8 Weeks: No Longer A Newborn.

Sigh.  I can hardly believe it.  My itty bitty newborn is 8 weeks old today.

IMG_5576 (640x427)

He started out as a tiny peanut who slept like a bug on my chest all day long.  (You can see a fun slideshow of his weekly growth over on Babble!)  Here we are at 8 weeks and he is full of personality and spunk.

IMG_5568 (640x427)

He has grown SO much and has gotten so long.  He definitely doesn’t look like a newborn anymore, sniff.  I can’t wait for his 8-week checkup (next week) to see how he weighs in and measures up.  I have started referring to him as The Hulk.

Up until now we’ve been using disposable diapers, since I wanted a bit of time to adjust to life with a baby before taking on additional challenges.  Also, most of the cloth diapers were so big that they would have been swimming on his little newborn body.  Since he’s bulked up quite a bit now, I thought maybe this week would be a good starting point to finally give the cloth diapers a try.

Yesterday, I pulled one of the clean diapers out of the drawer to try it on and see if they were going to fit.  I snapped it on, gave him a pat on the butt, and determined that he’s probably ready to wear them.  Ten seconds later, I unsnapped the diaper and took it off, only to find it FULL of poop!  Seriously?

IMG_5571 (427x640)

I guess it’s time to figure out the whole cloth diaper laundry routine.  Speaking of laundry, these pictures were also all taken today, but in outfit number two.  I guess that’s why babies need so many clothes!

IMG_5629 (640x427)

It is just me, or does he maaaaaaybe sorta kinda look like me a little bit this week?  I swear I gave birth to this child, who appears to be a small clone of his dad.

IMG_5619 (640x427)

But that’s okay, because I think they are both pretty good looking.  Every day he’s doing more and more, and just this morning I found him turned sideways and laying on his side in his crib.  The boy is mobile.

Breastfeeding has continued to go really well, and I feel so lucky that we have figured out a way to work together to keep him full and happy.  I’m starting to pump and freeze milk now just to have some on hand so that I can occasionally leave him with Casey.  It’s good for me to get away for a few hours here and there, and I think it’s good for them to have some time alone together.

IMG_5593 (640x427)

This past week, we conquered our first night out, and Cullen partied it up at his first night with a babysitter.  As he continues to get older and slightly more demanding, I’m realizing how much I wish we had family nearby.  While I know we can do it on our own, it makes me sad that no one else is getting to see him make faces like this on a daily basis…

IMG_5581 (640x427)

But we’re looking forward to heading back to the Midwest next weekend, and introducing him to all the friends and family who are anxiously awaiting his arrival. 

As for me at 8 weeks postpartum?  I’m working on adjusting to our schedule, figuring out how to balance everything, and taking it one day at a time.  I’m hoping to have a fitness update for you guys next week!  In the meantime, I’m just counting my blessings and feeling so grateful that I get to spend every day with this 8-week old love of my life.

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