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    A Look Back.

Time To Get Moving.

Every year on Black Friday I say I am not going to buy anything, and then inevitably I get lured in by online deals that sound too good to pass up.  This year was a little different than most.  Instead of looking at electronics and clothes, I found myself shopping on Diapers.com and buying holiday onesies.  Life has changed!

One of my purchases arrived yesterday…the Balboa Baby sling!

IMG_3334 (640x480)

How the HECK does this thing work?  I have really been wanting a sling – something easy and quick to put on when we’re out running errands or grocery shopping.  I manhandled him for about five minutes trying to find something that was comfortable for both me and Cullen, but I felt awkward and he looked squished and miserable.  The sling was a bust.

I’m not giving up completely yet, and might try watching some online videos of how to wear it better, but I’m so frustrated that the sling wasn’t a better solution!

IMG_3335 (640x480)

In the meantime, it’s back to the Moby wrap.  (Hi Indy!)

IMG_3338 (480x640)

I put him in the Moby this morning and headed downstairs to enjoy our latest arrival…it’s here!

IMG_3320 (471x640)

We got our treadmill this past weekend, and it has already been put to good use.  Casey spent the weekend creating this whole setup so that we can watch TV down there while we run.  We had an old desktop computer we weren’t using, so he mounted our monitor like a TV.  It looks just like a treadmill at the gym – awesome!

IMG_3322 (480x640)

And now Cullen and I have a place to walk indoors.  He LOVES the motion of the walking, and the white noise of the treadmill puts him to sleep almost instantly. 

IMG_3324 (480x640)

I have my postpartum checkup where I (crossing fingers) should be cleared for exercise next week.  At that point I plan to turn some of my walks into runs, and get moving again!  I did a very slow jog to test out the treadmill after it arrived, and it was a quick reality check that my return to running is most likely going to be tough and sloooow.  Between my car accident and pregnancy, I haven’t really run in almost a full year!  Looking forward to changing that very soon…

IMG_3331 (480x640)

Until next week, I plan to continue my daily walks – outside as much as possible when the weather cooperates, and indoors when necessary.

IMG_3327 (480x640)

It’s nice to finally be feeling much more like my old self again.  Even better, now I have a new sidekick!

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Lauren @ HugsKissesNDishes     at 2:28 pm

The Moby looks cuter anyway ;) also in the last picture you totally look like you are missing an arm haha, or maybe it’s just me it took me awhile to figure out you took the picture with the mia arm


Tamara     at 2:38 pm

exercising with a baby you are seriousley a selfish person,


MA* Reply:


(sorry. couldn’t resist. #learntospell)


Lacie Reply:

Right…you should totally be a lazy, unhealthy mom…?! Wow…


Staci Reply:

Are you high?


Emily Malone Reply:

How is exercising selfish? I am walking at a slow speed – good for both of us, as he finds it calming.


Jillian Reply:

That is “seriousley” a bizarre comment :P Walking on the treadmill is probably less dangerous than taking him out in public or driving!
I can’t tell you how often I see mothers jogging down the sidewalks of Seattle with strollers. I think it’s a great idea to incorporate your exercise with baby however works for you- I know I would be doing it!


MA*     at 4:32 pm

um, can we skype when my little man gets here? i have a moby and i have tried to put it on about 5 times, all a bust. i don’t get it! xoxo


Emily Malone Reply:

First off, you can’t try on the Moby while pregnant. The bump will not cooperate with all that fabric. :) And obviously there will be a LOT of Skype playdates!


Gretchen     at 5:15 pm

We got a hand-me-down Karma Baby sling, that we were at first totally baffled how to use because it’s just a cloth tube. After looking at pictures on their site and playing around with it, we loved it! My son would sleep in it all the time when he was Cullen’s age, and now that he’s 7 months we use it as a hip sling.


Emily Malone Reply:

I will check that one out!


Paige     at 5:17 pm

Eeeee! He looks so snuggly in the Moby wrap! Congratulations on the new treadmill and yay for having a handy husband who can set up TV-watching contraptions.


Jolene (Homespun Heritage)     at 6:07 pm

The sling was a bust for us as well. I never got the hang of the Moby either but I’ll try again with the next baby!


Emily Malone Reply:

I had to watch videos to understand how to wear the Moby, and now I love it!


Chase     at 7:16 pm

Love the new treadmill setup! Someday, I’ll have a place big enough for a treadmill! And I’ll blog from it while I walk slowly :)


Rachelle     at 7:18 pm

Love your treadmill, gosh I wish mine was even like 1/8th that nice!
I wasn’t comfortable w/ an over the shoulder sling until my son was 3 or 4 months… floppy head ;-)


Emily Malone Reply:

Maybe it will be better then in a month or two!


Jennifer     at 7:57 pm

First, I do NOT think you are selfish for exercising. Slipping in the yard or on a sidewalk holding your child can happen of course but I think falling on a treadmill with a little one could be rather dangerous. Take heart..its all a learning experience. 7 years and counting here..despite my many blunders, my girls are still alive and healthy ;)


Emily Malone Reply:

Thanks Jennifer! I honestly feel more risky when I’m out walking the dogs and they are pulling on me. But it’s good to be cautious and I want to make sure I’m always making safe decisions with Cullen!


Lacie     at 8:45 pm

I love the first pic of you and Cullen on the treadmil, his body looks like your cute baby bump!!


Staci     at 9:17 pm

I hope your checkup goes well! I just can’t stand how much more ridiculously gorgeous you are. Some women just were made to be moms … and it shows that you are one of them.


Emily Malone Reply:

Aww thanks Staci!


Jules     at 9:39 am

I was always a fan of the unpadded ring sling…rolls up in ball and fits right in the diaper bag, and very easy to get the hang of. Bought mine from this woman years ago, and loved it! She works at home making these and they come out great!


P.S. That’s me in some of the instructional photos! I’m wearing a grey shirt with stars…just noticed she still had those up there! My youngest is 4 now, and the little guy in the pictures will be 7 at the end of the month. Holy Cow!


April     at 9:56 am

Have you looked into a Hotsling? They come in different sizes so you can get one that fits right and the customer service is awesome and will work with you make sure you get on that fits right. And they are so easy to use……just put it on, stick in baby and off you go.

Best purchase I ever made!


Amanda     at 5:47 pm

I thought it was kinda wild that babies fall asleep to white noise like vacuuming, driving and the television. I guess the quiet creeps them out because they are so unaccustomed to it.


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Meredith     at 4:12 pm

You probably don’t need one more person telling you so buuuut…
Don’t give up on the ring sling Emily! Ryland loves it! It took us about two weeks of in house wear to get extremely comfy with it. But it’s so worth it. Great for breastfeeding and naps on the go. Merry Christmas to your family! – Meredith


Emily Malone Reply:

Thanks for letting me know! I still have it, so maybe I’ll give it another shot.


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Sarah     at 7:06 am

Hi Emily! Just wondering if you still like the treadmill you bought. We’re thinking of purchasing one and I dug up this post of yours since I remembered you did your research before you got this one. Would love to hear your thoughts!


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