I had hoped to spend this weekend in a labor and delivery room at the hospital, but I guess this little guy is feeling fashionably late.  Instead, I spent it with this cute lady…

IMG_2847 (427x640)

My mom is here!  Our families are VERY excited about the arrival of this baby.  My original plan was to have people make their arrangements to come out here after he makes his grand arrival, but grandma was just too excited.  So now she is unfortunately spending the week with my preggo belly instead of her new grandson, but of course she knows it’s out of my control.

We took advantage of a few more baby-less days and showed her some of our favorite things in Seattle.  Dinner at Sutra on Friday, walks around Fremont and more good food on Saturday, and my favorite Ballard Farmers Market on Sunday.

IMG_2850 (640x427)

No trip to Ballard is complete without a freshly grilled Field Roast dog.  Apple sage with sauerkraut, dill relish, mustard, and ketchup – same thing every time.

IMG_2853 (427x640)

I can’t wait to come back to this market with the baby in his little Ergo strapped to the front of me!

IMG_2855 (427x640)

It was a crisp and cool fall day, but perfect weather for browsing all the beautiful produce at the market.

IMG_2856 (640x427)

My mom was a florist for many many years, and she was in total awe of all the gorgeous (and cheap!) flowers here in Seattle. 

IMG_2858 (640x427)

We’re in a weird limbo mode where we don’t want to have a fridge stocked with too much fresh produce, so we just grabbed a few fun things for the week – most of which we plan to JUICE!

IMG_2859 (640x427)

IMG_2860 (640x427)

Vegan chocolate chip cookie.  So ridiculously good.

IMG_2861 (640x427)

IMG_2862 (425x640)

IMG_2863 (640x427)

I loved seeing all the white, yellow, and purple CARROTS!  I never saw these at the markets back on the east coast.  Don’t know if it’s a regional thing, or just a seasonal specialty that I’ve been missing out on!

IMG_2865 (640x427)

Purple potatoes remind me of my summer on the farm

IMG_2866 (640x427)

Mom and I picked out two pretty bouquets of flowers to arrange back at home.  So bright and beautiful!

IMG_2870 (640x428)

Seen in a storefront window…

IMG_2871 (427x640)

Picked up some of these purple carrots for this week’s juicing…

IMG_2872 (427x640)

Along with big beautiful beets, kale, and collard greens.

IMG_2877 (425x640)

Back at home, mom made the flowers look amazing on my dining room table.  See my cute little pumpkin/gourd display there too?  That is my attempt at being domestic and creative.

IMG_2884 (640x427)

IMG_2889 (640x427)

And while mom decorated, Casey fired up the juicer.  Our first time trying whole stems of kale!

IMG_2893 (640x427)

And BEETS!  I love beets but hate how long and laborious they are to cook, so juicing them seems like the perfect solution.  Quick and easy!

IMG_2896 (427x640)

Our first juicing explosion – whoops!  Got a little excited about all that fresh produce and put in one apple too many…

IMG_2897 (421x640)

Love the layered look of the final product.

IMG_2898 (427x640)

Kale, carrots, apple, beets, and cucumber – looks terrible, tasted delicious.  My mom couldn’t get past the color and only drank one sip.

IMG_2899 (640x427)

And the dogs thoroughly enjoyed some tasty bowls of juice pulp for an afternoon snack.

IMG_2901 (427x640)

The other exciting thing we did this weekend was launch the newest version of Recipage!  Casey and I have been working for months on building a second (free!) platform for our recipe management tool, and after a lot of hard work it is finally finished. 

We’ve gotten such great feedback from both bloggers and readers using Recipage, and our goal has always been to be able to make it available to everyone.  Our hope is that with the addition of the new free service, we have done just that.  If you’re interested, you can read more about it on our new Recipage blog.

Headed back to the doctor tomorrow, and hopefully will have an update on Baby C’s arrival after that!  Until then, we’ll continue to wait until he’s ready…