Week 35: My Pregnancy Journey.

This week, what used to be just a wee little grape is now as heavy as this giant bag of carrots.

IMG_2373 (426x640)

The baby is approximately SIX pounds this week which, judging from how hard it is for me to roll over in bed or stand up off the couch, feels just about right.

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According to my updates, the baby is basically done growing in length at this point.  Now he’s just hanging out and fattening up until he’s ready to come out!

How I’m Feeling

Feeling GREAT!  Not sure why but I seem to have gotten some of my energy back in the last week or two.  A month ago I found myself struggling to walk around our favorite 3-mile lake, and would often have to take a break on a bench or stop for a bit.  These days I feel like I could easily walk two laps because I’ve been feeling so strong by the end of our walks.

It is funny that a three mile walk is the benchmark of my fitness these days, but that’s just the reality of having a huge bowling ball strapped to your midsection.  Up until recently I have felt great about my walks and what I’ve been able to do at this stage of pregnancy.  And while I’m certainly still feeling great, I’m also finally really feeling the itch to RUN again.  I’m tired of walking all the time, and am looking forward to getting back into my running shoes as soon as that’s a realistic option. 

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How I’m Changing

Lots of people tell me I have that “basketball belly” look when I am out grocery shopping or at the gym.  Casey commented the other day, “your stomach is MUCH bigger than a basketball.”  :)  I think of it as more like a beach ball these days!

My stomach is ginormous, I have the dark line going all up and down it, I have dark spots on my cheeks (another preggo side effect), and my legs are looking particularly dimply.  The fun part is that I actually don’t care about any of it.  Other than the fact that I want to burn every piece of maternity clothing I own, I’m feeling really good and really ready.

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The other thing I’m feeling?  Scared.  I have to be honest here.  I have gotten to this point of pregnancy where I’m suddenly thinking things like “holy crap I’m seriously having a baby.”  You would think that it wouldn’t take 9 months to realize this, but I have read that a resurgence of anxiety is normal towards the very end. 

I have read enough books and done enough research that I’m no longer worried about childbirth or labor anymore – I feel totally ready (or as ready as I can be) for the process.  It’s more what happens afterwards…

I’m going to have a baby.  And then I have to take him home.  And no one is going to tell me what to do next.  I guess my worries these days are not so much about having a baby as they are about being a parent.  Some day this baby is going to be five years old.  I can’t even wrap my head around that right now.

I’m doing my best to soak up these last few weeks, and feeling a bit emotional that this part of the journey is coming to an end.  Despite the sickness and the aches, and all the other strange things that accompany pregnancy, I have really really loved being pregnant.  And as excited as I am to meet our newest family member I’m also feeling a bit of sadness.  I love my life exactly the way it is right now.  I love my husband, and my family, and what we have built here together.  I’m scared of all of that changing. 

I know all the changes will be for the better, and I know there will be good days and bad days.  As the end draws closer and closer, I’m becoming very aware that our world is going to change in incredible ways.  I have watched this video a few times this week, and weeped my way through each time…

My favorites are “it’s okay to be scared” and “you are the expert.”  And while I am scared, I’m also just really really ready to stop the wondering and what if’s, and put all this energy into giving our little guy the best life that we can.

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Getting Ready for Baby

I have been washing clothes and picking up a few more things for our hospital bag, just trying to feel prepared and check things slowly off our lists.  At this point I feel like we have pretty much everything we need, at least for the first few weeks.  Now that the essentials are out of the way, I’m having fun looking online for things like tiny baby corduroy overalls and newborn Halloween costumes.

I got a call today that the glider we ordered back in early July has finally arrived and is ready to be picked up!  I can’t wait to go get it this weekend, and I’ll finally be able to show you guys the completed nursery once we get it in place.

We have our 35-week group prenatal checkup today!  Excited to see how things are progressing, and hear that heartbeat thump away. 

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Odds and Ends

  • Total weight gain:  25 pounds
  • Gestational age today:  35 weeks and 4 days
  • Baby clothes washed:  everything up to 3 months!
  • Gliders waiting to be picked up from BabiesRUs:  ONE!
  • Days until due date:  31

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