Time To Get Moving.

Every year on Black Friday I say I am not going to buy anything, and then inevitably I get lured in by online deals that sound too good to pass up.  This year was a little different than most.  Instead of looking at electronics and clothes, I found myself shopping on Diapers.com and buying holiday onesies.  Life has changed!

One of my purchases arrived yesterday…the Balboa Baby sling!

IMG_3334 (640x480)

How the HECK does this thing work?  I have really been wanting a sling – something easy and quick to put on when we’re out running errands or grocery shopping.  I manhandled him for about five minutes trying to find something that was comfortable for both me and Cullen, but I felt awkward and he looked squished and miserable.  The sling was a bust.

I’m not giving up completely yet, and might try watching some online videos of how to wear it better, but I’m so frustrated that the sling wasn’t a better solution!

IMG_3335 (640x480)

In the meantime, it’s back to the Moby wrap.  (Hi Indy!)

IMG_3338 (480x640)

I put him in the Moby this morning and headed downstairs to enjoy our latest arrival…it’s here!

IMG_3320 (471x640)

We got our treadmill this past weekend, and it has already been put to good use.  Casey spent the weekend creating this whole setup so that we can watch TV down there while we run.  We had an old desktop computer we weren’t using, so he mounted our monitor like a TV.  It looks just like a treadmill at the gym – awesome!

IMG_3322 (480x640)

And now Cullen and I have a place to walk indoors.  He LOVES the motion of the walking, and the white noise of the treadmill puts him to sleep almost instantly. 

IMG_3324 (480x640)

I have my postpartum checkup where I (crossing fingers) should be cleared for exercise next week.  At that point I plan to turn some of my walks into runs, and get moving again!  I did a very slow jog to test out the treadmill after it arrived, and it was a quick reality check that my return to running is most likely going to be tough and sloooow.  Between my car accident and pregnancy, I haven’t really run in almost a full year!  Looking forward to changing that very soon…

IMG_3331 (480x640)

Until next week, I plan to continue my daily walks – outside as much as possible when the weather cooperates, and indoors when necessary.

IMG_3327 (480x640)

It’s nice to finally be feeling much more like my old self again.  Even better, now I have a new sidekick!