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    A Look Back.

Week 28: My Pregnancy Journey.

I am beyond excited to be doing this week’s update from the beach!  And I was even more excited when I realized that this week’s vegetable worked well in our weekly meal plan (coleslaw).  :)

How Big is the Baby?

This week, he weighs as much as a big ol’ cabbage!

IMG_1288 (640x422)

He’s up to almost three pounds now, and measures over a foot – close to 15 inches!  I can definitely feel he is getting longer – mostly in my ribcage where he is kicking and pushing. 

IMG_1291 (424x640)

How I’m Changing

There has been some serious belly growth this week.  I feel like I have a basketball strapped to my stomach and I absolutely love it.  It’s funny – the bigger I get, the more I love being pregnant.

IMG_1292 (427x640)

Outtakes.  :)

 IMG_1294 (427x640)  IMG_1295 (427x640)

How I’m Feeling

Physically I feel great.  Other than discomfort sleeping and back pain from sitting for long periods of time, I have no complaints.  I did find that the cross-country red eye flight at this point in pregnancy was a little rougher than I expected.  By the end I felt really swollen, and had some serious cankles.  Nothing a good night sleep and a long walk on the beach couldn’t fix, but I’m already dreading the flight back home.

I had a bit of an emotional week too.  Pregnancy hormones are in full swing, and I have cried through more episodes of Grey’s Anatomy than I care to admit.  On Wednesday I had my 28 week prenatal appointment (and first gestational diabetes test), followed by my three-hour glucose screening test on Friday.  I have to be honest – I was really surprised at the reaction I got from my post about the first diabetes test.  It just goes to show that there is always room to learn and evolve as a writer, and writing in the moment does not always come across as intended. 

I was definitely upset at first to learn that my glucose numbers were high, but once the initial surprise wore off, I was prepared to manage whatever came next.  I never expected pregnancy to be perfect, and I’m actually pretty proud of how I’ve spent my first 28 weeks.  Pregnancy has given me a new respect and appreciation for both my own body, and women in general.  The human body is incredible

I am happy to report that I received the test results for my 3-hour diabetes screening test, and I passed with flying colors!  I feel very relieved to not be diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  But I’m also thankful for the experience as a whole.  It not only caused me to take a second look at my sugar consumption, but to also realize that no matter what bumps might come our way in the next few months, we are most definitely ready to be parents.

IMG_1296 (423x640)

Even though he was traveling for business, Casey was such a huge support through the whole week.  He’s going to be such a wonderful dad, and one of the things I look forward to the most is getting to see him hold his son for the first time.

Odds and Ends

For as much as some women might shudder at the thought of going to the beach at 28 weeks pregnant, I am loving it!  I shared the many reasons it’s great to be pregnant at the beach on Babble this week – there is no place I’d rather relax than in the sand with a good long book.  For the official belly bump photos, a bathing suit seemed most fitting given our surroundings…

IMG_3117 (479x640)

My bump has definitely gone from a big curve to more like a hanging beach ball.  Compared to other pregnant ladies I’ve seen, it seems like I’m carrying really low – don’t you think?  I find myself with my hand under my stomach a lot, supporting it more and more as it gets later in the day.

IMG_3119 (478x640)

In between beach reads and naps, I’ve been spending my afternoons day dreaming about our next beach vacation – when we have little Baby C running around splashing and discovering the waves and the sand for the first time.  My heart feels like it could explode just thinking about it.  I can’t wait to teach him how to build a drip castle!

Twelve weeks to go…

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Rachel     at 3:43 pm

Hi Emily,

I really enjoy reading your blog, including your pregnancy journey. I think it’s important that you bring up the medical and emotional issues that you deal with during the course of your pregnancy. And while I admit that sometimes your posts can come across as overreacting, I also love that you talk about having a tendency to be anxious or controlling. My dad was a huge worry wort and control freak, and while I found that to be quite annoying as a teenager, it also was always a sign of how much he loved me.

Since you’ve talked openly about your medical issues, I was hoping you wouldn’t mind my asking a couple questions in the comments forum. First, I was just wondering if you did research on sunning/tanning and being pregnant? I have no clue if this affects pregnancy, so I’m not bringing this up to condemn you hanging out at the beach. I was personally just curious if doctors mention any precautions about it.

Second, I was wondering if you had considered banking your baby’s cord blood? I recently edited an article about this procedure for LadyLUX magazine and thought it could be helpful for expecting parents: http://www.ladylux.com/style/site/article/cord-blood-know-the-facts-when-it-comes-to-your-child/

Finally, I just wanted to say that I was born with a hole in my heart. My parents often talk about how finding that out was one of the worst days of their lives, and how they constantly worried that they had somehow caused it. I had surgery at age 3 and have had no problems with my heart ever since. (I wrote a guest post mentioning it on Dori’s Shiny Blog: http://dorishinyblog.com/2011/04/19/the-race-i-didnt-run/) Even though I have a big scar across my chest, I think my heart surgery made me the person I am today. I don’t think I would be as brave, strong and appreciative for my body if I hadn’t had this issue. Sometimes imperfections make life better in other ways.


Emily Malone Reply:

Hey Rachel! Sorry for the delay – your comment was lost in my spam! To answer your questions…

I talked to my midwife about my vacation before we left. The only real concerns for being in the sun while pregnant are the same as just being in the heat – staying hydrated, wearing sunscreen, and making sure you don’t get overheated. I have been slathering 45 spf on during our trip, and spending usually half of each day under an umbrella. :)

I have read a bit about cord banking, but admit I don’t know that much about it. At this point I’d say we’re probably not doing it, but that could also change in the next 11 weeks.

My dad was actually born with a hole in his heart too! He also had surgery as a child, and has been healthy every since. I have no doubt that medicine these days is advanced enough to deal with the majority of issues that might arise during pregnancy, childbirth, etc. I have a few big scars as well, and I know what you mean – they give us character.


Rachel Reply:

No worries about the delay, Emily! Thank you for replying to my extensive comment. I was really curious about sunning and pregnancy. That’s good to hear since I plan to move back to LA and would want to start a family there one day, preferably spending pregnancy on the beach haha.

Cord banking is definitely a personal choice, but I wanted to raise awareness about it since I think more parents should be informed of the option.

Good luck with the last 11 weeks!


Emily     at 11:28 pm


I love your dress! Where did you get it? And congrats on Baby C, can’t wait to meet him!



Emily Malone Reply:

Forever 21


Lauren C. @ FocusedToBeFit     at 10:01 am

You are the cutest pregnant woman, EVER! Definitely glowing. I could go for some beach time, too! Have fun


Louise     at 11:50 am

Happy for your good result! I’m hoping for a good result when I take the test in a few weeks. I have PCOS and my doctor told me to prepare for the possibility of having it. I am trying not to worry about it. I just want a healthy baby boy.


Julie S.     at 4:56 pm

You are absolutely radiant!


Lauren     at 8:24 pm

Congrats on passing. What a relief that must have been. By the way, I know I always tell you this, but you look incredible. I only hope I look 1/2 as good as you when I am pregnant.


Amykinz @ Foodie4Healing     at 7:49 pm

You are absolutely glowing! :)


Emily Malone Reply:



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