This has been such a strange week of highs and lows.  A while back, we had planned to do some fun activities during these last few weeks of pregnancy – nights out just the two of us.  Who knows when we’ll get to do things like this again!  Thursday night we headed over to Key Arena to see one of my personal favorites – Keith Urban – in concert!  I am guessing I was the most pregnant person there…

IMG_3163 (480x640)

Not sure if this is common knowledge or not, but I am a HUGE country music fan.  Country concerts are one of my favorite things to do, and I was convinced I would be the only country fan living all the way up here in Seattle.  Turns out I was wrong!

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Keith Urban put on a great show, and it was an exciting night out for me and Casey.  He is not exactly what I would call a fan, but he was a good sport.  :)  I stood and danced for probably 45 minutes or so until I had a massive braxton-hicks contraction that wouldn’t let up.  So I spent the rest of the time sitting and singing in my seat, but it was still a wonderful show.

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Our week of outings continued on Saturday, when we went to the Paramount Theater downtown to see Jerry Seinfeld!  I have only ever been to one other comedy show, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  He was really funny, and I am so glad we decided to treat ourselves to a few more date nights before Baby C arrives. 

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I did my best to get dressed up and look nice with a giant 38-week stomach.  This cropped jacket was just short enough that I could still squeeze it on above the bump!

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Unfortunately, the weekend also had some lows.  We found out on Friday afternoon that Casey’s grandpa had unexpectedly passed away.  After a lot of phone calls and discussions with his family, it seemed like they really wanted Casey to come home and be there to say goodbye.  I am way past the point of being safe to fly, so unfortunately I didn’t have an option.

Sunday morning we got up bright and early so that Casey could catch an early flight across the country to Indiana.  But first, a quick stop at the Flying Apron – a gluten free, vegan bakery that is just a few blocks from our house. 

2011-10-02 07.10.48 (640x480)

It is so close to us, but for some reason we never actually go there.  It was a fun treat for Sunday morning breakfast.  Blueberry and ginger scones – yum. 

2011-10-02 07.07.27 (640x480)

I gave Casey a giant hug at the airport and promised him that I wouldn’t let this baby out until he gets back.  It was a hard decision for both of us, but I’m glad he’s able to be with his family and say goodbye to his grandpa.  We agreed that if he was going to go, I was going to play it very safe and basically put myself on bed rest until he gets back.  I’m not taking any chances on going into labor while he is gone!

My one exciting activity of the day on Sunday was a nice lunch with friends Lacey and Markus.  Lacey was nice enough to make us a delicious meal, complete with dessert featuring an Oh She Glows PB&J bar!  Angela never disappoints – these were delicious. 

2011-10-02 15.58.29 (640x480)

After that I headed home for my other very important activity.  Snuggling my dogs and watching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix (I’m almost to season six!). 

2011-10-02 18.46.25 (640x480)

I promised Casey I would stay as horizontal as possible.  It’s a tough job.

2011-10-02 18.48.09 (640x480)

The only other thing I was going to try to get done this weekend was switch my wardrobe over to winter, so that when I can finally wear my old clothes again they would all be organized and ready.  As soon as I pulled out my bag of sweaters, Huey let me know that he had other plans for it.

2011-10-03 07.34.58 (640x480)

It’s gloomy and grey today in Seattle, and seems like the perfect day for more self-imposed bed rest and laying low until Casey gets home.  I have a bit more work to do first, but it looks like the pups are ready for me to join them.

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I am counting down until Casey’s return so that I can get back to my usual working and walking.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!