Back up and at ‘em after a wonderful Seattle weekend!  Sunday we decided to hit up the local markets, starting with the one just down the street.  Look at the gorgeous flower bouquet I picked up at the Fremont market…

IMG_1500 (640x427)

I don’t understand why or how the flowers in Seattle are so inexpensive, but I’m definitely not complaining.  This huge bouquet of sunflowers and lilies cost me $15 – insanity!

IMG_1501 (640x427)

But the highlight of the weekend was not the flowers – it is the company!  My wonderful friend Lindsey is here visiting this week!  It’s her first trip out to Seattle, and we had the perfect weather for showing her around all our favorite spots this weekend. 

IMG_1502 (640x427)

In between markets, we popped back home to put these beauties into  vase with some water.

IMG_1505 (640x427)

They are making the house smell fabulous, and I get excited every time I walk in the door and see them.

IMG_1507 (427x640)

After the Fremont market, we headed over to my other favorite – the Ballard market.  My favorite thing about this particular market?  The hot dog stand. 

IMG_1508 (640x427)

Apple sage Field Roast veggie dog with sauerkraut, dill relish, ketchup, and yellow mustard.  Perfection.

IMG_1509 (640x427)

Lunch eaten on the curb, as it should be.

IMG_1510 (427x640)

Finished with our lunches, we walked around the market and checked out all the gorgeous vegetables and produce. 

IMG_1516 (640x427)

The vendors at this market seem to put a lot of care into both their products and their displays.  Why do vegetables just look so much better when they are spilling out of baskets or displayed in rows of color?

IMG_1515 (427x640)

IMG_1519 (640x427)

Glorious sunshine and warm temperatures.  The perfect Sunday for a stroll around the market.

IMG_1517 (640x428)

IMG_1520 (640x427)

IMG_1522 (640x414)

IMG_1524 (640x427)

With a few hours of sun left in the afternoon, the three of us headed over to Golden Gardens park to relax on a blanket, read, and catch up.

IMG_1526 (640x427)

A little too much cloud cover to see the mountains, but still a pretty impressive view.

IMG_1527 (640x423)

Rainier cherries straight from the market as our picnic snack.  I had to really concentrate to not eat the entire bag.

IMG_1528 (640x427)

IMG_1530 (640x427)

IMG_1531 (640x427)

IMG_1534 (640x422)

Cruise ships in the distance.  An Alaskan cruise is high on my list of things to do now that we live out here!  We’re thinking about taking Baby C on one next summer.

IMG_1535 (422x640)

IMG_1537 (640x427)

IMG_1536 (422x640)

Great weather, great company, great weekend.

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