Showered With Love.

Saturday was one of those days that I will look back on and remember for so many years to come.  All of my friends and family went above and beyond to make me and Baby C feel so special and loved.

In addition to helping me shop for maternity clothes, nursery items, registry needs – you name it – all summer long, my little sister Sarah also planned my baby shower.  She knows way too much about babies for a 20 year old junior in college by now, and I can’t thank her enough for how special she made me feel this summer, and particularly this weekend.

IMG_1833 (640x427)

The baby shower was held at Essencha, an super cute tea house in my mom’s neighborhood.  I arrived and was greeted by absolutely adorable decorations and shower favors, all created by my amazing and crafty friend Lindsey.  She gave the shower so many beautiful personal touches!

IMG_1738 (427x640)

Including these completely awesome handmade felt napkin rings.  How gorgeous are these?

IMG_1739 (640x427)

Beautiful tables set for afternoon tea.  So fun and girly and fabulous.

IMG_1741 (416x640)

After all saying hello and chatting for a few minutes, we sat down for our tea luncheon.  We started with a small tea sampler – Moroccan mint – yum!

IMG_1745 (427x640)

After browsing the menu, we each selected which type of tea we wanted to try.  My favorite thing at Essencha is the bubble tea!  If you have never tried this you are missing out.  There are giant tapioca pearls at the bottom of the slightly sweetened tea, and it is both delicious and fun to drink.

IMG_1747 (427x640)

Once tea was served, we started our four course lunch.  Sarah worked with the staff at the tea house to create a spectacular “sweets” menu.  I loved that while the overall theme was dessert, the portions were perfect and the food was natural, nothing overly sweet that left you with a sugar high.

We started with a chilled fruit soup, which was absolutely incredible.  The server said it was made with a pureed melon base.  I want to make this!

IMG_1750 (640x427)

Course number two – vanilla bean panna cotta with fresh blackberries and a balsamic glaze.  Incredible.  (I was surprised by how many people hadn’t had panna cotta before!)

IMG_1753 (640x427)

The third course was a light crepe filled with lemon curd – my favorite.  Garnished with a berry sauce and light whipped cream.

IMG_1757 (640x420)

And finally, the fourth course – green tea cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  Perfect way to end an absolutely delicious meal.

IMG_1762 (640x404)

Of course the food was not the only highlight of the afternoon.  Is there anything more fun than having an actual BABY at a baby shower?  This weekend was my first time finally meeting my nephew Jonah, and he is just as precious and perfect as I expected.

IMG_1759 (426x640)

Once our meals were finished, it was time for gifts.

IMG_1768 (427x640)

I tried hard to open them as quickly as possible so I didn’t bore anyone to death.  Baby stuff is just so darn CUTE!

IMG_1780 (640x427)

And it was such a treat for me to have so many people that I loved there for the occasion.

IMG_1784 (640x427)

Baby C now has more clothes than I do.  He is going to be one well dressed little boy!

IMG_1788 (427x640)

And his mama sure did feel special.

IMG_1792 (427x640)

IMG_1794 (423x640)

Having the baby shower at the tea house was such a fun spot, and such a great way for us to all celebrate together.  It’s only so often you get to do something really girly with all your favorite females.

IMG_1813 (426x640)

I felt very spoiled by how many people came from near and far.  Casey’s grandmother drove in from Indianapolis just for the occasion!

IMG_1826 (427x640)

My best Cincinnati friends who I miss desperately now that I live so far away.  We have so much fun whenever we are all home together.

IMG_1827 (640x427)

My two besties from college, Lindsey and MaryAnn (who is pregnant too!), who I can never possibly spend enough time with.

IMG_1830 (425x640)

One of the biggest surprises for me was that Casey’s entire extended family made the journey to Ohio to help me celebrate.  They drove in from Indianapolis, Chicago, Columbus, and Atlanta – such a wonderful treat to get to see them during my pregnancy.  I only wish he had been able to come with me and visit with them too!

IMG_1837 (640x426)

Two more long distance guests – Rebecca took Jonah for his first plane ride at just 8 weeks so that he could be part of the festivities.  It meant so much for me to have her here, and we’ve been talking babies and advice all weekend. 

IMG_1839 (427x640)

And of course my adorable family, which finally includes a boy!  Soon enough there will be one more.  I’m not sure how I got quite so lucky.

IMG_1842 (640x427)

It was the perfect day, and I went to bed feeling overwhelmed by how loved and blessed I felt.  Baby C is very lucky to have so many people who already love him so much.

Back to Seattle tonight!  It always goes by too quickly.  Next time I see everyone, I’ll be a mom!  Hard to believe…