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Feeling Fall.

Don’t be fooled by my kitchen counter…

IMG_2396 (427x640)

It is September 15th.  Well past watermelon season, but I couldn’t help myself.  I asked the girl at Trader Joe’s if they were still good, and she assured me they were still ripe and juicy.  I decided it would be my last of the season. 

I’m always a little bit sad when the gorgeous berries, plump tomatoes, and bags of cherries stop greeting me at grocery stores and farmers markets.  But of course, their departure means there is room for new a new season of eating

Just last weekend it was in the high 80’s in Seattle.  While the rest of my friends were tweeting about pumpkin spiced lattes and pulling out their fall boots, I was scrambling to find a maternity tank top that still fits, and buying up the last of the watermelon.

But this week fall has finally made its way over the mountains, and the clouds have settled over Seattle.

IMG_2391 (640x421)

For now, it is a welcomed change.  I am ready for puffy vests and circle scarves, acorn squash and hearty soups, the return of fall TV (Survivor!) and nights curled up under blankets.  Please don’t remind me of this in February when I am crying over months and months of endless rain.

In the spirit of getting ready for fall, I updated my Recipage to feature all of my current favorite fall recipes.  Some are recent creations, and some are old favorites.  All of them are delicious, and I hope you’ll try a few now that the temperatures have cooled and the squash are arriving…

Vegan Broccoli Cheese Pasta Bake

IMG_1454 (640x416)

Roasted Butternut Squash & Black Bean Enchiladas (with homemade sauce!)

IMG_2014 (640x427)

Summer Vegetable Vegan Lasagna

IMG_2186 (640x427)

(Can easily be made with fall vegetables swapped in for the summer squash!)

Cauliflower Pasta Bake with Mushroom Sauce

IMG_2322 (640x427)

Maple Cinnamon Twice-Baked Sweet Potatoes

IMG_9690 (640x427)

Quinoa and Bean Corn Chowder

IMG_6311 (640x427)


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Jessica @ Sushi and Sit-Ups     at 11:53 am

Although I love pumpkin flavored everything, it will be sad to part with the great summer fruits!


Kara     at 11:55 am

I just can’t wait to try those enchiladas!!
But also, I don’t really get the whole fall right now thing.. sure, people are talking about pumpkin spice and wearing their boots, leggings, and scarves, but I’m completely baffled by this because (in NYC) it is still currently 80 degrees and muggy! Aren’t they hot???


Marci     at 12:02 pm

I can’t wait to feel Fall. Not here yet! It’s my favorite season, the best time of the year. Great for maternity too–leggings, cardigans, scarves, boots.


Mari     at 12:05 pm

I have been making a YUMMY watermelon salad that pairs nicely with any kind of protein – I know you are vegetarian, and I bet it would complement tofu as well. Just lay down some arugula, a small amount of balsamic vinaigrette, then layer cubes of watermelon and cucumber slices, adding in chopped fresh mint and basil, and topping the salad with another drizzle of the vinaigrette and blue cheese crumbles. Congrats as you’re nearing the end of your pregnancy…I’ve been following you all along and you are one of the most optimistic and adorable pregnant women :) Enjoy every minute of it!


Haley S     at 12:10 pm

Fall is my favorite time of the year…but I always forget that until it gets here!

February may bring endless rain but you’ll also have a little one to curl up and play with while the rain comes down :)


Sarah @ See Sarah Eat     at 12:16 pm

I am already going through berry withdrawal! But there are good things about every season :)


Kristen @ Chocolate Covered Kristen     at 12:20 pm

I’m ready for Fall, too, but am having some strange emotions over it. Adjusting to the Bay Area’s constant weather has been difficult. I missed my hot summer and sundresses and am sad about not having fall foliage, I am learning to love the lack of humidity the fact that the summer produce season will last a little longer for me (#win). The long stretch of rain last winter was an adjustment as well – 6 weeks without sunshine got old, but then again the long stretch of sun made me appreciate lazy winter rain days and vice versa.


Lindsay     at 12:31 pm

Hi Emily! I have an acorn squash on my counter. Do you have any recipes with acorn squash? Or any recommendations?


Leah Reply:

My favorite way to cook it is drizzled with real maple syrup. :)


Lindsay Reply:

Do you bake and then drizzle, or drizzle, then bake? Thanks :)


Gina @ Running to the Kitchen     at 12:41 pm

I’ve made your quinoa & corn chowder before and loved it! I’m definitely going to be trying the broccoli cheese pasta bake this fall.


Sarah     at 12:45 pm

Usually I am so excited about fall, but not this year. I will miss all the great summer produce, recipes, early sunrises and outfits. Maybe the change in weather this weekend will help. I know these fun fall recipes will help as well ;)


Alison @ Hospitality Haven     at 12:47 pm

I agree, I love fall – and all the delicious food it brings! While I was glad for the warmth last week, I’m equally glad for the breezier temps this week.


Kristin @ eat healthy. be happy. live well     at 12:50 pm

It’s crazy that you say it is the end of watermelon season…I have five baby ones in my garden right now! I guess I’ll be enjoying it a little late this summer :) I need to try your enchilada sauce recipe! I saw it the other day when you posted but forgot about it.


Colleen     at 1:16 pm

It doesn’t really rain all that much in Seattle, truly, but it will be gray and cloudy for the next eight or nine months with little interruption. It’ll start getting dark really, really early in the winter, but it doesn’t often get any colder than the mid-30s. It should be puffy vest weather for a long time there.


Alexa @ Simple Eats     at 1:20 pm

Bring on the fall foods! Those enchiladas look delicious!


Ash @ Good Taste Healthy Me     at 1:20 pm

I loooove Fall! I’m so excited for it right now and we have a gorgeous Fall weekend ahead. Bright and sunny with highs of 60 degrees. I’m so over summer and sweating to death. Bring it on Fall!


Carrie @ Carrie Runs Goofy     at 1:23 pm

I still have what will likely be our last watermelon rolling around in the trunk of my car. I’ll miss summer fruits, but I’m definitely looking forward to a roasted acorn squash w/ some butter and brown sugar!


Michaela     at 1:27 pm

I made your lasagna last week and oh my, it was uber delicious!! I used courgette, pumpkin and onion and it turned out lovely. Also I had whole wheat pasta on hand, so it was even better :)


Erin @ Girl Gone Veggie     at 1:37 pm

Don’t feel bad, I’m in PA and I still have a watermelon in my house! I’m going to milk fresh fruit for as long as I can! ;p


Leanne (Bride to Mrs.)     at 1:42 pm

Well hellooooooo my fellow survivor fan ;) I love that show too, I was so happy to watch it last night!

Tyler (my hubby) and I already have picked our fave team –> red, and we both think that Cochrane guy is pretty much the most adorable thing. Haha.

…I’ve missed survivor so much :) haha


Alexis @ hummusapien     at 1:54 pm

since i loved the quinoa chowder AND veggie lasagna AND pumpkin ice cream so much…i think i shouldnt probably try those enchiladas! I’m guessing they’ll be a winner…


Shaya (Eye Girl Eats)     at 1:58 pm

Yum! We’re finally dropping down to low 70′s later this week in SoCal and i’m SO EXCITED! I miss the Seattle weather like crazy.

Enjoy eating fall flavors on my behalf!


Kim     at 2:01 pm

When I saw the watermelon, I thought you were doing a “how-big-is-the-baby-now” post and I was thinking, wow that is one big baby. I was relieved to see it wasn’t. =)

I really want to try the enchiladas. Your recipe for vegan lasagna was delicious!


Lauren     at 2:03 pm

As a lifetime Seattleite – Fall is great, but yes, it is those months after the holidays that are the hardest….but wait until you experience your first “Seattle Snowstorm”….one inch and this city shuts down!! No joke – it’s pretty hilarious :)


Jillian Reply:

Seriously! I’m from Detroit, have lived here for over a decade and travel (drive) a lot for my job, and I think it’s hilarious when it starts “snowing”. There were a few days during the past few years when it was kinda nice being one of the few people out on the roads who wasn’t completely freaked out by it.


Katie     at 2:47 pm

I’m so excited for you! Those last few weeks of pregnancy always make me so anxious! Thanks for the reminder recipes, I had a butternut squash on the counter and last night I pelled and chopped it. It was begging to be used. Perfect timing! The enchiladas are in the oven and smell so good! What an easy and fast recipe!


Sana     at 3:12 pm

I something wrong with me? I am not on the pumpkin band wagon!


Amy     at 3:26 pm

I promise, the rain really isn’t that terrible! There will still be plenty of days to run around outside; it will just be cloudy. And it won’t seem so bad when the average winter temperature stays at 45! I get out and about much more here than I did in the Midwest, when freezing temperatures trapped me inside for weeks on end. I got much worse SAD from being cooped up…the lack of sun doesn’t bother me so much here, because I can still be active outdoors.

I second Lauren on the Seattle “snow storm” of one tiny inch…it really is something to see. :)


Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun     at 3:31 pm

Bookmarked this because I definitely have to try some of these. Especially the casseroles!


Laura     at 3:39 pm

Hi Emily,
First I have to begin by saying that you are an incredible role model and inspiration to me. You seem to have struck such an ideal balance of things in your and yet you are as grounded as ever.
My question for you is about how you are planning on raising Baby C. Are you going to raise him as a vegan or a vegetarian? It seems that you and Casey are pretty much vegan now, but would you feel comfortable raising your child as a vegan?
I ask because I am a vegan and I am doing a college presentation on the benefits of a plant based diet for children. I am interested to hear parents opinions either way. So anyone who reads this post please feel free to let me know what your own thoughts are!


Tessa @ Amazing Asset     at 3:44 pm

Ahh thank you for this recipe round-up! I agree with Tina, this page has certainly been bookmarked. I am going to try the black bean chowder first, it is just screaming fall to me :)


Tessa @ Amazing Asset     at 3:45 pm

Ahh thank you for this recipe round-up! I agree with Tina, this page has certainly been bookmarked. I am going to try the black bean chowder first, it is just screaming fall to me! :)


Ashley     at 4:14 pm

I made your Black Bean and Butternut Squash Enchiladas a few weeks ago and they were incredible. Thanks for the recipe!


Ashley     at 4:16 pm

I forgot to mention, I’m up here in the Pacific Northwest as well (Portland), and I am a little scared for the rainy season! This will be our first winter here. People keep tell me it’s going to last forever. I guess we should just soak up the remaining days of sun while we can. :)


Alice     at 4:39 pm

It was 59 and rainy at 5:30 in DC today!!! So Seattle-like. The year I lived in Seattle we had some sunny 70 degree days in February that allowed canoeing on Lake Washington. Just goes to show… Enjoy!


Jessica     at 5:41 pm

I made your vegan lasagna last night and it was fantastic! I bought Ronzoni whole wheat lasagna noodles, did not boil, just added an extra 1/2c. water and baked for an hour. The texture of the noodles was perfect. You would NEVER guess there was tofu in this! Even my picky hubby and 2 kids ate it. Quinoa and bean corn chowder is next on the list to try!


Emily     at 6:06 pm

I get super sad to see Summer go (and think of the endless winter that we will have here in New England) but I love love love fall produce and recipes :) Looking forward to what you will create!


Katie @ Serenity in the Storm     at 6:55 pm

February in Seattle is not all that bad. In fact, when everyone on the East Coast starts to complain about the weather there, I start seeing the spring flowers start to bloom here in February! :-)


Karis' Kitchen     at 7:24 pm

I’m still receiving tomatoes and melon in my weekly CSA box. Wisconsin must be behind Washington in the growing season. I kind of enjoy summer foods lingering on for a bit longer.


Angela @ PattycakesnPancakes     at 8:06 pm

Florida has a few more weeks before we feel the Fall air. These recipes will be perfect then. TY!


Ami@dashofcurry.com     at 3:01 am

Thank you for reminding me of all of your recipes I have been meaning to make! Your pasta dishes seriously look incredible! I think today might be the first fallish day we have had here in Rhode Island (temps in the 60′s as opposed to the 80′s). I can’t wait to pick apples!


Lee     at 6:20 am

This post is making me hungry!


Leah     at 8:01 am

Today my down vest made its way out of the closet for the first time. I love vests.


Leah     at 8:04 am

P.S. Boston gets more annual precipitation than Seattle. On my last visit to Seattle my husband and I decided all of the talk about rain is just to keep others away who do not yet know how awesome the city is. :)


Amy Kaye     at 8:37 am

I made the butternut squash black bean enchiladas last weekend and I’m still making my way through the pan! So delicious and totally a fall dish :) Thanks for the recipe! I added sauteed zucchini and kale because I had some to use up.


Sarah @ w30     at 8:52 am

Mmmmmmmm… Fall is my FAVORITE season. For all the reasons you mentioned, plus animals that cuddle more, red and gold leaves crunching under foot, warm oatmeal in the mornings, and crisp air tinged with smoke from cozy fires. I guess I really just love changing seasons, and changing seasonal food. Hello pumkins and cranberries and eggplant and squash! :)


Amber K     at 9:44 am

Yeah it was crazy this year, it was 95 degrees one day and 65 the next. Oregon is definitely into fall and I’m definitely glad that I don’t have to worry about not having an AC anymore!


Elisabeth     at 10:01 am

It’s fall-like here, too (NW Ohio), but I’m still hanging in flip-flops and capris because I’m just not ready for it! Fall is actually my favorite season, but this year I really enjoyed summer and am particularly not looking forward to winter… When it’s raining every day in Seattle, it’ll be snowing buckets here – frankly, I’d take the rain ;) I hate snow!


LauraJayne     at 10:01 am

I love fall ALL the time, but especially in Seattle. It’s so beautiful there – I can’t wait to check out the fall inspired recipes!


Allison     at 10:21 am

Great recipes! Eating with the changing seasons is delightful. Though I will miss the wonderful summer bounty, it is fun to welcome the bountiful fall harvest.


Nichole     at 12:01 pm

I made your summer vegetable lasagna last night and it was amazing!!! Really enjoyed it and enjoying some for lunch right now… :)


Andrea     at 4:18 pm

We do have a LOT of rain in the PNW and it seems to never end when you want it to. But there are days in January where it’s freakishly warm and sunny and all my family back in the midwest and east coast are tucked in under banks of snow, ice and sub zero weather!


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Renee B     at 12:20 am

Seattle gets the most beautiful fall colors! I miss it so!


Sweet Potato and Lentil Veggie Chili - Honest to Nod     at 6:27 am

[...] told you guys I wasn’t kidding about being totally in fall mode now. This hearty lentil chili is so simple and tasty, and I’m sure the leftovers are even better. [...]

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