Fremont Weekend.

We had such a nice weekend!  Friday afternoon I drove way up to Babies R Us to pick up the glider that we ordered over two months ago.  I probably a little too excited about picking it up.  Once I got it back home, I made Casey drop everything and help me get it into the nursery so we could see the room finally completed!

2011-09-16 18.36.34

I am in love.  I texted this picture (along with “the glider is here!”) to a few of my friends and family, and not one person responded with any sort of reaction about the chair.  Every response I received was “Look at that BELLY!”  I guess that is to be expected at this point.  :) 

While we finished up the nursery, we hung out in there for a bit just seeing it all come together.  Casey decided to test out the sleep sheep, which is supposed to make soothing sounds to lure our baby to sleep (let’s hope!).  Unfortunately Huey decided it was the most terrifying thing he had ever heard, and had to literally be dragged into the room.  So much for being the brave big brother!

2011-09-16 18.45.49

I really want the dogs to think the nursery is a fun and safe place to be, so I’m working on trying to get them in there and let them explore now before it is actually occupied.  Over the course of the weekend, I did a lot of this…

2011-09-16 18.36.11

I know there will be plenty of time spent in there soon enough, but I just can’t help myself.  I’m way too excited.

On Saturday, Casey and I took the dogs to their first dog training class.  Surprisingly enough, the trainer seems to think they are most definitely trainable, and gave us some great tips and tricks for helping them learn some better behaviors.  Our number one goal is to get them to do controlled leash walking.  As it is now, the pulling and tugging cannot continue!  They pull so hard that I can’t safely walk them by myself (while pregnant), which is hard for all of us.

Saturday afternoon I met some friends for frozen yogurt and a walk, and that night Casey and I had a date at Revel, our favorite restaurant in Fremont.  We walked home in the rain and warmed up under a blanket watching a movie.  It was one of those great days with no plans, no pictures, and no worries.

Sunday we woke up and discovered we had no power!  Apparently there were about 4,000 people in our neighborhood with the same issue, so we sought refuge at Starbucks for coffee and wi-fi.  After a few hours, I was itching to get away from my computer, but Casey still had more work to do.  We headed over to Greenlake so that he could work at Starbucks, and I could go for a walk.

2011-09-18 12.50.46

It was one of those perfect fall weekends where the air was cool, but the sun still peeked out occasionally.  I pulled out my corduroys, long sleeves, and one of Casey’s puffy vests (which fit over the bump!), and headed out for a solo 3-mile lap at Greenlake. 

2011-09-18 13.06.16

On a warm, sunny day this area is literally packed with people swimming, sunbathing, and picnicking.  I was amazed that with just a slight drop in temperature, the lake was all but empty.  Fine with me though – I liked having it all to myself.  :)

2011-09-18 12.51.04

I walked along and thought about how happy I am right now, and how lucky I feel for all the things in my life.  On certain days Seattle feels very, very far away to me, and I can’t help but feel sad that we aren’t closer to the people we love at this exciting time in our life. 

But this was not one of those days.  On Sunday, I felt nothing but gratitude to live in a cool city, to be able to go for a relaxing walk, and to have people in our lives that love us, no matter how far away.

2011-09-18 13.05.19

Just as I was walking along and thinking about our new life here in Seattle, I realized I recognized someone!  Lacey was sitting on a bench waiting for me – she had spotted the bump and the pony tail from another point on the lake, and stopped to wait so we could walk together.  I guess I am pretty easy to identify these days…

2011-09-18 13.05.10 

I know very few people here, so it was really fun to run into a friend and have someone to talk to as I finished up my lap.  I ended up walking about 4 miles and felt VERY sore afterwards.

We finally returned home around 3pm, just as our power was coming back on!  I took advantage of the electricity and decided to spend my evening in the kitchen.  But first I headed a few blocks away to the local grocery store for a few missing ingredients.  On my way back, I walked through the farmers market and scored a gorgeous bundle of flowers!  Carrying my groceries home and walking through the market made me appreciate that we have so much right outside our front door.

IMG_2400 (426x640)

Gorgeous flowers to make me happy all week long. 

IMG_2401 (427x640)

And only $7 for the whole bunch – insanity.

IMG_2403 (427x640)

Another thing that makes me happy?  Shopping in in the bulk bins.  Something about scooping and bagging my food, and then transferring it all to my little jars back at home gets me way too excited.  I’m easy to please.

IMG_2405 (640x423)

There was a coconut oil explosion incident during dinner prep…

IMG_2421 (427x640)

But luckily it was worth it for the final product.  Recipe coming up next!

IMG_2424 (417x640)

Another great weekend in Seattle, and one of our last as just us two.  Hard to believe!