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    A Look Back.

Seattle By Sea.

I am back in Seattle after a whirlwind trip across the country for my baby shower.  I woke up this morning feeling grateful to be home safe and sound, but sad to be so far away again.

While I was off spending time with friends and family, I neglected to share the wonderful end to my visit with Lindsey here in Seattle.  On the last day of her Seattle trip, we decided to be the ultimate tourists and have a full day of Seattle sightseeing.

Our afternoon began at Pike Place, where all visitors must go at least once.

IMG_1666 (640x427)

I love how every time I go to Pike, I never know what flowers will be in season.  Each time I walk into the market I am greeting with rows and rows of buckets of fresh seasonal blooms.  This week it was gorgeous statice!

IMG_1668 (640x427)

IMG_1669 (640x427)

No matter how many times I go, the atmosphere and excitement of the people in the market never gets old.

IMG_1671 (640x423)

IMG_1674 (427x640)

IMG_1672 (640x427)

IMG_1673 (427x640)

After our stroll through Pike Place, we ventured down to Alaskan Way to see the waterfront and get our tickets for our next destination…

IMG_1681 (640x419)

We took a 2.5 hour sightseeing boat tour with Argosy Cruises!  I was afraid it would be cheesy but it actually ended up being really great – even for someone who lives here.  I would highly recommend a boat tour to any Seattle visitors!

We started out in Lake Union and learned all about the Seattle houseboat communities.  I can’t imagine living in one of these – so cool!

IMG_1686 (640x427)

We sailed along and left the skyline in the distance.

IMG_1689 (640x418)

IMG_1695 (640x427)

It was so fun to have Lindsey here in Seattle, and for us to get to do something so different on our last day together out west.

IMG_1684 (640x427)

I am used to seeing all my favorite Seattle spots looking from the land out onto the water.  It was really cool to get the perspective of being on the water looking back toward the land!  We sailed under the Aurora bridge…

IMG_1698 (427x640)

And Baby C enjoyed his first boat ride.  He has been hanging out on my right side a lot these days – can you see it popping out?

IMG_1699 (640x427)

Our boat continued along the canal under the Fremont and Ballard bridges.  So proud that my neighborhood was one of the talking points of the tour!

IMG_1701 (640x427)

Just as we entered the Locks, the sun came out and the water sparkled.

IMG_1706 (640x427)

IMG_1710 (640x427)

IMG_1712 (640x427)

IMG_1719 (640x415)

IMG_1722 (640x411)

Great view of the Space Needle from the water.  Going to the top is still on my to-do list!

IMG_1727 (410x640)

I am always happiest when I’m around water.

IMG_1732 (640x427)

IMG_1730 (419x640)

As we headed down the Puget Sound towards our final destination, we passed a very familiar looking Pier 70.  Any other Real World Seattle fans out there?  I was obsessed!

IMG_1734 (640x427)

Our boat ride ended at Pier 55 after almost three hours spent soaking in the sun and learning all sorts of fun facts about Seattle that I never would have known.  Definitely a great way to spend the afternoon for both tourists and residents.

IMG_1736 (640x424)

Lindsey was our last Seattle visitor for a while now, and we probably won’t have anyone else out here until our little man arrives in October.  I am due exactly two months from today, and I have a feeling those two months are going to go by very quickly!

Coming up this week – a few more delicious recipes, and hopefully some nursery updates once I get all our baby shower loot put away!

Also, don’t miss my Featured Blogger interview with the YMCA, talking about their Summer Food Program.  Happy Monday!

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Chloe (In Fine Feather)     at 6:10 pm

I’m from Seattle and have never been on an Argosy tour, which I think would be a lot of fun! Now that I’m moving to the South (ATL here I come!) I think I’ll have to make it a priority during one of my visits :)


Heather @ Bake, Run, Live     at 6:22 pm

Those flowers are beautiful.
Only 2 months until we meet baby C? That doesn’t seem possible. It seems like I was just reading that you were pregnant!


Lisa     at 6:31 pm

What a wonderful day of water adventures!


Angela     at 6:31 pm

I loved Real World Seattle! Think I’ve seen it at least twice through. It was one of the few seasons they showed on regular TV in the UK rather than just on MTV which we didn’t have.

Seattle looks so nice. It’s definitely on my to visit list.


Rachel in NC     at 6:33 pm

I can see Baby C on the right side, only because my Baby C does the exact same thing! It felt so weird the first time I saw my lopsided belly.

(On a side note, I am totally convinced we have chosen the same name. Not sure why, guess I’ll find out soon!)


Emily Malone Reply:

Ahhh I wonder if we did! Time will tell! :)


Tammy     at 6:35 pm

I am so jealous just looking at these pictures. Whenever you talk about the market there I just want to transport myself. My brother lives in Seattle and so I know I just need. to. get. there.


Krissy @ Make It Naked     at 6:41 pm

Irene!!! Loved it. I think that was the season with the girl from Charlottesville too. Gorgeous pics of you and the city!


Emily Malone Reply:

I totally said to my sister as we passed, “there is the water where Irene threw Stephen’s teddy bear right after he slapped her in the face!”


Brittany (A Healthy Slice of Life)     at 6:47 pm

Odd comment of the week, from your’s truly… I’m jealous of your thighs. They still look so toned! Mine have chunked up a bit and I can’t wait to start exercising in full force again!


Emily Malone Reply:

Haha thanks! But don’t be fooled. They still have some tone since I’ve been working out, but they are much bigger than they used to be. The leg expansion has actually been one of the hardest body changes for me to deal with. Lots of cellulite happening! Oh well! :)


Natalcho @ Tomatoes Rock     at 6:50 pm

Seattle looks fantastic – I somehow thought that it rained all the time and being from London I didn’t want to travel to any other rainy destinations. But seeing your photos is making me reconsider:)


Emily Malone Reply:

From what I hear it rains all winter, but this summer has been glorious! Haven’t had rain in weeks!


Natalcho @ Tomatoes Rock Reply:

Same thing happened to us when we first moved to London – no rain for several months. But then it started raining:) I wrote a blog post about it – see below:


By the way, I love your blog! And the Curious Case of Casey Malone is my favourite post of all times! I read all of your blog posts a couple of months back and I was so inspired by your story and commitment to a healthy life! Keep writing!


Marci     at 6:50 pm

i loved real world Seattle! Wasn’t that the one with the lumberjack from Wisconsin? Do you know who im talking about? He is like a congressman and married another real world member and they have a bunch of kids. Looks so pretty, i really want to visit Seattle, on my list!


Emily Malone Reply:

That was Shawn in Boston! He married Rachel from San Francisco. And yes, I know way too much about Real World cast members. Embarrassing.


Abby @ Abz 'n' Oats     at 6:54 pm

Seattle is so beautiful! :) I can’t wait to visit someday!


Balancing Sylvia     at 7:09 pm

The sights looks so amazing and those flowers? Beyond gorgeous. I’m glad you had such a wonderful time with Lindsey while she was there. The boat tour with her sure looked like it was fun. The picture of Baby C on your right is adorable :D Can’t wait until we get to meet him!


Michelle (The Runner's Plate)     at 7:27 pm

I’m always happiest around water too!


Lee     at 7:40 pm

The first thing that I thought of when I saw the houseboats was Real World. I’ve watched every single season. Perhaps I shouldn’t admit that!


Sara @ real fun food     at 7:41 pm

I had no idea babies would go to one side or the other and it would be visible! Very cool!


sarah (sarah learns)     at 7:46 pm

all of your posts about seattle make me want to visit there sometime in the very near future! it looks like you guys had a beautiful day!


Amy*     at 7:47 pm

I was a big RW Seattle fan! The tour looks like a lot of fun!*


Gina @ Running to the Kitchen     at 7:47 pm

I’d love to take a boat tour of Seattle. When I was there a couple of weeks ago I ran down the path past the Olympic sculpture park along the water and was wishing I was on a boat out there on it! Looks like a fun time :)


Alayna @ Thyme Bombe     at 7:55 pm

I just love that city, it’s so incredibly beautiful. From out there on the boat it looks like an island of skyscrapers!


Teri [a foodie stays fit]     at 7:56 pm

you are seriously so stunning pregnant Emily! Miss you!


Abby     at 8:14 pm

I love Seattle! I’ll be moving up that way the end of this year from Sunny California! I’ll be sure to be stopping at Pike’s Place for my fresh flowers too . Houses just look so much more homey with fresh flowers :)


Ash @ Good Taste Healthy Me     at 8:23 pm

What an awesome day! I love going out on the water in Boston.


Lexi @ A Spoonful of Sunshine     at 8:23 pm

Wowza, those farmers market pictures are gorgeous. That’s pretty much what my dreams look like :)


Annie@stronghealthyfit     at 8:25 pm

Gorgeous pictures!


Kerr     at 8:30 pm

I loved real world Seattle! What a great boat ride.


Ashley     at 8:34 pm

This reminds me of our trip to Sausalito…tear!


Jessica @ Sushi and Sit-Ups     at 9:23 pm

The Real World: Seattle seems like it was so long ago! But it remains one of my favorite seasons!


Kiran @ KiranTarun.com     at 9:27 pm

2 months?!? Seriously time flies :) Pike Place truly rocks from your photos. I can literally imagine living among those produce and flowers!


Claire     at 9:29 pm

I just discovered your blog about 2 weeks ago and I love it! Not only do I look forward to your new post, and updates about Baby C, but I am enjoying digging around your site and testing out some of your amazing recipes! Thanks for sharing!


Kristen, Sweetly     at 9:40 pm

real world seattle was my favorite season!!!!! (and then the first new orleans season.) i still remember, i stayed home sick once my freshman year, or in eighth grade, and found a marathon on all day long of real world seattle. i was so hooked. oh my gosh, irene and her lyme disease. and beautiful david and the casting director!


Gillian     at 11:01 pm

As soon as I read about the houseboats I HAD to see some. Even the lower ends ones are so lovely! Now I want a houseboat…


Lauren @ Fun, Fit and Fabulous!     at 11:29 pm

What amazing pictures!!! I have always been so fascinated by house boats! It sees like it would be so cool but kinda crazy!


Krystina (Organically Me)     at 11:34 pm

I can’t wait for the day when I finally get to visit Seattle.


Kait @ One Love Run     at 12:15 am

those flowers are just so beautiful! I want to fly up there and get some to brighten my house!


Sana     at 12:53 am

I am obsessed with all the amazing flowers that you get to see ;)

Seattle seems so beautiful!


Jackie @ That Deep Breath     at 12:58 am

So crazy to see Baby C sticking out on the right side…and Seattle is beautiful!


Joanna@DrizzleofSunshine     at 1:55 am

Pike Place is probably one of my top 5 fav places I’ve been too. The smells, the colors, the feel of everything… I just love it! I wish I could move up there.

Love that shirt on you! You’re too cute!


allpointswhole     at 6:47 am

Love the flowers and water pics…and of course the baby bump!


Laura @ Starting Out Fit     at 8:12 am

I have never been to Seattle, but would love to go and explore one day. Those pictures are amazing!


Michelle @ The Cooking Life     at 9:31 am

LOVE your pictures! When you can, you and Casey should go kayaking on Lake Union – just go to Agua Verde – they sell fish tacos and kayaking passes. We did this one time and kayaking was so fun, we even got to kayak to those same houseboats!


Tara Deal     at 9:32 am

Seattle and Pike Place look amazing! I have a friend who just moved out there this past summer and she has declared that she already has a favorite coffee shop…aka she loves it and it feels like home :)


Emily     at 10:32 am

I love the hanging peppers!


alex     at 10:40 am

One of my favorite nice restaurants is now at Pier 70. whenever we eat there all I can think about is that teddy bear incident! :)


Carol @ Lucky Zucca     at 11:24 am

Emily, this is such a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous pictures. I’m contemplating a move out to the NW from the SE and I had trouble invisioning it (because of weather sterotypes) before I started reading your blog. These posts filled with sunshine, flowers, and beautiful produce make it seem more doable!

I can’t believe it is 2 months until Baby C arrives! I can’t wait to see nursery updates! That picture of him hanging out on the right is too cute. You are the most precious pregnant woman ever!


Rebecca Reply:

Seattle is a wonderful place to live, especially during the summer months! I attended college there and loved it tremendously. It really is a beautiful place to live, although I remember it being very dreary and rainy from the fall season through the early spring. Thankfully since it rains so much everything stays green. And they have white lights on the trees all winter downtown to brighten things up a bit. If you are a coffee lover, Seattle is the place to be.


Rachel @ My Naturally Frugal Family     at 11:30 am

What a great afternoon out.


Shannon @ My Place In The Race     at 11:38 am

He’s your right hand man! :)

Great pictures!!


Amber K     at 12:16 pm

Look so beautiful! I’ll totally have to make the trek to Seattle sometime. Because there is so much to do and see!


Gina (Yogattude)     at 12:25 pm

My sister and I were obsessed with Real World Seattle! Last time she was here, we constantly had 107.7 (the end!) playing in the car! I’ll have to take her on that tour when she comes out:)


Jennifer     at 12:26 pm

I totally forgot about the Real World Seattle!! Wasn’t that the “slap heard round the world” or something. Sheesh!

I love Seattle in the summer!


www.theevolvinghomemaker.com     at 12:33 pm

beautiful. i love pike place market and those flowers are beautiful. as is the sunny view of seattle. i am getting itchy to move west-er than i am…but we have tried before an always stay where we are instead! lol



Marie@feedingfive     at 1:45 pm

Lovely pictures & great Q&A with the YMCA. We should all be advocates for the children in our communities.


Lindsay     at 2:29 pm

Is this the same tank that I commented on before, because I LOVE this one too!


LauraJayne     at 4:04 pm

Pike Place is one of my favorite places in the world – your pictures totally do it justice! The colors are amazing! I love Seattle – I’m definitely going to do a boat tour next time I’m there! I’d love to live in one of their houseboats!


Joe @ The Frolicking Fells     at 4:22 pm

This was a great post. We have a really similar market here in Cleveland called The West Side Market–it’s a great place for fresh produce! Several years ago it got a bad rap for being unclean–these problems have been corrected (fortunately!) and in recent years it’s been getting a lot of great PR on Food Network, Rachael Ray, and elsewhere.

Cleveland has a lot of boat rides too that are great for visitors, I went on one a few years back and learned a ton about my city!


Amy @ ahealthyandhappyheart     at 6:14 pm

looks like a wonderful time.. and the flowers are gorgeous!


Bethany @ Accidental Intentions     at 7:07 pm

I think one really fun thing about having out-of-town people come to visit you is the chance it gives you to be a tourist in your own city. When I lived in Chicago, I rarely did “touristy” things…partly because I didn’t want to be mistaken for a tourist, partly because when you’re living in a city, you often get caught up enough in the busyness of your life that you don’t think about hitting up touristy places. Every now and again, though, I loved being a “tourist” in Chicago. I discovered and learned really interesting things about the city by doing that, and it was so much fun. Glad you got to do that in Seattle!


Elisabeth     at 9:52 am

Some gorgeous shots of your little boat trip – making me jealous of the beautiful place you live! Your shirt is really cute, too :)


Andrea     at 5:09 pm

Beautiful photos! Seattle truly has a special place in my heart. I moved out here in 2005 from Missouri. Yes- Pike Place never gets old- I love to take the light rail up to Westlake center and walk down. It’s truly visual stimuli and it’s always fun to go at different times of the day and week. I make sure I always pick up a map of the area and I always end up giving it and directions to some lost visitor. (mainly because someone did that for me) It’s always fun. :)


Beth     at 3:29 pm

For some reason the pictures in this are so CALMING! You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful city!


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