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Week 4: So Much Fun!

How is it possible that four weeks ago today, I was in my hospital bed cuddling this little peanut in my arms for the first time?  I’m sure I will say it every week, but wow – four weeks?  Where is time going?

IMG_3852 (640x427)

We have had a MUCH better week this week than last week.  After a few long scream-fests last week, I really thought we were well on our way to endless weeks of colic and crying on both our parts.  I don’t want to jinx myself since things with babies tend to change daily, but last week’s angry baby is much much happier this week. 

IMG_3865 (640x427)

He is becoming such a little stinker, and is really starting to show some personality.  He is awake MUCH more during the day now, and I’ve been spending a lot of my days just playing with him and trying to stimulate and entertain him (as much as you can entertain someone who is four weeks old).  Last week he hated all his toys, seats, bouncers – you name it.  This week, he’s discovering that his playmat is not actually a torture device, and it’s actually kind of fun!

2011-11-16 15.24.21 (640x480)

He’s still eating really well, and I think we’re both getting the hang of the whole breastfeeding thing.  Now that he’s four weeks old, I’m hoping to get him started on a few bottles each week.  I just need to get over my fear of the breastpump first. 

I’m hoping that in the next few weeks we can start to work on getting into more of a schedule.  Right now we sort of operate on Cullen time, which alternates between eating, playing, and sleeping.  He’s not napping nearly as long anymore, so I have to really take advantage of his short sleep sessions during the day in order to work, eat, and do basic things like go to the bathroom. 

IMG_3858 (640x427)

He is definitely GROWING too!  He won’t be officially weighed again until his 8 week appointment, but I can tell he is filling out from the way his clothes fit.  His newborn pajamas are all starting to look a little bit tight, and he’s finally started wearing some of his 0-3 onesies.  Now that his umbilical cord stump is off, he’s also wearing little tiny pants!  Too cute!

IMG_3914 (427x640)

He is always happiest in the morning, which is also when there is fabulous western light pouring through our bedroom windows.  Each morning he hangs out playing in his Boppy while I snap away with my camera and take hundred of pictures of him.  I can’t help myself!  I decided to do a 365 Project with his baby photos that will be a fun memory for us to look back through at the end of the year.

One of the big questions I am constantly asked is “who does he look like?”  When he was first born we were both shocked when we saw him – he looked nothing like either of us expected!  Initially we both thought he looked exactly like me – he definitely has my coloring and my nose.  But as the weeks have gone by, there is no denying it – this boy looks like his daddy.  I think he’s a great mix of both of us, and I love that when I look at him I see a little mini Casey. 

IMG_3930 (640x428)

Earlier this week, I bought the Boppy Newborn Lounger pillow.  A few other new moms have sworn by it, and since I needed more places to set him down in the house, I went ahead and ordered one for myself.  I absolutely love it, and wish I’d had it four weeks ago!  How comfy does he look?  I wish they had these for adults.

2011-11-16 17.14.11 (640x480)

He’s still small enough that I’m not overly worried about him rolling out of it, although I never walk far away from him when he’s sitting up on a table or counter.  It’s so nice to be able to take him into the kitchen with me so that I can occasionally eat lunch!  I think he likes being higher up so he can see everything going on.

IMG_3875 (427x640)

Huey is also a fan of the new pillow…

2011-11-17 13.40.45 (640x480)

But when Cullen is using it, apparently Huey is willing to share and use the other Boppy instead.

2011-11-18 10.10.56 (640x480)

Seriously?  I guess it’s a good thing that the dogs have gotten so much more comfortable with their little brother.  In the mornings, I usually pull Cullen into bed with me for an early snuggle before he goes back to sleep and I get in the shower.  Yesterday he ended up snoozing right next to Indy while I folded laundry and got dressed.  I can’t wait for when he is older and these pups are his best friends.

2011-11-17 07.49.21 (640x480)

It has been four weeks of nothing but fun, and even on the hardest days I wish time would tick by a little slower. 

IMG_3829 (640x427)

Looking forward to an exciting weekend of family arrivals, and having Cullen meet his aunts and his cousin for the first time!

For previous weekly updates and other parenting posts, please visit the parenting page

This week’s Babble:

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Haley S     at 1:20 pm

He is so dang cute. Glad the dogs are doing well with him–they look so at ease around him/his stuff. Can’t wait to see photos of Cullen and his cousin…lots of cute baby expressions!


Katherine     at 1:22 pm

He just gets more adorable every picture!
I think you should do a “day in the life of a new mom” post dictating your day :)


Katy @ MonsterProof     at 1:26 pm

Our dog has continued to like our son better as time goes on. Glad to see yours do, too! Wish I had had one of the lounger pillows, they have one at daycare and our son always loved it!


Alexis     at 1:30 pm

Oh my gosh, I’m so in love of that picture of Indy looking at Cullen! And Huey looks so much like my baby (a red Doberman with floppy ears), he even has the exact same expression on his face that mine has when caught sleeping where he shouldn’t (on our pillows!). Happy to see them all getting acquainted:) Babies are still a few years off for my husband and I, but I felt a tug at my heart seeing these pics, it made me want to have our future kid know our beloved dog:)


Meghan     at 1:39 pm

Huey on the pillow is SO cute! :) love all of the pics!


Jen     at 1:40 pm

He’s too precious. So glad you had a better week! I’ve only had the newborn lounger for a few hours and Nati has already claimed it.


Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn     at 1:41 pm

Ahahah omg what a cutie. No, it’s NOT a torture device!


Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen)     at 1:45 pm

Oh, this is going to be such a great Thanksgiving for you guys! So exciting with the little man. It’s kind of funny, my oldest looks just like his daddy and my youngest looks like me. It’s kind of amazing that we can make these new people with a little bit of us in them!


Bailey     at 1:48 pm

In a few of the pictures I can see bits of you in his face, but by overall, I really see his daddy coming through :) I’m glad you guys had a better week with less screaming!


Shannon @ My Place In The Race     at 1:52 pm

The pic with him and Indy is just too precious! :D


Erin @ Girl Gone Veggie     at 2:01 pm

Wow you can already see changes in him as he gets older! Too stinking cute! And I definitely see Casey in him in pictures. I found out a few years ago in science class that’s actually a biological thing. Babies initially look more like their father when they are newborns in hopes that their father will recognize themselves in them and take care of them and protect them from danger. Biology is so fascinating!


Diana @ frontyardfoodie     at 2:02 pm

He really does have such a cute and distinctive look! He doesn’t look like just any baby. He certainly has your color but I can totally see both of you in him.

Every stage they change though. At first my son looked just like me. Now he has my eyes for sure but his daddy’s mouth and a combo of our personalities!


Mai     at 2:04 pm

Awww the one with Cullen & Indy is my favorite!


Silvia @ skinny jeans food     at 2:05 pm

Emily, I look forward to your post the most in my Google reader! You, well, .. have the best content currently :-)

And great photos of your beautiful son and the furry family members!


Tanya @ Vegan Faith     at 2:07 pm

He is so cute!


Amy     at 2:09 pm

All of these cute pictures of Cullen are giving me baby fever! I guess I just need to find a guy to marry first. :) Seriously though, he’s so cute!!!


Heather     at 2:09 pm

so sweet, I love all the pictures. I too cannot believe its been 4 weeks. honestly, I STILL can’t believe its been over a YEAR since you were hit by the car!


Amber from Girl with the Red Hair     at 2:15 pm

He’s SO cute! Omg! I can tell he’s getting more of a personality by the photos you’ve been posting. LOVE the one of him and Indy on the bed :)


Jo @ Jo In the Kitchen     at 2:30 pm

What a cutie!! You’re doing a great job, and don’t worry, you’ll treasure ALL of those photos later on :)


Lee     at 2:30 pm

I think he looks like both of you.


Ashley     at 2:45 pm

“It has been four weeks of nothing but fun, and even on the hardest days I wish time would tick by a little slower.”

My little Sonia is 6 weeks old today and I SO relate to this. I look at her sometimes and think, my gosh, where is that little baby I was cuddling in my hospital bed right after I gave birth? You can’t wait to see them grow, but it doesn’t stop you from wishing you could to cling to every tiny memory of who they are right now.

Love the pictures and so glad you all are doing well :)


linda     at 2:49 pm

I love the picture of Cullen on the kitchen counter. Train him early to love the kitchen!


Laura (Blogging Over Thyme)     at 2:52 pm

He’s such a handsome little guy. In the past couple posts, I’ve been thinking he’s been looking more like Casey, but these ones remind me more of you.

So cute. I want to babysit!


Renee B     at 2:59 pm

He is precious! I’m glad this week is going a bit smoother!


Shari     at 3:25 pm

Oh my gosh, I LOVE the 365 Photo idea. That’s going to make an amazing keepsake – for you AND him one day! :)


StefanieK     at 3:34 pm

I’m doing something similar to your 365 project…just not limiting to one photo a day. Basically since I can easily mobile blog from my phone while nursing, I do a loose “day in the life” series of 5-10 pics every day sent to a private blog and that will one day be his “baby book.” :)

I also wanted to mention, for whatever it’s worth, I was super stressed about pumping and giving a bottle and I saw a lactation consultant who reassured me that the vast majority of babies have no problem taking a bottle later on. I was scared to pump b/c really your milk balance isn’t all figured out until 6-8 weeks and pumping changes the whole supply/demand thing in your body. So I didn’t want to do ANY pumping until after 8 weeks. It worked out really well for us and my 12 week old takes bottles easily now. Just in case you want to wait a little while…I had heard the 4 weeks thing again and again too…but I’m glad a professional told me it’s something we hear so much about because it’s so rare.

Anyway, he’s SUCH a cutie! My little guy looks just like my husband, but has my nose too. :) Take care!!


Kristen @ The Concrete Runner     at 3:39 pm

I’m so glad you like the boppy lounger! Makes things so much easier! And yes, he definitely looks like Casey – so cute!


Bethany @ Accidental Intentions     at 4:10 pm

GAH he is just getting more and more precious by the week!


Ali     at 4:36 pm

Have you seen this: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/03/22/health/22real.html? Apparently it’s really common for babies to look more like their fathers in early life.

Science aside, that is one cute baby you’ve got there! And it looks like you guys are adjusting like pros :)


Lauren     at 5:01 pm

He is perfect Emily. :)


Karlee     at 5:05 pm

Oh my gosh he is such a cutie!


Casey W. @ thislittlechickpea     at 5:05 pm

He is SO CUTE! My little one, Bennett, went through a “phase” last week too – super grouchy and he wanted to be held by me ALL the time.

I found a book that explains some of baby’s grouchy phases – it’s called “The Wonder Weeks”. It theorizes that there are predictable fussy phases that come before important developmental leaps. The first one is supposed to be at 5 weeks, but the weeks are determined by due date instead of birth date. During the first one babies are learning to look, listen touch and smell differently. They become more able to express some of their likes and dislikes and they stay awake longer and are more alert. This sounds exactly like what is happening with Cullen and with Ben!

The next “fussy phase” is supposed to be weeks 7-8… I’ll be interested to see if Ben and Cullen stay on a similar schedule!


colleen     at 5:28 pm

Four weeks already? Wow! Love the photo of Huey on the Boppys and Indy looking at Cullen. So sweet.


Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga     at 5:29 pm

He’s looking more and more adorable every day!

And glad that nursing is going well and continues to get better and easier. That’s usually the case as time goes on. Don’t fear the pump. From the tap is easier for most :) but the pump is a great tool and nothing to be scared of. I pumped for…years. Yeah, fun times :)


Katie @ Peace Love and Oats     at 6:11 pm

I still cannot get over how adorable he is! I can’t believe it’s already been 4 weeks!


Sarah S.     at 6:53 pm

He is adorable!! Love those little grins for me, pumping took a bit to work out. I stay at home so I started with pumping after the first morning feeding. Eventually I’d start pumping when he’d go for longer in the afternoon I’d pump then. Usually I’d take whatever I got during the day and store in 2 or 4 oz bags. It can be some work, but like you, sometimes it’s nice to be able to get out for a bit. Or my husband loved being able to feed both our boys.


Ashleigh @ simplehonestreal.com     at 7:00 pm

He is just so stinkin cute! Love his sweet little outfits :)


Teresa     at 7:00 pm

Your posts and photos about Cullen almost make this, ” I’m never getting married and I’m definitely never having kids,” girl, want to have a baby. Almost… Trust me that, that is saying a lot! He is such a cutie. Obviously I’m not a mom ( though I’ve been around babies my whole life) but I definitely recommend that you check out the kids basix baby bottles. Created by a mom, who had lactation consultants help her engineer the bottle- they are awesome. Moms say that their babies have no problem going from boob to bottle. Check it out you’d like: http://www.kids-basix.com.


Meagan     at 7:14 pm

In the last picture on this post he LOOKS like Casey – I couldn’t see it in others, but in this one I def do :)


Alisa's Garden     at 7:15 pm

He’s so cute and it’s just amazing how time flies once you have a baby! Enjoy!


Hayley @ Oat Couture     at 11:32 pm

Such a nice idea with the photo project! :) Also such a cute pic of Indy and Cullen! It’s like Indy is watching over him, being all protective… :)


Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun     at 3:55 am

Cullen is seriously the 2nd cutest baby boy I have ever seen. Only because my little B takes #1 in my heart. ;)


Michelle M     at 5:32 am

Don’t fear your breastpump. I had twin girls and we were not able to get the breastfeeding down. However, I was able to exclusively pump breastmilk for both of them for 7 months. I know you won’t be using it to this extent, but know it is possible and is a wonderful thing to have.


Katie @ SerenityintheStorm     at 5:57 am

Love the picture of Indy and Cullen. So cute!


katie     at 6:11 am

He is getting so big and cute, and I LOVED putting my little guy in pants!
I know you are not quite there yet, but once you need to start sleep training, here is a helpful post about getting your baby to sleep on his own.


Rachelle     at 6:20 am

Yay! The 3 week growth spurt is over!

You’ve probably already gotten this advice, but, just in case, I will leave it anyway.

I SWEAR the breast pump isn’t nearly as scary as it seems. I was terrified of it as well and did my best to ignore it, but I had to go back to work. All you have to do is get started and it (like all things) will get easier. Start by just taking 10 min to see how it goes together. Hook it all up, then see how the suction is by placing your hand on the other end of the tube (before hooking up the phalanges (part that covers your breast). Then you can see how much (or little) pressure there is. You can hook up the phalanges and put your hand over it too. Done.
Next time, put your breast in the phalanges and see how it feels. Done.
The next time, bring Cullen near (while your hubs is around) and think about nourishing him and loving him, think about how it feels to feed him. Feel your milk come down, then you will likely see your milk start to flow (just do one breast at a time the first time, but be sure to wear an adsorbent pad on the other side ;-) DON’T be surprised or upset if you only get out like 1/2 oz to 1oz the first few times you pump. It takes a while to get used to the pump. Just keep thinking those amazing loving thoughts toward your son. It will come eventually ;-) (also read my note below about “smooshing”).

My LC told me to start building in an “extra” feeding about the time I would normally be at work (and when babe was sleeping or happy– although if he cries it can help your milk come down). This can help boost your supply a bit so you can get a bit of a stash in the freezer (which is *great* to have in case you go away, or get sick ect).

If you get to the point where you either want to build more of a stash or find your supply starting to dip, or just want to keep your supply up, you can start doing breast compressions to ensure you empty your breast during a pump session. Basically you just press and smoosh ;-) You can also specifically press on an area you think might have a clog, but truly aiming your sons chin at the clogged duct will work better than the pump.

I also was very into getting order with my newborn. We made small improvements, but as the book “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child” warned me, we didn’t see much of a trusty schedule develop until his sleep patterns matured at about 4 months. So, don’t be too hard on yourself yet, ok?? I’d HIGHLY recommend that book, I lived by it for the first 2 years and still reference it now.

One of my favorite backdrops for taking pictures of my son was a really nice flushy fleecy type of king size blanket that I would drape around. It never wrinkled and was easy to photoshop stuff out of :-) You can see the blue blanket if you look back far enough on my family blog (I think it was from Kohls). You are so lucky to have such great light :-) We moved and now I have crud for good light.

As far as who he looks like…. try this ultra fun (total waste of time) site:


Good to hear you like the newborn lounger… I so want one of those!


Rachelle     at 6:24 am

Oh and I should add, the advice my LC gave me on bottle feeding….
Let Casey do it, and try not to be in visible site when he does it. Baby knows you and wants you, not this plastic thing, and if you are around, he will want you instead!
Like someone mentioned above, try not to intro the bottle till at least 6 weeks and 8 if you can help it. If you have problems, there are a lot of different nipples you can try including one type that has many nipple holes instead of just one (therefore mimicking how milk flows from your breast). When that bridge comes, I will post a link.


Kaci     at 6:51 am

What a handsome little man!!


Jessica     at 7:48 am

Love, love, love the 365 day photo project. So fun.


Stephanie     at 8:22 am

You have such a beautiful, beautiful boy. I laughed out loud at the picture of your pup on the other boppy. Too cute.


Emily     at 8:43 am

We ADORE the newborn lounger pillow too! My daughter fell in love with it from Day 1. Now that she’s 18 months, she loves to use it as her personal little chair/seat when watching sesame street, or reading books.

It’s great!


Fran@ Broken Cookies Don't Count     at 9:02 am

He is still as cute as can be. Amazing how they change each and every day. Excellent!


Antonia @ healthinspirations     at 9:03 am

Wow. Your little man is growing so fast. He’s such a cutie and has a beautiful smile!


Sarah     at 10:12 am

Your boy is beautiful! I’m glad things are going well with you and that you’re having fun with your little bundle of cuteness. :-)
My son is about a week-and-a-half old and it’s so much fun to get a preview of things to come.


Brittnie (A Joy Renewed)     at 10:39 am

I love the 365 Project idea. I want to do this with our little one. I am so glad that you are feeling more settled as a mommy and that despite the craziness you are enjoying each day for what it is… a blessing!!


Chelcie @ Chelcie's Food Files     at 12:12 pm

he is getting so big! That pillow looks so comfortable, and molds perfectly to his little body!


Carley     at 2:42 pm

So happy you are loving mommyhood! It’s been neat for someone who isn’t a mama or even pregnant yet to see what being pregnant and having a baby entails!! So glad to see you’re loving it!


Amber K     at 3:11 pm

He really is growing so fast, I can’t believe it’s already been a month!


STUFT Mama     at 3:57 pm

Holy smokes- these 4 weeks have gone by so fast. Crazy! He is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so impressed at all your set-ups all over your house. :)Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!


Dani Delicatessen     at 6:22 pm

Adorable!! That’s great you can trust the dogs with him a little more now, i’m sure that takes a decent amount of stress off the house


Katie @ Talk Less, Say More     at 6:48 pm

He really is the cutest thing ever! And I love that picture of him and Indy chilling next to each other – adorable!


Amanda     at 7:10 pm

AWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! So freaking cute!!!!


Christina     at 7:33 pm

He is so cute, and so alert for 4 weeks. Congrats. It really is such a great experience. My baby is 9 months, the time does fly! Just enjoy every moment, good and bad!


Christina Reply:

I updated my new URL. :)


Meg @ My Chocolate Covered Life     at 11:18 am

Your pictures are beautiful. I LOVE the idea of a 365 photo project. Not only do you get to see a flipbook of your son growing up, but you have a great gift ideas for next year.


fittingbackin     at 3:28 pm

He is such a cutie!! Cute overload = baby boy + pupper – eeee! Love it.


Alexis @ hummusapien     at 4:42 pm

I love love love these updates! He is SO adorable! And I love that little pillow :) I just made your sweet and sour brussel sprouts and they were DELISH!!


Joelle (on a pink typewriter)     at 7:12 pm

Oh, he is just so precious! I’m so happy for you guys.. and I love that little pillow- genius invention!


skinnyrunner     at 5:48 am

i love your baby post updates. its interesting to see to a non-mom how a newborn takes up ALL your time. in a good way, but its something that i just cant comprehend… yet. like not go to the bathroom?! crazy :)


Sally @ Spontaneous Hausfrau     at 5:49 am

I love the picture of Cullen sleeping next to Indy in bed. It looks like Indy is telling him, “Hey, will you keep it down, man?”


Sarah @ See Sarah Eat     at 10:35 am

He is so cute and I love the pictures of the dogs too! I’m glad things are going well over there :)


Jen@FoodFamilyFitness     at 10:36 am

It’s really crazy how fast they grow up!!! It seems like it takes forever for them to grow and be born and then you blink and they are 4 weeks old.
Cullen is just as adorable as ever, hope you 3 have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Sam     at 2:14 pm

Just curious Im from Australia and down here they give a vitamin k shot and hep b shot at birth, I was wondering if Cullen had the same thing downor did you opt out, im currently pregnant and nervous about the whole vaccination thing? I know this is something that you will consider down the track but i’d like to know your thoughts?


Emily Malone Reply:

He got both shots right after birth!


Dana @ the Big Fat Skinny     at 2:20 pm

I LOVE the 365 photo idea! I began sending a “picture of the day” to a small group of loved ones when my daughter was born, and 2+ years later the pictures are still flowing and people LOVE them … almost as much as I love sending them! And whats better is that we have at least one picture from each and every day of her life. So, so special!


Sarah     at 12:23 am

I really hope you continue with the baby updates bc i quite enjoy them!


Heather     at 7:36 am

So glad things seem to be going well. You look so happy in all your pictures. I would love an update about cloth diapering and how all that’s going. I’m looking into cloth diaper my twin boys (once they’re born).

Can’t wait to see more about sweet baby Cullen!


Emily Malone Reply:

We are hoping to start the cloth diapers in a few weeks – he’s still too small for them now!


Jocelyn @ Enthusiastic Runner     at 9:24 am

I think he looks so much like Casey!


Amykinz @ Foodie4Healing     at 6:39 pm

Seriously, I think he gets cuter each week! :) And I agree, he’s a good mix of you both, but he defintely looks a lot like his Daddy.


Brittany @ Life of a Bama Girl     at 7:09 pm

Loving all of your pictures. Cullen is so cute!


Kath     at 6:40 pm

Having fun reading some of your old posts!!


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