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    A Look Back.

Postpartum Plans.

Throughout the course of my pregnancy, I didn’t really talk much about my plans for getting back into shape afterwards.  This is mostly because, similar to my no-plan birth plan, I didn’t really have a plan.

I wanted my first days and weeks with Cullen to be about nothing but motherhood, recovery, and soaking up every minute of this precious face. 

IMG_3395 (640x427)

I didn’t want to be staring at training schedules, taking measurements, or setting myself up for disappointment with unrealistic expectations.  Not knowing what my labor and delivery would bring, I knew that my return to fitness would be very dependent on how things went in the hospital.

I’m not going to go into gory details about the specifics of my recovery here, but my understanding (from childbirth classes) is that most moms end up with 2 to 3 stitches on average.  I left the hospital with fifteen.  Ouch.

I am feeling better and better each day, although still very sore and slow.  I’m taking my recovery seriously and listening to my midwives’ advice.  I don’t want to jump back into activity too quickly and end up causing a prolonged recovery, and I certainly don’t want to do anything that will inhibit me from taking care of Cullen as best as possible. 

Now with all the said, what about when I AM ready to get moving again?  In the back of my mind, I have had one far-reaching goal – to run the Flying Pig Marathon in May 2012. 


I have run this marathon three times before (2008, 2009, and 2010) and it’s my favorite race of all-time.  In order to train properly, I know I will need to have rebuilt a running base of at least 6 comfortable miles by January.  Now that my recovery may take a bit longer than expected, I’m not sure if that’s realistic or not.  I still have the goal in mind, but I’m also considering taking my time and training for a half-marathon this spring or summer instead. 

It’s not only a matter of what I’m capable of physically, but also how much time I want to spend dedicating to distance training.  Marathon training is no joke, and if I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it right.  Cullen is only 11 days old right now, but already I can’t imagine spending three and four hour stretches of time away from him for long runs every weekend.

I’m hoping that our BOB jogging stroller will help out in that arena.  He’s too young to run with right now (while his neck is still so floppy), but we should be able to take him running once he’s a bit bigger and stronger. 

IMG_3217 (640x483)

Even though I’m going to take my time and ease back into running, I’m definitely feeling the itch to get back into my running shoes as soon as it feels right.  Between recovering from my car accident, and then not running during pregnancy, it has been almost a full year since I’ve done any real running.   I’m excited to see how this new body responds once I get started again!

Outside of running, I’m also really excited to get back into the weight room.  I did a lot of weight lifting during my pregnancy, and I think it made a huge difference in how good I felt, and how quickly my body is bouncing back. 

Pregnant weight lifting was entirely different than what I’ve done before, and required that I only push myself to the point that my muscles felt fatigued.  The exercises I could do were very limited due to my giant belly and inability to twist or stretch in certain ways.  I’m really looking forward to getting back to my old lifting routine, and working my muscles til I feel like I’m going to drop.

2011-08-02 15.03.45 (478x640)

One of the reasons I joined the gym that I belong to here is that they have childcare service available for Cullen starting when he’s three months old.  I hope to get back into the gym long before that, so hopefully he and Casey can do some boy bonding while mom hits the gym in the next few weeks. 

For now, I’m working back up to taking long walks, and I’m hoping to take the stroller and the pups out this evening while the sun is still shining here in Seattle.  Here’s hoping that with each passing week, I’ll be moving faster and farther. 

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Haley @ Health Freak College Girl     at 3:08 pm

whatever you decide, i wish you the best of luck!


Paige     at 3:11 pm

Oh my God, FIFTEEN stitches?! I cannot imagine. I hope you’re healing quickly and properly. Good luck getting back into your routine!


Jessica     at 3:11 pm

I love your attitude! I myself am getting back on the running track, so it will be fun following your process for inspiration :)


Julie (A Case of the Runs)     at 3:13 pm

You have a much better attitude about this stuff than I’ve seen. Non-obsessive and truly balanced in terms of caring for yourself and your growing family. At any rate, you already look great, and even if not Flying Pig, you will get there (maybe some other fun marathons?) when your body is ready.


Ashley B     at 3:15 pm

I don’t understand why the cutting is even needed. Can our bodies no longer “stretch” the way they are suppose too? The lady I nanny for was cut, against her wishes, without painkillers. She went into all the gory details. I’m very glad you didn’t!


Morgan Reply:

Sometimes the skin stretches too far and rips. No cutting necessary.


Christine Reply:

I ended up with 30 plus stitches after my first daughter was born (no cutting involved). The good news is with my 2nd I didn’t need any :)


Jenny Reply:

I’ve had 3 babies, my largest 8 14oz, and never had stitches. So yes, our skin can still stretch, but I guess it depends on who you are? My sister law has had stitches with all of her babies.


Sarah     at 3:16 pm

I think it is so smart to not have a formal plan yet. Enjoy your time with Cullen!


Marci     at 3:17 pm

No doubt you can do it if you want! You’re going to be great with the little one at the finish line!


Katie @ SerenityintheStorm     at 3:20 pm

Good luck with the running when you’re back to it! I’ve been so inspired seeing all of the pregnant women at my gym lifting weights and doing cardio through their pregnancies. I hope when/if I decide to get pregnant I can keep up the exercising!


Amanda Perry at Sistas of Strength     at 3:21 pm

Good luck! It’s difficult getting back into the swing of things after having a baby, but sounds like you’re listening to your body which is most important. Sounds like you have a great plan. :)


Maria     at 3:22 pm

ouch!! Definitely take it day by day. It sounds like you’ve lost a lot of the weight just with the delivery & breast feeding. Why more moms don’t breast feed, is beyond me. Lots of calories lost & better for the baby!


Kelly Reply:

Geez maybe because not every new mom can?!?! I wish I could breastfeed but can’t – it’s not a case if not wanting to but instead not being able to.


Maria Reply:

I’m sorry I really didn’t mean to offend anyone. It was meant more for woman who choose not to just because. I’ve known a handful of woman like that. I didn’t take into consideration those who aren’t physically able to.


Deborah Reply:

Sometimes women are unable to breast feed because of their anatomy. I know you were referring to women who choose not to breast feed, but it’s important to remember how difficult an experience it can be to be unable to breast feed and to be sensitive in discussing the issue.


Maria Reply:

Yeah I didnt take that into consideration. I’ll be more careful with my wording :-/


KaraHadley     at 3:23 pm

I never would have thought that a newborn’s floppy neck would affect whether he can go in a jogging stroller. Hmm…just proves I know almost nothing about babies.
But I do know yours is freaking adorable.


Diana @ frontyardfoodie     at 3:24 pm

I got that same itch after my son was born! About five weeks after delivery I started running again and it felt great.

You’re gonna love getting back into it!


Emily     at 3:28 pm

I envy your attitude! I can only hope to share similar views after I have a baby. I’m so proud of you for listening to your body!


Alexa @ Simple Eats     at 3:29 pm

SO excited for you…I can’ wait to see how the race goes!


Kara     at 3:42 pm

15 stitches is no joke! I had a forceps delivery and I had less than that.

I ran a 10 mile race 4 months after birth. 9 months after birth, I ran a marathon. For me, the biggest factor was nursing. My running was really weak when I was nursing. It was like my body couldn’t do both well. Once I weaned, my running vastly improved. Also, running while nursing is a pain because you have to nurse before you go (for comfort’s sake) and that makes the timing complicated.

I love my BOB. We started running together at 3 months, per her doctor’s instructions.


Ashley M. [at] (never home)maker     at 3:47 pm

Great post. Personally, I had set my sights on a spring marathon, but quickly decided not to . . . no matter how my recovery goes. I did, however, sign up for a half at the beginning of May. For me, I just know I want to ease back into running . . . especially since I’ve not been logging many miles lately. I also want to (if everything works out) be successful with breastfeeding and don’t want too much activity too soon to impact how that all goes. And like you mention, I can’t really imagine what it’s like to be a parent yet — but I can’t see myself going for 3-1/2 hour long 20+-milers that require a lot of recovery and then taking care of my baby. I tend to be more on the conservative side, though. Stephen has been qualified for the Boston Marathon — but was injured last year. He actually decided because of everything to also bow out on running this year’s race. We’re going to enjoy the half distance for a while and just moving with our baby girl, in general.

We are both, though, hoping to run a marathon in the fall. In the meantime, it’s going to be all about baby A and finding our stride as a family.



Sana     at 3:53 pm

15 stitches?? Holy moly. No one really talks about the gory child birth details. I feel like I have the next 5-6 years to find out what this is before I reproduce!!!


Kamaile     at 4:02 pm

Just wanted to say Cullen is just such a handsome baby. From following your blog for so long I know you’re ready to run again! :-)


Tami@Carpentiere.net     at 4:08 pm

Thank goodness for that little spray battle they give you…my son was huge, I feel your pain…..take care


Army Amy*     at 4:14 pm

The no plan plan sounds like the best way to go! You’re really good about listening to your body and not rushing things. That’s exactly what you need to do.*


April @ Grits and Granola Bars     at 4:15 pm

15 stitches?! And I thought I had it rough with two!


chelsey @ clean eating chelsey     at 4:16 pm

I think you have a very reasonable and attainable goal! I remember you were bummed you couldn’t run that race this year. Good luck getting back into things – I’m glad you’re listening to your body!


Michaela     at 4:18 pm

I have never heard of anyone having 15 stitches. You rock for even being able to WALK now!


Kiran @ KiranTarun.com     at 4:23 pm

Whatever your decisions would be, I am glad you all are having such a great time. I can’t wait to be a Mommy, someday :)

Cullen is too cute!!!!


Susan     at 4:23 pm

I think your no plan-plan is perfect, and totally sensible. 15 . . . I have no words .. .


Amy     at 4:32 pm

You are such an inspiration! I’ve been itching to start running again, too…but at 32 weeks, I still have quite a ways to go before that will happen. Good luck with all your plans and training!


stephanie     at 4:46 pm

thanks for the comment about taking brand new babies running in strollers. It’s not something I’ve ever thought about too much, but it’s such a good point!


Jessie     at 4:49 pm

Yikes! I thought my 10 stitches were monumental! I had an episiotomy though so I knew I’d have more than most new moms. It heals quickly though, do your kegels!

Good luck getting back into your running groove! Take it easy for a few weeks. My daughter turned 6 weeks yesterday so I’ve been doing planks, squats and shoulder/arm lifting at home. I’d be walking a lot but the sidewalks are covered in snow. :( I’m already pining for springtime!


Meagan     at 4:55 pm

I like your thinking. Very healthy perspective Emily. BTW he gets cuter with every new photo you share… but I don’t think I had to tell you that ;)


Katy @ MonsterProof     at 4:58 pm

Good luck! 15 stitches! Oh my goodness! You are wonder woman, but we already knew that. Not that it’s any real help, but I had 4, limited myself to walking the dog until 6 weeks, and then had no trouble running as I was used to at that point. OTHER than my abs were incredibly weak. I don’t know why it surprised me that it was my core that made running more difficult than anything else after being so stretched!


Lauren     at 5:02 pm

You’ll get back to it in no time girl.


Shady     at 5:10 pm

Great post Emily and it truly applies to anyone recovering from an injury. Last week I was diagnosed with plantar faciatis and a broken toe. The prescription included, but wasn’t limited to limiting walking and absolutely no running. The difficult part for me though is the fact that running helps me cope with other, mental health problems, and by not getting out there I feel those slipping. I’m listening to my body but also trying to balance my physical and mental needs. And I just thought this post really spoke to me, even though I didn’t just go through a 55 hour labour (you’re a champ by the way!)


Lauren @ Sassy Molassy     at 5:15 pm

Sounds like you have some realistic goals, but you’re also letting yourself heal! Go mama go!


Skyoga     at 5:28 pm

I know you have some posts on weight lifting but could you write a more descriptive post on what exactly you do? I assume you do not do the same routine each time in the gym? Could you post what each weight session looks like? Do you switch it up weekly? Monthly? To create some muscle confusion so your muscles don’t get confused?
Thanks so much! I’ve been lifting for a bit now but don’t really have the results I want so I feel like I’m doing something wrong and wanted some insight into what your routine(s) look like


Raquel @ Ovenmitts     at 5:38 pm

He looks older already! Glad to see you’re starting to feel better – at least you can think about doing some exercise now!


Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga     at 5:50 pm

Good for you for having the race on your horizons…and 15 stitches. I had a few. Nothing like what you had. Take care of yourself…(wincing for you as I type this) :)


Deva @ Deva by Definition     at 6:48 pm

The race is an exciting goal – I’m already registered for the Flying Pig HALF :-). I love your no-plan plan, and I am excited to see how your training goes with Cullen!


STUFT Mama     at 6:53 pm

Emily- so much better to not have a plan and ease back into things. If I could do it all over again I would. I started running too soon and starting doing other things before my core was strong enough and my body is still dealing with some of those issues. Take your time and just enjoy getting back into it with Cullen by your side. :)


Rianne     at 6:53 pm

Oh my goodness, Cullen just gets cuter with each passing day! He is absolutely adorable in his duckie onesie. This one may be tied with the one from the other day where he was sticking out his little tongue. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful moments with us! Take care of yourself and I admire how you’re enjoying each day as it comes. :-)


Christina @ Just Running     at 6:58 pm

Two or three stitches sounds like the norm? Geez, my doc spent over 30 minutes stitching me back together and just laughed when I asked how many stitches he’d done.

I’m running a big race the week after the Pig, but maybe I’ll find somewhere to cheer for you along the route!


Gina     at 7:15 pm

I stayed in shape during my pregnancies, and I properly trained for and ran a marathon 7 months after a c-section delivery. I started running as soon as my doctor cleared me for exercise 6 weeks after delivery. I crossed the finish line at the marathon in 4 hours and 45 minutes. That was only 30 minutes slower than the 2 marathons I ran prior to the baby being born. I also breastfed that baby for the first year of his life.

After my 2nd child was born (also a c-section), I ran a marathon about a year after. I also breastfed that baby for his first year of life. My finish time for that marathon was just minutes off my pre-baby finish times.

I had a love/hate relationship with my jogging stroller. I could never find a comfortable position while running with that thing because of having to keep one hand on it. I loved being able to go for a run outside with the baby though, so I just dealt with it. I couldn’t actually run with 2 babies in a double jogger. It was just too much for me to try to run with 60 pounds of kid/stroller. I’ve seen other people do it, so maybe I’m just a wimp.

It might be a bit difficult at first to work out the logistics of getting a run in between his feeding times, so don’t be discouraged. Just when you have it all figured out though, he’ll hit a growth spurt that causes him to want to eat every hour and mess it all up for you. :-)

Good luck with whatever race you decide to run! I have a feeling you’ll be running the full marathon this May.


Katherine     at 7:18 pm

You have such a great attitude! I can’t wait to see how it all works out for you to get back into exercise.
Soak up as much of the beautiful time with precious Cullen!


Jessica     at 7:54 pm

Love this post. I literally want to bookmark it and come back to read it after we have our first.

I’ve run two half marathons and plan to train for a full as a “get back from first baby” goal (as long as my body agrees). I can’t wait to read more of your plan! good luck!


Coco     at 8:04 pm

I love your approach to getting back into the swing of things. I have recently started weight sessions and I have to say that I really do love it.. I know that the results take some time and patients (something that I have VERY little of) It’s a good reminder that the best things take time.. Keep it up lady! Your a super mom already :)


Jessica     at 8:15 pm

I think nursing will have a lot to do with your decision on marathon versus half marathon. I hope for your sake you produce oodles of milk. I am not so lucky. I have to breastfeed every few hours or my supply drops and I have a hungry, unhappy baby. I am breastfeeding my 3rd daughter, who is going to be 6 months next week. And she sometimes still needs to eat every 2 hours, and for sure every 3. So doing very long runs just wouldnt work for me. I would take it very slow and see how your son, you, and your milk supply handle running again. Enjoy this time and I hope you are healing well! He is SO beautiful!!


Katherine     at 8:44 pm

I had a 4th degree tear (no idea how many stitches) with my baby 3.5 months ago. I am just getting back into exercising how I love to and am a personal trainer. It just took a long time to feel normal again. I am only walking because I don’t want to be away from my sweet gal. Good luck and kudos for knowing to listen to your body.


Marie@feedingfive     at 8:59 pm

It’s so refreshing to hear about your ‘no plan’. The newborn phase is gone before you know it so it’s so wonderful to see you relishing and placing importance on that. I have no doubt that in time you will be back in shape. After all you will need energy to keep up with him.


Elizabeth     at 8:59 pm

It has been so amazing to follow your journey of pregnancy and birth and Cullen is so handsome! Just a bit of encouagement…. I had a third degree tear (aka LOTS of stitches) with my son and by my 6 week appointment I was already up to running 5 miles and feeling pretty good. I was shocked at how fast it all came back. I thought I would have to start from scratch but I ended up stronger and faster within a few months. Praying you have a similar experience!! Enjoy every moment!! Being a mom is the most amazing gift!


Colleen     at 10:27 pm

Ouch! Definitely listen to your body and let it recover. Everyone’s body recovers differently. Besides you have a great little guy to look at. If you haven’t heard this enough, do your kegel excerises. They work wonders on strengthening and getting better down there. It took me three kids to take kegels seriously.


Natalcho @ Tomatoes Rock     at 2:26 am

I am so excited to hear your plans for getting back into shape! Your commitment to exercise is so inspiring. I have posted this before but it still amazes me that you trained more during your pregnancy than I train with no children around! I will be following your recovery and soaking up the motivation!


Charlie- The Runner Beans     at 3:02 am

Amazing, good luck. Looking forward to following your progress, if anyone could do this I know you can! You have such dedication to everything you do! Don’t be too hard on yourself if it takes longer than you hope to get back up and running.


Kathy     at 4:10 am

That face is absolutely so precious!! Aren’t they such a wonderful joy?! You’ll get back into things quickly. Just enjoy the few weeks of relaxing quiet time right now, because once he gets moving, you won’t ever get to rest and relax!! LOL You’ll be getting plenty of exercise.


Whitney     at 5:27 am

Your attitude is so refreshing! Enjoy your little man. The pictures are precious! :)


Emily     at 5:28 am

YUSSS!!! I hope you decide to go for it. If so, maybe i’ll see you there!


Brittany (A Healthy Slice of Life)     at 6:26 am

I’ve just started getting back to wogging and strength this week (6 full weeks later). I imagined getting back at it (at least long walks) a lot sooner, but, like you, I ended up with a ton of stitches and 3 tears (2nd degree). And even now I still am having some discomfort, even though I’ve been cleared for exercise. My point is, even though it took longer than I thought, the adrenaline rush of exercising for real again is amazing and I hope you are able to get back to it soon, too :)


Verna     at 6:36 am

I tore quite badly with my son. I’m not sure how many stitches I had but it was a lot more than 3! ; ) Around week 2 I started feeling like going for little walks. Probably not more than a 1/2 a mile but it was something and it helped me feel better. I just had my 2nd baby and I didn’t tear nearly as bad and felt a lot more normal by the end of the first week. Hope that helps.


Dorsa     at 6:52 am

You are awesome. I am going to start training for my very first 1/2 marathon as soon as I am cleared to run again! Mine is in March :)


Hilary     at 7:01 am

Emily- your little one is too cute for words. I’m about 2 months ahead of you (with my baby) and am planning to run the Flying Pig Half Marathon in May. SO if you want an online training buddy, I’d be happy to be yours :)

It’s amazing how much pain and suffering these little guys inflict on us and yet we still love them with every morsel of ourselves! Enjoy your little cutie!


Heather @ Side of Sneakers     at 7:09 am

15 stitches?!?! Ouch girl!


Jesse     at 7:32 am

sounds you have just the right attitude as you begin this next journey emily: listening to your body.


Rachael @ FreshlyMinted     at 7:33 am

You’re inspiring.

I’m considered doing the same race (would love to see you there!). I’ve suffered from foot issues for the past year… trained for two summers, both ending with huge disappointment when my pain flared up just a few weeks before the race : ( I have new graphite inserts for my shoes and a new doctor, though. So here’s hoping I can join you!


Debbi     at 7:38 am

Glad to hear that you are taking it slow to get back to running. My daughter had that many stitches and she said it seemed so long to feel like her friends did after delivery (baby 2 was a lot less and faster recovery!). Just keep doing what you’ve been doing – listen to your body. Remember Slow but Steady wins the race! That guy sure is hansome :)


JessE @ LoveLifeFromScratch     at 8:16 am

Flying Pig 2012! That is my goal too…well for the half marathon :) I am recovering from an injured IT band. Hopefully with the winter to recover we can both be up and running in the spring.


Sarah     at 8:34 am

Good luck, Emily! I went to a yoga class last week with a woman who had just given birth. She was feeling really self-concious about being in the class, she was worried she wouldn’t do well. Women who’ve just give birth: be kind to yourselves! Creating life isn’t easy!!! No one will fault you for needing to rest or take it easy!


Tia@RunnerMom     at 9:12 am

Hi there! I am new to your blog. A friend of mine knows I keep a running blog and thought I would like to check out yours. Congrats on the adorable new addition!

You can most definitely run in 26.2 miles in May but training smart will be the key. I had my fourth baby in January and was supposed to run the Boston Marathon in April. I had run throughout my pregnancy and was able to return to the sport after 4 weeks post c-section. HOWEVER, I started increasing my mileage too fast and found out the week before Boston that I had developed a stress fracture on my sacrum. Of course, this news was devastating to me. I had spent two years of my life getting ready for this marathon and it was gone in a second. Anyway, long story short(er)- it’s been 7 months since my injury and I am back to running. I am A LOT smarter now as far as listening to my body. I am currently training for the Houston Marathon in January where I am attempting to re-qualify for Boston. With little ones you cannot find the time to run- you just have to MAKE the time! :-)

I have always heard great things about the Flying Pig Marathon and it is on my Marathon Bucket List. Good Luck!!


Clare Reply:

I had almost the same experience after my third baby except the stress fracture was my pelvis. My doctor hinted that it could have been related to too much/too soon training combined with the increased bodily demands of close-together pregnancies and years of nursing. Not to be a downer but just wanted to echo the comment of really listening to your body and to not train too hard ( a lot of us runners are REALLY eager to get back out there after any kind of break and it’s SO easy to get carried away). You’ll know this, too, but eating well and eating lots will be really important now.


Amber K     at 9:34 am

I love how accepting you are of yourself. It’s really inspiring to see someone set realistic goals for themselves and have such a healthy outlook. I strive for this myself. I’m not always good at it, which is why I love reading those that inspire me to treat myself right.


nora     at 9:40 am

I’m running the NYC marathon this Sunday – exactly six months after having my daughter. Starting in early July, I slowly and steadily built up my mileage and continued to weight train (I’d taken up weight training during this pregnacy, too!). I’m not going to get a PR or smash any course records on Sunday, but I am sure that I will finish the race with a smile on my face.
Good luck with your plan! And what a great photo of the baby!


JJ     at 9:50 am

I have a 4.5 month old and with 8 stitches and a broken tailbone from the delivery it took me just under 3 months to feel like myself again physically.
I know you can’t imagine leaving Cullen for 3-4 hour stretches now but as a stay at home/work at home mom like yourself I was very ready to have some breaks by the third month. I love my new life but I do welcome those once or twice a week 4-6 hour breaks!


Julie     at 11:15 am

Good for you on your future plans! I think that it is definitely an attainable goal to run the Flying Pig. I will agree with some of the other ladies regarding nursing. That is, in my opinion, the hardest part.
The longer you run, the harder it is to take in the calories/fluids to keep up with the demands of nursing. With my fourth child I trained for and ran a marathon when he was 9-12 months old. Mentally and physically I was ready but if you look at his growth chart, he totally leveled off. I just wasn’t producing enough. Just something to keep in mind and maybe be open to doing a half this year and going for the full once you’re done nursing.
Congratulations, he’s beautiful!


Jen Correa @ Mom's Gotta Run     at 12:21 pm

Hmmm… My birthday is the same day at Flying Pig. Maybe….


Lynn     at 1:17 pm

Hey Emily. Congrats and welcome baby Cullen! I ended up delivering on October 13th so our boys are really close. It’s been fun checking in with your progress. I too had a lot of stitches, and would like to be running by January, so we’ll do it together ;-) Looks like you are doing an amazing job. Take care.


Lauren @ MaillardsMistress     at 1:20 pm

I love your attitude on this whole thing, especially in light of the media depiction of post-partum women…

Best of luck on getting back into running! I’ve heard lots of different things about this, so I’m interested to see how it goes.


Brooke @ Waiting to Rise     at 1:38 pm

Emily, You are doing the right thing by listening to your body. I know that itch will be back and you’ll be stronger and better than ever because you gave yourself the time and patience to recover. Thanks for this post…your attitude is inspirational. I’m so glad you are having such a great time enjoying that beautiful baby boy of yours!


Amelia     at 1:55 pm

What about the Flying Pig Half? I know it feels like a step down, but it could be a good step back into the distance running without taking you away (too much) from that sweet little nugget face! {Plus, I was thinking about doing the FLying Pig Half next year, too!}


KrugtheThinker     at 3:41 pm

Emily, you are totally my hero! I can’t tell you how much you inspire me! I hope when I am a new mom I am exactly like you :)


Fran@ Broken Cookies Don't Count     at 7:45 am

Best of luck with getting back in shape. Cullen is still just too cute!


Sara@BakingandWine     at 7:49 am

Damn! You are a beast! I had no stitches and I could barely walk for a week. But you were definitely in better shap pre-pregnancy and during than I was. Working on that now though :)

You have a lot of ammunition for future guilt trips though, bahaha. “I labored for 55 hours and had to get 15 stitches and now you don’t want to be seen in public with me!?” “Aw gee mom…”


Emma     at 8:06 am

I also had 15 stitches postpartum.
My friend set up a slow Cooker in the bathroom with a warm, liquid salve and washcloths. Each time I went in there I held the warm salve to the area to speed up healing. It felt wonderful and soothing.
No one ever warned me about this (and I hope it doesn’t happen to you) but sex after that kind of tear can be excruciating. A year later it’s still kind of uncomfortable for me. Perineum massage is the only thing that even slightly helped.
I wish you a speedy recovery.


Jen     at 4:12 pm

emily – i really love your “go with it” attitude and i know that you will be feeling amazing and back to pre-baby in no time…marathon or no marathon. i think it’s great that you focused on maintaining strength training during pregnancy and that will pay off huge for you! we are so on the same page about women and lifting! ;)


Allison @ Happy Tales     at 7:39 pm

Oh YAY the flying pig!!! It was my first marathon EVER this past spring, and I loved it! I still can’t thank you enough for the great tips you gave me for it, too (seriously loved that Elvis!). I am hoping to run it again in 2012. Just did my second full marathon the other weekend — Loved it all the same. I bet you’re so excited to hit the pavement again!


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