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    A Look Back.

Week 1: Cullen’s Story.

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but somehow my little peanut is one week old today.  I am already freaking out that he is growing up too fast.

IMG_3334 (640x427)

I had so much fun writing my pregnancy updates, and I wanted a way to continue to share our family’s journey with you guys.  My plan is to continue to do weekly updates each Friday, this time focusing on life with a baby and my post-partum adventures.  That way I can weave our family stories in with the rest of the regular food and fitness talk (which is returning next week!).  I hope you guys enjoy following our journey.

I’m not even sure where to begin with this update since it is all just that – the beginning.  Our first week with Cullen has been nothing short of amazing. 

IMG_3327 (640x427)


Breastfeeding was one of my biggest fears going into pregnancy – would I be able to do it?  Would my baby respond?  Would he get enough to eat?  I’m happy to say that so far everything is going really well.  Cullen and I work as a team to continue to figure it out together.  Of course I have my worries about him getting enough and if I’m doing it right, but at his first pediatrician’s appointment earlier in the week, he had gained enough weight that the doctor assured me all is well.  What a huge relief!

IMG_3328 (640x427)

I continue to track all his feedings and diaper changes in a phone app so that I can make sure he’s eating often enough (every 2 to 3 hours), and that he’s pooping enough (exciting stuff!). 


Once I was overdue, I stopped believing that I was going to go into labor naturally.  So when I went to bed last Monday night, I had no idea that it would be my last baby-less night of full sleep for quite some time to come.  Believe it or not, I’m actually feeling really great and not minding the sleep schedule at all so far (check back with me in a few months). 

Cullen basically sleeps all the time.  So much that I keep consulting baby books to see if he’s sleeping TOO much, but then I have to remind myself that he is only a few days old.  At night, we tend to wake up every 2 to 3 hours for a short nursing session, and then he goes right back to sleep.  Casey gets up and changes his diapers while I get ready for each feeding.  We’re only one week in, but so far our system is working pretty well. 

IMG_3331 (640x427)

Oh and that whole baby going in the crib from day one thing?  Tooooooootally didn’t happen.  I think we ALL saw that coming, right?  :)  I just couldn’t do it.  So night number one we set up the pack n play next to my side of the bed, and he happily snoozes next to me for now.  We’re hoping to transition him to the nursery soon, but I needed a little peace of mind for the first week or two. 

IMG_3336 (640x427)

The big excitement of this week (other than having a baby of course) was getting our newborn photos taken.  I researched and booked the photography session months ago, and went back and forth over and over again wondering if it was something we should do or not.  I ended up deciding that my first baby is only a few days old once, and it was something I didn’t want to miss. 

Our photo session was yesterday morning with Jenny Hughes, who I can’t recommend enough to my Seattle friends!  By the end of our session, she felt like a friend, and I’m already looking forward to doing pictures again when he’s a bit older.  She sent me a few proofs already, and I am so excited about how well they turned out!




As far as life with Cullen goes, we still don’t have a routine or schedule yet, but I didn’t really expect to in just one week.  We also have a house filled with houseguests, which has made our return home fun, but busy.  Next week will be the first time the three of us will be on our own, and it will be nice to see how our new life feels as we ease back into it.  In the meantime, Cullen has been helping me try to catch up on work for a few hours each day…

IMG_3267 (640x427)

And I spend no less than an hour of each morning chasing him around with my camera.  He sleeps most of the time these days, so any time I can catch him alert and showing me his beautiful eyes, I am snapping away.

IMG_3291 (427x640)

And many of you have asked – what about ME?

One Week Post-Partum

Considering I had a baby seven days ago, I’m feeling pretty great.  I feel like pregnancy has taught me so much about the human body, and I am in constant awe of how I’m changing and adapting to each new phase of the process.  The day I gave birth, I still looked about 7 months pregnant.  The next day, 5 months pregnant, and so on and so on.  One week after delivering Cullen, I have lost 24 pounds – just 8 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. 

IMG_3345 (426x640)

Let me remind you what I looked like the day I went into labor, with an extra 32 pounds on my frame. (I look so cranky!)

IMG_2950 (425x640)

The weight loss is entirely due to delivery, breastfeeding, and my body’s natural adjustments.  I have literally done ZERO activity this week other than sleep, eat, and stare at my baby. 

IMG_3351 (427x640)

Emotionally I feel fantastic.  I’m a hormonal mess and I cry at least ten times a day for no reason, but it’s all because I simply cannot grasp how happy I am.  I had no idea that life could be this good.

Physically, things are a little tougher.  A three-day labor did me no favors, and I will have a longer road to healing than I had hoped for.  I have a LOT of stitches and other unpleasant side effects of childbirth (that I will spare you), and I’m in a lot of pain as my body works towards healing.  Walks are limited to a few slow, short blocks and I’m really trying to take it easy so that I can return at 100% when I’m ready.

On the upside, the number one perk of not being pregnant anymore?  Sleeping on my STOMACH!  I cannot get enough, and it feels sooooo good.

While I’m healing and resting, I’m cherishing what I know are days that will go by too quickly and that I will long for when he is a screaming toddler. 

IMG_3247 (640x427)

Thank you all so much for all the love and support through all of this.  Life is definitely different, but I can’t imagine it being any other way now that Cullen is here. 

IMG_3214 (640x427)

You can check out the new parenting page for all our family updates and weekly recaps.  Off to enjoy my little 8 pound bundle of love…

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Lee     at 5:19 pm

Cullen is such a cutie! And you look great too.


Steph     at 5:22 pm

He is so precious!!


Jackie @ That Deep Breath     at 5:23 pm

You look SO happy and baby Cullen is absolutely adorable. Congratulations!!!


Katy (The Singing Runner)     at 5:23 pm

I can not get over how beautiful he is! :) And you look fantastic!!!! :)


Kath     at 5:23 pm

This post made my week!!!


Sarah     at 5:24 pm

Emily, he is SO cute. {And you look wonderful.} I love reading your stories. Happy weekend!


Jen     at 5:25 pm

Adorable family! Granted, I’ve only seen pictures of Casey on your blog, but to me, Cullen looks so much like him in the picture where he’s wearing the white outfit with yellow, green and gray animals.


Audrey     at 5:26 pm

Oh, Emily, he is so precious! He already looks a lot like both of you, too. And those beautiful eyes! So adorable. I also love the photos you got. They are some of the nicest ones I’ve seen.


Leanne (Bride to Mrs.)     at 5:26 pm

I loved your pregnancy journal but I think I might like these “Cullen’s story” entries even more! Beautiful pictures too! Xoxo


Sana     at 5:27 pm

Do we have to go back to food and fitness? I just want to stare at baby Cullen all day long!!!


Ann     at 5:27 pm

Every picture of him is sooo beautiful!! Congrats!


Julie @SavvyEats     at 5:28 pm

a) you look great. If I didn’t know any better, I would never guess that you gave birth only a week ago.

b) Cullen is one of the most adorable babies I have ever seen.



jen     at 5:30 pm

oh my goodnes emily!! every picture is cuter than the one before! i just said “OHH!” like 7 times out loud! he seems to look a lot like casey? im so happy for you both and by the way you really do look amazing!


Lauren @ Lawfully Wedded Wife     at 5:31 pm

You look amazing! And Cullen is so adorable, those newborn pics you got done look so beautiful. My baby sister slept ALL DAY when she was a newborn (I was 17) and I remember we were always worried about her and waking her up to make sure she was okay! But a baby who loves to sleep is definitely a blessing. :)


sarah     at 5:31 pm

You look so beautiful in your picture. You have a “mommy glow”.


KrugtheThinker     at 5:32 pm

I am so happy to hear about what a beautiful week it has been! It makes me grin from ear to ear to see you with your sweet baby!


Marie     at 5:32 pm

Congratulations, Emily! I love his name and he is so beautiful! I love that you got photos done; you look gorgeous!


Catherine     at 5:32 pm

Emily, it’s so great to hear from you! I cannot get enough updates – or pictures! And thank you again for being so honest about your postpartum recovery. For example, maybe I’m naive, but I had no idea women still looked pregnant after they delivered!! (well, the uterus/skin isn’t made of rubber – duh! What was I thinking?!) I just really appreciate you telling it like it is! :) And you look SO beautiful! Seriously, look at those photos! I hope I look half that good after having a baby. :)


Anna Portman     at 5:32 pm

Hi Emily! I’ve been a reader for a long time now and I’ve stepped out of the lurker’s lounge to say CONGRATULATIONS! You look absolutely beautiful and Cullen is the epitome of perfection. Looks just like Casey in my opinion. I’m glad things are going so well, look forward to more updates. :)


Kat     at 5:32 pm

Those eyes! What a cutie! And it is completely baffling how much the body can change 8 days. Holy crow! Gorgeous pics Emily!


Wendy     at 5:34 pm

God love you, Emily…I still have my last 8 pounds to lose too…and my baby is 10 (YEARS)!!! ;-). Have enjoyed every single blog you’ve written about your pregnancy and birth experiences. You’re right…hold on to these moments because they truly do fly. My firstborn “baby” is now driving…and her birth seems like yesterday! Best wishes to your adorable family!


Wendy     at 5:35 pm

Gah, this post makes my uterus ache for another baby! Soak up this time with your first newborn – there will be no other time in your life quite like it. So happy for you that your first week has gone so smoothly after a long and difficult labor.


Katherine     at 5:38 pm

He is so beautiful! I know you are enjoying him!

What have you been eating? Anything seeming to upset little Cullen’s tummy?


Lauren     at 5:38 pm

It is so wonderful to see the update picture of you in front of the familiar fence actually HOLDING your baby! Ahh!!<3


Amanda     at 5:38 pm

He is just too cute. And your professional photos are gorgeous and (in my opinion) 110% worth it.

So happy for you and your family! :)


Shari     at 5:39 pm

At the risk of sounding like a broken record … Cullen is SO CUTE!! What a sweet little guy. So glad to hear you’re loving every moment of this new, beautiful journey. Thanks for continuing to let us all share in its magic :)


Katie     at 5:41 pm

Emily: this is an absolutely beautiful post. I cannot be happier for you and your handsome newborn… he’ll be quite the ladies man when he gets older. Absolutely precious!

- Katie at http://www.ohshineon.com


Julie @ Wearing Mascara     at 5:43 pm

I’m so sorry I haven’t commented on your previous posts! I’ve read your birth story too via my phone. ANYWAYS, CONGRATS! He is absolutely lovely and you guys look so happy. I’m thrilled that you’re still going to be updating us with family updates :-) Enjoy your weekend!


Maria     at 5:44 pm

First of all, congrats! I’ve been following along, but haven’t commented. I am usually reading on my iPhone while I’m feeding my baby. I had my first baby one month ago. Aren’t babies amazing? Little Cullen is such a cutie! I am so happy for you. The photos are precious. Enjoy every second. They grow up so fast. I can’t believe how big our little guy is already! I look forward to your upcoming baby posts!


Raychel     at 5:44 pm

Wow! 8 pounds left?! I know so many women who would hate you so much if they knew you! So happy to see pictures of you all together! You all look great, and I agree with another poster, Cullen looks just Casey!

Enjoy this newborn time! My friend just had twins last week (2 days before Cullen was born!) and I have been over there often, just holding them and staring at them for hours. So sweet!


Katie Jo     at 5:46 pm

I can’t get over how adorable he is! I will be looking forward to the weekly updates. How are the puppies adjusting?


Lisa @ The Splattered Apron     at 5:47 pm

Caroline’s only 11 weeks old but these pictures of Cullen make me miss when she was a newborn! You look fantastic at one week out, I’m pretty sure I looked like I was half asleep all the time :-) Can’t wait to get to know Cullen week by week!!


chelsey @ clean eating chelsey     at 5:47 pm

Looove these update! I love seeing how bodies change from week to week after pregnancy, so this is super interesting for me. Not to mention staring at an adorable baby is never a bad thing either. Cullen is perfect.


Stacey     at 5:50 pm

I love this! All of this! I’m so glad you and baby are healthy, and I can’t wait until another update next Friday :) Have fun snuggling your new one


Stephanie     at 5:50 pm

1. You look great! I can’t get over how strong you are- such an inspiration.

2. That picture of Casey and Cullen melts my heart- I can’t wait until my husband can take one of those.

3. Cullen is the most adorable name ever, I think he looks more like Casey this week.

I can’t wait to follow your family updates, I love reading all of your posts!


Bethany @ Accidental Intentions     at 5:54 pm

! He is just TOO precious. Oh my goodness gracious. I feel like a grandma or an aunt the way I ogle over your baby haha. But seriously, Emily. You have an unbelievably beautiful boy. And speaking of beautiful…! Girl! You look AMAZING. Seriously. Considering everything you went through just seven days ago…unreal.

I LOVE the fence photos! So cool that you’re still doing that. I can’t wait to see how Cullen grows! BAH. I AM JUST SO HAPPY FOR YOU I CAN’T STAND IT.


Gabrielle     at 5:55 pm

The first picture of you in the back yard holding Cullen is especially touching, to me, after following your entire pregnancy, seeing you holding all those vegetables and fruits and such, and now look! Gorgeous photos of the little peanut, and you. You’re a beautiful family. (and I knew you wouldn’t leave him in his crib! hah!)


Army Amy*     at 5:57 pm

You’re glowing! You look so happy!*


Priyanka     at 6:00 pm

Cullen is so precious. You look like a happy and content mother :)


Heather @ Bake, Run, Live     at 6:03 pm

You look beautiful…and happy!
My mom constantly checked on me also. I was 5 lbs. and slept ALL the time!
Looking forward to reading the weekly updates.


Kim     at 6:07 pm

Omg. LOVE that first photo of Cullen… What a darling!
I Loved seeing your weekly pregnancy updates, and was sad to think they would now stop. So this new weekly update is just as wonderful to follow!
Thank you Emily!


Erinn     at 6:08 pm

I’m coming out of lurkerdom to say Emily, you look amazing! So happy and gorgeous. Congratulations on a hard road traveled and a reaching a joyful destination. You earned it. You are an inspiration.


Krystina (Organically Me)     at 6:08 pm

He looks SO much like Casey! Such a beautiful, beautiful little boy.

Those professional pictures you got done are gorgeous.


Kristen @ The Concrete Runner     at 6:09 pm

So stinking sweet! You look fabulous, mama!


Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga     at 6:12 pm

what a fantastic post chronicling all the developments and things going on…you will love having this to look back on when the sleeplessness creates some fuzzy memories..then again, Cullen sounds like a sleeping champ and you’re getting your rest…good for you.

the pics of you that jenny took are stellar!!! wow! you and cullen look amazing :)


Amy Ramos     at 6:13 pm

He is sooo adorable and you look FABULOUS 1 week PP. I am excited that you will continue with your blog too!


Nadine     at 6:13 pm

I’m so glad to see all of these comments…I am so in love with your baby :) He’s perfect, and gorgeous!!! You look wonderful and I can’t wait to see the rest of your photos!

I wanted to ask how your OTHER babies (the dogs!) are adjusting!

Thanks for sharing so much of yourself, Emily!


Christie F     at 6:18 pm

don’t worry that he is getting enough breast milk.
your body makes exactly as much supply as he is demanding. all of the pregnancy books i have read have said that and i believe its true. asking moms, they said the more they pumped/fed the more supply they have. so it’s a natural process.


Jillian @ Reshape Your Life     at 6:21 pm

I can’t get over how beautiful that baby is! He’s so perfect! Congratulations again, he really made you work for it though!

I hope your feeling like your old self (physically) soon!


Alyson     at 6:25 pm

He’s gorgeous. I can see why you spend all of every day in wonder and awe over him :)


Sally     at 6:28 pm

Only 8 pounds away from your pre-pregnancy weight and just 1 week after popping a baby out?! Dang, girl. Work it.


Jen @ Living a Brighter Life     at 6:33 pm

Love these updates and i cant wait for more!!

And can I say you look AMAZING!! Cullen is adorably cute too!!


Mara @ What's For Dinner?     at 6:33 pm

So he’s as big as a… what? Sack of potatoes? :) A very large squash? A pumpkin? Sorry, I had to.
I’m truly so happy for you; can’t wait to read more of your adventures!


Jess@atasteofconfidence     at 6:37 pm

ADORABLE pictures! I am glad you are feeling good, you look great! And yay for sleeping on the stomach. I can’t imagine not being able to do that!


Judy     at 6:38 pm

Amazing that you have so much energy to write this, I am in awe! He is so cute, Emily! Thanks for sharing:)


Kamaile     at 6:42 pm

Wheeeee he is so handsome!!!! :) You look great!


Emilia     at 6:44 pm

I am not sure what is the distance between, Seatle, Washington and Providence, Rhode Island (too confy to look it up, right now, but I will)but since I found your blog this summer while looking for soon-to-be moms blogs, I feel like you, Casey, the dogs and now Cullen are part of my life. I need to know how you guys are doing. I know I sound like a stalker but I just love your writing style and your recipes.

Therefore please, please, please, keep writing the weekly post about Cullen and your post-partum recovery.

I am due in four weeks and your blogs have given me a good idea of what is coming my way. I am 36 weeks tomorrow, (going to read your 36 weekly update right after this post)and my pregnancy has been pretty similar to yours.

Now that Cullen is here, reading his birth story and reading his weekly update/your post-partum recovery is giving me an idea of how things can go for us. A week sounds like a long time to hear about you guys. Write notes down during the week :) don’t spare any details :).

Thanks for keeping your online family updated :)
A family that has extended to Rhode Island.


Lianna     at 6:45 pm

I absolutely adore your blog and I always find myself looking forward to reading new updates as they come. You look absolutely beautiful in your photography session, and I am so happy for your and your family!


Marta     at 6:48 pm

Cherish the sleeping on the stomach cause one you get your boobs filled with milk…that will go away once more :)


Laura     at 6:48 pm

I work with infants and toddlers every day and let me just say that Cullen is very blessed to have parents as loving, nurturing, present and amazing as you and Casey. He is a very lucky little man!


Faith A.     at 6:55 pm

Emily, he is precious, and I have really enjoyed your recaps of everything. I love that you will give us weekly recaps of life with a newborn! It is wonderful to see how happy the three of you are together. One thing I can’t wait to hear about (as a currently childless person with 2 dogs) is how the pups adjust. That’s one of my biggest worries about having kids, so I will look forward to hopefully hearing about that from you.
Congratulations to you! xo


kara     at 6:56 pm

Emily I’m so glad you plan on continuing with updates on Cullen! It’s been wonderful reading your journey so far and.I can’t wait to hear more. Cullen is nothing short of precious, enjoy every second!


maria @ a life to bragg about     at 6:57 pm

1. Cullen is so freaking ADORABLE!!!
2. You look great and so happy!
3. Those newborn sneak peek pics are GORGEOUS. Can’t wait to see more.

I am loving your updates. They’re making me so antsy to meet my little boy though :)


Marie@feedingfive     at 7:00 pm

You look radiant. Happy to hear you’re taking it easy and loving every minute of your new baby, it’s just the way it should be.


Elizabeth     at 7:09 pm

Cullen is perfect…and you look incredible! Enjoy every moment…it flies by far too quickly! I can still remember how my first-born felt, her wonderful baby scent, the way she just fit so perfectly…and she’s now 26 years old!!


sarah (sarah learns)     at 7:10 pm

i am so happy that you’ll be continuing with weekly family updates & adding in my of your food/recipes – i love both! :)

you look amazing for just having a baby a week ago – i am in awe. also, the pictures from the newborn shoot are amazing. i’m so glad you got them taken!

how are the dogs handling everything?


Megan     at 7:14 pm

I love this. It makes me ache to snuggle with my 5 month old cousin who I get to see in a week! Enjoy the baby time, every time I saw my cousin this summer he was bigger, growing like a weed!


Alayna @ Thyme Bombe     at 7:25 pm

I cannot believe how much he looks like the two of you! I guess that’s to be expected, right? ;) His fuzzy little peaked hairline is just so gorgeous, and so is your glowing smile.


Colleen     at 7:26 pm

You look absolutely beautiful – glowing that mommy glow. and Cullen is just so adorable. Beautiful newborn pictures. How are Huey and Indy doing with their new brother.


sarah     at 7:26 pm

He’s so flippin adorable! and so are you… getting right back into blogging so that all of us can check in and see how the new family is doing :) Congrats on everything, including making it through two days of labor!


Kate     at 7:35 pm

Congratulations!You both look amazing! What an amazing story, brought tears to my eyes several times :D Enjoy!


Lauren     at 7:35 pm

What a wonderful post. Enjoy……each day will get better, that I promise you. Everyone will tell you the same thing…enjoy every second…it is true. Thank you for sharing your journey.


Nicole of Raspberry Stethoscope     at 7:41 pm

EMILY! my goodness!! You look absolutely amazing!! I mean, you’ve looked completely gorgeous throughout your entire pregnancy, but now WITH the baby out? amazing. I LOVE THE PROFESSIONAL shots. And I cannot believe how you are only 8 lbs away from pre-pregnancy weight???
love your blog and am so happy for you and your family.


Emily     at 7:43 pm

You look incredible. It’s amazing what the human body is capable of. The picture of Casey and Cullen is breathtaking (as is the one with you and Cullen). Looking forward to all of your updates!


Katie @ Talk Less, Say More     at 7:47 pm

He is such an adorable little peanut! I can’t get enough Cullen updates! :)


Babs     at 7:52 pm

The professional baby pictures is such a good idea. I swear the one with you and Baby C looks like a cover for People magazine. You’re so beautiful!


Jessica     at 7:58 pm

He is seriously one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen. Congrats! TMI alert: I pushed for two hours with my first daughter and developed miserable hemorrhoids. Not sure if you did also, but things that saved me were a plastic donut to sit on for weeks, and using Tucks pads and Americane cream every single visit to the bathroom. I also used http://www.kellymom forums a lot for breast feeding questions. You look great and thanks for keeping us updated!


SaraRM     at 8:04 pm

Love the updates and pics! Glad to hear you all are doing well. Love the first pic!!


Alaina     at 8:15 pm

Cullen is absolutely adorable!! I love the professional pictures. :-)


Allie@LiveLaughEat     at 8:18 pm

What a cutie pie of a peanut! You make me want my own peanut…though that would not be a good idea right now :). I can’t believe you lost 24 pounds doing nothing! Wow. I hope you have a speedy recovery.


Carla Runs The World     at 8:25 pm

You’re making my ovaries hurt with all those cute baby pictures!!!

And yes, keep posting about the baby updates! Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery (though I can’t believe how good you look just so soon after birth! And soooo happy too!)


Kristen @ Chocolate Covered Kristen     at 8:34 pm

He is a BEAUTIFUL baby!


Jennifer (The Gourmetour)     at 8:36 pm

He’s beautiful. You’re beautiful. Life’s beautiful!! Congrats!


Laura (Blogging Over Thyme)     at 8:44 pm

I still can’t believe you’re almost down to your pre-pregnancy weight. Unbelievable! I guess you have to take into account that you did have like 55 hours of labor though–that’s a major workout ;)

You look great! Cullen is adorable, so so cute.


Meagan     at 8:47 pm

Cool! I never really thought about how blogging would probabaly be a good or easy thing to do as a new mom, since little baby can sleep right beside mom while mom is blogging. I was always curious as to how you got all these posts together… now I know!!


Mama Pea     at 8:51 pm

I am so happy that motherhood is going so smoothly for you so far. Our first go around was not so easy (Gigi was colicky and jaundiced and premature). You are blessed and handling it all with such grace. Love to you all!


Marla     at 9:24 pm

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughtful, touching story with us. I appreciate how open (yet tasteful!) you have been with the whole pregnancy and birthing process. All the best to you with your recovery and I look forward to hearing more about how things go for all of you (and getting more foodie updates!).


Mandy     at 9:36 pm

He’s one of those newborns that doesn’t look like a newborn. Excellent work, mama, and you are GLOWING.


Elisabeth     at 9:46 pm

He is so beautiful! I especially love that first photo of him sticking his tongue out :) I’m so glad you’ll be sharing weekly updates about Cullen – I’ve gotten so used to getting to hear about that along with the recipes & healthy living blogging. It wouldn’t feel like Daily Garnish now without it! I’m so impressed by how much of your baby weight you’ve lost – congratulations (even though I know that’s not your number one priority, it’s still fabulous for you!). Keep on enjoying these early days – they’ll go so fast :)


Jess     at 10:21 pm

Cutest. Baby. Ever. I’m not a baby person and it takes a lot for me to say that, so, there ya go!


Michelle (The Runner's Plate)     at 10:40 pm

I am so glad for all the details you shared with us! I was always curious how fast the weight came off after giving birth.


Nancy     at 10:45 pm

Emily, I’ve followed your blog for a few years. This is by far the BEST article you’ve ever posted! You look great and your son is beautiful Your story really touched me. Way to Go!! Very touching and real. Thanks.


Candy @ Healthy In Candy Land     at 10:57 pm

Beautiful! Cullen, you, this post. Just so beautiful. I am glad things are going so well for you all.


Kari @ bite-sized thoughts     at 11:58 pm

This has made me clucky :) I am so happy for the three of you and your photos of him are incredible. He is gorgeous. I’ll look forward to the Friday updates!


Amy     at 12:53 am

Congratulations! You look absolutely amazing! Cullen is adorable, and he looks SO MUCH like Casey!!! Enjoy your beautiful baby boy!!


Victoria     at 1:53 am

You look beautiful and the baby is gorgeous. I am so happy for you and must have checked your post 5 times a day for recent updates. The professional photos are amazing. Enjoy every second of that precious boy.


emily     at 1:53 am

Cullen is so gorgeous! I am loving reading your family updates, thank you for sharing your experiences so honestly – it’s inspiring :)


Michaela     at 2:52 am

aaaaaw, he is absolutely adorable!!
and you look awesome, too!
so happy for you all.


Charlie @ the runner beans     at 2:58 am

Love the weekly updates, can’t wait for next week. The professional are brilliant, are you going to put an album together including your pregnancy photos? like a baby book? YOu look amazing, cant believe you had a baby a week ago!


Angela     at 4:50 am

You said it perfectly. “I had not idea life could be this good” It is so unexplainable how once you become a Mom you are transformed immediately & instantaneously you can NOT imagine what you ever did without this incredible little being that is now yours and perfectly amazing. Much love to you and your family.
PS – I have 3 kids and still have been in tears reading all your posts. AND that is seriously one of the cutest babies I have ever laid eyes on!!


Kerry     at 4:57 am

You look amazing in your newborn photos and Cullen is amazing. So hapy for you, I was in tears at part 1 2 and 3 of the story and this post too!! As someone thinking about having kids in the nect few years its very illuminating and interesting to read about your experiences – good and bad – so thank you! Enjoy!


Amy @ ElephantEats     at 5:05 am

I loved reading your pregnancy posts and was fascinated with the labor story…and now I’m totally enjoying your baby posts :) Congrats again. He’s such an adorable boy. Your newborn photoshoot pics are amazing!!!


L     at 5:19 am

I love all your updates! You look amazing and Cullen is so cute. Congrats to your beautiful family!


Veganlily     at 5:40 am

Your family looks so happy, confident and all three of you have a glow! I like to think a huge factor, probably the determining factor, in your healthy 1-week post-partum family can be attributed directly to your vegetarian diet and exercise-years of eating right and exercising, including during pregnancy, are paying you dividends now! And no one can underestimate how the deep bond you and Casey share strengthens and nourishes all of you-it’s truly a joy to read about very week. I look forward to your blend of health, fitness and family all in one blog! Sending much love your way via the Internet…

And p.s. that photo of you with c on the bed is definitely my favorite of you ever-such genuine radiance and joy.


Tanya E.     at 6:04 am

love the professional pics! the one with Cullen and the green background is adorable…they all are great. you’re doing great Mom!


Fran@ Broken Cookies Don't Count     at 6:33 am

Too beautiful for words! Thanks for sharing, Emily!


Katy @ MonsterProof     at 6:37 am

He’s looking fantastic, you’re looking fantastic, and the pictures are…yes, fantastic. Glad things are going well!


Jessica     at 6:59 am

You look so happy!!! I can’t begin to describe how much baby fever you’re giving me. :)

I’m with everyone else… very glad you’ve decided to continue weekly updates! I’ve gotten so used to hearing about baby Cullen’s anticipated arrival that I think I might burst if I don’t hear all about him now that he’s here! :D

And damn, girl! You look amazing! Sounds like you’ll have no trouble shedding the rest of that baby weight.


Cheri     at 7:57 am

Those photos are breathtaking! And you look amazing, Emily!


Rebecca     at 8:00 am

At the risk of sounding weird, I, for one, would like to hear the details of your physical state. If it is too personal I obviously understand; I probably wouldn’t share either. But, I feel like the after-effects on a woman’s body are so under-discussed, I would have no idea what to expect.

After pregnancy, a woman is expected to be so focused on the baby and happy that often I think they minimize the physical problems that pregnancy causes. I think it would help if more people shared exactly the damage done, what it feels like, looks like, etc. so more women wouldn’t be taken by surprise!


Brooke Gregg     at 8:40 am

Hey Emily,
I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now and have never commented. I live in Cincinnati and had a beautiful baby girl (Sydney) in August. She’ll be two months tomorrow. The time flies! I just wanted to say congratulations to you and your family. Cullen is precious, and you’ve gotten some great photos! FYI, that whole sleeping in the crib transition in your future, good luck! We’ve been at it for a couple of weeks now…but I’m with you – I needed her by my bedside in the beginning. Enjoy every second, one of the best moments for us was when all of our visiors left and our family of 3 really got to spend their first bit of real-life together. I look forward to following your journey :)


Diana @ frontyardfoodie     at 8:56 am

Aww, he’s so beautiful and so are you!

I loved loved loved the first few weeks. Like you, compared to the end of pregnancy, getting up a couple times a night to feed was absolutely no biggie. Totally easy.


Robin     at 9:42 am

What a beautiful family! I love how the pictures came out.


Nikki T     at 9:53 am

You look wonderful Emily!!
What a cute little guy Cullen is- I can’t get over those awesome lips!


Linda     at 10:09 am

Your baby has awesome lips and you look great!! Congrats and enjoy pike place market, I lived in Oregon my whole life and go to Seattle to visit family!


Holly     at 10:13 am

You seriously look great! I could not believe the first photo with you and Cullen. And only 8 lbs to lose now?! WOW.


Amber K     at 10:16 am

He is so, so precious. And you all look so happy and sleepy :)


Sarah     at 10:22 am

I’m so glad you’re continuing the baby updates. You all look beautiful and healthy. I’m so, so happy for you:-).


Katy     at 10:43 am

Sleeping on my stomach was my favourite thing about not being pregnant too!


Hollie     at 11:20 am

Loved reading your story!1 I would say don’t be in a hurry to transition him- i’m sure you have done some research, many experts say same room but different bed is the best for a few months! my girls were in my room for 11mo and 8 mo (kind of long, lol) but it made everything, especially nursing, SO much easier!! and less worry for me. :)


Mari     at 11:50 am

You definitely have proven that staying active and eating healthy during pregnancy pay off in the end. Way to go! He is adorable and you look great!


Nicole     at 12:13 pm

I’ve enjoyed following your story since day 1 and particularly this past week, thanks for sharing! Cullen is adorable…so so precious, and you look absolutely amazing!!


TeenyLittleSuperChef     at 1:08 pm

Oh my gosh, those newborn pictures are absolutely gorgeous. You look so happy and radiant. Motherhood definitely seems to suit you. Cullen looks like a little angel. Thanks for opening up your life and allowing us into your new little world. It seems so fun and exciting.
Good luck with everything. You seem to be doing great so far :)


emily     at 2:24 pm

Congratulations! He truly is an absolutely beautiful baby! You look great – I, too, was stunned that at my son’s 1 week checkup I had already lost 24 pounds. Unreal what breastfeeding will do to help.


Julie (A Case of the Runs)     at 2:52 pm

You look so good! You look really happy, and those proofs are amazing! Great that you will be doing separate updates; I look forward to them.


kenzie     at 3:09 pm



Tammy     at 4:03 pm

Man… Cullen is REALLY cut – I have a lot of friends with newborns right now and but he takes the cake!!


Sarah     at 4:04 pm

You look GREAT and instead of having that pregnancy glow you have that beaming new mommy glow :) Your happiness just jumps through your posts, I am so glad that things are going so well for you all.


Shannon @ My Place In The Race     at 4:14 pm

He is so beautiful and you look absolutely AMAZING!


Angie     at 4:16 pm

I love this post! I am due in 10 weeks and have enjoyed reading your posts and now meeting Cullen. Where did you buy his little onsie with the stars? My husband Casey and I are expecting a little boy and cannot wait! Thank you again for expressing your stories! XO Angie


Jessica     at 4:29 pm

I love your blog and have been following it since before you got pregnant. I have adored reading your updates and seeing how strong and beautiful you stayed during pregnancy and labor! I hope I look as great as you did when I get pregnant! And Cullen looks just like Casey, what a sweet family! I just ran my first marathon a few weeks ago after getting inspired by your running posts, so thanks for always having such amazing material on your blog! I look forward to more!


TeriLyn [a foodie stays fit]     at 6:34 pm

Emily you are absolutely glowing! i love the picture of you on the bed with him. He is so beautiful.

Thank you so much for sharing your story and special moments with us! Can’t wait to see you and Cullen in a few weeks! <3


Staci     at 6:47 pm

1.) He is beautiful, a complete treasure on earth.
2.) You are beautiful. You look amazing.
3.) I love the pics and can’t wait to see more.
4.) He will soon be a five and a half year old (like my son) and all I can say is to truly treasure this time with him. They become complete punks! ;)


Kim     at 7:04 pm

He is absolutely adorable!!! The picture of him sleeping on you . . . I so miss that phase. Even after 4 kids some babies can make my uterus just ache and he’s one of them.



Deva @ Deva by Definition     at 7:48 pm

You look amazing – you are glowing! Cullen is adorable – so teeny!


Ella, RD     at 9:18 pm

Emily thanks so much for writing this post… as I enter my third trimester I have started having real concerns and worries about how my life will change once I have a little one, how I will be as a mom, and all that – reading this post is very reassuring to me. Cullen is absolutely adorable!


Emily @ The Divine Carrot     at 12:42 am

You look fantastic and happy!!! I appreciate your respectful, honoring approach to your own body and the process of pregnancy. You have had such an amazing attitude the whole way through. And Cullen is just unbelievably beautiful!!


Karolina     at 6:57 am

WOW! I can’t believe how much your stomach has gone down in the last week. I’m so happy that you’ve been enjoying your time with Cullen, and that you are taking such a healthy approach with yourself!


Brooke     at 8:09 am

You look sooo amazing!!! Cullen too, obviously ;)


Dena     at 9:38 am

wow, you look amazing!!!! congratulations on your beautiful baby!!!


Maria @ Beautiful Busy Bee     at 9:56 am

Glad you’re getting some sleep! Your pictures look so cute!! You look great, even for if you hadn’t had a baby a week ago. :)


Alexandra     at 11:22 am

Wonderful post!
In your weekly updates can you include you adventures in diapering? I would like to cloth diaper, but don’t know how that fits in in newborn world.


Caitlin     at 11:53 am

The photo of him on your tummy while you work is precious!


Haley S     at 12:54 pm

love all of your photos! I will never complain if you post Cullen photos :). Also, you look AWESOME!!


Leslie     at 1:42 pm

Cullen is a total cutie and you look fantastic! Motherhood definitely suits you!


Paige     at 3:48 pm

Ah! He is just one of the cutest little newborns I have ever seen!


Shayla @ The Good Life     at 7:12 am

Emily you look absolutely amazing and I am loving these posts – and baby Cullen is by far the cutest baby ever – there’s something in his eyes that are just like yours, it’s adorable! And only 8 lbs. left?! That is amazing, I hope the same happens to me when it’s my turn! Looking forward to following you all on this journey!


anne     at 7:32 am

oh my gosh lady- that picture of you on the bed with Cullen is amazing! one week later! ps love your bedding too, anyway, yay! he’s here!


Sandra     at 8:15 am

Congrats to the whole family. The baby filled bassinet followed me around the house for weeks. Not only did I enjoy watching the little one, it also built up their tolerance to sleeping through noise.
As a breastfeeding mom, I couldn’t sleep on my stomach without making a huge mess on the bed!
It will probably take a while to recoup from your marathon delivery. I so admire your persistence.
As always, love your writing but won’t comment often.


Heather     at 9:21 am

Congrats you guys, Cullen is so adorable and Ilove the pics. Your birth story had me in tears.

See you out and about in the ‘hood my fellow Seattle girl.


Christin@purplebirdblog     at 1:09 pm

Love this post so much, and I can’t wait for the weekly family updates!


MaryBe@Accidentally-Vegan     at 1:45 pm

Cullen is just adorable, and you look amazing. I loved this whole ‘adventure’. Thank you so much for sharing it all


lauren     at 1:50 pm

I loved reading about your journey. It’s all so amazing to me, as I know nothing about this stuff. You seem so happy! Congratulations :)


Sondi     at 4:26 pm

Congratulations!! Cullen is adorable.


Brittany @ Life of a Bama Girl     at 6:55 pm

Cullen is precious. So cute! I love your pictures. She did a great job!


Kate @ the pseudovegan     at 9:26 pm

I am a Neonatal ICU nurse, I see a lot (A LOT) of babies. Cullen is the most beautiful baby!! Even better, makes me soo happy to see a happy, healthy baby and family. Congratulations Malone family! :)


Christine     at 6:18 am

You look fabulous! And the professional picture of you two is beautiful. Congrats again!


Lindsay @ Schnoodle Soup     at 8:24 am

Those photos are ridiculously gorgeous. I know he’ll change, but I definitely think Cullen looks a lot like Casey right now. Or am I crazy?


Emily Malone Reply:

We can decide! I feel like he changes every day. :)


Julie S.     at 2:16 pm

Those newborn pics are FANTASTIC!!


Kat @ living like the kings     at 5:49 am

You look incredible! And Cullen is seriously the cutest little baby. I miss my little Peanut being that small :(


Lara     at 8:41 am

It’s funny, I’ve been preparing myself for the first days to be the hardest and then for it to just get easier and easier…but the more I read of books and blogs, the more I’m starting to think I’m mistaken. It seems like this first week with Cullen was rather blissful! I’ve heard weeks 6-8 start to get tough. Do you remember some of the roughest weeks looking back on the first three months? I’m trying to decide when to have family come out and visit, but it’s hard when I don’t know what to expect.


Emily Malone Reply:

Haha you are smart, and 100% correct. The beginning (looking back) was like cake! Lots of feeding, napping, staring at the baby. It gets a lot more complicated as the weeks go on. Our toughest weeks were 3 and 4 – lots of crying and us not knowing what to do about it. I would HIGHLY recommend NOT having family there right away. We had family staying WITH us for the first week, and it was way too much for me. I would have been much happier to have them two weeks later!


Lara Reply:

Awesome, thanks for this! Yeah we’ll definitely be having family stay with us at various points after the birth, but I’d like at least a couple weeks “just us” together as a family!


irene     at 4:44 pm

Can you please, please tell us about the clothes Cullen is wearing? They are so cute! I must find the one with gray and yellow animals on white background.


Emily Malone Reply:

Those are Carter’s pjs!


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