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    A Look Back.

Week 40: My Pregnancy Journey.

Well shoot.  Here’s a post I never thought I would be writing!  My due date has come and gone, and I am most definitely still pregnant.

IMG_2944 (424x640)

Although while being overdue is definitely not fun, I feel very blessed to have carried this guy to term and let him do all the developing he has needed.  It feels good to know that when he does finally come out, he should be more than ready to face the world!

He seems to be pretty comfortable all curled up and kicking in my belly.  My comfort levels have most definitely decreased as a result – mostly at night.  Sleep seems to be out of the question these days, and I toss and turn about every 30 minutes all night long.  During the day I still feel great – pretty much like my normal old self, but night time is a different story.  I’m starting to think it’s possible that I will actually get MORE sleep once my newborn arrives!

IMG_2950 (425x640)

We had our first post-date checkup this morning at the midwives’ office.  I had high hopes that I would be checked and told that I am making good progress, and labor seems imminent.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be the case.  Progress is minimal and my midwife said she’d be pretty surprised if I went into labor naturally in the next few days. 

From there, the conversation switched to next steps and figuring out what our best plan of action is for a safe, healthy delivery.  We talked about a lot of different options, and ultimately Casey and I decided to follow the recommended advice of the midwife and get an induction put onto the calendar.

Of course I know that babies can come at any time, and no progress now doesn’t mean that it couldn’t change very quickly.  I certainly hope that is the case!  But we’re also trying to be realistic about our options and what the next week or two might bring.

As of this morning, unless he chooses to come earlier, I’m scheduled to be induced on Sunday morning (October 23rd).  While I know it’s not a huge deal, it just wasn’t the conversation I had hoped to have at the office today, and I’m still sort of wrapping my mind around the concept.  Go figure – I am the biggest control freak ever, and suddenly I find myself struggling with the idea of taking control of this situation.

IMG_2953 (426x640)

As strange as it feels to think about being induced, it’s also a bit of a relief to know that there truly is an end in sight, and that we will finally know our baby boy next week.  I was pretty emotional (and quite honestly very cranky) this morning, but I’m feeling better about it as the day goes on.  I’ve had an incredibly healthy pregnancy with no scares and no complications.  If the “worst” thing that happens is needing a little help to get delivery going, I’m going to call this a win. 

IMG_2955 (427x640)

It has been fun hanging out with my mom this week, even though I feel bad that she’s probably pretty bored with no baby to play with!  Casey’s parents arrive this weekend, and everyone seems to be really excited that now they will most likely be here to celebrate the baby’s arrival in person.  What a lucky little guy to have so many people here on the day he is born.

There is no more preparation or packing to do – we are MORE than ready.  I did, however, buy something totally ridiculous during a trip to IKEA earlier in the week…

IMG_2957 (427x640)

But wait…there’s another one.  I couldn’t help myself!  They are so squishy and look so friendly.  It’s only a matter of time before the dogs rip their smiles off, but in the meantime they are too darn cute.

IMG_2958 (428x640)

While my mom has been awaiting the arrival of her second grandson, she’s also been knitting him a gift!  She finished up this baby blanket last night, and I am so excited to wrap him up in it and tell him it’s from his Grandma Judy when he’s big enough to understand.

IMG_2959 (427x640)

My mom has also been giving me heavenly back and leg rubs at night, and I’m considering never letting her leave.  I feel very spoiled!

I guess this is officially my LAST weekly update.  That makes me a little bit sad!  What a fun journey it has been.  I posted a photo “flip book” over on Babble today too – a look back at how much changes when you’re busy growing a baby!  Pretty incredible.

I really appreciate you guys allowing me to share my pregnancy with you, and hope that you’ve found it to be a fun story to follow.  The updates will certainly continue next week, but by then I should have a new little sidekick.  Can’t wait! 

Odds and Ends

  • Total weight gained:  30 pounds
  • Days until due date:  -3
  • Donuts eaten this week:  2
  • Cups of raspberry red leaf tea consumed:  infinite
  • Days until induction:  5

For previous weekly updates and more pregnancy-related posts, please visit my pregnancy page!

The latest Babble:

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Haley S     at 5:01 pm

You still look beautiful!! I can’t wait to “meet” Baby C and the IKEA veggies are awesome.


Diana @ frontyardfoodie     at 5:03 pm

Yeah, when I wrote my week 41 post I thought I was going to die. I seriously didn’t know what to expect and we set a date to get my water broken because 14 days after my due date my midwife was going out of town….to Europe!

Fortunately, he came two days after my week 41 appointment! It was pretty intense though.


Elena     at 5:03 pm

Maybe he’ll decide to be mischievous and pop out at midnight on the 22nd!

Mid-to-late October seems so perfect- he’ll just start being alert when all of the pretty Christmas lights are going up!


Erin @ Girl Gone Veggie     at 5:06 pm

I can imagine how hearing news of a possible induction didn’t make your morning, but you seem to be handling it so well, and keeping your eye on the prize, a healthy baby boy! I always wondered how babies know when to come out, and why some are earlier or later than others. Just goes to show how different everyone is!


Julie D     at 5:06 pm

I have enjoyed every single update throughout your pregnancy! I admit to even checking my Blogger Dashboard more frequently the last few weeks in case there was a birth announcement. :)
Good luck with the birth and I cannot wait to see pictures of your sweet handsome boy!


Zoe     at 5:09 pm

Hi Emily,
You are not alone – my first baby was due on the 12th, and we still have no signs of labour. I’m booked for an induction on the 21st (my birthday is on the 22nd, but not of October), so I’m seeing a very familiar pattern with your posts here!
Good luck!


Doc (The Healthy Ph.D)     at 5:10 pm

My birthday is the 23rd!

Well, for your comfort,I hope you have the kiddo sooner!


Lisa     at 5:11 pm

Sending you lots of well wishes for this very exciting week! It seems like only yesterday I was reading your 10 week post :)


Adrianne     at 5:12 pm

I was in your shoes just over 6 weeks ago! Due date came and went and induction was scheduled for September 8th. I was only 2 cm and really didn’t want an induction, but it seemed likely. My little lady was born on September 5th!
Have you been having contractions? At any rate, you can make progress really fast between now and Sunday. Hope your little guy decides to make his debut sooner rather than later! Best of luck to you! :)


Christine @ BookishlyB     at 5:14 pm

How exciting to at least see the baby at the end of the tunnel (wow, I could really extend that metaphor ;) but won’t). Enjoy the next few days and get in lots of alone time with your husband.


Mary Holland     at 5:14 pm

good luck!!! I am a few weeks behind you and have LOVED and looked forward to your blog!!! I am kind of sad your pregnancy is almost over too but so excited to hear about your baby! Thanks for your blog and good luck!!!


Sejal M     at 5:15 pm

I’m sched for the 24th!! and my first son was born on the 22nd of October.
Good luck.


Lauren     at 5:15 pm

Well I think you look great for someone overdue! Congrats-I’m sure Baby C will be here any day now….and I will miss your pregnancy updates but I can’t wait for baby pictures. :) And I love that he will have a Grandma Judy, I have a Grandma Judy! She seems like a great grandma-to-be!


Lisa @ The Splattered Apron     at 5:15 pm

I was convinced I would be early too! But Caroline had other plans and didn’t arrive until I was induced 3 days past my due date. These babies have minds of their own! You look amazing and we are all so excited for you and Casey. The Malone family, including Baby C, is in our thoughts :-)


Lee     at 5:17 pm

At least you know that you won’t be writing a Week 41 post, right?

I loved reading your pregnancy updates. I hope you continue with baby ones!


Lianna     at 5:17 pm

It’s kind of funny that I originally started following your blog for all of the great recipes that you posted, but now I find myself checking your blog daily for new updates more for your posts about your life (and pregnancy journey!) than for the recipes (although I do still love the recipe posts!)

I sincerely wish you all the best for a safe and healthy delivery, and can’t wait to see pictures of the little guy once he’s out!


Amy     at 5:17 pm

Aww, I’ve liked these pregnancy posts. I don’t usually comment, but I wanted to wish you well with the delivery (and everything after!) Can’t wait to see pics of the little guy. :)


Noelle (@singerinkitchen)     at 5:21 pm

Read about evening primrose oil caps. My friend started taking them after being a week late and gave birth in 2 days.


jen     at 5:21 pm

oh my goodness! i am so excited for you! i have to say its been wonderful reading about your pregnancy, and i wish you and your family so much happiness!


Lauren @ Lawfully Wedded Wife     at 5:23 pm

I can’t believe this is the last update! It’s been so amazing to to watch you document your pregnancy! You look so beautiful and I’m sure that your baby boy is just comfy in there and in no rush to leave. I hope you have a smooth and wonderful delivery–can’t wait to see your new addition! :)


Krystina (Organically Me)     at 5:25 pm

What a stubborn little guy! I hope he comes out naturally for you, but either way, you’ll be filled with love and joy once he comes. :)

And those pillows? OH MY GOD HOW CUTE!


Gina @ Running to the Kitchen     at 5:29 pm

At least the end is in sight! Hang in there :) Can’t wait for next week’s update with pictures of Baby C!


Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen)     at 5:30 pm

Ugh, I know everything is a struggle right now, but at least you two are healthy! Thank you for sharing your journey with us!


Mara @ What's For Dinner?     at 5:33 pm

I’ve loved each and every one of your updates, and love that the next one will have a tiny human in it!
I have the IKEA veggies too, and the strawberry as well :) I’ll be thinking about you!


JenRD     at 5:33 pm

Eating spicy Chinese food worked for me! I had arrived at my due date, and was scheduled for induction the following week. We went for Chinese food, and I had some sort of spicy chili tofu dish. It was so hot (for me), I could not even finish it. I had the leftovers for lunch the next day, and that night, the contractions started. Now, I am not a lover of spicy food, and it usually doesn’t agree with my GI tract, which may be why this remedy worked for me. Good luck!


Army Amy*     at 5:34 pm

I love the stuffed veggies!*


Kate     at 5:38 pm

Good luck! Hoping that the little man decides to make his debut before your induction date! I’m due on the 29th and already getting antsy (even though I know anywhere between 38 and 42 weeks is normal) so I can only imagine how you feel!


CaitlinHTP     at 5:41 pm

I am soooo sad that I might not meet Baby C on Monday!!! Tell him to come out for me!


katie     at 5:43 pm

I had to be induced and it def. was not as bad as i thought. Definitely painful but my baby came within 7 hours of being induced and he was perfectly healthy. He is 5 months now and is sitting up! Very happy, very healthy. In fact i just started a blog about him!


Audrey     at 5:44 pm

What a beautiful blanket your mom made!

I’ve really enjoyed reading these updates and following your journey. I share your excitement for Baby C and will be praying for all of you.


Sarah     at 5:45 pm


Can you tell us why you are scheduled to be induced? I thought midwives usually didn’t go that route?? (I’ve never been pregnant but may choose a midwife–in anticipation of getting pregnant–and I’ve enjoyed learning about your experiences using one).


Kath     at 5:51 pm

At first I thought the 23rd was in like…2 weeks. Then I realized that is SUNDAY! SO EXCITING! Hope he comes sooner, but nevertheless, I’ll be excited this weekend either way!

Love the veg :)


Kath     at 5:53 pm

PS. Just watched the flipbook! My fav week was 26, obviously, but I have to say you look LESS pregnant in week 40! I think you have dropped significantly!


Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga     at 5:53 pm

I wish you good vibes for a healthy baby and a peaceful birth. Fingers crossed Baby wants to bust on outta there before they want to induce you. :)


Elizabeth     at 5:55 pm

Just a quick note…I was overdue with my first, and my doctor was pushing for an induction. I thought about it a great deal, but ultimately felt that it wasn’t the right thing to do. My little guy ended up hanging in for an extra three weeks, after which I went into labor naturally. He was born 7 lbs 4 oz, both of us totally healthy and happy. I told my doctor that unless there was evidence of a medical complication, I wanted to let my body and my child take their natural course- and I’m so glad I did. That’s not to say that you weren’t right in scheduling an induction. Only you know what’s right for you and your child, but it’s very rare that a woman just never goes into labor. Letting your body do its thing is alright too, as long as everyone is healthy :)


Katherina     at 5:55 pm

Emily! I can’t remember if I said this on the last post or not, but you could try buying red raspberry leaf from a bulk herb store and steep several tablespoons of that for a long time (20+ minutes) for each cup. I’m not sure how much effect tea bags are going to have on Baby C’s arrival! Regardless of how he enters this world, I’m just excited for you and Casey :)


Callie @ The Wannabe Athlete     at 5:56 pm

While it may not be the delivery you envisioned, I had an induction and my delivery day was honestly the best day of my entire life. I had a beautiful birth. Every single moment of it could not have been more perfect. I promise – once that little boy is in your arms, you won’t care how or when he decided to show up! Hang in there, friend! :)


Madeline @ Food, Fitness & Family     at 5:57 pm

Thinking about you!! How exciting to know that one way or another this time next week you will be holding your sweet baby boy!

Can’t wait to ‘meet’ Baby C!


Krissy @ Make it Naked     at 5:57 pm

Holy CRAP it’s happening! WOOHOOO I’m so excited for you. Cheering you on from the east coast pretty momma.


Jen     at 5:58 pm

Ok dear….the little secret to start labor is to not eat mexican, not walk stairs but to ::cough cough:: have sex. So serious! :)


Adrienne     at 6:00 pm

October 23 is a great birthday! It’s my birthday! ;) My mom told me I was due on the 15th of October and I didn’t arrive until the 23rd. You know, fashionably late! Sending happy thoughts your way for a safe and healthy delivery!


Jen     at 6:01 pm

Hugs! So hoping baby C comes before Sunday. You still look amazing!


Allison     at 6:07 pm

Sending you good thoughts! You do look fantastic and I hope you get to meet your little guy sooner rather than later!


Katie     at 6:17 pm

Even if you end up needing to be induced, I highly recommend sex & evening primrose oil over the next few days. The softer you can get your cervix before the induction, the easier it is to get the medications to work.


Mary     at 6:17 pm

Try acupuncture and evening primrose oil to ripen your cervix and encourage labor to begin


Kelly     at 6:18 pm

Have you tried any natural induction techniques? Like accupuncture, a chiropractor? Lots of sex? (I don’t meant to be innapropriate). I just mean that I would do whatever I could to avoid induction.


Anne Reply:

Hahaha. Funny.


Katie@Real Food Katie's Way     at 6:20 pm

You look positively radiant Emily! I am so very excited for you!! Soak this week in…It’s a big one!


chelsey @ clean eating chelsey     at 6:21 pm

Looking as beautiful as ever! I’m glad you have a date for induction so it seems a little more finite. In regards to you feeling not in control of taking control, I think you might be upset because YOU aren’t letting your body control a situation it’s supposed to and that the doctors maybe told you when you have to give birth? I don’t know, just my thoughts!

Can’t wait to “meet” him!


Cait @ A Bicycle Built for Two     at 6:24 pm

You look great! Hang in there these next few days :) My sister had her first baby (a boy also) last week and I bought him the same carrot. It’s sitting in his nursery now!


Brittany     at 6:26 pm

I just got a pregnancy announcment from my friend :) It said she was expecting a little pumpkin and on the back of the card it said “pumpkin = baby” :) She also specified that she was announcing it on facebook on a certain date so she didnt want everyone, and I quote, “spilling the pumpkin seeds” :)

I thought maybe this would give you a little smile and comic relief in the midst of everything :)

It’s fun to know that there is one baby just starting to brew while another one is getting ready to enter the world :) The miracle of life is amazing!

Hang in there! And I hope baby c surprises and comes earlier than sunday! :)


Liz F     at 6:26 pm

I was induced with my first child two years ago when I was 1 week and 1 day late. I had a smooth, wonderful delivery with no complications whatsoever. It was an amazing day!


Bailey     at 6:27 pm

Hopefully he comes sooner than October 23rd, but if not he’ll share a birthday with my baby (21 yr old) brother! Like you said though, either way you’ll have a baby boy by next week :) Good luck!!!! Looking forward to seeing pics!


Amy Ramos     at 6:28 pm

How exciting!
My uncle’s birthday is the 23rd (providing your little boy comes on the day you are induced).
Sending you good luck wishes, vibes, etc. Thank you for sharing your PG journey with us!


Sarah     at 6:31 pm

Reading your pregnancy journey has been a blast! Hang in there this week and hopefully everything goes smoothly for you on Sunday :)


Laura (Blogging Over Thyme)     at 6:39 pm

So glad to hear that he’s definitely coming in the near future! Even if its not quite the way you had been hoping…

Can’t wait to see him. Does Casey get to take a paternity leave?


Julie     at 6:42 pm

Hey Emily, I just started following your blog and having been through the anxiety at the end of pregnancy twice, it will all be okay no matter what happens. With my daughter I went into labor the day after my due date (she was born on Valentine’s Day–yay!) and I chose to be induced with my son 3 days before his due date. Both were unique situations and I struggled on deciding to induce. But looking back now, she is 3.5 and he is almost 11 months, it is all okay. The results were two beautiful healthy babies! You could go into labor any minute and that is the most unnerving part. Best of luck to you!


Steebalis     at 6:47 pm



Christy     at 6:48 pm

Congratulations on making it to term! I carried my son to 41 weeks. I was at the gym in the morning and that night I finally went into labor. Don’t worry! Your little peanut will make his appearance soon!


Skyoga     at 6:53 pm

Holy baby, Batman!!! You are going to have a baby Sunday!!!!!! Hooow exciting. I cannot wait!!!!
Thank you for sharing your whole pregnancy journey and I hope I’m not the only one who wants to hear about the delivery as well AND if you and Casey choose to have another baby down the road, I hope you also share the second journey.
Do you think you will incorporate family into your blog and what it’s like being a mom and raising a baby vegetarian? I would love to read about that as my fiance and I are actually discussing this as we plan on having kids soon after marriage. Thank you again and I really look forward to the direction the blog will take.
Goodluck and I’ll be thinking of you and have you in my prayers this next week :o)


Brittnie (A Joy Renewed)     at 6:55 pm

Once again, you look awesome. You still have that glow about you. It has been fun watching your pregnancy journey over the past 9 months. Excited for you and while I am sure it was hard to set an induction date, I am glad you feel peaceful about the decision. Good luck!


Alexa @ SimpleEats     at 6:57 pm

I hope you’re doing ok! Can’t wait for the little nugget to arrive!


Kelsey @ Living the Gluten Free Life     at 7:02 pm

Can’t believe your little pumpkin isn’t here yet!


Gina     at 7:02 pm

Good luck with all that is to come. I’m so excited for you that you have a date to look forward to and can’t wait to see your new side-kick!


Megan     at 7:02 pm

Emily I rarely comment but have been refreshing your twitter profile a billion times a day for the last little while! SO excited for you! I just had to comment, because my best friend bought me those exact two veggies, since I’m the friend who always brings little bags of vegetables wherever I go!! I LOVE THEM, and they totally remind of the little food characters from the excel commercial?! Hope that reference isn’t too obscure, but I know Baby C is going to love them!! (Sorry for the novel)


Kelsea     at 7:05 pm

The 23rd is my half marathon! I’ll be thinking about you as I run.


Shari     at 7:09 pm

It has been such fun to share in this journey with you. Looking forward to hearing about this joyous next step for your family. Fingers crossed your little guy makes his grand debut soon, soon, soon!


colleen     at 7:10 pm

First, love the veggies! Second,definitely pat yourself on the back for providing Baby C a comfortable place to grow big and strong – so comfortable he isn’t ready to come out. As a mom with a history of three inductions, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the assistance. Plus, when your water breaks in the delivery room, you don’t have to clean it up. :)


Christina     at 7:12 pm

Wow! Hopefully he’ll be here soon enough. My bday is the 24th, maybe you’ll have a Scorpio baby :)
And I love the vegetable toys! Too cute! And hello a handmade blankey! perfection.


Laura (NourishandBloom)     at 7:12 pm

Your little guy is so lucky to have you waiting for him! Both of my sons hung around longer then planned in my belly … but whenever he arrives is the perfect time anyway! : ) Those veggies are adorable!


Julie @ Wearing Mascara     at 7:19 pm

*sniff* I’m sad to see these posts end, but very, very excited to “meet” the little guy through your blog! Good luck with everything!


Lindsay     at 7:19 pm

I feel your pain, I was late with both my kiddos. 10 days with my first and 7 with my little man. I was SO ready when my second was late and I wasn’t wanting drugs to get things progressing so I asked to have my membranes swept (which HURT) but was worth it because he was in my arms under 24 hours later. Hang in there you’ll be snuggling that little boy before you know it!


amanda @ fake ginger     at 7:23 pm

Yay, light at the end of the tunnel! So exciting!

I went overdue with my most recent and was so fed up by the end that I did the castol oil thing. I blended up a teaspoon of the nasty stuff with some coconut water (since it can cause dehydration) and frozen fruit and I couldn’t even tell the castor oil was in there. Four hours later I was contracting every 5 minutes! So just an idea if you didn’t want to wait/were dreading the induction.

I had an induction with my first and while the contractions were more intense than with a “natural” birth, it really isn’t as horrible as everyone says. And it’s over quicker that way! :P


Sarah @ The Strength of Faith     at 7:34 pm

Aww, you are scheduled to be induced on the same day I am being installed into my church as the pastor – new beginnings all around!

You still look gorgeous. :)


Katie J     at 8:03 pm

Thanks so much for sharing your journey, it has been lovely to follow! Can’t wait to ‘meet’ your little boy! x


Meagan     at 8:19 pm

Good luck! Being overdue is no fun at all! When I went over everyday felt like sloooooow torture.

Hope he comes sooner–tomorrow morning, after a good night’s rest :)


Danica @ It's Progression Not Perfection     at 8:30 pm

You’re so right–you’ve been blessed with a healthy pregnancy! You should be so proud of all your efforts to keep your body healthy while pregnant. I can’t wait to click over to your blog within this next week and read the good news! : )


Nikki T     at 8:31 pm

I’ve loved every pregnancy post and update on your blog, kinda sad that it’s coming to an end…however I definately can’t wait to ‘meet’ little C, and as a bit of a ‘control freak’ myself…I can’t wait to know his full name!
Fingers crossed he makes his entrance (or exit?!) before Sunday!


jenny     at 8:50 pm

the end is in sight!! and the best part is: the end is just the beginning! thinking of you guys!


rachelgab     at 9:16 pm

Have you considered acupuncture? A friend of mine is an acupuncturist in Ballard and she has helped quite a few women go into labor within 24 hours of the treatment. Her business name is Blue Peacock Acupuncture.


Marie R     at 9:27 pm

I was in your shoes almost exactly 7 months ago. I did not want an induction and was so sad to get the news from my doctor that I had made no progress and he wanted to schedule an induction. Upon leaving the doctor’s office, I took matters in to my own hands and try some of the old wive’s tales that are supposed to get labor going- I went and got a pedicure, ate eggplant for dinner, baked “break your water” cookies (with my mom, who found the recipe online) and ate a half a dozen of them. Who knows if it caused labor to begin or what- but I woke up to my water breaking 8 hours later and got to meet my baby boy a short time after that. Good luck to you with your labor and delivery. So excited for you and your family!


Leanne     at 9:36 pm

We scheduled an induction for several days after my due date. Our insurance was expiring a few days later because we were on Cobra… I had a long, hard labor and still wound up with a c-section. I am still convinced that if we hadn’t induced, I would not have had a c-section. I just think she wasn’t quite ready to come out and meet us yet. Best wishes to you for a smooth labor and delivery! Can’t wait to see pics of Baby C!


Georgia     at 9:45 pm

Best wishes for the exciting few days ahead :)


Mary     at 9:49 pm

I had no signs of labor with my first and the night after my dr appt my water broke. Even he had said there wouldn’t be anything happening any time soon. Point being, you absolutely never know!


Maggie @ A Bitchin' Kitchen     at 9:57 pm

I know it’s not what you planned, but you have to be relieved that there’s an end in sight! And of course there’s still a chance that Baby C will arrive before Sunday.

I have loved reading your pregnancy updates, and will miss them, but can’t wait to read about your little one!


Kelly     at 10:14 pm

Thats so exciting that you have a date to plan for and the 23rd is my birthday, a great day for baby C to arrive!
P.S – my son arrived the day before I was to be induced so anything can happen : )


Lindsay     at 10:27 pm

I know you might not “want” to induce, but sometimes modern medicine does need to step in and help things along. I know that you will be relieved as soon as he arrives.
Also, you might want to leave the door closed to the baby room so that the dogs dont eat any more baby stuff! :D


Ella, RD     at 10:58 pm

Omg when I was at Ikea a couple weeks ago I took photos of those stuffed veggies and texted them to my sis and husband. As an RD and 26 weeks pregnant, I have a feeling I will not last the next few months without purchasing them!! I believe there was also a beet?!


Florrie     at 11:07 pm

I actually had a dream last night that you had your baby and i had one straight away afterwards! The fact that mine was a goblin and they were both born in a theatre/train station is beside the point… It’s a sign!


erica     at 12:32 am

i’m following your tweets! sounds like this may be it!!! so excited for you!


STUFT Mama     at 12:50 am

Almost there…….. wait, I need to find you on Twitter! Thinking about you! :) yay!


Melissa S     at 3:59 am

A natural trick is massage with a focus on the ankles and knees! I tried it and was in labor the next day. My OB recommended it as we were trying to get me into labor on my own as I was a VBAC-er. I figured even if it didn’t work, I’d feel nice and relaxed.

Good luck! The last few days are the hardest – mostly because of the anxious waiting.


Kris     at 4:20 am

Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey! Sending you heartfelt wishes for a safe and joyous delivery! Happy Birthday Baby C?!


SmugMama     at 4:24 am

I just found your blog a few weeks ago, but love that you are getting rady to bring this baby into the world!

Just a note, I was 41 weeks and 3 days when I had my daughter. I did have them sweeo my membranes at 41 weeks and 1 day and was in labor without knowing it the following day (I just thought it was BH contractions – go figure). I thought that the membrane sweep was a more natural way of getting the ball rolling possibly than a traditional induction. Just something to think about, you could have them give you a sweep this week and see what happens and then maybe you won’t need the drugs to get you started :)

Good luck and I can’t wait for pictures of your new little one.

I am pregnant now with my second and in the depths of morning sickness and while I am not blogging about it yet (keeping it from everyone for a while) I know that keeping the pregnancy journal during my first was wonderful and I still love going back and looking at what I was going through at any given time. You will not regret these postings!!


Debbi     at 4:28 am

Just hang in there. Some babies just need a little kick start to begin their arrival. Your little guy will be here soon enough. And since night sleeping is an issue now, you will be ready for that when he comes. We are all excited about his arrival, safe delivery and can’t wait to meet him.


Andrea     at 4:40 am

Oh gosh Emily, I went through the exact same thing with my first son. BOYS! He was 10 days late and weighed 9lbs 0z. I was super happy that he was so big and healthy. He’s just waiting to make a grand entrance. Thoughts and prayers are with you. I was induced with my second son and I loved it. It’s like your body knows exactly what to do for the next one…something to look forward to!!!


Jamie @ FoodinRealLife     at 4:53 am

I totally wanted to buy those stuffed veggies at IKEA too! They are adorable! I can’t believe this is your last update. It’s been wonderful to follow your journey especially because I became pregnant around your 14th week :) Best of luck to you in embracing this next step of the process. People always talk about what is “natural” childbirth, but in the end, just remember that the whole process is natural, no matter what we may end up needing to do to make birth the safest experience for us and our babies.


Jess     at 5:05 am

Your belly definitely looks like Baby C has dropped and gotten lower! Good Luck!


Brittany     at 5:06 am

Those are the cutest little veggie toys I have ever seen. I’m sorry you are overdue!! You will meet your baby so so soon so it’s definitely very exciting :) Keep your head up! I’ll miss your updates!


Lauri     at 5:16 am

Being overdue is tough…hang in there!!! I feel like you are me – 4 years ago! We had the same due date, I was induced on the evening of the 22nd and delivered on the morning of the 23rd. I had a very very awesome induction experience, I think the initial steps just kick started my body to do what it needed to do (never even needed pitocin) and I hope it goes the same for you! Would be happy to share my story if you would like more details…For now I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers! My son turns 4 on the 23rd so I’m partial to that day but for your sake I do hope you body starts everything on its own sooner rather than later…:)


Kelly Anderson     at 5:19 am

I was scheduled for induction and my water broke 2 days before. So you could still go into labor naturally. My second baby was induced and it didn’t make the day any less exciting. Praying for a fabulous delivery!


tina     at 6:01 am

I guess from what I’ve read on Twitter, you’ve now learned that a midwife/doc’s proclamation that labor isn’t imminent is sure to kick both your baby and uterus into gear. On July 1 we had our 38 week appointment with the midwife and I begged her to tell me the baby was ready and would be born that weekend. She said “fat chance” and told us to make the most of the holiday weekend. 9 hours later my water broke, 4 hours after that my contractions started and a little more than 24 hours later (July 3rd), our son was born!

So congrats to your family as you prepare to welcome your little nugget of joy! (And, yes, I think you will sleep more/better after the baby is born. I did.)


Leslie     at 6:01 am

I didn’t read through the zillion (okay, 100) comments, but I have to tell you that with my third, (after 2 C secs), I did tons of reading and prep for a vbac (which I had and was WONDERFUL), and one thing that was suggested by many midwives to get labor going was to take a dose of castor oil! Yes, it was disgusting, but within 24 hours my contractions started and never stopped. Google it or put a call in and ask the midwives what they think. Good luck! I hope it’s easy and fast. You’re on my mind, and obviously a zillion others! :)


Ashley @ Good Taste Healthy Me     at 6:02 am

I can’t wait to see your little guy! I am so excited!


Tanya E.     at 6:13 am

Good luck to you Emily! You look great and I wish you and your family the best. I’ve been following your blog for at least 12 weeks now, as I am preggo also. I’m 26 weeks right now and blog about my life as well. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and can’t wait to hear about your new arrival. Sending my best! T


Tanya @ the sky and back     at 6:24 am

Love the veggies toys. Fingers crossed that C comes sooner than you think!


Anne Weber-Falk     at 6:25 am

With my first child I went to the doctor on a Wednesday and found myself in your situation. He said there was maybe a 10% chance of going into labor by the weekend so sure, my mother, one of my coaches, could go away for the weekend. Sure enough, on Saturday morning, while she was driving down south with no way to get her, labor started. They arrived and had to turn right back around and drive home. You just never know.


Connie     at 6:31 am

My husband and I loved the veggie stuff at Ikea…unfortunately, no babies in our household, so we couldn’t justify buying it…so I’m glad to see someone making use of that darling set.

October 23 is a great day. My birthday is the 24th, and one of the very cool things about a late october birthday is that you can have a halloween birthday party. :)

Still…go baby go!


Meg     at 6:46 am

I’m praying for you to have a healthy delivery and baby boy! I was induced last year, on October 26, with my daughter, Mary, due to preeclampsia. I wanted to go into labor naturally, but there are some things you can’t control and there comes a time when the baby needs to come out NOW. :) My parents drove 12 hours from Indiana to Charleston to be with us and I loved having them there (especially when we got home from the hospital). My mommy spoiled me, too. That’s what they’re there for! Best wishes!


Melissa     at 6:46 am

Hang in there Emily! My NP said to me at my 39 week appt that I wasn’t really making progress and that she was sure I would still be pregnant at my 40 week appt. Instead of showing up to that appt, I was in the hospital having my baby boy, who is 2 weeks old today! It just goes to show how quickly things can change. For the record, my NP also said that he would be about 7 lbs at birth and he came out at 8 lbs 3 oz. The professionals aren’t always right!


Bridgette     at 6:48 am

Just read your twitter updates! How exciting! I am sending you happy thoughts as you make it through your labor! Good luck, you will do great. I cant wait to meet little man C!!


Casey     at 6:48 am

Congratulations Emily! So exciting to know you will meet your son this weekend :) Thank you for sharing your pregnancy journey, I’ve enjoyed so much reading about your experience while having my own about a week behind you :) I ended up having a c-section last Friday at 39 weeks. I had a big baby combined with excess fluid and my doctor did not recommend an induction. So, here I am with my little guy snuggled up on my chest and I’m so excited for you :) No matter how he gets here, as long as you are both healthy that’s what’s important!


Tash     at 6:49 am

Is it sad that I log onto Daily Garnish first thing every morning (I’m on the east coast) to see if Baby C has arrived yet? Glad you at least have a plan and will get to meet baby C soon.

PS: You are a gorgeous prego lady.


Dorsa     at 6:53 am

YAY, I am so excited for you guys!!!

You have an adorable family, can’t wait to see baby C.


nora     at 6:58 am

De-lurking to say good luck!!! Can’t wait to see Baby C pics very very soon, I hope!


Brittney     at 6:59 am

My mom’s birthday is on the 23rd and she’s fantastic. I think if you have to wait until then that’s a great birthday for your little guy to have. Good luck!


Katie @ Talk Less, Say More     at 7:07 am

I’m so excited for you! I’m even more excited since I read this post after following the tweets of this morning and knowing you’re probably at the hospital right now (hopefully) bringing Baby C into the world! Good luck and well wishes; we’re all thinking about you. :)


Adriane     at 7:12 am

I’m so excited and it’s not even my baby, LOL! I’m so glad you have allowed us to follow along–I have truly enjoyed the glimpse and actually learned so much. My Mom has been staying with us for the past week (just not for a fun reason like yours) but I’m still getting spoiled, too! Great Moms are the best…and now you’re joining that club! Amazing :) Best wishes, Emily (and fam)!


Lindsay @ Schnoodle Soup     at 7:13 am

I can’t believe you have progressed since writing this – some things are just meant to be! Sending you well wishes, Emily and Casey!


JenP     at 7:16 am

Hi – After we set an induction date for my first son, we sat down and had a talk with him. We explained that if he didn’t come out on his own by Tuesday, we were coming in after him. He chose to come out on his own on Monday. :) It’s worth a try. Good luck!


Alayna @ Thyme Bombe     at 7:32 am

Wow, I cannot believe this is finally coming to an end. It’s been wonderful to read about your pregnancy journey and I can’t wait to meet baby C!


Jennifer P     at 7:33 am

The stuffed broccoli and carrot are just too cute! Today’s my birthday, but looks like Baby C won’t be my birthday buddy. You’ll get to meet him soon enough though <3


Maggie     at 7:33 am

Hi Emily! I have been reading for awhile and am commenting for the fist time. First, you look amazing! Pregnancy agrees with you! So I just wanted to share my experience with you because I too was induced at 41 weeks and things went in a direction I never expected. I hope your midwives have told you all the possibilities! Anyway, the short story is that pretty much as soon as they started me on pitocin I had a contraction that was pretty strong and caused the baby’s heartrate to drop. It wouldn’t come back up so I ended up having an emergency c-section under general anesthesia (because there was no time to administer an epidural) which means that I was not conscious for the birth of my child. After the fact, I found out that this is incredibly common among inductions. I am currently pregnant with my second child and am hoping for a VBAC this time around.
I am so excited for you and don’t want to scare you, but I wish that I had know that this was a possibility because we may have waited a few more days! My daughter is healthy, beautiful and was a champion breastfeeder, so luckily we never had any issues related to the surgery. I just find that sharing my story can be helpful to people considering the same course of action.
good luck to you whatever you decide and enjoy that baby! I’ll be waiting to hear all about it! -Maggie


Colette     at 7:46 am

You’re doing great! I was over a week late with my first. They tried inducing me… and nothing. Ended up having a C-section a few days later. I just wanted to write and say it’s okay to be sad and upset (or whatever) about the potential of being induced (or more). Perfectly normal. Even up to that moment, it’s okay to feel whatever you’re feeling. But, you know what? You won’t care one little bit once your little man arrives. It’s all SO WORTH IT. Big hugs. He’ll be here before you know it and your life will never be the same – All for the better, of course! Much love, Colette


Katie of Cabbage Ranch     at 7:47 am

Good luck, you’ll do great! (And yes, you’ll probably get more sleep after the baby is born than during this last stretch of pregnancy! :)


Kathy     at 7:57 am

Girl, many many many women go way past their due dates, especially with the first, so don’t fret. My due date was Oct 2 and I went in on the 9th to have a C-section and I went into labor that day. You’ll do wonderfully. He’ll definitely come when he’s ready!!


Colette     at 7:59 am

Nevermind!!! I just saw your tweet. GOOD LUCK!!!


Becca     at 8:12 am

Good luck, Emily!


Carol @ Lucky Zucca     at 8:17 am

I can’t believe this is the last one of these posts either! I have really enjoyed reading along as you go on this adventure, and I can’t wait for baby updates as little C grows! Good luck with the delivery Emily!


Liz     at 8:28 am

Thinking of you…have a safe and healthy delivery!


Jamie     at 8:59 am

I was induced with my son, I know it isn’t ideal but I think you have a great attitude about it. Are you going to get an epidural? I definitely did- once they induced me, I went from 2-6 cm in less than an hour.

Good luck Sunday! I am excited for you.


Adriana R     at 9:06 am

I look forward to you weekly updates! I love seeing the progress. Can’t wait until the update is the arrival of a new baby!!! And October 23rd is a lovely date, it’s also my birthday ;-)


Ashley Austrew     at 9:14 am

My due date was October 2nd, and I also went past. I ended up being induced on the 6th, and delivered my baby girl at 3:08am on the 7th. I was also worried about the idea of inducing, but it turned out to be a really great experience. I actually loved my labor and delivery experience. I feel so lucky to be able to say that. You’re beyond prepared and it sounds like you’ve got a great team surrounding and supporting you. Try not to worry too much! I’ve been following your journey since the beginning when one of my friends told me to check out your blog because you were only two weeks behind me in your pregnancy, and I can’t wait to finally get to see pictures of your sweet little man. Wishing you and baby lots of luck, health, and happiness :)


amy     at 9:36 am

Let’s hope your little man comes before the induction! My friend was just induced Monday night and had her little girl this morning =)


Emily     at 9:37 am

I love reading all of your updates about Baby C! I can’t wait until the post finally comes post-birth! Good luck and congratulations to you and Casey!


Erica     at 9:40 am

Oh my gosh!!! I just saw your tweets that you went into labor last night/this morning! Congratulations, I’m glad Baby C decided to show up on his own :) Good luck today and I hope your labor and delivery lives up to your hopes and that you are snuggling your little one soon :)


Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed Reply:

YAY! Congrats :) Hope everything goes/went as smoothly as possible!


Sarah@The Flying ONION     at 10:13 am

You are adorable and I can’t wait to “officially” meet the new member of your family. :D

And I love those veggies! That is the cutest thing ever. :D


Leah     at 10:24 am

Can’t wait! So nervous and excited as yours is the only pregnancy journey I’ve followed from start to finish. Following friends/family members pregnancies is just not the same because they do not share as many details, photos, and stories as you. Thank you so much for doing such a great job keeping your readers informed (and excited) every step of the way.


Amber K     at 10:36 am

Hope everything’s going well at the hospital. (saw your tweet!) Good luck!


Angela     at 10:59 am

I’ve loved all of your pregnancy posts. So glad that you had such a happy and healthy pregnancy. Hope everything is going well today.


Marty     at 4:42 pm

I hope “C” decides to come on his own before Sunday, but if he doesn’t, well he and I will share the same birthday! Yeah! I’ve loved all your posts Emily and I can’t wait to see Baby C and more! I’m glad your Mom is there to help you and Casey! Love the Ikea veggies!


Mahealani @ Beauty, Brains, and Balance     at 7:39 pm

Ahhhh!!! I almost bought those broccoli, carrot, and strawberry stuffed animals too! But for me, not for a baby. :P


Michelle Eden @ From Seed To Tree Reply:

I have the strawberry and it is soooo cute!!!


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Patricia     at 12:07 pm

I’m curious…you mentioned that your mother and inlaws were in town for the weeks surrounding your child’s birth. We too are expecting our first child in early March and all of our family lives far away. They are planning to come visit for a couple weeks and hope to time it such that they are here for the birth. We have a two bedroom, three bathroom place, so we could host some of them. I’m not sure if it would be beneficial or burdensome to have them living with us as opposed to staying at a nearby hotel or rental. Did your family stay with you for all or part of their visit? What was your experience like?


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