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    A Look Back.


Good morning friends!  Thanks for giving me the weekend off.  It was our hottest one yet out here in Seattle, so I tried to take advantage of that and spend as much time outside as possible!

Greenlake park is my favorite place here in our new city.

2011-08-19 17.42.40 (640x480)

There is a three-mile trail that goes around the lake, and no matter what the time or temperature, it is always packed with runners, bikers, dogs, families, and more.  I try to do one loop every day, although these days three miles is getting slower and slower.

2011-08-19 17.42.53 (476x640)

The exciting new development this weekend was that we brought our dogs with us to Greenlake! 

IMG_20110821_100945 (478x640)

Sounds silly and obvious, but this was actually their first trip there even though I’ve been doing the loop for three months on my own.  Every time I walk without them I feel guilty, knowing they would love the trail so much.  Unfortunately, they each have some personality quirks that make them a little high maintenance to take out in crowded public places. 

Indy is the world’s sweetest dog on his own, always wanting to cuddle and be right next to you.  But for some reason he gets really weird around other dogs.  Our vet calls it “leash aggression” and I feel like he is a ticking time bomb around other dogs.  With SO many dogs at Greenlake, I have always felt too nervous to take him there on my own.

IMG_1908 (427x640)

And while Huey couldn’t care less about other dogs, there is nothing he loves more than the great outdoors.  When we do take him to a trail or any space that has wide open green or water areas, he gets so excited and pulls so hard that it can be difficult to control him, especially when pregnant and slightly off-balance.

IMG_1917 (640x427)

So up until this weekend, I have guiltily walked Greenlake on my own, and kept our dog walks limited to our neighborhood.  But Saturday and Sunday mornings, we were up bright and early, determined to give the dogs a chance and see what they thought of the lake.  At this point in my pregnancy, I can’t really walk the two of them together on my own.  So Casey and I each took one of them and hit the trail side by side!

IMG_20110821_101004 (1) (477x640)

I am happy to say it was a HUGE success!  The dogs loved the lake (not surprising) and were both so excited about their new adventure that they just minded their own business and trotted along with wagging tails.  Now that I know I can take my favorite boys to my favorite spot, I feel like a huge weight is off my shoulders.

We celebrated with my other favorite thing in Greenlake – Mighty O Donuts.

IMG_1934 (640x427)

They are vegan.  They are organic.  They are amazing.

IMG_1935 (640x427)

A delicious weekend treat.  Also please note, I am pretending that my belly button has NOT started sticking out.  So strange.

IMG_1939 (422x640)

Donuts and homemade iced decaf coffee.  Nothing better.

IMG_1940 (427x640)

High on sugar, I then began what I assume can only be called a massive nesting binge.  No surface was safe, no project untackled.

Saturday morning Casey and I headed out to the ‘burbs to go to Target and Babies R Us, getting everything else we needed to make us feel ready for Baby C’s arrival.  Many, many dollars and hours later, we returned with a car load of baby stuff that I was itching to organize and put away.

Also during my nesting spree, I decided to organize the storage areas (why not?) that have been driving me crazy.  I didn’t snap a before picture of this closet, but I can assure you it was a hot mess.  Now it is neat, organized, and even has extra room to spare!

IMG_1944 (422x640)

During my closet cleanout, I found a lot of things that had been hiding in there since we moved.  Artwork I had forgotten was there is now hung on the walls…

IMG_1941 (640x417)

And my office walls are finally a little less barren too.  I was so motivated to clean up and get organized that I actually hung these MYSELF.  I am proud to say that they are even level, and hopefully will not fall and kill anyone.

IMG_1945 (640x427)

While I was busy organizing our garage (priorities!), Casey came outside and surprised me with this…

IMG_1952 (427x640)

We are now officially ready for our baby boy’s arrival.  I would really prefer that he says put for 6 or 7 more weeks, but if he does decide to come early, we have a way to transport him home.  Huge checkmark off our list!

IMG_1954 (640x427)

The rest of the afternoon was spent vacuuming, scrubbing, folding laundry, cooking recipes, and organizing every surface in sight.  After a few hours of going strong, I ended up like this.

2011-07-30 11.38.08

I can’t hang like I used to, but that doesn’t stop me from trying.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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Kat @ Big Apple Little Kitchen     at 8:44 am

You’re lucky to live so close to such a beautiful lake! I’m glad the dogs behaved!


Erin     at 9:35 am

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!! One of my dogs got a little leash aggressive when I got pregnant, and it started even before I began showing. She did NOT want any strange dogs coming near HER person! She is the sweetest girl, just makes a big fuss :)


Sarah     at 10:21 am

You should watch the dog whisperer. He is a genius! I really think his way is the only way. I have learned SO much from watching his show.


Meredith Snyder     at 12:29 pm

Those donuts look sooo good. Awesome they are vegan!


allpointswhole     at 12:34 pm

That is a nice treat and I love Chico..its what we have


Mollie     at 1:03 pm

Ignore my question if this is too personal, but are you guys planning on still having one car after the baby arrives?

p.s. currently eating reheated Daily Garnish brocolli/cheddar soup. :)


Emily Malone Reply:

Sorry for the delay – yep, still just going to have one car! Casey takes the bus to work, so I have the car with me during the day.


Annie@stronghealthyfit     at 1:13 pm

How exciting that you’re getting so close to the baby’s arrival that you can put your car seat IN your car to have it ready for him! :-)


Marie Ortiz     at 2:43 pm

Hi Emily,

I recently became a reader of your blog, which is phenomenal. The recipes are great, and thank you for sharing your experiences of personal fitness, (even while pregnant). It makes the idea of having children when the time comes alot less intimidating.

Your move is also very inspiring. I’m in the midst of relocating to Austin, TX with a large dog as well. He actually looks exactly like Indy, even down to the white tip on the end of his tail. Same color, and looks to be the same weight and build. The only difference is that he has dark rings around his eyes, like a raccoon, which is why he’s called Bandit.

Can I ask you type of dog is he? Bandit is a rescue, so we’re not too sure what breed he is.

Also, when doing research for your move, did you come across any info on how to transport a large dog by plane? We’re not driving down…we’re in NJ now. Thanks for any info! And pleased to meet you!


Emily Malone Reply:

Hi Marie! Indy is half German Shorthaired Pointer, half Labrador Retriever. He weighs about 50 pounds! Don’t know if your guy might be something similar. As for flying with them, we drove our dogs because we knew they would not tolerate flying well. But I did look into it – every airline is different. You need an airline regulated crate, and I believe it costs $150-$250 to fly them depending on the flight. Good luck with your move!


Marie Ortiz Reply:

Thanks so much! I looked at pics of that cross of dog breeds, and I’m convinced Bandit is exactly that! It’s good to know…we were SO curious and had come with elaborate stories as to what he might be.

Thank you for the info on transporting a dog via airplane. You wouldn’t have a recommendation for a moving company would you?


Emily Malone Reply:

We used Allied Movers, and had a decent experience.


Trainer Kjirsten- Balanced Healthy Life     at 2:50 pm

Looks like you are all ready for Baby C! I love cleaning and organizing and always feel so much better once little tasks and chores are over with!


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Sarah @ See Sarah Eat     at 9:18 am

I love the pic of you and your doggie napping :) Have a wonderful weekend!


Carisa @HappyHealthyEating     at 4:19 pm

I live in Chicago, but one of my best friends lives in Seattle. I’ve been out to visit her a few times and absolutely loved running around Greenlake! It’s one of the many reasons I would definitely think of moving to Seattle! I also love your blog!! :)


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