So much to catch up on – look who’s back!

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My sister Sarah spent the summer with us out here in Seattle, and this was her first time back out here since she headed back to school this summer.  It’s so fun to have her here again!

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After spending all summer long dealing with my pregnant craziness, she was so excited to finally get to meet the man behind the bump.  They sized each other up upon arrival…

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And then all three of us headed to one of our favorite Seattle spots – the Ballard farmers market.

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Our main mission was to pick up as much of our Thanksgiving spread as possible from local farmers and vendors. 

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I was so excited to see fresh cranberries!  These were local to Washington, and so beautiful and crisp.

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IMG_3973 (640x427)

Potatoes for mashing…

IMG_3976 (640x417)

And carrots for roasting…

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I love my cute little family of three.  It’s so nice to be able to strap Cullen on, bundle him up, and walk with him wherever we go. 

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We came to the market a lot this past summer, and it was fun to be back with my favorite summer sidekick.

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Not to mention my two favorite boys.

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The rest of our holiday week has involved a lot of snuggling.

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And smiling.

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And on Monday, the rest of our crew arrived!  My big sister, Rebecca, flew all the way from Connecticut to Seattle with her husband, Sam, and my adorable nephew, Jonah.  This was their first time meeting Cullen, and the first time the baby boys would be together!  We were all so excited for their introduction.  Cullen was a bit overwhelmed…

Nov 22 (478x640)

The past few days have been non-stop torrential rain, but during the brief periods of relief we suited up in our Ergos and explored the neighborhood. 

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Jonah is SO much bigger than he was the last time I saw him in August, and I can’t believe that Cullen will be this big in just a few short months!  He is such a precious little guy, and I couldn’t stop harassing him with kisses.

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I feel so lucky and blessed that Cullen will have a cousin just four months older than him.  I hope they become great friends, and can’t wait to watch them grow together.

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All the excitement was a bit much for him.

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For the past few days, our house has been filled with family, food, dogs, babies, naps, and everything else that Thanksgiving should be.

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I could not possibly be more thankful this year.