Week 37: My Pregnancy Journey.

Each week I wonder how many more of these I will actually write!  Hopefully still a few more, but you never know.

How Big is the Baby?

All of my pregnancy apps and emails that tell me what fruit/vegetable my baby resembles each week have officially given up.  Either they are repeating themselves, or they are all just comparing him to a watermelon.  So I think it’s really just safe to say, at this point, he’s BIG!


For a while I was actually consistently measuring ahead at all of my appointments (which explains the giant belly), but as of today’s appointment I am now right on track for 37 weeks.

How I’m Feeling

Pretty much the same.  I don’t really feel like anything has changed, other than the fact that it feels great to officially be “full term” and through that milestone.

I haven’t really noticed any physical changes this week, but I’ve continued to gradually gain weight, so I assume the belly is bigger!  Speaking of growing bellies, make sure to check out the pregnancy page this week – I updated it with photos from each week so you can now see the progression of growth all the way from weeks nine through today!

The only symptom I’m experiencing in late pregnancy that is new is some minor swelling.  It usually happens after I take a walk or if I’m on my feet for a long time.  By the time I finish my 3 mile loops at Greenlake my fingers look like small sausages!  Surprisingly enough though, even at 37 weeks I can still wear my wedding rings.


I’m finding myself to be pretty emotional as the end of pregnancy draws closer.  Through all the ups and downs, and I have truly loved being pregnant.  And while I know I will love being a mother as well, it’s strange to think that this part of the journey is coming to an end.  It has been so long since I thought of myself as just “me” and I wonder what that will feel like again.  I’m also trying not to focus too much on my specific date, or drive myself crazy thinking “this could be the day!” as each one passes. 

Getting Ready for Baby

With the nursery all finished and ready to go, now we’re just kind of hanging out and waiting for him to get here.  I feel as prepared as we can be at this point!  I’m holding off on buying anything else until we see what he likes and needs, so I don’t end up wasting money on things we won’t use. 

I did however run into Baby Gap this weekend to return a few extra things we had, and discovered that all of their sale clothes were an additional 50% off.  There were a ton of really cute onesies that were only $4 a piece with the extra discount, so we snatched up a bunch of them in some bigger sizes that we are still pretty low on.

IMG_2532 (640x427)

I only got one thing in the 0-3 month size – this adorable pair of striped pants for $4 – too cute!

IMG_2533 (640x427)

We also snagged this soft winter coat for $10, and it should fit up to at least 6 months!

IMG_2530 (640x427)

I’ve been working on trying to get the house as ready as possible – just doing small organizing projects, stocking the pantry, keeping up with cleaning and laundry, etc.  All the small baby clothes are now washed, folded, and organized.

IMG_2534 (640x427)

I haven’t done much cooking and freezing of meals, simply because we have a really small freezer.  But we have had some very generous Seattle friends offer to help with dinners after the baby arrives, which will be a huge help to us during those first few weeks!

What I’m working on the most these days is just feeling mentally and emotionally prepared now.  I am doing yoga, listening to lots of relaxing music, and just generally trying to feel really peaceful and calm going into this process.  As a naturally anxious person, my instincts are to worry and obsess over details, but I’ve worked really hard these past nine months to overcome a lot of that and just live in the moment as it happens.  I can honestly say that I feel more calm and excited than I do nervous or scared. 


I’m also trying to listen to the wisdom of all those experienced moms who have done this before me.  I wrote a fun Babble post collecting advice on what moms would tell themselves if they could go back to before they had their babies.  A lot of their advice made me cry (damn hormones!).


Odds and Ends

  • Total weight gained:  28 pounds
  • Approximate weight of the baby:  6.5 – 7.1 pounds
  • Gestational age:  37 weeks and 4 days
  • Days until due date:  17
  • Doctor’s appointments left:  1

Fun fact: I have been pregnant since very early in January. That means I have basically been pregnant this entire year. You don’t realize just how long 40 weeks is until you are counting them down!


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