Seattle By Sea.

I am back in Seattle after a whirlwind trip across the country for my baby shower.  I woke up this morning feeling grateful to be home safe and sound, but sad to be so far away again.

While I was off spending time with friends and family, I neglected to share the wonderful end to my visit with Lindsey here in Seattle.  On the last day of her Seattle trip, we decided to be the ultimate tourists and have a full day of Seattle sightseeing.

Our afternoon began at Pike Place, where all visitors must go at least once.

IMG_1666 (640x427)

I love how every time I go to Pike, I never know what flowers will be in season.  Each time I walk into the market I am greeting with rows and rows of buckets of fresh seasonal blooms.  This week it was gorgeous statice!

IMG_1668 (640x427)

IMG_1669 (640x427)

No matter how many times I go, the atmosphere and excitement of the people in the market never gets old.

IMG_1671 (640x423)

IMG_1674 (427x640)

IMG_1672 (640x427)

IMG_1673 (427x640)

After our stroll through Pike Place, we ventured down to Alaskan Way to see the waterfront and get our tickets for our next destination…

IMG_1681 (640x419)

We took a 2.5 hour sightseeing boat tour with Argosy Cruises!  I was afraid it would be cheesy but it actually ended up being really great – even for someone who lives here.  I would highly recommend a boat tour to any Seattle visitors!

We started out in Lake Union and learned all about the Seattle houseboat communities.  I can’t imagine living in one of these – so cool!

IMG_1686 (640x427)

We sailed along and left the skyline in the distance.

IMG_1689 (640x418)

IMG_1695 (640x427)

It was so fun to have Lindsey here in Seattle, and for us to get to do something so different on our last day together out west.

IMG_1684 (640x427)

I am used to seeing all my favorite Seattle spots looking from the land out onto the water.  It was really cool to get the perspective of being on the water looking back toward the land!  We sailed under the Aurora bridge…

IMG_1698 (427x640)

And Baby C enjoyed his first boat ride.  He has been hanging out on my right side a lot these days – can you see it popping out?

IMG_1699 (640x427)

Our boat continued along the canal under the Fremont and Ballard bridges.  So proud that my neighborhood was one of the talking points of the tour!

IMG_1701 (640x427)

Just as we entered the Locks, the sun came out and the water sparkled.

IMG_1706 (640x427)

IMG_1710 (640x427)

IMG_1712 (640x427)

IMG_1719 (640x415)

IMG_1722 (640x411)

Great view of the Space Needle from the water.  Going to the top is still on my to-do list!

IMG_1727 (410x640)

I am always happiest when I’m around water.

IMG_1732 (640x427)

IMG_1730 (419x640)

As we headed down the Puget Sound towards our final destination, we passed a very familiar looking Pier 70.  Any other Real World Seattle fans out there?  I was obsessed!

IMG_1734 (640x427)

Our boat ride ended at Pier 55 after almost three hours spent soaking in the sun and learning all sorts of fun facts about Seattle that I never would have known.  Definitely a great way to spend the afternoon for both tourists and residents.

IMG_1736 (640x424)

Lindsey was our last Seattle visitor for a while now, and we probably won’t have anyone else out here until our little man arrives in October.  I am due exactly two months from today, and I have a feeling those two months are going to go by very quickly!

Coming up this week – a few more delicious recipes, and hopefully some nursery updates once I get all our baby shower loot put away!

Also, don’t miss my Featured Blogger interview with the YMCA, talking about their Summer Food Program.  Happy Monday!