Week 34: My Pregnancy Journey.

The melons are back!  Is it just me or are these fruit and veggie comparisons all over the place?  Some weeks they are based on length, sometimes on weight, and some on size.  This week, I believe we are back to weight – 5.5 pounds to be exact.  Otherwise known as a honeydew!

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At my midwife appointment last week, I shared my fear that I have a giant oversized baby because my stomach seems to be much bigger than the other girls in my group (all due within a week or two of each other).  The midwife did a lot of belly feeling and said that she could estimate that (as of last Wednesday) he weighed between 5 and 5.5 pounds – right on track.  My belly however, is still measuring a week ahead.

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How I’m Feeling

The main issue right now is SLEEP.  I am well aware that sleep will be at a premium once he makes his arrival, so I’d really like to avoid starting off mommy-hood as a sleep deprived zombie.

The problem is that I’m having major pregnancy-induced congestion and sinus trouble.  Pleasant, I know.  I’m sorry.  Because of this, when I sleep I end up having to sleep with my mouth hanging wide open.  It is insanely attractive, I assure you.  Since I can only breathe through my mouth, after about 30 minutes of sleep, I wake up completely dehydrated and scrambling for the trusty water bottle I keep on my bedside table.  I then chug said water bottle and go back to sleep.  Thirty minutes later I wake up now needing to pee.

See the cycle?  Can’t breathe.  Mouth open.  Throat as dry as the desert.  Chug water.  Head to bathroom.  Go back to sleep.  Can’t breathe…

It goes on all.night.long.  Eventually by around 4:30 or so I think I get so exhausted that I just pass out and allow myself to sleep through the dehydration.  So needless to say, sleep is minimal and very interrupted.  Beyond that, there are a few other symptoms that have me feeling like this third trimester is very reminiscent of the first one!

But honestly, at this point if lack of sleep is my biggest complaint, I think I’m pretty lucky.  Other than feeling tired, I still feel great otherwise!

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Getting Ready for Baby

Last week I went on a technology registering spree.  I had written a Babble post asking other moms and pregnant women about the most creative baby gifts they have received.  Someone replied back that they had been given their baby’s domain name and email address as a gift and I immediately thought it was so clever and creative. 

Now being the nerd that I am, I was already all over the domain.  We purchased that long ago when we first decided on name.  When he is grown and famous, he will thank me for preserving his spot in cyberspace.  (I am kidding.)

I’m not sure what I’ll actually do with the domain name yet.  Most likely start a photo and update site just for friends and family, to keep people posted from far away.  But beyond the URL, I took it a step further. 

I registered his Gmail address…  And his Twitter handle…  And yes, you can believe that my husband laughed at me and told me that email and Twitter will not exist by the time Baby C is old enough to use any of it.  But I’m a nerd, and I thought it was fun, and I don’t care.  :)

I mentioned it on Twitter, and was then sent about 10 links to this Google video…

Which I watched while sobbing hysterically and blubbering on and on to Casey about how “we are really going to have a baaaaaaaaaaaaaby.” 

My favorite part is, “You wanted to name him Salt.”  :)

Pregnancy has made me a total whacko. 

IMG_2284 (421x640)

Beyond his virtual profile, I haven’t bought anything new since we checked off all our big items a few weeks ago.  I have, however, been browsing newborn Halloween costumes, assuming he arrives in time (and he better).  Seriously, check out how cute some of these are!

IMG_2286 (426x640)

I’ve had a lot of you ask how Casey is feeling about all this baby stuff, and how he’s doing getting ready to be a new dad!  Other than totally hating me for making him pose with a random melon, I think he’s very excited.

IMG_2288 (640x427)

He was even more excited this weekend when instead of asking him to assemble our baby swing, I decided I was perfectly capable of doing it myself.  One hour and 400 pieces later, it is assembled and will hopefully not collapse and kill my first born. 

IMG_2291 (427x640)

More nursery progress bit by bit, and I should have a final update to share with you guys in the next week or two!  Crossing my fingers for a few finishing touches to arrive. 

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I spent some time in the nursery this weekend organizing drawers, moving things around, and just generally trying to get things in order.  The cloth diaper drawer is ready to go.  Now I just need to figure out how to use them…

IMG_2299 (427x640)

And until we are ready for that, there will be disposables as we adjust to life with a teeny tiny newborn.  Pretty sure I will need a LOT more than this.

IMG_2300 (640x427)

As I was organizing diaper drawers, I asked Casey if he had actually ever changed a diaper.  Since he didn’t think he had, we did some practicing. 

IMG_2297 (427x640)

I think we’re in good shape! 

Odds and Ends

  • Total weight gained:  23 pounds
  • Gestational age today: 34 weeks and 5 days
  • Miles walked per week:  15 (average)
  • Episodes of House Hunters watched:  infinite
  • Baby sheets or clothing washed:  zero
  • Friends on baby-watch:  2 – Sabrina and Brittany!
  • Days until due date:  37

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