Tricks and Treats.

Today is my first day home with Cullen by myself, and I can’t believe I’m just finally getting to type this out at 5pm.  He is peacefully snuggled up on my chest, and I am learning quickly to take advantage of any and all time when I have two hands available!

While I have most definitely NOT made my return to the kitchen just yet, I do have a few fun reminders of past kitchen projects that showed up in my mailbox recently.  The November issue of SELF Magazine…

IMG_3485 (640x427)

Which features a recipe from yours truly – Cider Cinnamon Brussels Sprouts.  This is a very close adaptation of my original recipe, Cinnamon Cider Brussels Sprouts with Apples and Pears.  YUM – a fall favorite!

IMG_3487 (640x427)

You might remember a while back when I did a big spread (no pun intended) on hummus for Oprah Magazine.  I was thrilled when they asked me to do another recipe development project for them, which just hit the stands for the November issue…

IMG_3493 (640x427)

What did I cook up this time?  GRANOLA!

IMG_3489 (427x640)

I spent about a week turning my kitchen into a granola factory this summer.  You have never seen so many rolled oats in one kitchen!  It was a really fun project to do, and I still can’t quite get over seeing my name next to a two-page piece in a magazine that I love. 

IMG_3492 (640x427)

So even though I’m not quite back to cooking and baking just yet, these projects are motivating and get me excited for all the great food that is to come once I get my bearings with this whole motherhood thing.  In the meantime, we are lucky enough to have friends bringing us meals during the month of November to help us get through this transition phase.

Also, I’m back to writing on Babble this week, and you can check out my last few Being Pregnant posts here…

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be writing for a new Babble blog – Baby’s First Year!  And finally, because no post feels complete without a baby picture….

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IMG_3451 (640x428)

From our pumpkin patch…

IMG_3454 (640x427)

To yours.  :)