Ready for Baby: The Nursery Tour.

While I have shown you plenty of glimpses of our nursery as we’ve worked on it throughout this summer, now that it’s ready to go, I thought it was only fitting to give an official tour!

You might remember back when it looked like this, earlier this summer when my sister was using it as her temporary summer bedroom…

IMG_0454 (640x421)

While I am sad that Sarah is no longer living in the nursery, it is definitely looking much better these days!  Let’s begin…

IMG_2543 (427x640)

The first thing you see when you walk in the door is this full length mirror.  It was already in the room when we moved in (in a different spot), and I decided to leave it up since I know babies LOVE mirrors.  I can’t wait to hear him giggling at his own reflection – too cute!

IMG_2542 (416x640)

The inside wall has our antique dresser, scored at a farmer’s market earlier this summer.  I cleaned up the inside of the drawers by lining them with cute striped wrapping paper, and then added IKEA spice racks to help it do double-duty as a bookshelf!

IMG_2537 (423x640)

Hanging above the dresser are a few family pictures I wanted to include so that our little guy always feels surrounded by the people and dogs who love him so much. 

IMG_2539 (422x640)

I really liked these frames since they were a good price and perfectly matched the wood on our crib, but they only came in this 8×10 size.  I thought 8×10 photos would be a bit overwhelming, so I ordered 5×7’s instead and used the leftover wrapping paper from my drawer project to make a striped backing for the pictures.  I think it turned out really well!

IMG_2540 (640x415)

On the far side of the room, we have the crib and the glider.  I bought these yellow “thermal blackout curtains” at Target to help keep the room dark during nap time.  Doesn’t seem like much blacking-out is actually happening, but I like the yellow color and am too lazy to return them. 

IMG_2544 (640x427)

I talked about picking out our crib and artwork in a previous post, and I’m really happy with how it all turned out.  We are crossing our fingers and hoping to be able to have several more kids, so hopefully this can all be used for many years to come.  I tend to prefer gender-neutral colors anyways!

IMG_2546 (420x640)

One of the very last things we did in here was decide where to hang our wall art.  Even though the chance of something falling off the walls is so slim, I was really nervous about hanging something directly above the crib.  Casey came up with a great solution, and used L-brackets to literally bolt the pieces to the walls.  Now they aren’t going anywhere!

IMG_2547 (640x427)

We ordered the glider way back in July and it finally came in a few weeks ago.  Now that I have a place to sit in the nursery, I have been reading in there on the weekends and enjoying how peaceful it is (for now!). 

IMG_2566 (640x427)

Our nursery is pretty small and has limited wall space, so in order to maximize what we have, we decided to open up what used to be a double-door closet.  Inside, we have our second dresser (for storing diapers, blankets, etc.) with a changing table on top.  There are storage bins up top so that I can stay relatively organized, and I repurposed some old green curtains I already had to hang down the sides.

IMG_2552 (424x640)

On either side of the dresser/changer, I have some extra (messy) storage hiding behind the curtain panels for hanging clothes, extra diapers, a laundry basket, etc..  For a small, sort of awkward room, I’m pretty happy with how we were able to make the space work to be efficient and useful.

IMG_2555 (427x640)

View from the back of the room, which shows off my favorite feature – our awesome wall decal!

IMG_2556 (640x424)

And from the other side of the room, you can see the doorway that leads into the nursery bathroom…

IMG_2551 (640x425)

I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do in the bathroom at first, but when I saw this shower curtain on sale at Target, I knew it was perfect.  A little girly perhaps, but I think he will forgive me.  I love how the trees look almost identical to the ones in the nursery wall art!  (The paper flowers on the windowsill are from our wedding!) 

IMG_2558 (427x640)

Inside the tub, we have an adorable whale bathtub for shower time until he is big enough to use the real thing.  My sister gave this to me, and asked me to be sure to let him know that she lived in the nursery before he did.  :)

IMG_2561 (640x427)

Whale spout cover, so that he doesn’t bang his head on it once he is learning to stand and splash and play.  Safety first!

IMG_2562 (640x427)

And that’s our nursery!  While I know all a baby really needs in the beginning is food, sleep, and a whole lot of love, we have had so much fun putting this room together and dreaming of rocking him to sleep, changing his little diapers, and singing to him.  And when he is older, he’ll enjoy looking in his mirror, picking out bedtime stories, and splashing in his bathtub.

Now we just need to him to come enjoy his new space!

IMG_2570 (427x640)

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