Week 32: My Pregnancy Journey.

Well we all knew this day was coming.  At some point Baby C was going to have to turn into a large melon.  Apparently that time is week 32!

How Big is the Baby?

Weighing about 4.5 pounds and measuring around 19 inches, he is now as large as a cantaloupe!

IMG_2031 (640x428)

How I’m Changing

Honestly, I’m huge.  I went through a period of not gaining much weight or really changing for 2-3 weeks, and then all of the sudden – BAM – growth spurt!  I can tell that he is getting bigger and bigger, and I hope that my belly and skin can keep up.  On certain days when I’m out walking and my stomach is rock hard, I literally feel like my skin is going to burst open.  We have reached maximum capacity in here!

Other interesting recent changes…my boobs hurt again.  I think they are getting ready for another (welcomed) growth spurt of their own.  In general I think everything is just getting…bigger. 

IMG_2026 (426x640)

It’s funny that I used to think all these body changes were such a big deal, and by now I just roll with it and laugh.  My workout shorts don’t fit anymore, my first pair of maternity jeans is too small, and honestly – I don’t care.  For all the aches and pains that have come with it, I am totally obsessed with my big belly.  I rub it and watch it move all day long.  Casey and I will spend time at night laying in bed just watching my belly jump around.  Moments like that make me completely forget all the dimpling on my thighs and roundness in my cheeks.  It’s all about perspective.  I feel happy and healthy, which is all that matters to me.

IMG_2032 (424x640)

How I’m Feeling

So now that I told you how much I love being pregnant, can I complain for just one moment?  I am in PAIN.  Seriously.  This week has been the pinnacle of discomfort, and I can’t find any way to relieve it.  When I sit while I work during the day, my tailbone hurts like it has been badly bruised.

I have tried every chair and surface in my house to find a comfortable way to work, and I’m starting to realize that perhaps one doesn’t exist.  The only time I find relief is at night when I can lay on my side and take the pressure off my tailbone.

IMG_2035 (426x640)

A think a big part of it is how LOW I am carrying this baby.  When I sit down, all the baby weight pushes down on my butt and tailbone, causing it to feel really sore.  Also when I sit, he’s hanging out so low that my stomach pretty much rests on my lap.  Ridiculous!  I am going to blow up an exercise ball tonight to see if that might be a more comfortable solution.  At this point, I will try anything!

But other than some serious discomfort, I’m still happy, healthy, and excited.  This big belly stage is definitely my favorite phase of pregnancy.  It sounds like a silly thing to say, but everyone is so NICE to me!  Everywhere I go, people smile, hold doors a little longer for me, and every cashier I encounter asks about the baby.  It never gets old!

Side note – how do so many people know I am having a boy?  Seriously, even random people in the airport have approached me with, “oh looks like a boy!”  I know I’m carrying super-low, but I thought that those were all just myths!

IMG_2040 (426x640)

Hi Indy!

Exercising for Two

Workouts continue, but I am definitely more limited week by week.  Casey and I have been taking the pups for our daily walks at Greenlake, but three miles is starting to feel much longer than it used to.  On several occasions I’ve had bad round ligament pain that has caused me to have to stop and take a break on a bench half-way around the lake.

I’m also not sure that what I’m doing is considered walking anymore.  It’s more like a waddle.  Yep, definitely waddling.  No shame.

IMG_2041 (414x640)

Buying For Baby

As I mentioned in the weekend post, we did a huge run to Babies R Us and Target this weekend, and now we finally have almost everything we need for the baby’s arrival.  We can now check baby monitor, car seat, stroller, stroller adapter, extra sheets, pacifiers, baby swing, and a few other odds and ends OFF the list!  The car seat is even installed and ready for a passenger.

IMG_1952 (427x640)

Nursery progress continues, including our $16 dresser-into-bookshelf makeover project!  We still need to get a pack n play, but other than that I think we’re in good shape!

It’s hard to believe that I am just 7 weeks and 2 days away from my due date.  I feel relaxed and ready, and am doing my best now to just soak up these last few weeks of pregnancy.  On Babble today, I shared 7 things I’m doing in my last 7 weeks of pregnancy.  I wonder how many weeks I actually have left, and if he will be early or late!  (My guess is early – I’m predicting October 12th.)

With that, I’m off to a childbirth class tonight all about techniques for making labor and delivery as pleasant as possible.  Should be interesting!

And just for fun, a few outtakes…

IMG_2024 (425x640) IMG_2036 (422x640)

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