day Baby’s honor that day. :)


Jocelyn @ Enthusiastic Runner     at 8:42 am

You don’t have any stretch marks!!!! LUCKY!!


Ash @ Good Taste Healthy Me     at 8:44 am

You are absolutely radiant and beautiful!

Love your shower invites too!


Jen     at 9:25 am

You continue to look so amazing :) And my belly is already itchy!


Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun     at 9:26 am

You seriously rock pregnancy. :)

And those invites are precious. Wish I could be there at your baby shower. I want to shower you with love!


eva @5fruitsNveggies     at 11:08 am

oh you bring me back so many memories! mine are now 9 & 7…i remember the itchy skin—oh and the charlie horses in the middle of the night!….never got the ‘linea’…you look absolutely lovely! glowing to no end : )


Cindy Robinson     at 11:37 am

You look so cute in all of those dresses! A few of my girlfriends had the issue with itching, and found that an over the counter lotion called Sarna worked good for them. Hope you find a little relief soon! :) Happy Friday!


Melissa {west coast nest}     at 12:02 pm

Your babymoon looked so fun! I’m so happy you shared where you found your fun dresses — I was so curious! I’ve been following your pregnancy from the start — so cool of you to share this amazing time in your life! Best wishes in the last 15 weeks! :)


Shayla @ The Good Life     at 12:47 pm

You look so beautiful Emily and I love your long hair too…pregnancy definitely fits you well and you’re absolutely glowing. I hope to look just as good as you when I’m pregnant! :)
And I love love those dresses, I’ll definitely have to check out Forever 21 and Target!


Amber K     at 12:54 pm

Wow, an eggplant? Those little buggers sure grow fast :) You’re glowing as usual!


Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen)     at 1:19 pm

You look amazing! I can’t believe how much the little one has grown. You wear it (and the dresses so well)! You look stunning!


Katy @ MonsterProof     at 1:50 pm

You’re looking great! As for the linea nigra? Mine only appeared after I gave birth! Weird… Still have it, but it’s only been 6 weeks.


www.theevolvinghomemaker.com     at 2:45 pm

Adorable. Simply adorable. :)



Elisabeth     at 3:18 pm

You look so beautiful & healthy in this week’s baby bump pics!


MeAgan     at 3:21 pm

You look amazing! :-) I am 32 weeks and had a lot of the same fears in the beging but once I felt my baby girl move its like a calm washed over me! I still have times when I worry and then she’ll kick or squirm and everything feels alright :-) It’s such an exciting time! I am super happy for you and wish you the very best!!!


Stacy @ Stacy Eats     at 4:28 pm

You look beautiful and so happy! Love it!


Jessica @ Jess Go Bananas     at 5:34 pm

You truly have that motherly glow! Happy to hear all is going smoothly with the pregnancy! :)


erica     at 8:59 pm

You are so cute and your invites are so cute!

I didn’t have a linea negra until AFTER I gave birth…it’s a little noticeable still but every day I was pregnant I looked for a line!


Rachel @ My Naturally Frugal Family     at 10:24 am

I did get the line on the belly, but it does disappear. I also we super itchy…I just kept lathering up with cocoa butter (or any lotion that was close by).
You look FABULOUS!
Thanks for sharing all of your clothing finds.


Amanda Perry @ Sistas of Strength     at 4:20 pm

Love love love ur dresses and invites! And you look wonderful! The best thing for me when I was pregnant if my back hurt was to stretch my hips. Many times back pain just comes from tight hip flexors. Hope it helps. :)


Meagan     at 8:11 pm

Your belly is beautiful!


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Diana @ frontyardfoodie     at 1:15 pm

Oh my gosh you are gorgeous!

I love your maxi dresses, they seriously got me through my my pregnancy as, like you, I found that maternity wear was just too big for me.


Kirk Wilcox     at 9:08 am

Well congrats i hope you are doing well ?


Kirk Hamilton     at 9:26 am

I hope everything is well with the baby?


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