I’m continuing to make progress this week, around the house and in the nursery.  I’ve been sorting through all the gifts from the baby shower and trying to find spots for everything.

IMG_1851 (427x640)

When I first arrived home, I loaded all of the small gifts and clothes into the crib while I figured out what to do next.

IMG_1852 (640x424)

This baby is going to be very well dressed!  So many clothes!  And I still haven’t figured out where to hang our wall art.

IMG_1853 (640x427)

Last weekend I went to Land of Nod and picked up a few things we didn’t have yet – crib sheets, changing pad covers, storage bins, and this cute yellow lamp for the dresser that is buried behind a stack of books.  Whoops.

IMG_1854 (427x640)

The storage bins are for the closet so that I can have a place to organize things, since I’m planning on keeping the closet doors off (to open up the space).  Still need to get the rest of the extra stuff out of there though.

IMG_1857 (427x640)

I unpacked the clothes from the crib and finally got our mattress pad cover, crib skirt, and sheets onto the crib!  I literally squealed with glee when I saw the finished product.

IMG_1867 (640x414) (2)

This quilt goes with the bedding, but will probably be thrown over the glider once it finally arrives. 

IMG_1868 (427x640)

Check out the adorable chick pillow from Auntie Kath

IMG_1869 (640x427)

The floor is now covered in piles of clothing organized by size and style.  I think we are in great shape until he’s 6 months old.  After that he might be naked.

IMG_1872 (640x427)

I have zero interest in shopping for myself these days, since there is nothing in the world cuter than baby clothes.  Seriously, check out the dinosaurs on these footie pajamas.  DINOSAURS!  I love little boys.

IMG_1873 (427x640)

I’m finding more and more that I’m a lot hungrier these days, even though my stomach doesn’t actually have much room.  I’ve been stocking up on more snack stuff like fruit and granola bars so that I can grab something quickly while I’m working during the day.  Yesterday’s grocery trip involved the purchase of 48 Clif bars…

IMG_1894 (421x640)

These Mojo bars are my favorites – every flavor I have tried has been good!  Perfect afternoon snack for when my uterus demands more food.

IMG_1893 (640x427)

Tonight will hopefully involve the creation of a delicious recipe featuring our week 30 butternut squash.  If you don’t see the recipe, you know it was a flop.

IMG_1895 (427x640)

My house is really cold and breezy today, so I’m wearing Casey’s Patagonia jacket inside.  None of my winter clothes fit and I refuse to buy any more maternity gear, so I’m making do with anything I can zip past my belly at this point.

IMG_1899 (427x640)

Last but not least, the dogs told me they are feeling a little hurt that they haven’t been on the blog for a while.

IMG_1905 (640x427)

I’ll make sure to start including them more often. 

IMG_1917 (640x427)

Back to work!