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Simple Things.

One of my favorite things to do in Seattle on the weekend is go to the Ballard farmers market.  In addition to the many beautiful fruit and vegetable displays, musicians playing in the street, and dogs of every shape and size, there is another thing that lures me there each week.

Hot dogs.

IMG_1510 (427x640)

Field Roast veggie dogs with a long list of available toppings – mine all mine for $6 every Sunday afternoon.

IMG_1509 (640x427)

I’ve been trying to make quick lunches at home during the work day when I am busy, and lately Field Roast has been making a regular appearance in my fridge.  But mine never tastes quite as good or as special as the market version, so today I set out to match the Ballard dog as closely as possible.

I discovered that the secret was in the bun.

IMG_1921 (640x427)

Opened up and placed in the pan face down for a few minutes, just until nice and toasty.  Hot dog buns don’t fit in our toaster so I always eat them cold and kind of chewy.  Why did the whole “toast in the pan” concept take me so long to figure out? 

IMG_1925 (640x427)

In general I am not a fan of fake meats.  Something about the chick’n and nugget-like textures really freak me out.  Not to mention the long and usually scary ingredient lists, and the fact that I think trying to mimic a meat product is really unnecessary when there is so much great food out there!

Field Roast sausages are pretty much my only exception.  Check out the ingredient list for this Smoked Apple Sage variety:

Filtered water, vital wheat gluten, expeller pressed safflower oil, nonsulphered dried apples, yukon gold potatoes, naturally flavored yeast extract, onion powder, barley malt, garlic, natural hickory smoke flavor with torula yeast, sea salt, spices and rubbed sage

IMG_1922 (640x427)

Nothing fake, nothing weird, and nothing I can’t pronounce.  I also love that each one has 26g of protein, and that they keep me full all day long.  Even better, Field Roast is a Seattle company!  Almost all of the burger joints and hot dog carts around the city include Field Roast as a veggie option – truly wonderful. 

IMG_1923 (640x427)

So anyways.  Back to my lunch…

IMG_1926 (640x427)

Funny how something as simple as a toasted bun made such a delicious difference, and almost fooled me into thinking it was as good as my Sunday afternoon Ballard treat. 

IMG_1929 (640x427)

I should probably go get another one this Sunday anyways, just to compare.

IMG_1933 (640x410)

Have a great weekend!

For pregnancy talk, check out this week’s Babble:

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Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen)     at 7:11 pm

Oh, I need to try those! They look so good and I love that they are easy. Lately, I’ve been needing some easy eats! You look great Emily! I hope you have an incredible weekend!


chelsey @ clean eating chelsey     at 7:16 pm

I need to see if there’s any gluten free veggie sausages out there – I used to love the veggie sausage!


Emily @ Life on Food     at 7:28 pm

I wonder if you can find those on the East coast. It looks delicious! I used to think hot dogs were gross but I have come to crave the all natural nitrate free dogs.


Shayla @ The Good Life     at 7:29 pm

Yum those look delish! And I too never thought of the toasting the bun in the pan concept?! Ha, thanks for the tip! And I agree that a toasted bun makes a world of a difference…I always toast my bread or grill my sandwiches, I always love ‘em warm and crispy!


Elizabeth     at 7:46 pm

I feel the same way! Field Roast is one of the few veggie “meats” that actually taste great and don’t have that weird, grainy texture that some fake meats have.

Apple sage is my favorite flavor too! :) I’m in California and I can only find them in Whole Foods and New Frontiers Marketplace (CA/AZ small health food chain.)


Abby @ Abz 'n' Oats     at 7:55 pm

That looks so good! I am definitely going to have to keep my eye out for Field Roast products! :)


Marie     at 8:00 pm

Mmm, vital wheat gluten. So natural!


Candy (Healthy In Candy Land)     at 8:06 pm

Yum! I too wish there was a decent tasting gluten-free option. I guess I’ll just live vicariously through you and drool on my keyboard at your photos. Have a great weekend.


SentimentsbyDenise     at 8:17 pm

I really enjoy the apple sage flavor also. I get them at the Whole Foods here in Indy and they are worth every penny!
BTW, Emily – you are looking great! So healthy!


Alayna @ Thyme Bombe     at 8:41 pm

Love Field Roast! And I also don’t care for most meat replacements, so that says a lot. Every post you write makes me wish I lived in Seattle!


Alaina     at 8:57 pm

I bought a chicken/apple/chardonnay sausage from Trader Joe’s and it was delicious. I love the apple flavor. :-)


Lindsay     at 9:08 pm

I want one! With saurkraut :))


Ash @ Good Taste Healthy Me     at 10:17 pm

This ingredient list looks better than the meat hot dogs too! It’s scary when you think about what’s in those! Yuck!


Emilia @ Namaste Gurl     at 11:03 pm

Looks amazing- never tried a field roast sausage, but I totally trust you as far as taste and it being unprocessed. I’ll have to try the bun- toasting trick :)


Julie     at 11:14 pm

Hi Emily- This may be a silly question, but where is all of that protien coming from?! The wheat gluten?


Ellen Reply:

gluten is one of the proteins in wheat :)


Joe @ The Frolicking Fells     at 12:26 am

Those sausages are so money…there is a place in Cleveland called The Happy Dog that serves hot dogs along with your choice of 50 different toppings, but they offer this for the vegetarians in the crowd so they can partake as well. I had part of my friend’s sausage when I was there earlier in the summer as it was as good as, if not better, than the traditional hot dogs that they offer on the menu.


Ginna     at 12:32 am

Another great tip is to toast your bread items in the oven! Just put it on a broiler pan and broil on low a few minutes. I toast my bread this way all the time!


Lexi @ A Spoonful of Sunshine     at 3:57 am

Those sausages look great! Farmers market status for sure :)


Holly     at 4:06 am

The best day of my life was when they sold the 16 pack of those apple sage field roast sausages at Costco! Sadly I haven’t seen them there since. They were awesome to have in the freezer.


Courtney M. Reply:

Do you live in Seattle? If so, I bought a variety pack of the sausages at the south downtown Costco location last week. I wonder if I should stock up on more before they disappear for good!


Anna     at 8:24 am

While the ingredient list sure is short, I think you might want to look into what sometimes hides behind the terms ‘natural flavours’ and ‘yeast extract’.

As far as I know, the assuring-sounding term ‘natural flavours’ should be taken with a grain of salt; it only means that the flavour is derived from a plant or an animal source. So, for example, ‘natural strawberry flavour’ can be (and often is, because it’s cheap) made out of wood. No joke.

‘Yeast extract’ sounds nice enough, but is actually used as a flavour enhancer – it has the same (bad) effects as MSG because it often contains free glutamic acid.

I think it’s a scandal that even ‘alternative’ companies like Field Roast use this stuff in their products. And because of the marketing and the otherwise great ingredients, we don’t question them (enough).

[but to end on a positive note, because I think I am commenting for the first time: I enjoy reading your blog a lot :-) all the best for you & the baby.]


Ellen Reply:

have to say ditto on this one. MSG disguised as health food (“yeast extract”) always angers me, but honestly, it’s the only way a big chunk of solid wheat gluten is going to taste good! it’s a lot like cereal companies that list “evaporated cane juice” to avoid saying sugar, which is exactly what it is.


Anna Reply:

Yes, that’s another one! Re-inventing sugar as ‘evaporated cane juice’ is both hilarious and infuriating at the same time. So cheeky.


Leah Reply:

Please check this out:

‘Is it safe to eat foods with MSG during pregnancy?’

Answer: YES. Yes, if MSG doesn’t bother you when you’re not pregnant! Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a natural component of many foods. It’s a salt of the amino acid glutamine, and we always have some MSG in our bodies


Cassie @ Naturally Cassie     at 9:25 am

Thank you so much for this post! My body can’t really tolerate soy, so this is the perfectttt option.


Jessica @ Sushi and Sit-Ups     at 9:43 am

Sounds amazing! My favorite chicken sausage has bits of apple throughout. It’s such an amazing flavor!


Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal     at 11:07 am

Your posts always make me soooo hungry :) in a good way!! I’m sooo excited I’m going to Seattle next week. It’s been years since I have been there and seeing all your pictures reminds me of how much I loved it!

I can’t believe you only have 8 weeks left. It feels like just yesterday you announced baby garnish was on the way!


Lee     at 11:07 am

I tried Field Roast for the first time a week or so ago and really loved it. So did my meat-eating husband. He’s been bugging me to buy it again!


jen     at 11:46 am

Never tried Field Roast have to keep my eye out for it. I like to spray my bun with a little cooking spray or oil olive it gives it some extra flavor!


Amber K     at 1:16 pm

I love chewy hot dog buns! But I don’t like hot dogs. When I used to eat them I would pour so many condiments on top so I wouldn’t have to taste them. The kind you have sounds good, too bad it’s not gluten-free!


Lauren @ Fun, Fit and Fabulous!     at 2:34 pm

I wonder if I could find those down here in Texas?? They look and sound delicious!!


Reading (and chickens)     at 3:46 pm

I loooove Field Roast. You need to try their “roasts”–not fake meat-y at all (I’m comparing this to the Tofurkey *gag* “meal” *gag*.) It’s amazing!


Sarah @ Sarah's Modern Bites     at 11:25 pm

I just love all the veg options that are available out there in Seattle especially in the most unexpected places like street carts! There aren’t as many of those options here in Bean Town. I eat meat but lean heavily towards vegetarianism and typically always opt for a veg burger when it comes to food like this… not common for Boston street food!

I really dig how field roast links are individually wrapped. I wish so many other products came like this so that they didn’t go bad so quickly!


Gabrielle     at 1:05 am

Love Field Roast sausages! I cut them up and put in all sorts of dishes, in addition to every so often eating in a bun.


Hayley @ Oat Couture     at 8:18 am

Oh wow, now I’m really craving one of those veggie hot dogs!! YUM!!


Shannon @ My Place In The Race     at 10:51 am

Man that does look fantastic! I’m sure the atmosphere helps make the market one even better! Fake meats have always weirded me out too…eeek! :)


Gina @ Running to the Kitchen     at 11:25 am

While not vegetarian, TJ’s has a chicken apple sausage that I just love the flavors of, if I could find these I’d love to give them a try too!


Chelsey @ Chew with Your Mouth Open     at 3:41 pm

Seattle-area Farmer’s Markets are pretty amazing, I have to agree. Your veggie dog looks delicious!


Jessica @ Jess Go Bananas     at 4:22 pm

Have you tried any of the other field roast brands? Which one would you suggest for a newbie?!


Kristina     at 12:45 pm

I love toasting my bread in the pan! I feel like it always turns out less dry than when I put it in the toaster…


Meredith Snyder     at 12:30 pm

I’ve had that brand of “fake meat”. Delicious!


Katie     at 9:59 pm

I can’t remember the last time I ate a hot dog, but these look delicious and being pregnant I HAD to have one. Luckily, I found Field Roast at Whole Foods here in Austin and got really excited. I made them for dinner that night with grilled peppers. So good! I’m hooked. I love all your posts!


Amber     at 12:39 pm

These looked so good I had to go out yesterday and buy the smoked apple sage and it is delicious. So good that it had to make a repeat appearance in my lunch bag today. Last night’s dinner was with grilled peppers, today was kept simple with mustard and ketchup. Thank you for recommending it!


Emily Malone Reply:

Glad you liked it!


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