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8 Weeks: No Longer A Newborn.

Sigh.  I can hardly believe it.  My itty bitty newborn is 8 weeks old today.

IMG_5576 (640x427)

He started out as a tiny peanut who slept like a bug on my chest all day long.  (You can see a fun slideshow of his weekly growth over on Babble!)  Here we are at 8 weeks and he is full of personality and spunk.

IMG_5568 (640x427)

He has grown SO much and has gotten so long.  He definitely doesn’t look like a newborn anymore, sniff.  I can’t wait for his 8-week checkup (next week) to see how he weighs in and measures up.  I have started referring to him as The Hulk.

Up until now we’ve been using disposable diapers, since I wanted a bit of time to adjust to life with a baby before taking on additional challenges.  Also, most of the cloth diapers were so big that they would have been swimming on his little newborn body.  Since he’s bulked up quite a bit now, I thought maybe this week would be a good starting point to finally give the cloth diapers a try.

Yesterday, I pulled one of the clean diapers out of the drawer to try it on and see if they were going to fit.  I snapped it on, gave him a pat on the butt, and determined that he’s probably ready to wear them.  Ten seconds later, I unsnapped the diaper and took it off, only to find it FULL of poop!  Seriously?

IMG_5571 (427x640)

I guess it’s time to figure out the whole cloth diaper laundry routine.  Speaking of laundry, these pictures were also all taken today, but in outfit number two.  I guess that’s why babies need so many clothes!

IMG_5629 (640x427)

It is just me, or does he maaaaaaybe sorta kinda look like me a little bit this week?  I swear I gave birth to this child, who appears to be a small clone of his dad.

IMG_5619 (640x427)

But that’s okay, because I think they are both pretty good looking.  Every day he’s doing more and more, and just this morning I found him turned sideways and laying on his side in his crib.  The boy is mobile.

Breastfeeding has continued to go really well, and I feel so lucky that we have figured out a way to work together to keep him full and happy.  I’m starting to pump and freeze milk now just to have some on hand so that I can occasionally leave him with Casey.  It’s good for me to get away for a few hours here and there, and I think it’s good for them to have some time alone together.

IMG_5593 (640x427)

This past week, we conquered our first night out, and Cullen partied it up at his first night with a babysitter.  As he continues to get older and slightly more demanding, I’m realizing how much I wish we had family nearby.  While I know we can do it on our own, it makes me sad that no one else is getting to see him make faces like this on a daily basis…

IMG_5581 (640x427)

But we’re looking forward to heading back to the Midwest next weekend, and introducing him to all the friends and family who are anxiously awaiting his arrival. 

As for me at 8 weeks postpartum?  I’m working on adjusting to our schedule, figuring out how to balance everything, and taking it one day at a time.  I’m hoping to have a fitness update for you guys next week!  In the meantime, I’m just counting my blessings and feeling so grateful that I get to spend every day with this 8-week old love of my life.

IMG_5650 (640x427)

For more posts about life with a baby, visit the parenting page!  You can also check out this week’s Babble:

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Audrey     at 7:14 pm

Oh, I definitely think he looks like you. I just can’t get over his cuteness!


Tamicka     at 7:18 pm

Hes so handsome now. Every time there’s a weekly update I find my self going “already?!”. It seems like time is flying by. Enjoy it your doing a great job


Stacey     at 7:19 pm

What a wonderful life you lead :) Your lil’ man is growing! :D


Krystina (Organically Me)     at 7:21 pm

When he was born he looked EXACTLY like Casey, but now he’s looking quite like you. :)


Jessi @ Quirky Cookery     at 7:25 pm

So adorable. <3 Keep up the awesomeness.


Julie @ Wearing Mascara     at 7:28 pm



Sana     at 7:37 pm

He may look like Daddy, but he will always be a Mama’s boy? P.s what will he call you and Casey? Mom and Dad?


Jess c     at 7:37 pm

I rarely comment, but I just have to say, Cullen is probably the cutest baby I’ve ever seen!


Katherine     at 7:38 pm

Gorgeous as always.


jen     at 7:47 pm

emily, this boy just might be the most photogenic baby i’ve ever seen! what a doll!


Aimee     at 7:49 pm

I can’t get over how adorable his expressions are! He’s going to be such a ladies’ man with those handsome eyes! :-)


Heather @ Side of Sneakers     at 7:58 pm

I can’t believe all the precious facial expressions he has already- definitely a cutie! :)


Alaina     at 8:03 pm

My gosh that baby has the most gorgeous blue eyes! :-)


Rianne     at 8:07 pm

Cullen is such a gorgeous baby and I definitely think he looks like both of you! Seriously, that last photo is beyond precious. I’m loving all of his baby clothes. Are those baby sweatpants and a baby fleece?? What a Seattelite!


Jessica     at 8:19 pm

Oh Emily, he is SO beautiful!!
We cloth diaper and as nasty as it sounds, when it is just newborn breastfed poop, we just toss it in the diaper bag, and throw it in the washer about every day and a half. We run it on hot with extra rinse. Our diapers come out clean, with no stinkies, and you would never know from looking in the washer there was ever poop. We also have a diaper sprayer for older-baby poops. You just hold the diaper over the toilet and spray the poop in the toilet, so no poop goes in your washer. But we only do that when it is formed poop, after our kids started eating solids.
If you have any questions on cloth diapers, http://www.diaperswappers.com is AWESOME. Remember not to overdo the laundry soap, the soap can build up and cause them to stink.
I am very passionate about cloth diapering, can you tell? We have cloth diapered 2 daughters so far, and are on our third. Drop me an email if you have any questions.
And freezing milk rocks, good for you! Having a freezer stash can let you out to have some fun on your own.


Stefanie     at 8:23 pm

He is adorable!!!


Jenny     at 8:25 pm

Oh Emily!! That last photo is beautiful! Makes me want to go back through all the photos from when my girls were babies! Cullen is gorgeous and I looooove that smile!


Allie@LiveLaughEat     at 8:53 pm

I was SO going to comment on your day in the life post that I think Cullen looks more like you than Casey! I love his little tummy, too!


Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn     at 8:58 pm

He definitely looks like you. Especially in the nose-to-nose picture. Precious!


sarah     at 8:58 pm

emily, I will continue to maintain, the kid has your mouth. he’s a cutie! love ya, cuz…


jen Reply:

I agree with the mouth and have been thinking it since the 1st photo and in this last one your ears look alike. He’s soo cute!


Renee     at 9:10 pm

When I saw the first picture, I though, “Gee…he’s starting to look like Emily.” So, yes it’s not your imagination!


Tara     at 9:52 pm

I agree with Jessica…we started putting on the cloth diapers at 5 weeks and love them! Our son came home at about 5 pounds so I could not imagine him in these big cloth dipes. I rinse them off sometimes but a lot of times I just throw them in the wash. Cold cycle, hot cycle and then hang dry. They have not been staining either (bum genius 4.0). We have about 15 and I consider getting more but really I wouldn’t want the dirty diapers sitting around for more than a day before washing.
Cullen makes the most amazing, hilarious expressions. He’s adorable!


Kara     at 9:54 pm

Jeez, I feel like next week he’s gonna be crawling around! Time is flying!! He is a legit BABY now. SO adorable.

But also! My sister and I both love your blog and we totally thought he always looked JUST like Casey. A few weeks ago, we were both reading and gushing about him, so we showed our mom, and now she has been reading, but she thinks he is YOUR clone! (and thought that even after reading back a few weeks and looking at him as he grows.) She doesn’t see Casey in him at all! So there you go…


Erin @ Girl Gone Veggie     at 9:57 pm

Omg he is too precious for words! I love all of his cute faces and outfits!


Michelle (The Runner's Plate)     at 10:10 pm

I’ve often debate if I should move closer to family when we have kids or if I should live somewhere I’d personally rather live. I’ll be curious to know what your thoughts are as time goes on. Thanks for being so open and honest.


Michelle     at 10:39 pm

I’ve never commented before but he is just too cute and he’s lucky he has such a wonderful Mom who is so thoroughly documenting what will be sure to be his beautiful life!


Antonia @ healthinspirations     at 2:22 am

I can’t get over how cute Cullen is, I love reading about him and seeing new pictures!


Katy Widrick     at 3:40 am

Ohhhhh he is just too precious. I love all of the photos!


Emma @ Getting There & Going Places     at 4:39 am

Wow time just goed so fast doesn’t it?
He is just so incredibly adorable! He seems like such a fun kid! :P
Enjoy every second of it! :D


Laura G     at 5:55 am

He looks alot like you Emily. Especially in the picture where his eyes are turned to the side- he looks just like you in that one!
I am so happy for you guys that he is doing so well!
Are you buying tons of gifts for baby’s first Christmas? :)


Haley S     at 6:06 am

He is so adorable!! I am so happy for you and Casey….love all his little faces


Marissa     at 6:09 am

that baby looks like you! there’s no denying him!


kelly     at 6:30 am

Have fun cloth diapering! We’ve been doing it since my daughter was 5 days old and love it!!


Shari     at 6:40 am

I feel like I say this for every weekly update, but my gosh, he is the most expressive baby! So cute!


Jen     at 6:59 am

beautiful! heart is so happy for you.


Alayna @ Thyme Bombe     at 7:55 am

He is such a happy baby! I definitely do see you in him, but it’s a little harder to say exactly which features are more like yours. He’s so handsome!


Heather @ Dietitian on the Run     at 8:18 am

He is such a character!! It is so crazy to think/see how much personality and attitude comes out in 8 short weeks :) Too fun.

That last picture is sooo sweet.


Lara     at 8:34 am

All these pictures kill me but the second one is especially awesome ;)


Robin     at 8:41 am

We cloth diapered both my girls up until we potty trained them. You get used to the laundry very quickly. I found that my daughters skin reacted much better to the cloth and potty trained very quickly. He is adorable. You guys are doing amazing!


Ella, RD     at 8:56 am

Too cute! I would love to hear about your preparations for (almost) cross-country travel and of course how it all goes. We are considering taking our baby (due in 5 weeks) on a cross-country trip when he/she is about the same age as Cullen. People have verrrry strong opinions both ways about long distance travel with babies and children, so it’ll be good to hear your story!


Lisa     at 9:10 am

What a beautiful baby!

I used flushable/biodegradable liners with cloth diapers, and they were a life-saver. The moisture (and the color) would soak through into the cloth and that was fine, because the liner would catch the solid stuff, and you just toss it in the toilet.


Amber K     at 9:49 am

It seemed like your pregnancy flew by, and now he’s already two months old? It’s crazy how fast time truly flies.


Kristin     at 10:16 am

I totally think he looks like you!!!!! i have the whole time! :) and even more now! :)


Laura (Blogging Over Thyme)     at 11:14 am

I think he totally looks like you more and more–in fact, I think he’s looked like you the majority of the time. He already looks so much older!

That last photo of the two of you is so cute.


April     at 11:42 am

Good luck with the cloth diapers, I think you are going to love it. I have been putting my 7-week old in them since he was 2 weeks and I have to say it is MUCH easier than I anticipated…ya just gotta go for it! My mom was there to help at first and that made it easier. Can’t wait to hear how it goes and I love following your blog as my son is a week younger than yours so fun!!!


hannah alehandra     at 12:53 pm

The last photograph is so adorable!!



Katie @ Arugulovers     at 5:31 pm

What a cutie :) He has the most amazing facial expressions!


jennyh     at 7:00 pm

I was gonna say it before you did! He looks A LOT like you! especially in the 2nd picture, your lips and your smile, what a darling! I have twins, a boy and a girl and they turned 1 today, I can’t believe a year has gone by! Enjoy this special time :)


Diana @ frontyardfoodie     at 7:02 pm

The cutest little thing ever! I love his hilarious expressions and receding hair line.


Elisabeth     at 10:47 pm

What a sweetheart! The last picture of the two of you together is just precious :)

Oh, and I can DEFINITELY see both you & Casey in him (although, he does look an awful lot like daddy!)!


Katie @ Peace Love & Oats     at 4:57 am

Oh I think he looks like you! and I can imagine that’s hard without family! One of my friends from college moved to Orlando with her new husband, and now they are expecting their first child in February, and their families live in Kansas City and San Diego!


Sierra @ Posh Meets Pavement     at 9:26 am

So smiley this week. I agree he is starting to look more like you, but I attribute that to the smile. Serious faces look like your husband, but when he smiles, it more you. Too cute, count your blessings as they are abundant.


Kat     at 4:55 pm

Peanut looked like a clone of her daddy since the day she was born, but I swear with each passing month she looks just a little weeby bitty bit more like me


Gena     at 3:41 am

Your son gets cuter and cuter, Em. And such personality in those photos! Rare, I think, when they’re that young.


Heather     at 5:01 am

My question actually has nothing to do with your adorable Cullen, but where did you get that brown sweater? I love it!


Jen     at 5:11 am

Cullen is so expressive and I love reading your updates! I definitely think Cullen looks like you. Thanks for sharing your journey, as always.


SmugMama     at 5:13 am

I linked to your site on my blog today, hope you don’t mind :) I was thinking about your not having family close and feeling really thankful that mine is. I don’t know what I would do without my family’s support! They are hard to deal with at times, but I wish yours were close too, there isn’t anything like it :)

Merry Christmas!!


Dorsa     at 6:17 am

I love this :) and he is totally a bundle of personality :)


Jen@FoodFamilyFitness     at 8:14 am

I know I say this all the time, but my gosh he is so cute!!!!


Stellina @ My Yogurt Addiction     at 8:43 am

I know I’ve said this before, but Cullen has got to be one of the cutest babies ever! His expressions are so adorable and you are great at capturing them!


Jillian D.     at 10:09 am

I LOVE these posts. Cullen is so adorable and I love hearing about your journey and experiences as a new mom. It makes me very baby envious!!


Laura @ She Eats Well     at 10:25 am

I mean, all there is to say really, is that he is just absolutely precious.


katie     at 11:31 am

Ahh….I can’t WAIT to hold him! I wish we were getting there sooner. And he looks soo much like you in that red star onesie! I think his face is shaped like yours, but in all honesty, I’m seeing more of you than Casey these days.


Lisa     at 8:47 pm

I always say the same thing about Liam – I swear I gave birth to him, despite that he is a mini version of my husband :)


Lynne     at 9:49 pm

A very late congratulations on your cute little boy! Blog reading has been low on the list for the last 8 to 10 weeks because of work issues….but things seem to be calming down, and hopefully I can get back to more regular reading. What adorable faces he makes!


Emily Malone Reply:

Thanks Lynne!


CaitandAllie     at 7:20 am

Cullen is the most expressive newborn I’ve ever seen! You should make a flipbook of all his expressions. He is just so adorable and I love seeing photos of him and his little tummy. Congrats to your beautiful family!


fittingbackin     at 1:39 pm

SO SWEET – love the last picture with you in it, too! Adorbs!


Christina     at 9:16 am

Cullen is so freaking adorable there are no words. I think he looks just like Casey, with your coloring. Perfect mix.


Daily Garnish » Blog Archive » Eight Months.     at 4:41 pm

[...] actually feels hard to remember when he was just an eight week old baby [...]

Sarah Rhynalds     at 6:25 pm

you are my new best friend! I have been so i need of someone to relate to…..and you are it! Huge Thanks! So thankful I found you……love Sarah and Weaver (we are in week 7)


Emily Malone Reply:

Awwwww hello Sarah and Weaver!! My little guy is almost nine months now (how did that happen?), but we’ve had so much fun sharing the journey. Hope things are going well for you so far!


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