Week 26: My Pregnancy Journey.

I think this might be one of the last weeks where my updates are in terms of the baby’s length.  After this, I think he becomes something gargantuan like a melon! 

But for this week, he’s a LONG as an English cucumber

IMG_0967 (424x640)

He weighs about a pound and two-thirds and measures ~14 inches from head to heel.  I cheated and used the regular cucumber that I already had in the refrigerator, so he’s probably actually much longer than this!

IMG_0968 (427x640)

How I’m Changing

Not much to report on changes this week, other than the fact that my stomach just keeps on growing.  Kicks and thumps continue, which I absolutely love, and I’m starting to be able to predict his sleeping and kicking patterns.  I have also developed a slightly irrational fear of falling while pregnant.  I am trying hard to be extra careful!

IMG_0972 (422x640)

Exercising for Two

I’m doing really well with my pregnancy exercise and feeling great about how much I’ve been able to do.  I’m hoping to write a detailed post on my pregnancy weight-lifting routine later this week. 

For other expecting moms, check out the maternity fitness clothes giveaway over on Babble this week!

IMG_0929 (425x640)

As part of my fitness routine, I try to walk 3 miles almost every day around a beautiful spot here called Greenlake.  More and more I am starting to need to go slower and slooower.  Usually somewhere around mile two, I’ll feel some dull pains on my lower right side, and I’m pretty sure it’s round ligament pain.  Last week, I even took a break and sat in the grass for a bit half-way around the lake! 

Working out feels great, but also really exhausting.  As I explained to Casey yesterday, imagine doing all of your normal daily activities with a 15 pound weight plate strapped to your stomach.  Carrying around this big belly and the extra pounds definitely takes a toll on me by the end of the day, but overall I still feel really good.

IMG_0974 (427x640)

Buying for Baby

We made some exciting progress in the nursery department this week!  I finally broke down and ordered the glider/rocker that I had actually picked out weeks ago.  For some reason I kept going back and forth on this and procrastinated actually placing the order.  Of course, when I went to order it this weekend I was told that because I picked custom wood and fabric, it would take 12-14 weeks to come in.  OOPS!  I placed the order anyways and am hoping for the best (due in 14 weeks!). 

This isn’t the right wood or fabric, but the chair will (hopefully) look something like this…


It’s not really my typical furniture style, and Casey claimed his grandma had the same one when he first saw it, but it’s really comfortable and practical, and I think it’s what will work best for our space.  The main reason I chose this over one of the more modern upholstered chair types of rockers is that:  1.  This one reclines, which I feel will be VERY important for nursing and napping.  And, 2.  It is much, much smaller than a big upholstered chair!  Our nursery is teeny tiny, and space is premium.  I also ordered the matching ottoman – I can’t wait for them to arrive!

IMG_0976 (427x640)

On Babble today, I wrote about my 10 favorite all natural bath and beauty products.  I think cleaning up health and beauty products is an important thing that we should ALL consider, not just expecting moms!  I’m planning to eventually write more about the rest of our products and cleaners as well, as we’ve done a pretty major overhaul in our house over the past year or so. 

IMG_0946 (417x640)

Odds and Ends

  • Pregnancy length:  26 weeks, 4 days
  • Total weight gained:  13-14 pounds
  • Weeks left:  A little less than 14 – wow!
  • Favorite food this week:  TJ’s Caribbean popsicles
  • Days ‘til next appointment:  seven
  • Days ‘til beach vacation:  nine!
  • Days I will be spending at the beach:  seven!
  • Bathing suits ordered for vacation:  four (hoping two will fit)
  • Baby registries created:  two – hurrah!
  • Months until baby shower:  one, exactly
  • Mystery baby gifts received from unknown senders:  one (?)

IMG_0979 (423x640)

Back next week with the LAST update from my second trimester!  How did that happen!?!