Week 40: My Pregnancy Journey.

Well shoot.  Here’s a post I never thought I would be writing!  My due date has come and gone, and I am most definitely still pregnant.

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Although while being overdue is definitely not fun, I feel very blessed to have carried this guy to term and let him do all the developing he has needed.  It feels good to know that when he does finally come out, he should be more than ready to face the world!

He seems to be pretty comfortable all curled up and kicking in my belly.  My comfort levels have most definitely decreased as a result – mostly at night.  Sleep seems to be out of the question these days, and I toss and turn about every 30 minutes all night long.  During the day I still feel great – pretty much like my normal old self, but night time is a different story.  I’m starting to think it’s possible that I will actually get MORE sleep once my newborn arrives!

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We had our first post-date checkup this morning at the midwives’ office.  I had high hopes that I would be checked and told that I am making good progress, and labor seems imminent.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be the case.  Progress is minimal and my midwife said she’d be pretty surprised if I went into labor naturally in the next few days. 

From there, the conversation switched to next steps and figuring out what our best plan of action is for a safe, healthy delivery.  We talked about a lot of different options, and ultimately Casey and I decided to follow the recommended advice of the midwife and get an induction put onto the calendar.

Of course I know that babies can come at any time, and no progress now doesn’t mean that it couldn’t change very quickly.  I certainly hope that is the case!  But we’re also trying to be realistic about our options and what the next week or two might bring.

As of this morning, unless he chooses to come earlier, I’m scheduled to be induced on Sunday morning (October 23rd).  While I know it’s not a huge deal, it just wasn’t the conversation I had hoped to have at the office today, and I’m still sort of wrapping my mind around the concept.  Go figure – I am the biggest control freak ever, and suddenly I find myself struggling with the idea of taking control of this situation.

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As strange as it feels to think about being induced, it’s also a bit of a relief to know that there truly is an end in sight, and that we will finally know our baby boy next week.  I was pretty emotional (and quite honestly very cranky) this morning, but I’m feeling better about it as the day goes on.  I’ve had an incredibly healthy pregnancy with no scares and no complications.  If the “worst” thing that happens is needing a little help to get delivery going, I’m going to call this a win. 

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It has been fun hanging out with my mom this week, even though I feel bad that she’s probably pretty bored with no baby to play with!  Casey’s parents arrive this weekend, and everyone seems to be really excited that now they will most likely be here to celebrate the baby’s arrival in person.  What a lucky little guy to have so many people here on the day he is born.

There is no more preparation or packing to do – we are MORE than ready.  I did, however, buy something totally ridiculous during a trip to IKEA earlier in the week…

IMG_2957 (427x640)

But wait…there’s another one.  I couldn’t help myself!  They are so squishy and look so friendly.  It’s only a matter of time before the dogs rip their smiles off, but in the meantime they are too darn cute.

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While my mom has been awaiting the arrival of her second grandson, she’s also been knitting him a gift!  She finished up this baby blanket last night, and I am so excited to wrap him up in it and tell him it’s from his Grandma Judy when he’s big enough to understand.

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My mom has also been giving me heavenly back and leg rubs at night, and I’m considering never letting her leave.  I feel very spoiled!

I guess this is officially my LAST weekly update.  That makes me a little bit sad!  What a fun journey it has been.  I posted a photo “flip book” over on Babble today too – a look back at how much changes when you’re busy growing a baby!  Pretty incredible.

I really appreciate you guys allowing me to share my pregnancy with you, and hope that you’ve found it to be a fun story to follow.  The updates will certainly continue next week, but by then I should have a new little sidekick.  Can’t wait! 

Odds and Ends

  • Total weight gained:  30 pounds
  • Days until due date:  -3
  • Donuts eaten this week:  2
  • Cups of raspberry red leaf tea consumed:  infinite
  • Days until induction:  5

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