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    A Look Back.

Cincinnati Celebrations.

Sorry I have been away!  There is so much I want to do and people I want to see while we are here visiting, and it just never feels like the days are long enough to fit it all in.  Tuesday morning we woke up and drove from Indianapolis to Cincinnati – Cullen’s first road trip!  He screamed most of the way, which was no fun for any of us.  We also did the first half of our trip in SNOW, which is something we haven’t seen in quite a while being out west!

Eventually we made it to my mom’s house, where our week of celebrations continued.  On the menu – Indian food and delicious vegan chocolate cake (from Whole Foods).

IMG_6320 (640x427)

The cause for celebration?  Casey’s 32nd birthday!  We ate, talked, caught up, opened gifts, and showered him with birthday love.  I think he had a good day.

IMG_6322 (640x427)

Casey and I stayed up waaaay too late talking to Sarah before going to bed, so we all slept in a little late on Wednesday morning.  We are also trying to stay on pacific time during our visit, since we thought it would be easier for Cullen.  He gets to stay up really late with everyone else now while he’s here!

IMG_6336 (640x427)

This was Cullen’s first trip to Cincinnati, and my first time back since my baby shower in August.  It felt so nice to be home with all my favorite people.

IMG_6345 (640x426)

When Sarah came out for Thanksgiving and first met Cullen, she was a little nervous of holding him since he was so small (just 4 weeks).  Now that he has bulked up quite a bit, she felt much more comfortable with him.  I think he is feeling pretty comfortable with her as well.

IMG_6354 (427x640)

That afternoon, the family fun continued when Rebecca arrived with Jonah!  I can’t believe he’s already six months old.  It’s so fun to have our boys back together again!

IMG_6358 (427x640)

Wednesday night, Casey and I visited with all my best Cincinnati friends so that they could meet Cullen.  Unfortunately he was a big grump for most of our visit, until Lindsey soothed him to sleep in her arms.

IMG_6361 (640x427)

It was such a nice evening, and so fun to see them and have them meet Cullen.  We have all been friends for so long, and I feel so lucky that these girls who have been in my life all these years are getting to see me become a mom!

IMG_6362 (640x428)

IMG_6366 (640x427)

After our visit, we headed back home to my house to spend the rest of our night with family.  Cullen has been a trooper, but he’s had a hard time with all the changes this past week.  So when the going gets tough, Cullen gets naked. 

IMG_6370 (640x427)

Since my family wasn’t together on Christmas Day, we decided to do our own celebration a few days later.  We had planned on doing it Thursday morning, but then spontaneously decided that Wednesday night sounded more fun. 

We were only missing one thing – Christmas cookies.  Even though it was already after 10pm, Casey and I decided cookies were a must.

IMG_6373 (640x427)

We made our own vegan chocolate chip recipe based on what was in my mom’s pantry, and loosely based off a few we looked at online.

IMG_6375 (427x640)

The best part was the MINT chocolate chips my mom had on hand – so delicious!

IMG_6378 (640x427)

While the cookies baked, we got started opening presents and sitting around the tree.

IMG_6383 (640x421)

Eventually the cookies made their way to the table, and were all eaten almost immediately.  Tis the season!

IMG_6386 (640x426)

Jonah was supposed to be sleeping but woke up around 11pm and joined the party.  He was so cute opening gifts!  Kids make Christmas so much more fun.

IMG_6391 (426x640)

While we all hung out and did gifts, our little pea pod slept on his Boppy pillow like he always does.  I feel so lucky that he’s such a good sleeper.

IMG_6393 (640x426)

It was totally nontraditional, but even though it was three days late and late at night, it really did feel like Christmas morning.

IMG_6399 (640x427)

This visit is going by way too quickly, and I am already feeling sad about saying goodbye to family.  Doing my best to soak it all in while I’m still here!

Cullen’s First Christmas.

Even though Christmas was this weekend, I’m just now coming out of my chocolate and mashed potato coma and finding my way back to my keyboard.  In all my 30 years, this was the first Christmas I have not spent with my mom and sisters, and even as an adult it felt a little strange to wake up somewhere new on Christmas morning.

This year it was all about making some new traditions!  We slept in late and hung out in our pajamas for most of the morning.  Cullen and I snuggled on the couch and watched Home Alone – a classic! 

IMG_6147 (640x427)

On Christmas Eve, Casey and I discovered that Cullen is not very easy to put down for naps outside of our house.  It’s not an ideal solution, but at our house he takes most of his naps in our baby swing.  After a cranky afternoon of attempting to have him nap in his pillow or pack n play, and no laps lasting longer than ten minutes, Casey’s dad went to Target with the mission of getting “a small, cheap swing or seat.” 

He came back with a giant swing that is nicer than the one we have at home.  I love him.  And Cullen LOVES his awesome swing!

IMG_6171 (640x427)

We eventually made it out of pajamas and into our Christmas finest as extended family members started to fill the house.  Note that Cullen is in a cute holiday outfit that I so carefully picked out.  This will be important later.

IMG_6180 (426x640)

Mesmerized by the magic of Christmas!

IMG_6192 (640x427)

While Cullen was passed around the house, I helped my mother in law finish up some holiday cooking, and around 3pm the table was set with a delicious spread of food.

IMG_6203 (640x428)

Plates were filled…

IMG_6206 (640x427)

With so many amazing vegan options!  Mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy, wild rice casserole, fermented cranberries, sweet potatoes and apples, and a field roast wellington (AMAZING)!

IMG_6228 (640x427)

Just as we all sat down to dinner, Cullen dissolved into a huge meltdown.  I shoveled a few bites of food into my mouth and then took him into the living room where he promptly passed out on my chest.  It’s tough being little on Christmas.  So many hands and so much stimulation gets overwhelming very quickly.

IMG_6234 (640x427)

One of our fool-proof ways of making him cheer up when he’s cranky is to take off all of his clothes.  The boy LOVES to be naked!  Once he was in his birthday suit and on his Boppy pillow, his mood improved.

IMG_6237 (640x427)

Meeting his grand-grandma Mamaw for the first time!  She was totally in love.

IMG_6239 (427x640)

And his other great-grandma, Jacque!  She told us that she sits and watches TV every night with a picture of him in her lap – it made me cry just thinking about how sweet she is.  For Christmas we gave her a digital photo frame of him for her house (pre-loaded with Cullen pics) so she can see him whenever she wants.  :)  How lucky is Cullen to have FOUR great-grandmothers in his life?

IMG_6245 (427x640)

He is also lucky to have his grandfather, who is truly the baby whisperer.  I have never seen anyone calm him quite like Eddie can.  I need him to move to Seattle – he has the magic touch!

IMG_6247 (427x640)

Four generations – a difference of over 86 years!

IMG_6249 (640x427)

It was so nice to be surrounded by so much love and family.

IMG_6260 (640x427)

And also, so many dogs!  Casey’s family is all about dogs, and this Christmas the house was full of them.  Ruthie the Rottweiler…

IMG_6272 (640x427)

Buggie the German Shepherd…

IMG_6276 (640x427)

And Emma the Pit-mix.  They were all very into Cullen’s sounds and smells!

IMG_6166 (640x427)

For all my efforts in picking out and packing his adorable Christmas outfit, my chubby baby ended up naked in all of his first Christmas photos.  As long as he was happy, that’s all that mattered.

Dec 25 (425x640)

After the extended family headed back home, the seven of us did our family gift exchange that evening.  As expected, this Christmas was all about Cullen.

IMG_6313 (427x640)

He was VERY spoiled by his grandparents and aunt and uncle. 

IMG_6297 (640x427)

He watched from his Boppy throne while Casey and I showed him all of his generous gifts.

IMG_6304 (640x427)

And the rest of the family opened theirs.

IMG_6306 (640x428)

IMG_6307 (640x427)

Eventually our little elf had had enough excitement for one Christmas, and retired to his swing until bedtime. 

IMG_6310 (427x640)

It was a first Christmas that we will be sure to remember, and so wonderful to spend it with so many loved ones.  We’re headed to Cincinnati today to spend Casey’s birthday and Christmas #2 with my family!  The celebrations continue…

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