Today has just been one of those days where I sort of felt like this…

IMG_2109 (640x428)

Not sure if it was the nice sunny weather or the impending weekend, but I just didn’t feel like being strapped to my laptop all day long.  I still managed to get a lot of work done though, and checked a lot of things off my weekend to-do list!

To avoid my computer, I tackled one of the other big projects I had on my agenda for this weekend – mailing our new Recipage t-shirts!

IMG_2058 (640x427)

We have really great new super soft American Apparel shirts we are sending to all of our users, and now that they have arrived I was excited to get them into the mail so that people can start enjoying them!

IMG_2061 (640x427)

Lots and lots of addressing, stuffing, sealing, and double-checking.  It is really fun to have a side business that I can work on with Casey, and it’s something that we both put time into every day.  (For background on how/when we started Recipage, see the Recipage story!)

IMG_2060 (640x427)

With all my envelopes stuffed and ready for the post office, I also did a bit of cooking…

IMG_2083 (640x427)

And subsequently, some eating.  This delicious creation will be up Monday morning – YUM. 

IMG_2105 (640x427)

I finished my thank you cards for gifts from my baby shower

IMG_2108 (640x427)

And now I am finally back on the computer and sipping an iced decaf coffee at one of Seattle’s finest coffee shops.  I foresee a nice long walk in the sunshine this evening, followed by a lot of this…

IMG_2110 (640x427)

Have a great weekend, friends!