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    A Look Back.

Week 31: My Pregnancy Journey.

The thirties continue!  In every respect – emotionally and physically – I’m becoming more and more aware that the end is near.

How Big is the Baby?

This week, Baby C is weighing in at around 3.5 to 4 pounds, and almost 19 inches!  He is currently around the size of a large head of romaine lettuce!

IMG_1875 (640x427)

Hard to believe he’s almost at his full birth height already. Now he just needs to fatten up!

I can feel him moving almost all the time now, and the movement ranges from way down deep in my pelvis, to high up under my ribs.  He is definitely taking up a lot of space!  Now that he is bigger, I don’t feel kicks as much as I do large pushes and protruding hard spots.

IMG_1876 (427x640)

I am hoping that he is making his way down into the correct position, but have no way of really knowing until I see my midwives.  He is definitely hanging out on my right side, and most of the time I am totally lop-sided.  I think I can feel his little butt at the top of my right side, which makes me think his head is down.  Fingers crossed!

Check out the iPad baby – he is so BIG!

IMG_1881 (426x640)

How I’m Feeling

The third trimester continues to feel a bit reminiscent of the first trimester, although nothing nearly that bad.  I’ve had a few bad bouts of nausea and food doesn’t really ever sound very appealing anymore.  No extreme cravings or specific aversions, but it takes me a long time to choose something to eat these days. 

IMG_1883 (427x640)

Up until now, even in the earliest days of pregnancy, I haven’t really felt the extreme fatigue that you hear about so much.  That has definitely changed in the past few weeks.  By the end of the day I am so exhausted I can barely hold my eyes open, and I find getting through the day without a nap to be quite the struggle. 

IMG_1887 (424x640)

Casey and I have been doing a nightly 2-mile walk with the dogs around our VERY hilly neighborhood, and by the end I am absolutely dragging.  The extreme hills are hard on my legs, and by the end I usually have some round ligament pain on my right side.  It’s good for me to stay active, but I’m definitely having to learn to slow down quite a bit.

As far as workouts go, I’m still heading to the gym and lifting weights 3 times a week, and I’m excited to get back to prenatal yoga this weekend!

IMG_1888 (427x640)

As of today’s midwife appointment (more on that to come), I have gained exactly 20 pounds – right on track for this stage of pregnancy.  Up until now I’ve been using the numbers from the scale I have at home, but the scale at my doctor’s office seems to consistently put me 2-3 pounds higher.  From here on out, I’m going to go with their scale, and I’ll be weighing in every 2 weeks!

Buying For Baby

This was a particularly fun week for me and Baby C!  We took what I hope was our last cross-country flight, and headed back to Cincinnati for my baby shower

IMG_1788 (427x640)

Now that the shower is over (sniff), I am ready to head to Babies R Us and Target this weekend and get the rest of the big items we still need.  I am into the hard-core nesting phase of pregnancy where I want everything to feel ready and settled, and I’m itching to finish the nursery as soon as we can.  I’m hoping to have a nursery update post for you guys after I finish a few more projects.  It is really coming together now!  Here is a sneak peek…

IMG_1867 (640x414)

There are still a few key things that I need to research and decide on before I will feel truly ready for C’s arrival.  That list includes…

Ready or not, he is coming sooner than later!  Just 59 days left until my due date…

IMG_1892 (426x640)

For more pregnancy posts and previous weekly updates, make sure to check out my pregnancy page!

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Trainer Kjirsten @ Balanced Healthy Life     at 1:52 pm

Ah, how exciting! I can’t believe you are already 31 weeks! I’m just hitting the 4 month mark, but all of a sudden I feel like the weeks are flying by! My sister was super healthy in her pregnancy and gave birth at 34 weeks randomly when her water broke. Luckily her baby was almost 6lbs at birth and was very healthy! So you never know when exactly the baby is going to be here! I think once I’m 30 weeks, I’ll be in total nesting mode as you are. I will want everything done so I can just relax and enjoy the last few weeks of my pregnancy stress free!


Meagan     at 2:31 pm

As for boob cream, I really liked Medela’s Tendercare the best. Lansinoh is okay, but pretty goopy. I found that Medela’s was very smooth.

I liked Target’s nursing tanks. I wore them constantly for the first four months.


Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama}     at 2:33 pm

I love that you called it “boob cream”. :-) I bought one nursing bra before my daughter’s birth and it was too small. My boobs grew so much more than I expected after my milk came in. It’s so hard to know how much bigger you’re going to get.


Sarah @ Sarah's Modern Bites     at 2:49 pm

It’s all happening so fast!!! You look glowing and gorgeous as always!

I saw your Twitter post that Baby C is in the right position… that is great news!

You set a great example for new Moms to be I am sure. Some day when and if I have a little one I’ll have to look back at your posts for tips haha Seems like you’re doing all the right things!


Jessica @ Jess Go Bananas     at 2:52 pm

So happy to hear that your pregnancy is going fabulously!


Natalie     at 2:57 pm

I am due about a month before you! My mom just recently mailed me a package with a bunch of products, including some breastfeeding stuff. The brand is Bella B and it is all natural, organic ingredients, which I thought you might like. They have nipple cream and breast wipes and a lot of other good stuff too, like sitz bath and perineal healing spray (whatever that is!). http://www.thefirstyears.com/bellab here’s a website that sells it! Like I said, the ingredients are great and it smells really nice too. They have stuff for baby, too! I just bought sleep nursing bras because a bunch of friends told me that they grew 2-3 cup sizes after their milk came in! I figured it’s better to wait and buy something I know will fit. The sleep ones seem more stretchy and comfortable for the first few days!!


Rachel     at 3:22 pm

I feel like your pregnancy has gone by so fast! I’ve enjoyed seeing the progression. After watching your pregnancy and hearing you openly talk about it, I don’t feel as worried about my own. I feel a little more prepared (though I doubt I’ll be completely ready until it actually happens!). I can’t wait for Baby C’s arrival, and to hear more about your journey!


Angharad     at 4:11 pm

You may well already read A Cup of Jo or have been directed to this post but seeing your remaining “to-do” list reminded me of her “What to Register for” post. I know you’ve already had your shower but it has great info on nursing bras, boob creams, cloth diapers,and more. Plus her general pregnancy/baby posts are so insightful!



Erin     at 4:15 pm

You look fantastic! :) I know you’re looking at bum genius diapers, but I wanted to share that I have been beyond happy with gDiapers in my cloth diapering experience. I use both their cloth and flushable/biodegradable inserts and like them both for my little guy. We don’t have leaks (at all, these things contain blowouts, too!), and washing and drying is faster since you don’t have to wash the covers each time, just the liner and insert. Also, no matter which brand you choose, I highly recommend checking out cloth diaper liners – these are like thick TP that lay on top of the cloth and make getting rid of poo MUCH easier since they can slide off right into the toilet and get flushed :)

Good luck and have fun nesting!!


Steph     at 4:45 pm

I started reading your blog when you were only a few weeks pregnant and I have to say you look your best in these 31 week photos! You are literally glowing with hapiness; you should be proud! My husband and I are currently on our 3rd month of trying for our second baby and your story gives me hope on days where I feel discouraged. Congratulations and I can’t wait to see what Baby C looks like!


Tricia     at 5:14 pm

a regular cpr class teaches you infant cpr and first aid is good to have too! I did it when i was in high school for a camp job, and I can’t tell you how much calmer I feel when something happens.


steph     at 5:25 pm

you are GLOWING! you look so happy and beautiful!


Sara     at 6:51 pm

Yay! I was wondering if you were going to cloth diaper. We use the BumGenius pockets on our 3 month old daughter and I love them! She’s long and lean with skinny legs and the fit her great. We did used newborn sized disposables until the fit her good though. We had blowouts withthe spouses by haven’thad one yet with the cloth diapers. Definitely take advantage of the BG buy one get one free. Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique also has free shipping and if you like them on Facebook they have a coupon code for 5% off. Not sure if you can use it on this sale though. A word of advice though-I bought a bung of diapers before my daughter was born and then realized once she was here that they didn’t work for her so I’ve switching over my stash and selling the others ….so I would suggest just getting a few of different types and trying them out to find what you like best. We found that with my daughter, cotton would irritate her skin when wet so hence the switch to the BG pockets with the stay dry lining. There are so many types so just do lots of research! :)


Sara     at 6:52 pm

Whoops I meant buy 5 get 1 free. Sorry for all the typos…on my phone :)


Aimee     at 1:08 am

i must say that you have to be one of the most beautiful pregnant women I have ever seen. You are glowing!!!


Stacy @ Stacy Eats     at 11:49 am

You look beautiful!


Kim     at 5:39 pm

You look amazing!


Diana @ frontyardfoodie     at 11:21 am

Goodness you look great! Week 31 during my pregnancy last summer was where I sort of hit the ledge of enjoying pregnancy, to being ready for it to be over.

I started struggling with the Braxton Hicks contractions and what not about then. I hope you are still feeling great!


5 Pregnancy Side Effects I Have Somehow Avoided | Being Pregnant     at 12:58 pm

[…] In 31 weeks of pregnancy, I have experienced a wide range of pregnancy side effects – both the good, and the not-s0-good.  Some were expected – like fatigue and bigger boobs.  Others were not expected at all – like an aversion to hummus and brown speckle marks all over my cheeks.  But there are other side effects that I was expecting to get, and yet somehow haven’t experienced at all… […]

Amykinz @ Foodie4Healing     at 9:59 pm

Just a suggestion on the boob cream… do not waste your time or money on Lansinoh cream. It’s sticky, stains your breast pads & bras and doesn’t work very good. Go right for the Motherlove cream. It’s natural & safe and goes on like oil! It’s sooo much better!


Sarah (A Runner's Heart)     at 3:50 pm

I know you have plenty of advice already, but I use Bella B Nipple Nurture Butter(ordered from Amazon) and I love it! It’s plant based instead of the Lanolin. It feels wonderful! lol…Also…I HIGHLY recommend the washable cloth breast pads…I didn’t see you mention them. People make homemade one’s on Etsy (I made my own out of fleece and flannel), but I also recommend buybamboobies.com. They are in heart shapes and are soooo soft! I haven’t tried the overnight ones, but know you will need something thicker for overnight. I will wake up and be completely soaked through the pad and my bra and have a nice pretty wet spot on the bed. I actually sleep on a waterproof pad now, just in case..You may want to look into that also…No one tells you that you leak that much! It’s Crazy! My little girl is only 2 months old, so this stuff is still fresh in my mind right now :) Have fun with the Cloth Diaper research! It is sooooo addicting! There are so many cute prints out there! I’ve ordered from a couple of WAHM’s (Work at Home Moms) and they make some cute one size diapers and covers! I just ordered a one size swim diaper from someone and it is so cute! And my DD can wear it for the next 2 years! Love that idea! :) Anyway…Have fun with it all! Being a mom is the best! :)


Cookie     at 3:24 am

How often do you fart?


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